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  2. Givis work well and I think they match the lines of the bike. They don't interfere with the giant Givi windscreen either. Givi handguards at Revzilla
  3. If the vapors don't blow up before the cigarette ever gets to the liquid fuel. The vapors usually ignite first. Gasoline is so dangerous in part because of it's volatility. If you spill fuel around a recently running bike please step away until it dries. It won't take long to dry. Please be safe.
  4. You can put out a cigarette in petrol apparently. It’s the air/petrol vapour mix at certain ratios that is explosive. The Vapors Every work site has flammable and combustible liquids. A flammable liquid...
  5. Totally honest here: If I could order those panels in a matte black, I'd do that. I wrapped mine - I've got the Grey/Red/White 2019 model, and really didn't like the white lower panels (it's the only spot of white on the bike!). Wrapping mine went pretty well, but TBH when it comes time to redo it, I'll just spray them with plastidip. The vinyl works great, and has held up really well now it's into it's second winter, but it's pretty challenging to apply to this part. Not impossibly so - this was my first vinyl wrapping experience and it went pretty well - but it was challenging. They really do just look significantly better in black, though. On pretty much every GT color scheme.
  6. The autoignition temperature of gasoline is around 280C/500F in a lab. With a watercooled engine turned off, there shouldn't be anything exposed even close to those temps - and splashing fuel is going to cool stuff very fast. Hell, you can touch anything on the bike except the exhaust headers without risk of burns while it's running. Tests, such as here: Fuels > Autoignition Temperatures Detailed Results show a failure of pump gas to autoignite even over 1200F on exhaust. So, the risk of fire is basically nonexistent. In a somewhat related note, had a local riding buddy recently have one of his fuel injectors (or at least the the connection to the throttle body) *fall out* while riding his GSX750. Sprayed gas everywhere at highway speeds, shooting it forwards up into the console where wind blew it back across the top of the tank, soaking him. Not exactly what you want to have happen at speed; bike suddenly barely running, gas all over you. Be so damn surprising and terrifying. In an otherwise somewhat related note, not paying attention due to the presence of a sexy lady near by is also how I managed to get in my first motorcycle accident. Turn - all full of 16 year old guy on his new bike hormones - wave to the pretty girl...... and rear-end a stopped Jetta at 50. Good times!
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  8. If one of you is out & about enjoying the fall colors, please add to the Photo Game thread & pick another topic...
  9. Exactly what I did to wire the USB power port into the factory switched power connectors behind the windscreen: I used the female 'cover' that came on the plug, added connectors and wires, and spliced/soldered into the wires of the USB outlet. Clean & simple, and the bike's original wiring is 100% intact.
  10. You aren't cutting or splicing on the bike end, you would be splicing on the end of the device you are plugging in and then plugging it into the bike harness.
  11. Just curious, did you get a reminder that it was due? I'm sure mine is close to expiring.
  12. My favorite part of freestyle backroad exploring is finding these cool little gems of local Americana... great stuff!
  13. Ahh yes, the old hack job. No thanks. Some folks should just stay away from wiring.
  14. To save the next bloke from having to find that connector? Otherwise, why does it even matter? Connectors are for connecting and UN-connecting. If it ain't ever gonna get unplugged, then what's wrong with good 'ole butt splices or solder (the route I prefer).
  15. Agreed, why butcher up a brand new bike when you can buy the right connector and make it look nice and professional
  16. Looks like you went up the south side of Blood Mountain......one of my favorites. 👍
  17. Got my handgaurds this week, going on tomorrow. Before and after pic's to come. 👍
  18. Renewed my membership, now that year did go quick. Keep up the good work fellas.
  19. Hello fellow riders, After doing a day trip on rented 2002 FZ1 i was sure i have to start riding again What a bike it is!!!! Picked up a 2016 FJ09 couple of months ago and have clocked 2000 miles on it already Got to see San Francisco Bay Area like never did in last two years!! Completed oil change, chain adjustment/cleaning/lubing, cables lubing, etc and ready to roll again before rain gods descend down here in bay area. See ya around......
  20. As @BBB mentioned, you just need the silver connectors, what looks like a protective cap is actually the female part of the connector. The local bike shop might be able to help you out with the silver connectors. What I did was go to my local Yamaha shop and talk to the service manager, they had spare wiring harnesses from salvaged bikes, they cut off the connector I needed with about 4" of wire and I spliced it onto the device I was connecting.
  21. Very little free cable, and I don't want to chase the loom back. I also want to keep the loom as stock.
  22. @chris wilkins, the connector is already there if you look closely. It’s just empty and needs the silver connectors that you can see in the photo that @HGP61 posted.
  23. It’s been great having you here with us! Congratulations on the new Guzzi... I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.
  24. I ordered the Bagster Seat today with the Bultex Foam. For under $400 at ChromeBurner it seemed like a bargain. Might have to do the seat slope mod also in conjunction with the new seat. Bagster Ready Luxe Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 900 GT 2018-2019 Black Woven Suede Red Bultex Seat - ChromeBurner A Bagster seat is a big improvement in both style and comfort for any bike...
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