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  3. Despite the record rain this spring (second year in a row) and 60 hour work weeks, I've managed to get in about 4,500 miles this season despite the late spring. Mostly cloudy and cool but no rain for a change... Unfortunately, the longest ride has been only about 450 miles in a day. Did get up to Road America for the MotoAmerica races the weekend before last. Time for another set of RS3s though and and oil change. Today, I took my annual Father's Day solo ride up to East Troy, WI (former home of Buell ) for my fav broasted chicken at Gus' Drive In (good frozen custard too but not as good as Adrian's in Burlington, WI). Discovered they erected a freshly restored "Muffler Man". Gus' has a classic car and bike drive in on Saturdays, and live acts occasionally (see Elvis impersonator and my 98 110k mile VTR1000F). Leduc's Frozen Custard in Wales, WI is a great spot but in Milwaukee there's Gilles, Leon's (not as good but they have good-bad Sloppy Joe's), Fred's, Kopp's & Kitt's; not too far is Ferch's and Bubba's... Chance's in Rochester, WI is a good lunch stop but their weekend hours are goofy. Fred's burgers in Burlington is old school but there's lots more. Born to ride, work to ride, ride to eat frozen custard...but I've actually lost almost 35 pounds this year somehow.
  4. A* glove quality IMO has gone way down. The Mk1 SGS have been bullet proof...
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  6. Just a few random photos from around Houston, Texas. NRG Stadium, which now towers over the old historic Astrodome: Murals and urban artwork are everywhere throughout Houston... I could spend a full day just exploring & finding more: The grave of Howard Hughes, in Glenwood cemetery just northwest of downtown. For all the people that have profited from his legacy, it’s sad that I’ve never seen fresh flowers or other signs of recognition at his gravesite: And finally, Antioch Baptist Church, still standing proudly in the shadows of the Enron Tower. The neon ‘Jesus Saves’ sign always strikes me as such an ironic contrast to the symbol of corporate greed and corruption that Enron ultimately became:
  7. It works well and easy to use. Not worried about the bike falling. Haven't used it with the FJ since it has a center stand. Had a 1996 ZX11 also with a center stand, Gen 1 VMax had a center stand.
  8. Run it off of your batter tender plug most bike compressors come with an adapter for the plug. The tenders have a 7.5amp fuse and are hooked directly to the battery.
  9. I plan on getting a Powerlet or something similar to connect directly to the battery so that I can plug in a portable compressor. In the meantime can a phone be safely charged on the outlet near the headlamp?
  10. Just finished installing the r&g radiator guard. I thought it will be 90 minutes job but it took me two days😂 the radiator guard is not optimized for the fj. I had to do my modifications to get the side holders for the fairings installed. it wasn't a hard job but it looks easier than what it was. Just wanted to give a heads-up that you will need drilling on both sides if you want to install this model on the FJ. Let me know if you think it was worth it
  11. My last bike, a ZRX1100 didn't have a center stand. I got this from Pit bull Stands and found this way took allot of the asynchronous out of putting it on the stand. You pull it toward yourself while standing on the side of the motorcycle holding it up. Not attacking it from the rear. Pit Bull - Spooled Forward Handle Rear, Motorcycle Stand [F0043-000] The Spooled Forward Handle Rear lifts spool-equipped bikes. It is...
  12. Hi Everyone, I just collected my Tracer 900 GT last week, awesome machine 😊
  13. I did the same when I replaced my brake lines. Just a normal bleed, and no issues.
  14. I went to Eaglerider.com, mentioned above, and the Tracer 900 GT's are on the west coast. You can reserve a FJR out of Atlanta, GA. from them. You can easily do the east coast, north Ga. all thru the Smokies, Dragon, Cheroholla Skyway? spelling?, Moonshiners 28, 6-Gap, Green eyed snake, Blue Ridge Parkway to Southern VA. and back. Now that's a bucket list kind of ride. And flying in and out of Atlanta should produce good airfares. Being a Hub for Delta and all. We're there all us ole Vmax Owner Assoc guys, the middle of September, LOL! Some of the guys still ride Vmaxes, Gen 1 and Gen2 Models. Plus lots of other fun stuff.
  15. The service manual does call for performing the tests after any bleed. Thus, it's with the new fluid in the system, not for the purpose of flushing. Fwiw have replaced all lines, three fluid replacements, and all bleeds without using those tests nor any issues of old fluid retained in the pump. The system is self-tested each time the bike is turned on and you can put slight pressure on the levers and usually feel vibration. I usually cycle the ignition before putting everything back together after bleeding and make sure levels are unchanged and no codes thrown. And another check of levels after a short shake down ride.
  16. You are correct, ground through the mount. You can add a short piece of wire, with the proper connector, and connect the OEM ground to a mounting point on the horn. Also, check amps needed for new horn. Many aftermarket horns draw much more than stock, so stock fuse may blow upon use. I use the factory wiring to trigger a relay, with separate power/fuse to the replacement horn.
  17. I have an aftermarket Stebel LOUD horn I'd like to install on my FJ. But... The Yami OEM horn has two connection wires and the Stebel horn has only one. I assume Stebel horn makes ground connection through the mount. Anybody have advice on how to wire in the Stebel using only one connection wire from the FJ? Thanks!
  18. Wife and I have hosted the (Honda) ST Owners OH-STOC event out of Lake Hope State Park, west of Athens, for the last 8 years. 50+ riders attended this year. Sooo many outstanding roads in the area! We use "Drop and sweep" method for larger group rides, and smaller groups do what they want. MSTA does their "Mail Pouch Fly-by" out of Marietta too. If you get a chance to ride this area, do it! You will not be disappointed! And if you need info on some routes or someone to lead you around, let me know!
  19. Not a bad deal at $90 / day out of Vegas. Only 4 hours to Grand Canyon. cb
  20. Yes, get Yamaha led blinker plus that’s the one which will work as drl as well.
  21. I never drain the tank before maintenance. Disconnecting it is only a matter of a few drips in a rag. Having an empty box or some packing material can make a nice place to sit the odd shaped tank. Avoiding a fill-up just before maintenance is helpful.
  22. No, don't alter the outlet. If you try to get 15 amps through an 8 amp circuit, you will blow a fuse. If you want to run an air compressor, install a pigtail directly to the battery and run the compressor from there.
  23. I don’t like the wait either. How different could it be from the FJ?? At any rate I’m destined to wait. I’ve loved every Sargent so far and only tolerated every Corbin.
  24. Good thing I read this thread. I bought a tire inflator/compressor that was highly rated on line and did not think of looking at the specs. The owner's manual spec is below. I almost used it on the last trip for a guy in the group who had low pressure in his back tire. Is there any way to alter the outlet to use this compressor or I should I just keep it in the car? For use with 12-volt DC power outlet rated 15 amps or higher. Do not use with older 8 amp cigarette lighter receptacles.
  25. I decided changing out the air filter would be a daunting task so I watched a youtube about it. It looks like several piece of plastic have to be removed and the tank disconnected and removed. It looks like a six cup job. I used that technique with the ST when I started taking it apart until I was comfortable using the pile technique. My only question is how to drain the tank completely before disconnecting it. I'm not completely sure I could complete a one man parade successfully so help me keep from burning down the house accidently.
  26. My FJR group does a weekend Ramble in Marietta the first week of May every year. We usually have around 40 riders show up. All bikes are welcomed. We break up into small riding groups and ride many GPS routes we've created over the years. No fun riding in a parade. We try to keep the riding groups to 6 or less. Great area!
  27. Well done - Marietta is a great base camp for great roads for sure.
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