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  2. See if the studs turn with the nuts. If so, I would be removing the holders to ensure that the studs are srewed all the way, with bluegoop on the threads. I believe the recall had to do with the studs coming loose out of the holders.
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  4. Torque on those should be 29ft lbs, IIRC. Yamaha also sends new nuts with the risers, wonder if maybe yours got reused? Hard to tell at this junction... good catch though. -Skip
  5. My Rider Seat has gone to a local custom seat builder for reworking. He has done several Tracer's --- most in the search for comfort. Hurley Custom Seats Bespoke motorcycle seat...
  6. This one is the only one that I have in my phone. Tomorrow I have a free day so i'll take some new and better pictures. 20190923-180600 ...
  7. Or at least this helmet?
  8. I have another favorite and it is the Italian ZARD with the price of 1211 euro (cca 1376$) 😪😪
  9. I am now getting my seat re-upholstered by a local firm for half the price of an imported one. Ergo Seats in Brisbane have been in operation for over 20 yrs. Seat is made for you and reshaped after it has been used for a while. I have had the std seat reshaped a lot of K's ago and now it is a bit hard, so a whole new touring setup is going in.
  10. The SC Project sound very nice on the Tracer
  11. Wow... I had the recall done as well (which was supposed to fix the issue). I will have to check mine tomorrow.
  12. Looks like they have new ones for the Tracer 900, I don't suppose anyone's tried them? (110,000 SK won = ~ $94). http://www.dzell.net/98/?idx=172
  13. Thanks for the look-see! Maybe @Duke will be able to update the post to collate all the relevant information into the first post. Or maybe someone else will write up a new version with pics. 😉
  14. Sounds correct, except I had no blue/yellow wire, it is red/yellow. Duke also kindly posted written instructions in the 1st post on page 3 of this thread in case you did not see it.
  15. Are there going to be some Sargent seats for sale?
  16. Yes it is the yellow and red. Scratched my head for about 30 seconds as well and apologize for not mentioning in my earlier post. Different wire colors for different years maybe? Mine is a '17.
  17. Didn't they get bought by Vortex?
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  19. EK is a reputable company. Their chains are high quality and I’ve used them many times. I haven’t used their screw link because I have the tools, the ability and I’m cheap. I always use the rivet link that comes with a new chain. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their screw link if the need arose.
  20. Def the Bagster I was looking for. Not sure why I thought it was leather. I’ll pull up your post. Thanks. I think I’m going to make the move over the winter. I’m huge on aesthetics as well and although the Sargent is sweet it does not flow on the bike. The width of the rear part of the seat looks like wings. I get why, but looking for something that is not much wider than the rear fairing. @dazzler24 thanks again. @wordsmith - thanks for all you input in past posts on this seat. Appreciate it.
  21. @coachluciano - I posted the dimensions of the Bagster seat over on the other thread as requested and have now just seen this post. If the seat you were looking for was definitely leather then I don't think Bagster seats have a leather option. I'm not 100% certain of that but a quick search for 'leather' on their site came up with a 'not found'. Just thought I'd mention it.
  22. Here you go. - Just to be clear this seat is for my 2015 Tracer.
  23. @BBB yes, the header is not homologated ...🤷‍♂️ So we choose another one...need SC project
  24. When you get a chance can you measure the width on the widest part of the main seat?
  25. Do you have any pictures of the bike? Would love to see it with all the mods! Thanks. Gearoid
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