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  2. Is the 111 ft/lbs torque really a pain in the ass to tighten? I recently adjusted my chain slack and used a beam torque wrench to get to this torque rating. It was really hard and am quite concerned if I stripped the axle thread 😣
  3. Visor cleaning easy...baby wipes. Always have a pack with me. Very multi purpose.
  4. Best mod I have done yet. Mini windscreen and removed handguards. Solved all my wind issues. No more buffetting on the freeway, much cooler, better air flow. The bike actually handles better too. Front end feel is great now. More flickable side to side. Screen is made by Powerbronze.
  5. I purchased the Powelet jacket liner, gloves and bluetooth controller about 6 years ago and like that setup. Their current jacket looks unchanged but the controller is a wrist worn thing now. I like the original controller. What i have: RapidFIRe Heated Jacket Liner-Medium w/ 3 Position Wired Controller - Powerlet Products Heated Liners And Vests Controller: Dual Wireless Temperature Remote - Replacement Only - Powerlet Products Heated Clothing Temperature Controllers and the glove liner. I have been very happy with it. Whatever you buy, size it snug, as it has to be close to the skin - I use a long sleeve base layer and then this.
  6. I doubt it’s anything, stators don’t necessarily get hot when they go bad. The case covers get hot enough to burn your skin. Measure Charging voltage across the battery terminals at idle. As long as it’s 13.5-14.5 VDC I wouldn’t worry any more about it. -Skip
  7. I use the Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner W/ Collar I only use it on the lowest setting (it gets HOT) and in conjunction with the heated grips, I'm good to go down to freezing weather. The best part on a frosty morning - the HEATED COLLAR!!
  8. I highly approved of this exhaust choice... Them welds are pornographic tho... Headers/midpipe barely weight more than skimpy lingerie...
  9. @Larz - Looks good! Looking forward to that ride report but "Holy Wheelie" is a good start! 👍
  10. That's it... The early years prior to the rear remote preload adjustment, we got a special 2pc tool to adjust rear preload manually... That's what I know...
  11. I have the little plastic tool pouch under the seat, it has the helmet lock cable and one 12&14 open end wrench in it. Is there supposed to be any other tools in the pouch? I do have the Allen key, screwdriver bit and handle attached to the seat.
  12. Would like to extend my riding season a bit this year and will be looking into heated gear. Since I have heated grips I am thinking I will only need a heated vest under my jacket. I think with some thermal underwear inside my leather pants my legs should be good and I may be able to get by with some wool socks for my feet. Not looking to ride deep into winter but would like to be comfortable down into the upper 40's or low 50's. Looking for recommendations and any reflections on whatever heated gear you may have experience with. Thanks in advance!
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  14. I have never noticed excessive heat from the stator cover in the past. Yesterday I took a short ride and the cover was damn hot. I felt it through my riding pants when I came in contact with it at a stop. It was very hot when I felt it with my riding gloves. Have I just not noticed it in the past or have I got a problem on my hands?
  15. So sexy you want to put her in lingerie and do some Yoga poses for a while first. But no, I'm a man of action, so it's "brace yourself, Nelly" and we're mounting her 😀 @betoneyI'll put up a review when I've got some miles on the pipe. First impressions from a quick ride: Holy Wheelie , Batman. Bike is scary faster; gotta be at least 10 more ponies. Sounds freaking awesome, too. Running really good on Ivan's stock tune; curious to see else what he can do.
  16. The main annoying issue I had with the Gen 1 screen was that the material seemed pretty flimsy, and the top of the screen oscillated back and forth at any decent speed. Not so with the GT - at least in my experience. The screen seems to be a little thicker, and while it is not totally movement-free it's certainly much better in this regard than the Gen 1 screens. But we may not be talking about the same issue, for the GT screen is adjusted up and down by a completely different and fairly substantial mechanism.
  17. Like new Sargent Seat, only used for 1000 Miles, traded my FJ so I took it off before I traded. Rubbers aren't even smashed, $220 + $22 Shipping Conus ** you will need to re-use the seat catch, Sargent doesn't seen one with new seats
  18. Yup that was me at one time, back when I lived in FL.... I wore gloves at least but always riding in a T-shirt and jeans, maybe only a few times in shorts, but definitely never flops.
  19. I hear that one isn't a whole lot better, movement wise.
  20. Aha !! On close inspection,the connector at the harness looked o.k.,but it turns out that it was partially disconnected. Bugger!! This connection is very easily connected/dis connected. A trip to the dealer now. Thanks all, Kenny.
  21. The O2 sensor is in the header, forward of the muffler section, I’m not sure what could have caused that to trip. Did you disconnect the sensor on the wiring harness at all?
  22. StealthAu lives a couple of thousand or so km north of me in the 'Wet Tropics', and describes very well the torrid riding conditions here for part of the year. Summer months - Jan, Feb, into March - are decidedly often the poorest, weather-wise, for the bike-rider. Rest of the year - usually pretty much perfick. I choose to ride very rarely, if at all, in those summer months, finding even the pre-ride chore of trying to drag a helmet over my sweat-bedewed head too much. In US terms, we suffer much the same conditions as the '90/ 90' of our Floridian cousins - 90 deg F and 90% humidity. And of course this dictates what we can comfortably wear on the bike, and why I see so many riders and their pillions glove-less and in shorts, tee-shirt, soft runners!
  23. You guys and gel goddit all wrong. Cease the 'fixes' - it's time for a new bike!😎
  24. Hi Skip, O2 sensor is connected and installed in pipe. I didn't start the engine with it disconnected. I might pay the dealer a visit tomorrow. Thanks for reply. Kenny.
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