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  2. Good ideas, Betoney. They are progressive, I checked my old ones yesterday. i’m wondering if it would be worth ordering a race tech spring ins measuring it to see if it could fit with the K-tech cartridges. -S
  3. They are closing a lot of those areas too. I grew up in that area and can tell the people who live there are furious at the people steaming up there. Not bikers mind you but the looky loos just flooding the trails and towns because it’s “safe”. I’d like nothing more than go touring around but think I’ll just stay home.
  4. The world may be in crisis, but it’s still a great time to be a motorcyclist. So many cool options out there... Add this KTM 890 Duke R to my short list of next hooligan bikes (along with the Aprilia RS 660 Tuono, etc...) KTM 890 Duke R Coming to the USA with a $11,700 Price Tag - Asphalt & Rubber Good news sport bike fans, the...
  5. I saw that too... such a shame. North GA seems to still be open. Suches, Blood Mountain, Helen area...
  6. I installed these as well.. primary reason was due to the axle head digging into the OEM axle block. I do like the adjustment mechanism of the Gilles Tooling kit but I don't necessarily find it easier or quicker. I am able to get more precise adjustments because of the included measuring tape (for lack of better word) that you stick to the swingarm. After initially aligning the rear wheel it is easy to see how far you have moved each side.
  7. You’ll still need to undo the locknut on the adjuster and release the axle nut. I can’t see the claimed increase in precision myself, but they sure do look nice.
  8. They were great when the bike was being ridden aggressively, especially when I took the hard cases off and when traveling 60mph or quicker. During my commutes, I felt every single minuscule bump in the road. To the point that it's all I could focus on. I think there were several factors in play here and I still feel that the Ktech IDS-20 are quality suspension. .. 1) personal preference... 2) I lost a bit of weight after getting my shock done by Norwest and I think it was over sprung. I was able to get sag numbers but just my opinion... 3) poor surface streets. I still have my eyes on some Ohlins NIX-30 street and a Y535 or something... can't pull the trigger right now as Ivwork for an airline and my career is very much uncertain at the moment.
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  10. Take the bike to KY, just below IL. My problem is that my edges wear out and I have a bunch of rubber left in the middle.
  11. Not that I'm looking to trade in my 2019, but I keep looking for the 2020 reviews mostly to see what changed from the 2019 and 2020 models. I can't find anything. Is the only difference the new color scheme?
  12. They also closed the Dragon yesterday 😟 North Carolina county stopping Cherohala Skyway traffic from entering county THP issued a notice to motorists on Friday about the Graham County...
  13. Because you don't need to release any bolts in order to adjust it? Just turn on the fly, same amount on each side?
  14. I've been using Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 3 tires on my 2019 900GT for about the last three sets (and love them) and decided to try the new Bridgestone Battlax S22 tires. Haven't put them on yet so can't say good or bad about them. Just wanted to tell all that the Bridgestones are cheaper and there is a rebate of $60 on them. I paid about $230 for set inc. shipping from Rocky Mountain ATV. minus $60 rebate so, $170 after rebate. Last set of Dunlops were $305. $135 savings. Now just have to wait on this virus lockdown to clear to get back to the mountains. Here's a link which hopefully will work 2020-Bridgestone-Mar-Apr-Rebate-Form
  15. You mean manufacturer? Its "Daytona". https://daytona-global.com/
  16. Well, I took this photo from upper angle, so you might feel odd. This is Daytona engine guard, the brand you might not see in overseas. There's no Tracer photo on the Daytona website, borrowed photos are XSR900 and MT-09, though its the same guard so you can see how it fits and relation to the footpeg/rear brake.
  17. There is a lot of misinformation on fork oil. Simply. One brands 10w can have a similar effect to another brands 5w. So while you may think your putting in lighter oil, you may not be. So the 'I've put in 5w and now I can beat Marquez' may not be helpful at all if you use a different brand. It's not the brands quality we're talking here, it's the consistency, thin/thick at a given temperature. The CST number is what you need for reference. For example...Your recommended Yamaha 5w ( kayaba 01) is 15.6 which is very low, or thin. Castrol synthetic 5w is a whopping 28.00 ! Here's a link to a chart for you to ponder http://mahonkin.com/~milktree/motorcycle/fork-oil.html
  18. May be worth taking it up the road and re check. If links are good, is the new chain seating correctly on sprockets, do the links sit within the teeth.? Other than that, are the sprockets faulty.?
  19. That’s an unusual engine guard @mkvgti. I don’t recall seeing one that bends downwards like that. How low is it in relation to the footpegs?
  20. ..and several people have found that the early OEM are too soft and can be damaged when tightening the axle if everything is not aligned perfectly.
  21. I’m in Birkenhead. Slightly different climate in Brisbane I would imagine!
  22. What's the advantage of mounting this against the original part?
  23. Def go lighter in front and / or reduce spacer or preload, and maybe increase air gap. The shock spring may be too heavy as well.
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