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    Not exactly high mileage, considering what others have posted, but still a milestone for me: 20,000 miles as of this weekend. The fact that it happened on one of my favorite little hidden-gem county roads was an added bonus. 100% of those miles have been just-for-fun riding, as its never been used as a commuter. Other than a broken clutch cable, it’s had zero issues and runs as good as new. Better than new, in fact.
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    Fit up some big metal gear discs with some spacers I made up on my 100 year old lathe. Still goes alright! Waiting on pads and bolts now.
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    Went to see my aged mother earlier, handed over pressie, quick cup of tea on the doorstep I ain`t risking going in!Roads not too bad except for the last mile or so across country when I see a virtual river running across the road, no problem I`m a rufty tufty biker!quite proud of myself for fording it despite strong sideways current, and then another one successfully forded So I leave Mother`s knowing I can do it, first flood no problem, second flood leads to a tight left hand bend, keep over to the left and "find" a kerb stone I can`t see with my front wheel, gently lay the bike down in the flood, my head gets buried in the water in the ditch and I think I`m going to drown Luckily farmer Giles is pulling out of junction in 4x4 and he helps me lift the bike as I floundering about in the water!Bike had turned itself off (tilt switch?) and won`t start, farmer says leave it a minute for petrol to drain so I take off my by now soaked lid, quick drag of nicotine and she starts on the button and idles Lessons learned = a Yamaha Tracer 900 GT is an adventure bike, its very water resistant and Goretex boots are waterproof up to the point where you swim in them bloody cold 38 mile ride home with soaking wet feet Only went today as its going to freeze tomorrow, one day maybe I will buy a "sensible" car!
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    @petshark - As mentioned in previous posts, you can swap to a more abrasive brake pad with an HH rating, BUT you also have to clean the rotor surface, especially since you bought the bike used and don't know if the brake pad/ rotor surface is contaminated. My method is to use a Scotch-Brite pad and isopropyl alcohol and THOROUGHLY scrub both sides of both rotors and then spray off any residue with brake cleaner. Before you install the new pads, also give the caliper pistons a good cleaning as well, I remove the caliper from the fork and extend the pistons. I lightly coat the silver surface of the piston with brake fluid and scrub with an old toothbrush (brake fluid works great for removing that caked on black crud) and then again, spray off any residue with brake cleaner. Brake fluid flushing/ bleeding can be done very easily (MANY Youtube videos available) I highly recommend some sort of check valve in your bleeder, either speed bleeders in each caliper or buy a bleeder with a check valve built in. Motion Pro Brake Bleeder | MotoSport Motion Pro is dedicated to producing the most versatile, unique and... Yamaha Brake Speed Bleeders FZ09 2014-2016 You are purchasing three (3) brake Speed Bleeders for your... When you flush/ bleed the system, either use a second person or keep a watchful eye on the brake reservoir so you NEVER let it go empty which will pull air into the system. For a flush, I usually run 3 reservoirs full through the system, flush to ALMOST empty then fill again, do that 3x. It's probably overkill but I flush my fluid once a year during winter servicing, its cheap, simple and only takes a few minutes. When I flush the fluid, I always do it from the right side, -furthest from the master cylinder-, so it pulls it through both calipers. Finally, when you install the new pads, they must be bedded-in, follow the instructions on the package.
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    2021 Tracer 9 GT in "Liquid Metal" ordered for April delivery. Can't wait!
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    Last fall I had an 'oops' - I was walking the bike backwards, and, as the approach to my garage is neither level nor consistent (mixture of gravel and concrete), I lost balance and it landed on the left side. Because the angle at rest was lower than the where the tires would line up with a ridge of concrete, I ended up kind of grinding the engine cover a bit into some gravel before finding my g/f to help me get it uprighted. Result - scuffed up the engine case. Friends, this is UNACCEPTABLE. I demand perfection! ...and the opportunity to fix my own stupid mistake... Seemed like a good time for an oil and coolant change. The coolant was blue, so probably still the factory fluid. There was a slight metallic 'sheen' to the coolant when I drained it. Not sure if that's normal wear? I plan to drain again in the fall and inspect - it's easy enough and it seems the risk of a vapor lock is low - I just followed the procedure and all went well. New cover and gasket ready to bolt on: Water pump seal replacement (For this entire assembly - stator cover & water pump - there are two crush washers and 5 O-rings that are one-time use and must be replaced if disassembled): All pretty again: Easy enough process, just time consuming. The worst part was lining up the dowel for the gear between the starter motor and the stator. Again, not difficult, just rotated the engine a bit with a breaker bar and it lined right up. There are some short bolts, and some long ones...but it's obvious where they go, you can't get it wrong. Warmed it up to temperature (until the fan cycled on/off) twice. No leaks, although I may have overfilled the coolant reservoir because it vented some out the drain tube. Resources used: Stator cover (ebay) - FAR cheaper than from Yamaha, and clearly aftermarket construction - but all components fit perfectly. Better yet, LOOKS perfect Mission accomplished - 'oops' erased. FZ-09 forum post FZ-09 forum post #2 Imgur photos It took 6 weeks for the associated Yamaha o-rings and crush washers to arrive. Next: Brake fluid flush. Probably still factory fluid.
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    Today we actually got some sunshine... 🌞 No other choice except to go for a ride.
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    A small ride, finally, to Sounion. Weather is still great here!
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    Went for an Xmas day ride - first dry day in 3 weeks. After severe flooding the roads were pretty insane. 2 impassable, still deep flooding; loads more where the hills and fields had been washed into the road. Still enjoyed it though. The Niken was flawless even on icy roads on the plateaus where grip was at a premium.
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    got my new saddle from terry adcox!
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    I picked up my new to me 2020 Tracer 900 GT on Saturday and it hasn’t stopped raining since! Mine is a dealer demo bike with 280 miles on it as literally as new but I got £1500 off list which pleased me immensely . The dealer had installed the factory chain guard and GPS mount . Compared to my old Kawasaki Versys, the owners manual is encyclopaedic so I can spend some time studying and adjusting things I have never used before such as traction control settings, cruise control and heated grips. This will be my long term ‘sensible do everything’ bike as I have a collection of 2 strokes when I need to use a bike for maximum fun. The ‘ new world’ means I now work from home rather than an office so no more commuting, which used to be the majority of my bike miles so I am hoping the Tracer will remain in better condition than my previous commuter bikes. I look forward to learning through the forum and contributing where I can. David
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    This might be useful to anyone with the basic NTR1 shock (without the remote), or any shock with a similar design. I noticed over the course of the season that the preload adjuster ring and the carrier would sometimes turn together (in either direction). Made preload adjustments frustrating since I rely on counting exposed carrier threads for preload "set-points" (baseline, touring and 2-up). Took the thing apart and found a couple of issues... the preload ring carrier unscrews itself from the base as the preload is increased, and the Torrington bearing was nearly dry. A couple of photos for reference. I applied threadlocker on the carrier base thread and greased the bearing lightly, and all works well now. I will make this an annual maintenance/check item.
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    Really nothing left to buy for my FJ, so I thought I would try a minor graphic accent. Simple and subtle, just something to brighten up the dark fender, wheel and tire area with a little contrast. Its far from perfect but not bad for a spray can.
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    I noticed a huge improvement with EBC HH sintered pads after bedding them in (several gradual stops from @ 45 mph in a row, to heat up and evenly transfer material to rotors in a smooth controlled manner.) BUT after a year or so they became glazed. Just like your issue, no bite, took gorilla grip to stop quickly. I bled the brakes twice, no improvement for my particular situation. Stoltec Moto did a post somewhere about EBC pads having problem with glazing, and all they sell are Galfer HH pads. He thinks they are less prone to glazing when used for hard braking on the track. Stock pads can also become glazed. My EBC's had lots of pad remaining, so I took them out, inspected for any brake fluid or fork oil (rub with rag or paper towel, normal pads will have dust but not anything that will stain the rag with petroleum looking smear). I got some 120 grit sandpaper and a very flat block of wood and removed the glaze from my pads. I quickly saw the glazed areas start to appear Matte finish within a few strokes against the sandpaper. If you cut one sheet of sandpaper into 4 pieces, you will use one piece for each pad then use clean sandpaper on the next one. If your pads are not contaminated, only dry dust will come off, nothing oily. Avoid breathing the dust, clean off the pads and reinstall. The rotors should still have some pad residue (even after cleaning) so they will essentially already be bedded in and you should notice a change right away if the pads were glazed. And, like Betony said, bleed the brakes. Your bike may still have the original fluid as you bought a low miles used bike. There are some great tips on this next video re: how to prevent your master cylinder from running out of fluid when you bleed the brakes. BTW Aaron is an amazing stunt rider. I have seen him do a stoppie that went forever. He knows brakes.
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    Update: I treated myself to a Christmas present. Champ Grad day at RA. Thanks com3 for the discount code!
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    Yeah, I had 2 Super Tens and I would have no problem at all going back to one, and may still one day. I previously rode an ST1300 and I've never ridden and FJR but have sat on a few and the weight would be an issue with me. I like something I can easily move around the garage or back up when I'm sitting on it if I accidentally park at a decline. I also had a couple GL1800s and boy, that reverse gear is a dream, you just don't know until you have one... especially for us short guys. The wings also had a lower center of gravity being flat 6s vs inline or twins so getting on one and getting off the side stand was almost like it was a 300 lbs bike... the ST1300 and even Super Tens had more effort and reminded you you didn't want to drop one. Love the new wings and the DCT but boy... that price would be a tough pill to swallow but once you did you'd be ridding high.. lol One thing I didn't like about the wings is they were so smooth and calm when touring that I would get drowsy during interstate runs.. not good.. I found out a bike with less wind protection that wasn't as smooth allowed me to stay alert longer. If I did 20k / year... I'd either pull the trigger on a Wing or go with the Super Ten. If they upgrade the super ten again, I had the 2012 version and then the 2014.... I might still get another one. You will miss the light weight of the Tracer and that engine... wow... nothing compares that I've ridden, or can afford, so far.
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    Monday 1/18/2021. I covered about 300 spirited miles northwest of Houston, including about 25 miles of dirt & gravel forest roads. Great day to be out riding!
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    Beautiful January day in MS Monday. I was off work due to the holiday and saddled up early and put in 250 miles of back roads. Had an awesome burger at Ed’s burger joint in Hattiesburg, MS sand rode the locally famous Red Bluff Rd. What top speed is the Tracer GT limited to? Ran mine up to indicated 132 mph yesterday on a flat road. It didn’t cut off, gps indicated 129 mph. It did that with ease going up through 4th, 5th into 6th even with that big oem touring windscreen in low position.
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    I think this bike is probably one of the most overlooked on the market. Whenever I have stopped somewhere that other riders gather for food / fuel / socializing, almost no one has seen or heard of the Tracer 900GT. They see it as just a small touring bike but then are shocked when they can't run off and leave me in the twisties on their sport bikes. For me the beauty of this machine is that even for my 59 year old body and tall frame this thing is super comfortable for the long haul but can still be ridden in anger like a sport bike. It is actually quite good in stock form other than the windscreen.
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    I used goo gone. Removed residue no problem. ☝
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    500 Euros = $603.85 dollars........buy two new tires for $250.00, buy 80 gallons of premium gas for $250.00, and use the last $100.00 for rides to lunch.
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    I could see it and well, have seen it tl;dr It's taste and the rider IMO, all of the bikes mentioned above are great do it all rides. My firefighter buddy replaced his totaled FJR with a SuperTen. Doesn't off-road at all. Thinks it does everything better including 2-up. He's 6'2 crossfit body and his wife is average. From IA they met me two up in Nova Scotia, and he also met me riding solo in Dawson City for the run to Prudhoe Bay. I was on my FJR. Have ridden Super Teneres and can see what he means but prefer the FJR other than for rider legroom. Actually, now I prefer my FJ-09 to them all. YMMV.
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    That's why it is called "Two Wheel Therapy". No matter what I am going through or how bad the work week was, a few hours out on the bike makes EVERYTHING seem better. 😎 This time of year my biggest hurdle is to get out of the warm house on a cold morning, once I'm underway though, the twisty roads and fresh air makes it all worth it.
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    @Rick123 I will remove the warning and offer you a public apology. I did miss what was in the OP. However, it's probably not a good idea to use such language / make jokes like that without context. I'm not the only one that missed the joke.
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    My oldest son came in from Murfreesboro TN. We rented a Triumph Tiger 800 for him. Met some friends for breakfast at Southport Raw Bar ( French toast made of Bimini bread) 😱 Free Bloody Mary with breakfast 😋 btw After the visit we headed south then west. South to Tamiami trail via Chrome Ave then west on Tamiami Trail. We stopped at the ValuJet memorial for a break.. We were headed to "Lucky Cole's" but for some reason they weren't open today 😕 So a high speed speed run to Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe was necessary to get there before they closed (try the she crab soup) A quick stop at the smallest post office in America and the "Skunkape" research center. Then another speed run back east to get out of the Everglades before it got dark. Tamiami Trail is not a friendly place after dark, mucho bugs and wildlife on the road. (Think alligators panthers and really big boa constrictors) Along the way we ran into a couple of guy riding the nearly exact same bikes we were on, my 2015 FJ-09 and the rental 800 Tiger. These guys showed up on a 2016 FJ-09 Raven and a 1200 Tiger.
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    I'll have whatever he's having.
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    Short answer is No. Any software will only give APS/TPS voltages. The map sensors read pressure changes as Kilo mentioned so aren’t reliable to use for sync (plus, one of them is also does double duty as a Cam position/ cyl ID sensor at startup). When you are measuring and adjusting sync you are using air bypass screws which affect the vacuum changes measured by the ports. The throttle plates are fixed and cannot be physically moved, unlike carbs of old. -Skip
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    Rick has been warned another outburst like this will get him banned. For now, he's been suspended for a week. Let's return to our normally scheduled content...
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    A good time was had by all! As always, thanks. Keith for starting this custom. And good for you Salish900, for risking life and limb riding to far Newberg from Olympia in dead of winter, and joining Keith and I in what has been a pretty exclusive, last day of the year tradition, that was all our own for the last few years. As it turned out, the weather was fine, with only a few drops of rain here and there along each of our routes. See See Motor Cafe was a fine destination with good coffee and outside table that allowed for proper physical distancing, and socializing. I hope you all had a good day as well and can find the time to join us on the last day of next year... And while I'm at it. Here's hoping for better new year for all of you and your families!
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    I hear you! Long ago I decided I wasn't going to be sitting on milk crates in a cold garage working on my bikes. So after living in our house for probably 7 years which was 32 years and 3 kids ago, I extended the driveway back and built the garage with the integral shop . I actually designed it with a level floor with a ramp outside a 5.5 ft pocket door on an auto operator to the garage's 7.5 x 18' OH door. A separate electric 100 mp meter and 32 gang service panel with 1-240v to power the AC 240 sleeve unit, 1500w heat (shop with 55k btu gas for the garage) 240v air compressor, air fridge, 6 - 4 ft Twin LED ceiling fixtures, 1 & 2 duplex every 4 ft (including in the ceiling), a 18 x 60" window (with nice low-profile burglar bars and mirrored glass and wireless security system though it needs replacement to add cameras and Smoke/CO), Wi-Fi, runner carpets, tools up the ass and old 95 Middleton handy life, and more. I can wheel in the bikes from the garage right into the shop. It's Nirvana, comparatively from what I lived through back in the day. My wifeof 40 + says she'll cast me in a big clear block of acrylic in full ATGATT (presumably with a dark visor on my flip- front) on my VTR and spotlight me in the living room for new suiters to see. In years past she used to say have a good ride, make me a rich Widow. Now with economically things not so bright,and given I can't afford 750 k of life insurance anymore. After your 65 you can basically write off getting life insurance, and covid-19 has pretty much made it impossible. Happy New Year and let's look forward to a great 2021 from the bottom of my heart If the foregoing has seemed self-serving, it's only because after two Bloody Marys and maybe 2 bowls of AAM, I'm thinking back on my life and what I've accomplished. And whereas my shop and motorcycles maybe the cat's meow for somebody who thinks neat bikes made in the late 60s, my three children are my crowning glory, and only they exist because of "She who must be obeyed", who is a true saint. Wordsmith, candy you dig it?
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    Nah......local very reputable independent motorcycle mechanic I use says that most any engine he checks valves has tight exhaust valves, in particular high revving race derived engines. He also mentioned that once everything is adjusted to middle spec, most shim under bucket valves don't vary much from there on out unless you are doing track days. We check valves for a reason, both for peace of mind and engine longevity.......there is no defect with this engine.
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    Yeah, no, some of that is not true anymore. NO bikes are shipped with fuel, otherwise oil, coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid are ALWAYS installed by manufacturer. some bikes are wheels off, some come already installed. Bars and controls, same it depends on model. Some batteries are serviced, others need an acid pack opened and battery filled, etc my point is that every bike is different as to how fully they are built and ready to go from the factory. Only fluid to be added is gas. And every bike (should be) gets test ridden and all adjustments verified. (Again, should be performed.) so that set-up charge and freight charge? The dealership gets charged a shipping fee for each unit from Yamaha (etc) and they do pay someone somehow to build and PDI the machine. That could be a set-up kid, a company that builds units for a bunch of dealers, or... it could be the A level technician cause it’s winter and customer work has tapered-off. just saying, don’t assume anything. -Skip
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    OK, the good news is it's already in the shop overnight getting the ecu dynoed and flashed and they set up the suspension for my weight, which is what prompted this post, lol. When I get it back tomorrow morning I'll have plenty to discuss with them. I know they are Ohlins specialists.
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    At a very minimum, get the correct spring rate for your weight, you would want the correct springs in front as well so that the bike is balanced. The next step up would be a basic emulsion shock (nitrogen and oil are integrated in the shock body) After that the 'top shelf' option is a fully adjustable 'double clicker' or higher - adjustable rebound and compression damping with a separate remote nitrogen canister. Nitron, Penske, K-Tech, Ohlins, take your pick but choose a brand that your local suspension shop services so they have the parts readily available. Most important, call or visit a suspension shop and discuss your wants and needs, ask dozens of questions and ask for recommendations.
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    I'm just guessing but I think a lot of people ride harder than others. So, we have results all over the place.
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    Oh trust me, I am... (Edited to remove duplicate images)
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    Cleaned it up yesterday, and heading out for 300 miles or so today. I still think the 2015 red was the best color they ever offered in these bikes...
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    OP here again, so I have decided to reflash the ECU, sending it out this weekend.. mainly to eliminate the herky-jerkiness. David in Florida is doing it. https://www.vcyclenut.com/
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    I wont try to talk you into anything but will simply say that you owe it to yourself to at least try and ride a bike that has been upgraded and set up properly, - just to feel the difference. I made the discovery almost 30 years ago and was forever changed.
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    If I were merely a space cadet or fluffy mind jockey I would need to more closely heed your well intentioned sharing @DaStray. In my case, I am one who has reached my 50's after seriously adventuring across and through many hazardous wilderness areas for extended solo journeys and seem fortunate to have a mind that can be laser focused on reality while spinning off some other neurons for flights of universal fancy. It's sort of like the saying that there are bold pilots and old pilots but no old and bold pilots. As an MSF rider coach I have the statistics near at hand on fatalities being the primary domain of young men 18-25 and older men who drink and ride. Toss those two things out, along with wearing a helmet, and you toss out over 70% of all fatalities. I actually think your first paragraph about the focus you feel when riding is the very source of the mental liberation I speak of. It's like other times of intense mental focus, you are somehow freed up for some part of our consciousness to release from the humdrum of minutiae. I find trail running to be a great mediation for this reason. Even more than riding a motorcycle safely, running a single track trail quickly requires the ultimate in focus. And yet when doing so I find my mind fully capable of considering the nature of time and by not thinking, I am free to think more clearly. If that makes sense, then we have much to discuss! It is unusual for a motorcycle forum to find willing ears for less than mechanical concerns, and so I appreciate this one for doing so. Today I oiled my chain and cleaned my bike. There, back on topic.
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    Having previously lost a pair of expensive ear plugs I decided to keep the small metal tube on my key ring; well that turned out to be a big mistake! The tube is only an inch or so but somehow managed to jam between in the edge of the metal speedo bezel as I parked the bike turning the handlebars fully. Didn't really feel it due to the leverage, but saw the speedo vibrate as the the little tube put great force on the ignition key via the key ring. Needless to say the key and ignition lock took the brunt of it and the key duly bent!. Fortunately it still works and I have new spare to use instead, my dealer says a new key would cost about £150!! Please check out what you have on your key ring, the gap is very small and the sharp bezel is seemingly able to grab things as the handlebar is turned!!
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    I recently towed 2 bikes to NC and back, 1,200 miles with my Mustang. We averaged 80 mph on the Interstate and once we got up to speed you really couldn't feel the bikes. I also towed a very large pop up camper all over New England with a Firebird when I was a kid. Also put radials on your trailer if your doing interstate speeds.
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    Guys, here's what transpired. Kev politely declined as he also couldn't help with the 2019 model. Searching this forum and others I found Mototune in Adelaide. Joel Sim said he often fixes messed up ECU flash tunes from others and as I had doubts about sending the ECU interstate, he made me a pretty amazing guarantee. I'll be impressed, or it'll be free! Fearful of relying on an interstate supplier should I need further suppport I found a Sydney shop and explained that I'm not looking to race the bike, just want smoother throttle response and cruising without the sense it's miss-firing. They confirmed they use Woolich and could fix the 2019 Tracer GT so I left the bike with them for a day and paid $500. The result - I couldn't notice much difference. If anything, it was worse. Over the next few days I got so fed up with it that I took the bike back in and they said all they could do was richen the mix a bit which should help. It didn't. So I called Joel at Mototune back and he wasn't at all surprised and re-committed his original offer. So I stripped the bike and sent the ECU to him by Express Post. It arrived at the Post Office on 23rd December and by 6.48pm Joel texted that it was done and he'd send it the next day (Christmas Eve). Indeed, he messaged that as he was flat out, his wife had taken it to the Post Office for me! It arrived on 29th (delayed due to Xmas) along with Joel's OBD tool on loan. I disconnected the O2 sensor, installed the ECU, put the bike back together and followed Joel's instructions to clear the ECU faults. Then went for a ride. What a difference! Much smoother, more consistent power through the rev range. The top speed limit is still removed, but I'll never test it and it wasn't part of my brief. I dropped Joel's OBD tool at the PO the next day before going for an extended ride. If anyone has any doubts about flashing their ECU, let my experience convince you to go ahead and do it, but don't waste your money, use Joel!! To cap off a great service, he charged me only 60% of his original quote (eventually 1/3rd what I paid for the first flash). Obviously I couldn't recommend Joel at Mototune more highly.
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    I had a perfect little ride up through Oregon's wine and hops country today, and met @huck and @Salish900 at See See for a nice chat and some coffee. It was a great day for a ride.
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    My SW-Motech City tank bag arrived today & I got it all setup! Only difference was I had to keep the (drill template/spacer) on the bag under the mounting plate so it would reach & clip to the mounting ring on the fuel cap. My Engage next to it for a size comparison.
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    Bought a 2015 in September 15. Currently 114000 miles. Also currently broke down. Possible valve not operating.. to be continued as I have info. Actually Ive signed in here before but forgot all about it. )
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    Tracer 900GT purchased new two years ago, 28 December 2018. I took it to the local shop for the 16000 mile service at 16405 miles, and asked them to add the early valve inspection. Based on what I've read here, the results seem predictable, tight exhaust, in-spec intake. exhaust (spec 10-12 [units .001 inch]): 4 7 5 8 5 9 intake (spec 4-8 [units .001 inch]): 6 5 5 5 5 5 exhaust was all adjusted to 11 ("these go to 11"), intake unchanged.
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    I thinks that’s about as far south as I’ll be going today...