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  2. Yep, just getting to mine at 26K mi. All intakes were within spec, but all exhaust valves were tight. Here are my exhaust numbers: #1 Cyl : .10 & .16 #2 Cyl : .07 & .20 #3 Cyl : .10 & .08 Not really very impressed. Anyone identified a trend in either carbon buildup, valve seat wear/recession, or even quality control of factory setup?
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  4. Do the Tracer and the naked 09 have the same stock exhaust?I looked on Ron Ayers and they have different part numbers but the Akrapovic on my Tracer is actually for the naked and it fits perfectly.I want to sell the stocker so it will help to know if it fits both.
  5. Ooooh I missed this earlier. Did you buy those somewhere, or make them? I'd love to do that too - I plan on sometimes having a passenger, but on long trips it's just me and those passenger pegs push my heels out when I'm on the balls of my feet. Would love to be able to just pull them off when not needed, so I can get more foot room.
  6. And I have the Givi Tour barn door screen, WITH a spoiler at its top! So I AM worried about the upper bracket! I have braced the screen frame with high durometer foam pads on each side reacting off the back of the instrument module but am I just transferring the load? I also did the bicycle AS axle through mod for the screen adjuster bolts, which should help some...
  7. Love it. I'm 5'8": it's perfect with the windshield raised at freeway speeds. And in slow moving traffic, you can adjust to funnel in a ton of air too your torso
  8. Rt 195 between Providence and the Cape. I just get a mile or 2 from my exit and let it rip.On my flashed FJ 09 and had it up to 130 but lots of head shake. The MY MT 10 has an electric stablizer on it works good.
  9. I can't really imagine what to ask for these. Any offer will be accepted. Even better ...a trade......Micky Mantle rookie card....Pez....a pocket knife.......XRay specs (I've always wanted to see through random women's clothing)............a treasure map.......a pen that writes in 3 colors......even money. I don't care. It's the middle of the winter and I'm just trying to amuse myself until spring. PS: I have more if anyone else needs to defile their otherwise gorgeous FJ 09 / tracer.
  10. To answer your questions, the mount does not lock. It is the same as the tank bag setup. I don't lock the box on the road and I'm rarely out of sight of the bike. If need be, I have a cable lock that will keep the case with the bike. I'll only be using this for over flow clothing on the road, i.e. gloves, coat liner, etc. And lastly, the mount is fixed in that position as a do not carry a passenger on this bike and have also changed the bag mounts to remove the passenger foot pegs. I like to shift my feet to where I'm on the balls of my feet on the pegs and the factory bags mounts would not let me do this comfortably.
  11. Also a big guy, so I just swing a leg over it. I can comfortably flat foot it on the center stand though, so...
  12. I'm 6'4", and just keep mine in the lower position and it's fine. Mind you, I also have very minimal windshield experience, and was never bothered by wind even on long road trips on bikes without a windshield. Just with mine in the upper position air is very turbulent around my head if I'm not tucking down and riding aggressively. Definitely a subjective thing though.
  13. Oh well, I was just so fukin' proud of myself for jury-rigging up a way to make the Proton 500 flush mounts work on a Tracer...
  14. I pretty much always stand on my left peg then swing my leg over the bike, i hardly ever use the center stand. I have short legs so this helps me from kicking the back of my bike.
  15. Correct. I modified it with a Dremel tool to fit, the power buttons are in different locations, so I had to cut a hole to fit. It is very stable and I have used the modified cradle for 2 seasons with zero issues.
  16. Me again, more questions than a five year old. Your setup seems more professional and solid. You mentioned you bought a Garmin Drive 51LM but the cradle is for a Garmin Nuvi 50. Just wanted to make sure on the cradle before I order. Thanks.
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  18. I reused mine but only because I didn't have replacements on hand like you do. One of mine was VERY close to rounding out.
  19. Question. Did everyone reuse the rotor bolts? My titanium caliper bolts arrive tomorrow meaning time to make the swap. I know heat on the removal, but are the bolts reusable? Thanks in advance
  20. Many riders have gone with a shorter screen to get their head into clean air. I am 6'1" and that is what worked for me.
  21. Nice set up but does the Givi mount lock or you just insert a sleeveless Cleco type pin from the inside like with the SW-Mototech mounts? Also, do you just use one padlock in one of the 2 reinforced holes, and does the lock bounce around? Lastly, does your rack slide or can it be bolted farther back so the top case does not interfere with a pillion co-pilot?
  22. As @betoney said, lots of options out there and searchable in the forum. The previous owner of my bike included the Yamaha touring screen and it was still turbulent and much bigger/ugly. I’ve never used it again. Puig Touring is popular. If you post your height/inseam, others may chip in with local versions that have worked for them.
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