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  2. Considering availability and price, I finally got these farkles (most still in shipping): Crash bars: Heed Kickstand enlarger: R&G: received, installed, super tight fit Fender extender: R&G Tank bag adapter for my Givi bag 60L dry bag SW Motech (no top case for now, I already have side cases). Comes with tie down straps, great quality. Hand guards: barkbuster (mounts BHG-052, STORM guards, bar end weights) Pegs: ordered parts from the FJR1300 Windshield: Madstad Seat: I did not have the budget for a full seat, so for now I will try a seat cushion over the OEM seat, set at lower height. Next and last item (I think), GPS + mount
  3. LOL very easy to do even with loaded sidecase top case and a duffle bag on the rear seat! I know cause I did it at least twice yesterday. When merging onto an interstate I accelerate and hopefully dont get run over so by the time I let off and look at spedo it's oops a bit to fast. Crusing along in 6th it still has lots of power and runs so smoothly and effortlessly. For a long time I rode in B but now riding in A which is good most of the time but occasionally it just doesn't work!
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  5. if your are not satisfied with the stock suspension IMO aftermarket would be perfect for you. With the right springs and preload I would expect you can get a great "not stuff" setup and then add preload and maybe up compression and rebound for those long rides. Just got back from a 1,800 mile "short" trip. Had full sidecases and duffle bag was a bit light as I bought a seat and brought the old ones home. I probably stiffened the front a bit too much but still did very nicely. I sipped around am exit ramp yesterday at a pretty good lean. LOL it was one of these tight 270degree ramps where you have to struggle with traffic getting on the interstate while you are trying to exit. Some SUV came up and squeezed in front of a car getting on the interstate behind me. Exit ramp was 20 mph, haha everyone on the interstate was running 80MPH. I was slow enough so just leaned it over aggressively and went on. Meanwhile I didnt hear sliding tires but know the SUV had a moment when the realized what their speed was relative to what the ramp was. At the end of the ramp they were waaaaaay back. My tracer did perfectly fine even though had a pretty good load including me, my gear, my stuff and my COVID 19 pounds. SUV actually concerned me a bit as they were exiting in a prettify aggressive fashion and I don't trust others abilities anywhere near as much as they seem to.
  6. Nice! Looks simple and looks nice. Ive noticed a number of CanAm Spyder with light strips on them, really makes them notocible. Ive wondered about a solid strip compared with individual LEDs but dont know where to source something like that. Leading edge of the fairing would be another interesting spot.
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  8. Was inspired to do this by someone else on this forum who put LEDS in the wind deflectors . I bought LED strips from Ali Express and removed the LED strip from the plastic housing, removed the yellow wire for the turn signal (didn't want them). Clear-coated, then painted the yellow LEDS black as well as the entire flexible circuit "board" , glued it onto the bottom part of the deflector with black RTV. They are very very bright but are angled downwards on about a 45 degree angle. This doesn't reduce the LED brightness persay but viewed from the front, it makes the apparent size of the LEDs smaller, the individual LEDs are rectangular and flat. Haven't checked it out at night yet, just finished doing this this morning. Will report back on observations at night. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000433048492.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5daf4c4dzn0XJy
  9. It took 10 days and 7200 miles. With a average of 45.6 MPG. Yep the road was closed. Don’t remember where it was exactly.
  10. Yes, we are going in June, monitor, Ebbetts and Carson Passes. 👍🏻
  11. Hello you helpful lot. I'm prepping my 2020 900 GT for a 3 month cross country trip so farkles are all about practicality and comfort. I'd like the riding position to be a little more upright and feel like the bars need to come and inch or two closer to me. Has anyone installed barbacks? If so, which ones and what's your verdict? Cheers!
  12. Monitor Pass on 89 is now open. It sounds like we'll have an early opening of Sonora and Ebbett's this year due to lack of snow pack. Anyone else waiting patiently to make a trip up here?
  13. This Akra system came with mine, but they had to lose the main stand - shame, but still love the upgrade.
  14. Nice. Was looking into a PCH 1 trip and saw it is closed due to landslides around Big Sur. Guess you were able to avoid that? For others, if tent camping at the North Rim and can book enough in advance, the National Park campground has dozen tent-only sites that are literally 20 feet from the rim. Beautiful. Was afraid I would sleep walk and drop off the edge.
  15. There is a small group of riders in NZ who are quiet passionate about their long distance riding. A few local events TT2000 - TT2000 Long Distance Motorcycle Rally You're probably here because the sound of a long weekend's ride covering... The North Island 1,600 - New Zealand Distance Riders Update: 31st August 2020: Entries are now closed, thank you. I started doing rides that I was comfortable with and slowly build up . I have a camelback for water and snacks / nuts etc in my tank bag for during long stretches. Planning is a big part and fuel range on Niken not greatest. The bigest mistake anyone can do is push beyond your personal limits there is no shame is stopping if you are too tired lots of good info on IBA website Preparing for distance rides - New Zealand Distance Riders Good distance riders are those who can pace themselves and make a...
  16. Hi. Didnt have much time for photos on that ride just fuel stops for the verification process. I have done 6-7 of these 1000mile rides and they are quiet challenging in NZ . The maximum speed limit is 100 kmh ( 62 mph ) and we hardy have any motorways most roads are very twisty and you have to ride hard to keep a reasonable moving average
  17. The Niken engine has a heavier crank and different fueling . The differences I feel are its far more tractable at low speeds not quiet as frantic as the motor in my tracer. The Niken is also slightly lower geared to compensate for the extra weight. The CP3 motor is a peach in both bikes just some different characteristics. The Niken is also 3 years newer so likely refined from the earlier CP3
  18. (Hi Basket! It's BJ from STN/Slimey Crud) I put a Wilbers shock on my former V-Strom and it transformed the bike. As others have said, the earlier FJs shock and adjuster design are certainly lacking...definitely teeth-gnashing work to change the preload. I thought the longer swingarm and spring rate changes on the GT were said to be an improvement? My FJ 'hops' when I'm well leaned-over on bad pavement. 'Twas an eye-opener the first few times but I've become accustomed to dealing with having to correct my line. Have been unable to dial it out and fix the issue. I just don't know if I want to spend the $$$ for another shock- does there even exist a 'perfect' solution for someone who weighs 155 with gear and topcase, then adds sidecases, camping gear and kitchen sink and goes on 6k-8k rides?
  19. I'm a little surprised by OP saying the adjustor bolt broke and the axel moved causing the chain to loosen. I would have thought the clamping force from the axel nut would have prevented the axel from moving. Looks like I've got to get some titanium parts for my bike! Love those gold carrier bolts. Not going to post a pic of my chain :-)
  20. What an awesome trip! How many days and miles? I've been to most of the places near your photos and know how rugged and outstanding it is. Thanks for sharing.
  21. New rear tire installed -another Dunlop Roadsmart III, as I was content with the performance and mileage (10k.) Had a sticky rear brake light switch, so putzed with that and cleaned/lubed it... fingers crossed it is the fix. Wired a new coax heated gear plug to the battery, the old one had gotten pinched somewhere on some bike in the last decade so it was time for new. Just a bunch of generally-needed fettling, as I leave end of the month for a ride to Texas and Big Bend and thence NW. 4 years in and I'm still loving the FJ!
  22. How is the Niken’s motor different than the Other CP3 motors?
  23. I just wanted to share some pictures from my west coast trip. -California HWY 1 - California South Cow Mountain Recreation Area Extremely beautiful in the sunset. Literally on the top mountain with half burned down forest. What a view. This picture doesn't do justice. - California Near Eldorado National Forest - California N38 41.4551, W119 48.880 Man that was a cold night. After this night I said no more high attitude camping. I also arrived at 10 PM. - Southern California - Nevada Las Vegas Quick Oil Change - Utah Zion National Park - Arizona Grand Canyon North Rim Literally no one around for 24 miles besides some free range cattle. For those who want to travel on a budget download "iOverLander" application on your phone and you can find tons camping spots. All the camping spots I chose were free. Usually campground you have to pay. Just read the description and look at the pictures. The picture of Grand Canyon was a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) camping spot however it was too windy for a tent and I ended up getting a motel.
  24. I'm not the OP, but the Iron Butt Association Archive of Wisdom is a wealth of excellent information: IBA - World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders The Iron Butt Association is dedicated to safe, long-distance... One of my personal favorites is #16: "After getting gasoline (a mini rest-stop in itself), it takes just as long to suit-up to ride across the street to eat as it does to ride twenty miles down the road and then eat. The result is two mini rest-stops for the price of one." I follow this practice whether the total ride is 200 miles or 2000. It works wonders at managing fatigue.
  25. That thumbwheel is like something you'd find on a kid's toy. Not my only issue with the bike but, overall, there's a lot more good than bad. Every bike has to have its Achilles heel, it seems.
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