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  2. I always went by, if the bike has a center stand the rear wheel should not touch the ground. When on the center stand and fully load with luggage, not including rider and passenger.
  3. After three failed original cam chain adjusters I had to replace the cam chain, so I went to manual adjuster .  No more problem .   Replaced fuel pump around 55,000 miles , second one still good .  Replaced rear shock about 150,000 miles .  That's it except for normal maintenance .  Oil change every 4,000 miles and it doesn't use any oil .  No fluid leaks at all.  Changed to National Cycle windshield after about a year .  Everything else is original .



  4. Yeah, looks pretty good, actually, and certainly isn't close to creating a restriction or anything. But why are motorcycle air filters always full of dead bees? Never figured out why motorcycles seem to slurp up so many bees. Maybe bees are just the only recognizable species amongst the general filth and arthropod mush.
  5. Every bike and every luggage system has the same issue with ridiculously impractical weight limits in the labeling, absolutely no one has ever paid the slightest attention, and the roads are not running with blood from riders thrown to the ground by riding 2 pounds over the limit.
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  7. @Butrzrulz - (a) Do you recognize the road in the photo above? (b) Is your screen name a Southpark reference?
  8. Take it back to Cyclegear and insist they re-balance. I brought my DR650 front wheel in to get changed and they didn't even get the bead seated properly last week.
  9. I just got back from the Dragon's Tail (July 31st)…. Man great road for leaning. I was actually surprised by my chicken strips Let's see some street legal and track chicken strips.
  10. Yep, just looked it up. Who actually follows all the periodic maintenance items? The owner manual listed 30 items. I guessing the average person doesn't take their tracer/FJ off-roading often. I at least have +300 miles of dirt ,loose dirt, and gravel roads.
  11. Agreed, but I think it goes back to the fact that it wasn’t really designed as a touring bike. It’s an FZ9 at heart, and Yamaha’s liability-conscious legal team has their stamp of caution all over the bike. The 114 mph speed governor on the early bikes is just another example. Use some common sense and you’ll be fine. I’ve had the factory bags and rear rack on my FJ since day one, even though the Yamaha accessory literature would have you believe I should have spontaneously combusted by now… 😳
  12. If it didn't shake with your last tire it very well could be the new tire/or balance/or not seated on the rim/or air pressure. Check all of them. You didn't say how many miles are on it but if you have several thousand I would also be checking the stem bearings.
  13. I think I know the answer, but I need confirmation or disagreement. Just finished an 1100 mile ride. At speeds over 75 I get a shake in the handlebars. The faster I go, the more it shakes. It's a visible shake, not just a vibration. I think the front wheel wasn't balanced well enough. A new front tire was installed 500 miles ago, but this was the 1st time I had the bike over 75 since then (all commuting on 65 mph or slower roads). When I picked up the wheel, I noticed fewer wheel weights than before and in a totally different position but it was a Dunlop Qualifier instead of a Roadsmart so I figured it was the different tire. I installed a new skid plate at the same time. I replaced the oil pan 400 miles before that. So... I'm figuring the tire wasn't balanced well enough. It was installed at Cycle Gear and I've had good experience with them before but they had a new machine (don't know if they got a new balancer or new bead breaker or what). I think it's just the front wheel out of balance. From this forum and techs asking me when I get new tires installed, I know the front wheel takes a lot of weights to balance. Anything else I should consider? I haven't done anything else to the front end except front tires in 7000 miles/10 months. TIA
  14. Thank all for the feedback so far. Just such an odd warning for touring bike.
  15. I just thought you were Australian for a moment
  16. You should be able to and if you can't it was recently "blocked".
  17. I have had about 7 Bikes in the last two years and I am 56. I completely understand, lol
  18. I have the 39l top case and have travelled 2 up with all cases fully packed with no handling or ride issues. I am 200 lbs geared up, and my pillion adds another 130 or so. I am fully confident in the bike to manage that load.
  19. Am definitely leaning towards the Michelin Pilot Roads when it comes time to swap.
  20. Those shift points are probably emission related. I wonder if that is how some people get 60 mpg.
  21. “It was a dark and stormy night, and a mysterious stranger silently shifted his FJ 09 into sixth gear at 37 mph. Clearly, evil was afoot…”
  22. The 1290 Super Duke is an absolutely ridiculous bike. Redonkulous, even. But my BIL and his close riding buddies are all KTM fanboys (though admittedly of the Adventure bent), and I watch what maintenance stuff they go through while snickering on my Yamaha's. One thing I've learned over the years is that there's no One True Motorcycle for everyone. Every bike is in some way a set of compromises between things you want - and those things you want are themselves compromises. I mean, the Tracer is emminently practical, and that was a big part of why I wanted it, but I find in practice that I rarely care at all about being practical and most of my riding is shorter trips (500km day trips) and while I'd love to get some longer trips in, I can generally only manage one big week long trip per year... And thanks to Covid, I've never had the opportunity to take the Tracer out for more than a single day at a time, which is kind of frustrating. Looking at mine today, I realized something: between the gearing changes, the removal of the windshield and handguards and repositioning of the bars, the fact that the hardcases are on the bike EXTREMELY rarely, I've basically made it into a budget (but feature rich) MT10. And that, in turn, got me to thinking... An MT10 would be a pretty fun ride. Ah, the eye, it wanders
  23. I tried that, but for the life of me I couldn't get them to stop rotating if I put weight on them, and that's a serious problem for me. Not that it's impossible, but you'd need better clamps than the ones I had came with.
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