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  2. Sounds like the right plan. The new springs will get the suspension nicely in the operating range for your weight. Bike will be nicely balanced. CS
  3. after much thought and careful deliberation I've decided to sell my tracer at the end of August. I've done just over 5,000 miles since purchase.and finding she's getting a little to heavy for me. mainly top end. a couple of times I nearly dropped her just pushing her out of the garage. road camber doesn't help either while trying to maneuver to turn round to face the other way etc.got to admit she's a tall bike. I'm now considering in getting an MT09 or the NC750s dct. yes I know big difference. firstly I like the look of the bug eyed model but not sure if its suitable for carrying a pillion or touring.there are things I could do to improve the ride for my wife. seat is like a plank,so will need reupholstering. pillion hangers will need to change for the tracer and lastly chocks. dont know if this forum covers the MT09
  4. I just got a quote for replacement of both front and rear springs. It will be 425 euro (503 dollar) incl. fitting. It think I’ll go for that.
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  6. I changed my tires last week at 11,000 miles. I hope and believe they were the original tires but being the second owner I only have dealer and service records to work from. Could well be that the first owner changed and then refitted the originals when he traded down (He Couldn't have traded up if he changed the Tracer for something else) I was of the opinion that the lighter weight of the Tracer would be kinder on tires than My last two much heavier bikes but got to weight that up with way better acceleration. Time will tell with the new set of rubber.
  7. Hah that's almost exactly what I got, except in my mind I was thinking "about 9000mi". Front looked like it could do another couple thousand too. Honestly I think that they are pretty good tires and I never really had complaints even when pushing them hard, just throw the bike in B mode for heavy rain. They're super cheap now as a pair (Roadsmart 2) online, to the point where if I can consistently get 9-10k miles on them is there really a reason to buy anything else? They're literally almost exactly half the price of the Roadsmart 3s on Revzilla.com right now for a set: $150 vs $300. I currently have Roadsmart 3's and I'm at 11K miles and am not at the wear bars yet. However, I do four-season riding and I've noticed the RS3s take longer to warm up the the RS2s, they are measurably better in the heavy rain though so we'll see how I feel when it's time for new rubber. Cheers,
  8. Most of the "shortcomings" have already been mentioned. There is one thing I would like to add: why can't Yamaha add a 24h clock? Over here we don't use am/pm and it can't be that hard to have the option for 24h.
  9. @nhchris to be honest I haven't measured it, there's plenty of room/ height for road riding (my VFR has less ground clearance). I can measure it at the weekend if you like? Cheers Steve
  10. not sure why you are making the comparison ,,its apples and oranges and about $10K more ,my brother has one ,,and its not cheap to work on.,$$ ,,,theres always gonna be something better out there ,,most of us would love to be able to afford it ,and a Victorian house , if you want the best you are on the wrong bike . or are you?,,watch this vid,,i love how loose his hands are ,and how he almost passes him on the outside ,the beemer is obviously faster but for all that extra money the tracer takes him on a stock $9K bike ,,, ,,,,dont let the door hit you on the way out ,,,
  11. have you tried turning the wheel to the left ,,opens up nicely
  12. Have you tried turning the wheel to the left,,,opens up nicely for key
  13. Thanks for sharing At this point, my first mods would be the seat and windscreen if I feel the need. Took a quick look at this Terry guy, and he's making very good seats at very good prices. I hope to test ride the bike on Thursday, can't wait!!! Cheers!!!!
  14. Installed Heli bar riser. Adjusted chain (1st adjustment) Changed oil to 20 w 50 for the duration of hot weather.
  15. Got mine from Adventure Tech, but it was $29.95.
  16. Hello All, I have a 2019 Gt and have just got to the wear bars on the rear stock dunlop tires. The front look like I could easily get another 5k. I think this is pretty darn good. Is this what you guys/gals are finding? ty
  17. I've had my GT since April, and I also came of a Vstrom 650. At first I thought I'd made a mistake due to vibes. However, now it feels downright smooth to me. Hard acceleration you do get vibes, but that's to be expected. I figure it's a combination of the engine breaking in and me getting used to the bike. I've never had a bike that I haven't changed the screen and seat. I've got a MRA Touring screen with the spoiler and it works fine for me. The biggest problem I have with the stock seat is that it slides you forward. I'll be getting a Terry Adcox seat next month. I still think my Vstrom 650 was a little bit more comfortable but the GT is WAY MORE fun. If you've never had cruise control you'll love that.
  18. Yes, minor league professional teams are also in play. Don’t make me have to do it myself.
  19. General wear and tear. 45,000-ish miles SOFLA. Looks sand blasted, don't it.
  20. Steve, what do you measure for ground clearance at the oil pan on the lowered bike?
  21. I can see a domino effect due to your "fork prop" to the left into your Kawi. Hopefully not... Poopoo No work stands (you need front and rear to use a front when its on the centerstand)? Nice work bench - tool chest set-up; all the same height. I see the Little Tikes gas pump, I have one of the earlier (first?) blue ones in the back shed along with their fire engine, still in good shaper given we bought for my oldest when she was maybe 2 and now 37+ LOL Little Tikes™ Over the Years At Little Tikes we understand every day is an adventure with more to...
  22. Thank you with the detailed answers I hope that I'll love it when test riding it. The guy in my area just replied to me saying that he's willing to negotiate and let me test ride it. Lets see where everything goes.
  23. Wow that looks crappy. I guessing there has got to be more damage to the other aluminum or metal parts. MIKE
  24. As with most flash there is a choice to turn off the O2 sensor and and only run in open-loop all the time per the new maps, which is what I selected. I'd have to have the O2 reactivated to use the Booster Plug, which likely would play havoc with the current maps. Am I incorrect, or can a new flash compensation / work in harmony with the BP? Inquiring minds need to know* *for you non-US folks, that was a tagline of our National Inquirer rumor - bogus news rag
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  26. Yeah, hell, you can even put a spare clutch cable on your bike anywhere. Don't need the sheathing, just the inside cable itself, which coils up nice and flat and small. I keep a universal replacement cable long enough to replace a broken clutch or throttle cable with an assortment of screw on ferrules in my toolkit all the time. "Sadly" since carrying them, I've not needed to replace my own cables (I lube and inspect cables frequently) but I've given them to others on group rides a couple times. At $5, it's pretty much a no brainer. Have a hydraulic clutch fail, and you're kinda screwed. Here: Sorry! Something went wrong!
  27. Which is exactly what I was after. Incredibly impressed with the service from the Booster Plug people, ordered yesterday, being delivered on Thursday (free shipping) , USA to Scotland, that is amazing. Hopefully I'll get it fitted over the weekend, (weather here at the moment is vile) and will keep you posted as to what difference I feel from it.
  28. No. That's actually kind of an opposite approach. The Booster Plug adds a second air intake temperature sensor to run together with the stock sensor. This causes the ECU to read the outside air temperature as 20C/68F lower, and thus the ECU adds roughly 6% more fuel. However - and this is the important part - it only does when the bike is running in Open Loop mode. That is, at idle, under partial throttle, and under hard acceleration, where it's not using the O2 sensor at all. Otherwise, such as when you're cruising about at speed the bike moves to closed loop mode and adjusts the air/fuel mixture as per the O2 sensor's responses. This prevents wasting fuel and running richer all the time. So, the difference in riding is that you get more fuel at idle for a cooler, steadier idle, and providing much better throttle response off idle. As well, low speed travel either at idle or at very minimal throttle is also significantly smoothed out - making riding at a walking pace with the clutch fully engaged nice and smooth.
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