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  2. I didn’t know that one extra tooth would make it so tight. I went up 2 teeth in the back and definitely had to buy a longer chain.
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  4. Yeah the site should work for the UK for International 1st class shipping. Just go and check out and it should work. Australia is the only country that for some reason the API is broken for.
  5. Is there a UK rate @Clegg78? I could bodge a solution but would like to support an innovative forum member.
  6. Sadly Seat Concepts not making 15-17 seats anymore. Those with a 15 and 16...Do the APS adjustment. IT WORKS!!
  7. As @peteinpa mentioned, the twitchy throttle can be adjusted (I've yet to do this to mine): Many folks don't care for the stock seat - I found the fwd slope crushed my berries, so fitted mine with a Seat Concepts foam & cover. The seat feels great now; even more so after being broken in a bit.
  8. FYI for any members down under, there is an issue processing shipping rates for Australia right now for some weird USPS API reason. So I set a flat rate of $15 USD (which will likely be a loss for me by a few bucks, but keeps it easy) for shipping down there 1st class USPS until they get this resolved
  9. Thanks for all of the input. This is exactly what I was looking for. If I get the bike this weekend I will follow up on the suggestions and will post pics. Much appreciated.
  10. I've got a 2020 Tracer GT which has a longer swingarm and I've ever experienced the speed wobble. I hated the stock windscreen - like alternating pats to my shoulders and helmet. I rode 500 miles in one day with that screen on my way home and it was soon swapped for a MRA Touring. That was an improvement and then I added an X Wing from Amazon and it works well for me. I have the 39L Yamaha top case plus the side cases and also put a 58L duffle bag on the rear seat when traveling. The top case is mostly empty most. Have ridden it in all kinds of conditions except snow and ice. I have raised the front forks 7mm and adjusted the suspension. It has seen well over 100mph loaded - certainly that was on a closed course. From what I've gathered some FJ09/Tracers seem to be more prone to the wobble than others. My thought on possible causes are rider input, tires, head bearings and suspension settings. My ZX6R did not have a steering damper and it would shake it's head a bit when hitting an expansion joint slightly leaned over at the top of 2nd gear. Added an Ohlens damper and that went away. The FJ09/Tracer wobble is different. FJ09 is light in the front and raising the forks does put more weight on it. I tend to have quick hands and quickly adjust the bars in crosswinds and when going by trucks and have never had a hint of a stability issue. Worst I've experienced was crossing the Mackanaw Bridge in Michigan during high winds. I fought the bike the whole way across, bike was fine but winds were choppy and coming from the east (my right). I was trying to keep the bike in the left track of the right lane and did so but took continuous corrections on the bars! I may have been gripping them too tight. The lake was covered with whitecaps.
  11. To add to this topic, the front sprocket can be reversed and ran the other way. Maybe do this at 7k miles?? This is for the OEM front. I have 2 spare fronts, different MFG.'s and they both can do this also. Just check the shoulder on both sides to see if it measures the same. Too OCD/anal....Maybe.
  12. Interestingly, the stock windshield seems to work just fine for me. It's set to the middle notches and I'm 5'11, haven't experienced buffeting or wobble at high speed. I would double-check tire air pressures and make sure those are correct. I've also heard some front wheels are difficult to balance when installing new tires. I do think the extra accessories on the bike increasing drag can interfere with aerodynamics, so I'd keep them off unless using them. Still wanting to replace the OEM shock/spring combo with a nicer unit, maybe in time for next year's riding season. I highly recommend the FJ-09, it's a great bike that does so many things very well.
  13. Heavier fork springs for my weight (190#) and a K tech Razr shock sprung for my weight.
  14. What upgrades did you do to the suspension?
  15. 2015 FJ09 with 34k miles, updated suspension, Givi touring windscreen, O2 controller, OE hard bags and grip heaters and a few other extras. @stevesweetz also has a write up of his assessment of the Tracer 9 on this forum
  16. For all who have gone to a 17 tooth front please advise. 15 FJ-09 over 7k miles on OEM chain and sprockets. Thought I'd try a 17 front and see what I thought. I don't have enough swingarm slot room up front. never had this problem on any bike. Rear axle ALL the way forward and not enough slack in chain to put on 17 tooth front. If I could there would be ZERO chain slack. Guess I should be happy my chain has zero wear yet. Pic is all OEM chain and sprockets with my normal 1.5 in. chain slack. Of course pic is upside down. GRRRRR!!
  17. Thanks for the information. @1moreroad, are you riding a Tracer now?
  18. Yup, that is another option. I believe mine is better in many ways though. Mine uses rubber for the bushings to retain vibration isolation for the tank. that other kit uses hard plastic ones. The ramp/velcro design is more stable and consistent than the sticker spacers that kit uses, and makes adjustments fast. also my materials are much higher end than the kit above. I believe his is made of PETG or even worse PLA which will degrade in heat. Mine is carbon fiber nylon PA6 that is industrial/engineering quality, and is very heat and chemical resistant.
  19. I have the SWM rack, and run a Givi topcase. SWM sell adapter kits for several different manufactures. I also prefer their hardware to Givi's.
  20. I recently installed the slipper clutch kit on my 2015, and it's quite nice. Not required by any means, but a worthwhile update. The super-light clutch pull is freaky, and I find it's smoother in all directions, not to mention the slipper function is nifty. As far as the front, I ordered up Sonic straight-rate springs, as I do for all my bikes, only to find that the forks already contained Sonic springs in the exact rate I ordered... the original owner had a shop do some suspension work, but didn't really know what they did. Oh well. I sold the springs off quickly for only a small loss. Mine also came with an upgraded shock, plus the original in a box. I sent the upgrade off for a refresh, and there is a big difference. If you're larger and/or faster than the average Japanese test rider, or if you ever carry a passenger you'll want to update the shock if it's original, but it's also not dangerously awful or anything if you need to save up a few pennies first. Like every motorcycle ever made, people bitch about the brakes, but I think they're amazingly fantabulous with the original pads. (Plus the original pads are going strong at 28,000 miles.) Then again, my other bikes are a KLR650 with an upgraded brake and a vintage Suzuki GS850G. Maybe I've built up the muscles in my right paw more than some. Mine also had supposedly had an ECU flash done as well. Some idiot broke the retainer, anyway. And the speedo is dead nuts, so I suppose it really was flashed. However, off-idle fueling is still pretty jerky. I'm not sure whether to try and have it re-flashed, or whether that's as good as it gets. I haven't ridden another example, stock or reflashed, so I don't know what I should expect.
  21. Installed on 2020 GT. Painless installation. Amazing what a difference this minor change in elevation does! No more sliding forward! Great job!
  22. +1 ECU flash followed by APS adjustment. Makes throttle control super smooth with great power.
  23. I can read everything on my 15's dash...Yet. I can't go smaller. I'm nearsighted. I think if I got bifocals I'd be hitting road debris all the time. still think I'll be keeping my 15 till they plant me.
  24. 100% agree. Very clear, just too small. I was staring a little too hard to look at traction control settings. Lots of info for the screen. Most bikes let you cycle through it. Definite improvement on the '15 although I'm not as enthusiastic as @stevesweetz(and I don't mean that in any bad way). But I keep vehicles long enough that every car, bicycle, and moto company would have gone out of business long ago if they relied on me as a their only kind of customer.
  25. Yes and yes. 9 GT Nashville show write up I'll add that it was nice to meet Brett Tkacs. I watch his Youtube channel.
  26. Like OP said, it is affected by suspension and wind. Wide handlebars with deflectors, bad aerodynamics (all of the buffeting we riders experience), quick steering, less weight on the front end, OE suspension at a price point. It happened to me once at about 90 on a rough road. Get your suspension set up right, and pay attention to not overload the back end at extra legal speeds so the front end doesn't get light. I do know it happens, but I think it's rare. Wouldn't stop me from owning this bike.
  27. I used this, works great: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324839785599?hash=item4ba1f5c47f:g:kQwAAOSw19NgohT4
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