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  2. Didn't the 2017 and on also get the slip/assist clutch pack? However, it can be installed in a 15 for about $200.
  3. Ouch! 1,100 kissers! I'd do a lot to make what we have work before going that route. I guess you could sell Matt's cartridges and the Sonic springs, unless you want to keep the Traxxion cartridges for another bike. I recall my kit from Matt was a fair amount less than 500 after deducting the 135 core charge for the oem cartridge exchange.
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  5. Let me know what you find, that might be my issue as well.👍
  6. That would have to be the electric Scott Oilers. They probably use a peristaltic pump or something else that moves a constant volume of oil at a set interval. That would allow it to pump a constant volume regardless of viscosity.
  7. Like @2and3cylinders mentioned, it 'might' just be an assembly issue not allowing it to be adjusted further, because with the adjusters fully closed the forks should be very slow and dead feeling. I live within an hour of a few suspension shops who deal with all of the big brands, Ohlins, K-Tech, Nitron, Race Tech and GP Suspension. I have also considered Traxxion Dynamics, I ordered my Penske shock from them - it is amazing and I don't know of anyone who has a bad thing to say about their AK-20 cartridges. 'IF' I decide to go with cartridges, Traxxion would probably be my first choice, just because I have used them before and ridden on their product. They spec out their shocks to be built from Penske but the fork pieces are made - and their cartridges are built to order - in house. As a bonus, you can re-use them on your next bike! "the kit is completely modular in construction, and can be retrofitted to future bikes you may buy." AK-20 Axxion Motorcycle Fork Cartridge Kit - Traxxion Dynamics The AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit is a complete bolt-in upgrade that replaces...
  8. I'd get to keep my collection of badass skull T-shirts and no fat chicks stickers right?
  9. Welcome from Madison! I bought crashed FJR lids off Ebay. I sanded, filled scratches, and sprayed with Rustoleum spray can bed liner. Turned out great and the finish and texture is pretty darn close to the OEM Yamaha cases.
  10. Congratulations on your new FJ-09. You got the best color the FJ was ever offered in, ride safe!
  11. Ordered a Pit Bull Headlift stand this morning. Have to get into one of the forks. Had piston, valves and springs installed. Shop put it back together wrong. I have only four clicks of rebound. I'm 500 miles away, so taking it back isn't practical. Watched the Dave Moss video posted by @captainscarlet. I'm ready to go. Also went for 150 mile ride.
  12. @betoney - What cartridges are you considering?
  13. Ve com from Visconson width all are brats and beer! Welcome from vikings territory.
  14. Motorcyclists are different than bikers. I had to school them on it at work too.
  15. Welcome, - get a radiator guard and enjoy the bike! Collectively, we have identified all of the quirks and shortcomings with the bike and can usually provide a solution if you have questions.
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  17. I just picked up a new to me, used low mileage 2015 red FJ 09 (4,300 miles). I have already found this forum very valuable. The bike came with a Madstad Windshield, and the Yamaha rear rack with an aftermarket top case. I just found a set of used FJR side cases (wrong color and scuffed up). Looking forward to enjoying this forum. Thanks in advance!
  18. You'd get permanently banned from **Some Boards** for saying this. You'd have to turn in your leather vest, too.
  19. LMAO over here on that 1 betoney. Just begging.........begging........🤣😈🤣
  20. I used to have 3. Well 2.5 a ZRX1100 and a ZX11 plus a ZUMA scooter. In DC I had a 1999 VMax and a 1999 ZRX1100. In Louisiana before going to DC in 2002 I had 1994 and a 1995 VMax. Was going to have 1 VMax bored to a 1500 with flat sides. Approx. 175 RWHP and roasts the rear tire while pulling up the front wheel with roll ons in 2nd. Then I went to a VMOA meet where there were 5 of them. The guys were out a couple of hours early in front of the motel with barometers, humidity, altitude gauges. I asked them and they had come from different altitudes and the barometric pressure and humidity factored into how the bike would run so they were setting it up to ride for the day. Well that was it for me, too much sugar for a dime as my Mom would say. That's when I learned how forgiving CV carbs are, LOL! So I traded the 1995 VMax for a 1995 ZX11. That's when I fell in love with ZX1100s. So then I had a 1995 VMax and ZX11 till I left for DC. So I'm guessing 2 or 1.5 is it. A FJ09 as my main bike and a ZUMA scooter for riding to neighbors houses out here at the lake is the right number for me.
  21. I used to belong to the n+1 philosophy, and that's how I ended up with 5 in the garage. I soon realized that for me there was a serious diminishing returns. Each bike has a certain overhead to it, cleaning the chain, tires inflated, battery on tender, periodically run to keep the fluids fresh, oil changes, post ride bug scrapes, etc. With one bike you hardly notice these because they're all part of the routine. However, with many bikes, if you don't ride them equally, you end up doing doing a lot of these things just because you have to. I realized that I was eating into my riding time because I had to take out bike #4, since it hadn't been ridden in a month (or worse). It really got to be a chore just keeping them all in riding condition. That's how I landed at 3 being optimal. It's the best ratio of variety and maintenance.
  22. Actually..... The Razor "Lite" is a few hundred less at only $500, combined with the IDS20 forks @ $900, that's $1400. They are just BEGGING to be added to your shopping cart... 😎👍 K-Tech 20IDS Fork Cartridge Kit Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 / FJ-09 / XSR900 Are you tired of the limited adjustability of your factory suspension? The... K-Tech RCU Razor-R Lite Rear Shock Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 / FJ-09 / XSR900 Unlike your OEM shock, this shock features 3 ways of adjustability enabling...
  23. Hi clunkie66 I’m relatively new to the forum and just read your post. While the Tracer 900 GT has much to commend it, I have to mention that the bike has clearly been made to a price. Compared to its peers it’s incredible value but that is because there has been a lot of cost cutting. The worst is the finish. As a lifelong lover of Hondas this was my first Yamaha and I can’t believe how terrible the rot is that has beset the finish of major components. I’ve only ridden it in winter a few times and the salt on British roads is ultra-corrosive, but my Honda VTR1000 Firestorm which I owned for 17 years never succumbed like the GT. So please be diligent and continue to spray the bike with whatever corrosion inhibitors you can get your hands on. It’s shocking how my bike has simply rotted before my eyes.
  24. That's awesome, man! Fantastic pic, too, looks like that was a ton of fun.
  25. Thanks for the responses. I changed my mind and decided to just grind the detent off of the throttle tube. It looks much better now. I just wasn't sure if I had overlooked something since I had never seen the difference in gap size discussed anywhere.
  26. Yeah, but my understanding from chatting with other oiler users is the (newer?) scottoilers have a direct "drips per minute" setting that accounts for viscosity and actually gets the actual number of drops per minute. Dunno if they're a constant volume, though, as I don't actually know how the mechanism works at all. They've also got the advantage of being able to be hidden, which is difficult with the Tutoro as it needs to be upright as it's gravity fed.
  27. I hear you but total cost front and rear is more like $2000. I'm not gonna sink that into my bike at this time.
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