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  2. Totally understand, and that was kind of half-joke, half-semi-serious. I guess the math nets to only 25% serious? I rented a Road King in Honolulu for a day, and put about 400 miles on it going around the island... Around left, then halfway around right, then over & back the middle a couple of times. It was a very, very nice motorcycle, and one I would consider owning if I (a) regularly carried a passenger, or (b) had the ability to travel regularly for multiple days at a time on a bike. Unfortunately I have neither right now, so there isn't a spot in the stable for a touring rig. That Guzzi MGX-21 is just such an outrageously unconventional exercise from Moto Guzzi that I found it really intruiging. It's beautifully finished, has the quirky Guzzi traits that I find endearing, and the love-or-hate styling actually works for me. Courtesy of the internet, I've found brand new ones for $10K - $11K... that could be a fun fly & ride adventure.
  3. Today, I fiddled with suspension settings (pulled the forks up another 2 mm), and then took a trip down memory lane. While cleaning up, I found this tucked away with some paperwork in the 'misc stuff' drawer of my toolbox: Valve adjustment notes from my old FJ1200...
  4. 8mm, 6 point, 1/4" drive, deep. I swear I've been through a dozen of those things over the years, and my current one seems to have gone AWOL from the toolbox sometime in the last couple of days...
  5. True, but OP was specifically asking about the GT, that's why all of the responses mention it.
  6. I have the C3 and have really loved it. The flip front works really well, the integrated sun visor is excellent and the helmet is very quiet. I went for a Sena 10u unit, which is designed to fit that helmet specifically, and fits inside so you don’t have any weird looking external controls. A bargain at that price @Dodgy Knees.
  7. Here it is, after about 500 miles and just been washed... The headers are due another going over with Harpic!
  8. keithu

    BMW F900XR

    Those are interesting but not exactly my cup of tea. The only cruiserish bikes I sort of like are the Indian Springfield and Harley Road King, and I would only consider buying one if I thought my wife wanted to ride with me more often.
  9. I got a 12” piece of stainless all-thread with two washers and nuts and ran it through the tube. I’ve been running a taller screen for a long time and have a GPS mounted up there. 80k miles and no signs of cracking.
  10. i'll second @showmerider on the mc cruise. top of my list santa!
  11. I've been thinking about one of these, your thoughts please. Schuberth C3 Pro - Gravity Red with FREE UK & EU Delivery Schuberth C3 Pro - Gravity Red
  12. A set of the FJR pannier lids in black. A better riders seat made on the factory seat pan so it will fit properly.
  13. Only one thing on my wish list. BMW R1250RS
  14. MY18/19 all have longer swingarm and slipper, not just GT.
  15. I test rode a new GT bike at a local dealer before I bought my two yeat old model in July. My friend and riding buddy had gone for a new GT model a few weeks before, haven riden both models back to back I think that the differences in handling is minimal and for 95% of my riding not noticeable. Where the longer swing arm may be more relevent might be if you intend to ride with a pillion passenger. If I was making the decision to change my bike again I would probably go along the same route . My Two year old 6,000 mile Tracer was easily £4,000 pounds cheaper than going down the new GT route. But each to their own, I wound never critisise anyone for buying brand new.
  16. I would put a radiator guard, engine bars and maybe some form of throttle lock on my wish list
  17. Christmas is getting close, what are some things you would like for your bike for Christmas?? Me, I would like a K & L MC625R motorcycle lift table and McCruise cruise control
  18. I had the exact same problem. I thought maybe the taller windshield caused it ( on the bike when I bought it). It was either that or maybe the previous owner smacked something in the brief 2000 miles he’d owned it. The metal is thin and wouldn’t turn be easy to weld. The dealer ‘hadn’t heard issues withe the brace’ and my bike was 3 months out of warranty. I bought a new bracket and am now using a smaller windscreen.
  19. Black - I wasn’t particular about the color when I found it used but it does look kinda evil in a transformer kind of way. I like it!
  20. I picked up a 19 from Flemington Yamaha last month - not quite the deal that you got : ) . We should go for a ride once it warms up and the salt is gone! Awesome bike! Enjoy.


  21. I replaced the Loobman with the Tuturo and in all honesty, the Tuturo is much better on the Tracer (2015). Just about out of the genuine oil but have suitable gear oil hypoid 80/90 in the garage ready to go.
  22. TIL there's a Scottoiler alternative. Interesting! I really ought to get one of these things some day.
  23. Yeah, that's the plan. I'm sure they'll be fine for the reinstall, but I suspect they won't last multiple reinstalls, and that's likely in their future.
  24. For some reason I lose 8’s. My 10’s and 12’s stay put.
  25. They’re noisy that way. I’m pushing 80k miles and my 2015 been noisy for as long as I can remember. Don’t concern yourself with it. If I could, would take off tomorrow on a 10k mile trip without a second thought.
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