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  2. I'm not a mechanic-savvy but could be one with the right tools! Thanks to your insightful suggestion! They are helpful not just for newbie with tracer but for anyone who has old or new motorcycles! I would prefer buying a tool set so I don't have to canvass or look for each tool which could demand more time.
  3. Very impressive! I bet that was a very tough ride and you made it which means you're really a tough guy! I look forward to reading more of your amazing escapades with your wheels!
  4. Coriolis effect, lol. Realizing it doesn't dictate toilet swirl direction is like finding out there's no Santa Claus
  5. I got the Moto Dynamic flush mounts. I got them because they had a three wire setup for running lights, which I ended up hating and disabling. The problem is that it uses half the LED's for running lights and the other half for blinker functions. The running lights do NOT turn off when the blinker goes off, so there isn't a lot of light contrast. I soldered both wires and now it uses all of the LEDs for blinker and I don't have running lights at the moment. If you want bright, check out the Proton 500 lights. I might try those next. Here are pictures of the Moto Dynamic flush mounts:
  6. Welcome! Where do you live? On the instrument panel you'll see a button labeled TCS. Press and hold it for five seconds to disable traction control (the yellow TCS light will illuminate). You must be at a complete stop to do this.
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  8. The last 2 lg pix didn't come thru. I'm looking at Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2. Adaptiv TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector - RadarBusters.com WWW.RADARBUSTERS.COM Discover why Radar Roy rated the TPX Motorcycle radar detector as being one of the best motorcycle detectors for weekend warriors! this is the 1 and others I ride with use it and it works well.
  9. If you don't want to drill in your next face shield, get a visor with a pin lock insert. I''m on my first helmet with one and love it. Absolutely fog free year round! And an option on the drop down tinted lens has worked great for me. I bought the photochromic shield for my Shoei RF1200 and it's all I need. It is nice to not have to worry about that anymore.
  10. In normal running the chain will never come into contact with the tyre., its purely laws of physics coming in to play. The only way you'll get the chain to move sideways while running is if the coriolis effect takes place ... and that will never occur as you need a process flow for that ! if your chain is in good condition and to the correct tension then you have nothing to worry about. However if your chain has worn sideplates or missing x rings then side play will be a bit more excessive.
  11. I have the split Soundbomb myself. People jump when I hit the horn. You see them in their cars when you hit the horn. They do a double take expecting to see a simi or such vehicle. Easy install, worth it IMHO. In the States, we have our headlight come on with the key. I run high beams most of the time.
  12. I have put TCS thru it's paces, it works really well😵.. Did you know 2WDW has multiple tuning software options 😏... I highly recommend Woolich Racing software and the Race Kit add-on...
  13. Don't know about the Yamaha case. Dimensions won't tell you the entire story because of the curvature of many luggage cases. Looks like it would need to be angled at a minimum. Can say a Givi E460 (46L) holds a laptop backpack designed for up to a 17" and a few other items nicely. Been using it for 10+ years on various bikes and now on the FJ. Locking, waterproof, storage on the bike is a must for me when commuting.
  14. I'm not much of a hooligan but I had to try it in A with the TCS off once. It does come up very quickly. I like that it'll come up a little with the TCS on. That's enough for me. There is a bump in the road in the way to work just after a second gear corner that happens to be in the perfect place for the front end to come up just after the shift into third. That one will carry the front wheel for a long time even with the TCS on. That's fun.
  15. @texscottyd I got the 2" Rox Risers with extended pivot from Revzilla. I got the extended pivot because it said the longer pivot piece was necessary for the FJ-09, but they stick out through the stock handlebar clamps. I'm not sure it was necessary. @jeff400650 You can also check the NHTSA website and enter your VIN. It will let you know if there are any outstanding recalls. I would recommend getting it done if it needs it. I once came across an FZ-09 Rider who had the bolt for one stock riser fall out mid turn and the other was loose. He managed not to go down. The passenger grab rail bolt back by the tail light from the FJ-09 will fit there in a pinch, so I gave him mine so he could get home. Recalls WWW.NHTSA.GOV Learn about the NHTSA recall process.
  16. Glad the horn saved yer butt! That's always a nerve racking experience!! @wordsmith isn't your headlight on all the time? Mine comes on when the bike starts up. It's a legal requirement here in US.
  17. Backpack for motor riders is more efficient for those who have laptops. It should be waterproof and highly durable. I got mine with no brand that I brought from a Chinese store but it kept my laptop safely and allow me to drive with more convenience. I'm planning to change it soon since I need a bigger space. the Oxford backpack seems nice.
  18. I'm a future owner too. Hopefully... I'm actually choosing from 3 models but Tracer GT is my first choice. I just joined this forum to get more info about it and to learn more from those who already owned one.
  19. Yup: A-mode with TCS off is the combination that delivers maximum hooligan entertainment. Be careful... With the short wheelbase and relatively tall seat height, things happen quickly.
  20. Likewise I regularly check the tyre for damage and don't have any damage so can't say if it has been rubbing or not but I found it very unnerving that at factory spec slackness the chain can easily come in contact with the tyre. At least whilst on the centre stand. there is very little gap between the tyre and chain
  21. I cleaned and checked the adjustment on my chain yesterday. Pushing the chain sideways to see if it would hit the tyre just didn't enter my head to check for..... I know there's no damage to the tyre, I regularly check that for cuts, nails and such things. Are you saying yours has been rubbing?
  22. The computer doesn’t actually care if the grips are in series or parallel. All it sees is total resistance. If it senses too little resistance (short) or too much resistance (open), the menu option will not appear. I don’t know exactly how much resistance it expects, but I do know two values that allowed the menu option to appear.
  23. @DeepSix ..just like norcal616 stated, you have to turn off the "wheelie wire" with the TCS button for the fun to begin.
  24. You would have gotten a letter in the mail if your bike was effected... The studs didn't have loctite applied when pressed in, that was the problem...
  25. While I'm thinking of it, Is there a recall relating to the bars/risers? I never had that done. What is the issue?
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