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    In honour of the successful launching of our new Forum (and congrats to all who built her and who will sail in her) I pass on season's greetings to you all, wishing everyone the best for the festivities, good farkling through 2019, and - who knows - maybe a new bike for some! Below left to right: Honey Wordsmith: Mrs Wordsmith, the good-looking one in the middle: Wordsmith himself.
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    Today I replaced the 1970's turn signals with smaller LED signals from High Tech Speed I originally wanted to try their Proton LED's but wanted more forward visibility from oncoming traffic, so I bought the X-Arc signals, same ones that I have on the back. VERY bright!! When you remove the oem lights and mounts, you will need 4X Turn Signal Adapter Plates 1 each on the inside and outside of the shroud on each side.
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    I also like browsing the forum by selecting "Home" ( 1 ) under the blue bar, under the tabs... then choosing the "Topics" ( 2 ) format. Also a lot of good filtering and sorting options available.
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    The above is completely wrong and the opposite is in fact the case. If you're going to be doing track riding increasing your pressures is not great! At the track you actually want to reduce the normal road riding tyre pressure to compensate for that fact the tyre will heat up and the pressure will increase because the tyres are working a lot harder than they would on the road. In response to the poll I ride with Yamaha's recommended tyre pressures from the owners manual: 36 psi front and 42 psi rear. CS
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    Up at 6 am on the bike by 6:15 AM home at 5:pm Just riding around the Fort Lauderdale Miami area.
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    I think the cold weather has put a damper on the game.
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    Waaaaay to quiet in this thread. 😏
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    Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you as well, @wordsmith! Hoping Santa brings a new-to-you Tracer...
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    Checked the valve clearances early (29,000km)... All exhaust valves were tight - just gotta wait for the shims to arrive...
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    IMPORTANT "Recent posts is now ALL ACTIVITY". Click on it up top. Click "expanded" to see everything typed.
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    I'm picking one out of next five people to send me a "status update" to get a free Prem membership. I'll announce when picked so if you don't see it yet, send me a status update. put an @ before username @Cruizin
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    Looking for "recent posts"?? Click on "All Activity". It's better!
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    I used the drain plug from a Yamaha R1. It doesn't rust like the Mazda bolt that some use, and it is magnetic. In order to be effective, you also need to file/grind down the oil pan's protective lug, which isn't difficult. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnetic-Oil-Sump-Drain-Plug-fits-2016-Yamaha-R1-90340-14019-00-PSR0206-/311557082474?hash=item488a3fcd6a
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    It is! I bought it and picked it up in the morning (roads still wet from a pouring rain. Saw 5 accidents in the 10 miles to the dealer.... not riding a new bike in that) I think the salesman was expecting me to just grab the keys and go. He waited very patiently while I adjusted the seat, adjusted the rear preload, then broke out my rachet and caliper and adjusted front preload. I can barely touch ground with my boots on and I literally have to climb to get on it. Very different from my Honda Shadow which had like a 24 in" ride height lol Doesn't matter while i'm rollin' though!
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    Salt 'n' pepper - tastes like chicken!
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    The site looks good! I used to do web programming for PHP and know what kind of a pain and how much work these transitions are. Looks like you did a great job!
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    i have just put in an offer for this amazing package - stay tuned!
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    Baby steps is always wise. I installed my reworked forks back at the stock flush location, then eventually moved them up just a little bit... less than 5mm total. Even a couple of millimeters can make a big difference in the handling balance, so your approach of small incremental steps is the right way to go about it.
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    @wordsmith Middle???? 🤣 Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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    @cruizin thanks for everything you’ve done to manage and improve the site. @vic
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    Best wishes for the holidays and 2019. Hoping for 2 wheels in your future.
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    Mine seemed to crank well, it would fire but if I let go of the starter it would die. I had to hold the starter and let it fire a few times then it would start up. This could happen with the bike warm or cold. Under the theory that maybe the voltage was dropping too low during cranking to power the spark plugs or some other key prerequisite to a running motor, I swapped out the battery with a new one. Since then, it's started flawlessly. I note, too, that this is an easy step to take, didn't require much time, and wasn't wildly expensive, so it might be worth trying. To be thorough you could check your voltage during cranking and see if that suggests a battery issue.
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    Cool video. Just thought I'd share. Everyone has their preferences.
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