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  2. No, not at all. Just remove a caliper, swap the pads, reinstall the caliper and repeat on the other side. VERY simple process and both sides can be done in only a few minutes.
  3. Yes, just push the pistons in.......clean them first and make sure the reservoir isn’t too full. I clean the pistons with brake cleaner soaked pipe cleaners and usually remove some brake fluid from the reservoir......then, top off after the pads are pumped into contact with the rotor(s).
  4. Hi brain trust, I have a question, Is it really required to bleed the brakes when installing new pads in the front? I have the shop manual and it says to open the bleeders and drain into a vessel. I understand the concept of brakes. Can’t I just push the pistons back with my fingers?
  5. Sprocket Center's Superlite sprockets are excellent, they wear like iron. Even when the chain is done, the sprockets show very little wear. FJ-09 | Sprockets & Chain Kits Sprocket Center is dedicated to being the world's premium provider of...
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  7. 16,000. Rear sprocket still looks good. I'll be checking this more often. I figured the rear would go before the front. I was wrong.
  8. Wow, the teeth on that sprocket are really hooked, how many miles on it?
  9. Got the Lightechs installed. Look good. Hopefully they are a quality product and do their job. Waiting for the new axle and nut to arrive. Pulled the cover off the front sprocket to clean and saw the teeth were toast. Now I have to order new sprockets and chains. I miss my shaft drive.
  10. Now I'm debating HH or GG organic (Kevlar?) for the rear. Fronts immediately became HH over the OEM GG.
  11. Interesting thread; I found the rears to be a bit 'soft' for lack of a better word, too, not quite squishy - just kind of lackluster. Certainly not unsafe or anything; I can brake plenty short with fronts & rears together. I just attributed this as coming from a completely different bike, a VStrom DL1000 - I could lock up the rear any time I wanted. Yet on the FJ, I don't think I've really braked into ABS except once on gravel, and very much on purpose just to see if worked at all. I just flushed all the lines on the weekend, but won't be able to see if that made any difference until spring. When the pads wear I plan on HH front and rear, mostly out of curiosity.
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  13. Hi OneMan - How did the healtech quickshifter work out for you? Easy to install? Work well?
  14. Doing a valve service does not upset the rings to a point of wearing out. You may as well say the tyres wore out after I filled up. How are the valve ‘barely’ in spec after such a short period between him setting them?! Something is amiss and you are not receiving good information or all of it. Has he performed a wet compression test? Or a proper one with the throttle plates open? Did he check the map sensor is plugged in correctly? Do not take his advice to sell if he cannot even figure out what’s wrong.
  15. I picked up a Hit-Air vest several years ago. Things may have changed in model offerings, but I liked what the Hit-Air did verses the Helite at the time. So my thoughts are to check the pictures for each when blown up to see what they protect. Hit-Air at the time was also about $150 less than the Helite. If you watch for sales, Helite seems to discount their airbag vests to get the price pretty much equal. I won't ride without mine. Well, I have, but only after I've used it. 🤫 The first time I had mine go off was when I went to make a right turn at a busy intersection. I looked right and saw that the light had just changed. I looked left and the traffic hadn't started moving, and I gave it gas to move out...and a teenager with a skate board walked out into the crosswalk. I admit I did a stupid thing and shouldn't have gone without checking more thoroughly. I hit the front brake...and found myself looking up at the sky. My bike was over on its side. I was laying up against the edge of the curb...and then realized I felt no pain. What happened? Why doesn't this hurt? Oh...the airbag vest went off. I should've had a couple broken ribs because the edge of that curb was against the rib cage. But the vest had deployed before I landed. Here's my take on getting an airbag vest. Get a vest, not a "jacket". I can wear my vest with any jacket. Stick with the lanyard style, not the sensors. With the Helite or Hit-Air vests that connect to the bike with a lanyard, if the vest goes off, all you have to do is tuck the airbag back where it normally is and connect a new CO2 cannister. Cost of the cannister is about $22. The whole process takes about 15 minutes. With the airbags that use sensors, if it deploys, you have to send it in to the factory to be repacked and inspected. Here's what it says about the $700 Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag vest if it deploys like mine did. Chris
  16. So I bedded in the brakes today and I can honestly say the the rear brake (organic EBC) is now as good as the front brakes were before I upgraded the pads. The front is excellent and I get really short stopping distances. Also I didn't trigger the ABS once front and rear! What a nice surprise. With the 'bad brakes' that made me start this thread I had really bad stopping power right up until I put all my strenght into it which would then trigger the ABS especially in the rear. And I'm still on (probably 5000 miles) old brake fluid which is getting bled this sunday.
  17. I think people who don’t ride daily assume the lifespan of a bike is the same as the total miles they’ll ride in their life. 50k should be broken in, not one foot in the grave.
  18. Many people rock levers like this and I would also never get a shorty clutch lever on my previous Kawasaki's. But with the clutch assist on the GT It's really easy to pull the clutch with 2 fingers. If anything I would like the levers even shorter but I'm not going to take a hacksaw to that fine CNC'd aluminium. 🙂 Went on another ride today and now that I'm getting used to them I love them even more.
  19. I'm not sure where this idea comes from, maybe from those that get a new bike every 18-24 months and have never had high mileage? Myself and all of my riding buddies all have over 50k on our bikes.
  20. This is my way of thinking too. This vest gives me a much higher chance of either walking away, or at least surviving with minimal injuries, in most versions of accidents. If we get T-boned or low siding or high siding or flying off a corner we took too fast, this vest more or less prevents major injuries to the neck, abdomen and back. You'd just have to be damn unlucky, like a soldier in war, to die if you are wearing a Helite. I like the pants idea too, but it's harder to make those comfortable. I have a good friend who high sided and broke multiple ribs, punctured lungs, broken vertebrae. Weeks in intensive care. Lucky to live. He would have flat out walked into work that day if he had on an airbag vest.
  21. When I read this in work earlier [and couldnt reply], I thought - as other has posted - that the chain timing was out. I once rushed a timing belt on renault laguna and got one tooth out on the exhaust. It started warmed up okay, but idled slowly and died. Had to pull it apart and retime it (oops). I am amazed a valve job would alter a bike from feeling acceptable/normal to not idling - these are quite extreme variations. As long as your mechanic is confident it is timed in correctly, then i'd be inclined to think a hose or sensor is still adrift. You need to have the vacuum analysed using one of those electronic balancing kits like this: eSync Tool (EST) - HealTech Electronics Ltd. Highlights Just plug it in and start the measurement. The eSync Tool... (a decent tech might see it on an old analogue balancer set). Somewhere something is wrong and vacuum analysis might reveal it - even stripping some body work to investigate might reveal an unconnected pipe or connector. I've had loads of modern bikes do 50,000 miles none had piston ring wear (apart from the 2 strokes!). I wish i could look at it for you, I cant believe you will have to take a loss because of other people's 'diagnosis'.
  22. Hitting a deer is one thing but if the Niken forum member has needed it multiple times I'm glad he's still riding but he may want to consider something else Coincidentally I've been evaluating all the offerings including from Dania Z and alpinestars and then there's another outfit that leases them on a plan I've only seen a couple of the pants But the vest makes a lot of sense as you can wear with anything I've only got one bod and I haven't treated it very well so for what I've got left I think it's going to be my next investment rather than one of my bikes
  23. Boy that's just sad news, 50k would sure make me think twice about going back to the well.
  24. Well, just got off the phone with the mechanic. Valves were in spec (barely), timing was still aligned. It sounds like he was doing the compression test correctly, as he was expecting around 180 psi. His thoughts are that the piston rings are wearing, and the valve service upset it enough to be noticeable. His recommendation is to put it back together and sell it. Probably another 900$ to rebuild it. Bleh. I was really hoping this was a tech screw up. I know 50k is a lot of miles on a bike, but I know a lot of people here have done a lot more.
  25. Interesting observations. I've seen them, maybe not these brands, but they looked like they might be bulky or otherwise restrictive. Not so much?
  26. Some manufacturers will sell a mis-matched set if you ask, I have always bought a standard clutch and short brake lever set.
  27. I have Helite Mesh Jacket and Hit Air Vest love both of them. Use to have the Helite Vest hit a deer on Blue ridge parkway total my HD and I walked away scratch free. It is simply the best investment for any rider. If this airbag jeans every becomes production I will buy one regardless of its price.
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