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    I bought my '15 FJ09 3 years ago today as a new-in-crate leftover model. What a fantastic 3 years it has been with this bike. I have spent a lot of time and money making it my own but couldn't be happier with the end result. I have ridden 44,000 miles through 9 states and have never had a break-down or been left stranded, not even a flat tire or dead battery. The bike has ran flawlessly and only needed routine maintenance; 15 oil changes, 8 sets of tires and I am almost halfway through the 3rd set of chain and sprockets. I am looking forward to many more trouble-free miles.
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    I love this forum for many reasons, but it has severely dented my bank balance on several occasions, by showing me things I didn’t even know I wanted (e.g. bigger brake rotors, new shock, new fork internals, new seat etc, etc) and now I’ve just ordered a cordless impact wrench that suddenly seemed imperative to have. Curse you @norcal616 I’m so weak when it comes to resisting new toys.
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    Get the FJ fixed and ride it. If you give into the wife, it sets a dangerous precedent. NEVER GIVE IN!
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    My son and I got to test ride a couple Zero SR/F's They are amazing. 140 ft/lbs of torque! Instantaneously and linear. A wheelie machine. It also has a 180 mile range. Handle pretty well as far as I can tell during a 20 minute test ride. Ride one if you get the chance. 2020 Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle || ZERO MOTORCYCLES Official Site of the 2020 Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle - The most...
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    Looking at my red 2015 FJ, sitting in the sun after a quick wash, I’m reminded just how much I like this color... I still can’t fathom why a similarly traditional mono-color paint scheme isn’t available on the new GTs. -Scott
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    I did the bad thing again. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. so............. I'm supposed to trade my FJ 09 but if anyone is looking for a 2017 I'm asking $7500. It's got brand new Michelins, K-Tech front and rear, heated grips, Vcyclenut flash, Puig wind screen, Delkovic exhaust, Blaster X integrated tail light, Custom Led signals and 7100 miles. Plus all of the stock parts. I'm in Massachusetts if anyone's interested. If I end up trading, I'm gonna pull off the rear K-Tech shock (the good one) and maybe the windscreen and sell separately.
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    You can never have enough tools or welding equipment 🤣.. Edit: or 10/12mm sockets... I swear them buggers got legs...
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    Went and shot some skeet. Used to shoot competition. Haven't shot much in years but close to the purdue university trap and skeet club now. 4 time shooting this year. Lows 50's here today so went through a tank of gas. Wiggled my way around the wasbash river. Did about 20 miles of gravel and dirt rodes on the factory tires still. Great day for December.
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    Glad to hear. I am newer than you to this journey so nice to know mileage and trouble free operation, I hope, I hope, is on my side so to speak. Plan to have this bike till retirement, 4.5 to 7.3 years. Sounds like a good bet!
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    This is a point I often try to make to my friends in the long distance/Iron Butt community. They question how I can handle touring on lighter motorcycles like the FJ-09 or my previous TT600. There is an assumption that a heavier bike (600-750lbs) is obviously more comfortable for long rides because of "stability" or something like that. But if the roads are curvy - you know, the kinds of roads we actually enjoy riding - the weight becomes a detriment and definitely contributes to fatigue after a while. The FJ-09 (or F800GT) can be made comfortable on freeway drones with the simple addition of a windshield, seat, and cruise control. But nothing is going to turn a 700 pound land yacht into a flickable corner carver.
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    I own a ‘15 and while the fueling isn’t perfect it’s not an issue and can be improved with a reflash if you desire. I rode a new GT and the fueling is much improved, as is the overall bike. Having owned both Triumphs and Yamahas the overall ownership experience has been better with Yamahas.
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    I had my 2015 done wordy for the reasons already mentioned and it was done by a bloke down your way actually - Kevin Hope at Eight Mile Plains. Here's what his flash does/did:- 1/ A/F ratio's Dyno confirmed, custom built on the Dyno then imported into the flash, both the TPS & Imap tables have been corrected for all 3 cylinders. 2/ A different throttle map has been built for every gear, for all modes A, B & Standard, looking for smoother throttle control then ramps up the throttle openings all the way to 100% throttles for a quicker action throttle, with no factory restrictions. 3/ Throttle deceleration tables have been remapped for smoother off & throttle conditions on A, B & STD modes in the FT software, this allows us better smoother on/off throttle control. 4/ Injector shut off removed, no longer need to fit a slipper clutch on the 14to 15 MT09’s, my maps have far less compression braking when the throttle is closed, I have altered the decel maps at zero throttles to give the bike 90% engine braking instead of 100% in the FT software. 5/ All ignition tables have been corrected for each gear for smoother power delivery on all map modes + max top end power. 6/ 5th & 6th gear restrictions removed you will now have 100% throttle openings in 5th & 6th gears in A, STD & B modes. 7/ Speed limiter removed for all gears, rev limiter unchanged I don't recommend in changing the rev limiter there are very little gains in overing this motor. 8/ Default to A or STD mode for 2014 & 15 models, let me know I can make the bike start in A or STD mode if you have a 14/15 MT09, A - mod has been tamed below 10% throttles & ramped up after that to map for a faster ride but with a very controllable throttle. STD - mode has been softened to ride in heavy bumper to bumper traffic below 10% throttles with a slightly stronger mid range over the factory STD mode. B - mode Has been ramped up to max throttles to make B mode more rideable & bit more crisper. I cannot flash the bike to start in B mode on 2014 & 15 models, it can be flashed for either A or STD modes on the 14 & 15 MT09’s. 9/ I can map the AIS system off if you are running an open pipe this will reduce the popping on closed throttle or I can leave it open so it pops on over run. 10/ I run the radiator fan in the flash on at 96C instead of the Yamaha spec 104C. 11/ The Quick Shifter function is enabled in the flash for 2014 & 15 models it only operates above 4000rpm through the tilt sensor. 12/Iif you are worried about fuel range I would run one of my O2 controllers with your reflash, flashing off the closed loop O2 sensor will reduce fuel range approx. 10kms on a full tank.
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    Rizoma (below) has several fans on here... mostly FJ owners I think. The 900/GT bar is shorter than the FJ... not sure the length. FJ-09 OE bar is 770mm wide.
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    Where are you located? I live in Washington and I had mine made at Rich's Custom Seats. The custom seat built from scratch was $450 and included future adjustments. After I had it built, I went back 3 times to tweak and trim and slightly re-shape a few areas to meet my picky needs and didn't cost me a penny extra.
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    That reminds me of what they say about cars: Cars in Heaven have French suspension, American engines, and Italian styling. Cars in Hell have American suspension, Italian engines, and French styling.
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    Sorry to hear this Wordsmith. However perhaps you don't need to sell. Obviously I'm not aware of your full physical status but maybe it's ok to keep the bike and just use it less frequently and for shorter trips? I'm a somewhat later model than you (1972) and as yet don't appear to have any/too many ailments. Like you the weather forces me for a certain number of months to leave the bike in the garage. In my case its bloody freezing and in your case its bloody boiling. If I'm honest I prefer your scenario. However the upside of this climatic arrangement is that for half the year I have loads of tinkering time. I've come to understand from your many posts that tinkering is as much a passion for you as riding. Think of the hot summer months as top tinkering time with no pressure to ride the bike. When riding season comes around I tend to ride frequently but over shorter distances. Typically I will try to ride to work every day (ca 20 km one way) and do slightly longer rides at weekends/evenings if I feel like it. I rarely do big rides and in fact the only really long ride to date (6500 km over 2 weeks this past summer) is the first such trip in my biking career, which began in 1996. I found that after the long trip I was a little stiff here and there and frankly it's no surprise because your forcing your body to adopt more or less the same position for long periods of time. As I said I don't know your physical status, but perhaps the above is a way of still enjoying the biking life a little while longer. It seems such a shame to get ride of that beautiful GT you've created. CS
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    So I've had my 2015 for about 2 weeks. Got it with 24k miles. Since this is new to me, I'll be crawling through all the scheduled maintenance items just to make sure everything caught up, tight, and right. - Forks going to DMr Performance for revalve and springs. - ECU to 2WDW. - Check and shim valves as needed. - APM adjust. - Trim handlebars by 2 inches. - Wrap or plasti-dip the luggage lids. If funds and time are still available by riding season: - LED signals. - K-Tech Rear shock - Rizoma or Renthal handlebars for more sporty configuration if the OEM bar trim doesn't satisfy. - Sargent seats. That should keep me busy! Cheers!
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    That’s the ticket. Just swap the feet of the original seat like I just did and not only does it fit better but no jostling to get it to snap in. Went on like butter. Someone tell Bagster there feet are to big. Big feet, if meat, I know. But not in this case. They were visibly different when the pan was identical to stock.
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    I want to start by thanking whoever came up with this idea a couple of years ago. I can't remember who, and rather than search for an old thread I decided to start a new one. If you have a '15-17 FJ-09/Tracer, you know the stock windscreen adjuster is junk. It's wobbly and doesn't stay tight. But it can be replaced with a 100mm bicycle wheel skewer. If you don't have one collecting dust in the shed like I did, just go to the local bike shop and buy a cheap front wheel (100mm) skewer. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. It took me five minutes and is 10x easier and more solid than the stock adjusters. No drilling required.
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    I couldn't agree more. I have used Pazzo levers on my last few bikes and LOVE them, I use long clutch and shorty 2-finger brake. I will never own another bike without adjustable levers.
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    Agree it allows for more usable traction, than a regular bike. Much less than a 3 wheeler, and only under braking. I don’t think that applies to a fast street rider, as most don’t late brake or heavily trail- brake. On the track, completely different story for sure. That said, if the Niken ever gets C-ABS, I’d consider trading up for that alone. But ya, i find the Niken more fun than any bike I’ve ever ridden, sport bikes included. It’s the first machine I wore the side of a tire out before the middle, all while riding 2 up.
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    Consider replacing bushings while you're at it. I bought a kit from Race Tech. OE hardware wasn't in very bad shape at 36K, but it showed signs of wear in spots. It seemed like a good thing to replace for the price. Good for another 40K I think. Race Tech Super Slick Fork Bushings
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    It is my understanding and experience that the 2 amp Aux 1 and 2 fuses are for the connectors behind the dashboard. I have used one of them to connect my Oxford heated grips and the other to wire in a USB socket in the spare hole in the right hand side of the cockpit. Dunno what the connecters near the fork leg are connected to. CS
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    almost looks like a bullet hole ? ?? sure somebody ain't mad at you ? LOLOL
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    As per iamthedruman's comment the pads are shorter. I am sure Heat Demon would be happy to share exact measurements if you haven't contacted them directly already. I don't want to guess how much extra length/space there is. On the throttle side you have options. I routed mine to exit grip at about the 4 o'clock position when looking at bike from right side with lots of play to allow for throttle movement and routing along throttle cables.
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    I agree with this. I certainly like to ride aggressively in the mountains and canyons but 110hp and 100mph is PLENTY. I "stepped down" from a liter bike and thought I would miss the adrenaline rush but the CP3 is extremely capable. I find that I actually now prefer riding a smaller bike closer to its potential than riding a bigger bike at 50-60%. There have been a few instances where I have wished for a bit more power, mostly steep uphill mountain passes but for most of my riding this bike is more than adequate to get me up to 100mph. A lot of new models like to use HP or top speed as a selling point but other than bragging rights with their buddies, where will a rider use 200HP or ride 210mph?
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    This is the lowest price I have seen them go. They also have a killer deal on the flashtunes auto tune kts too, lower price than what flashtunes offers!!! Get ahold of @2wheeldynoworks !!!! https://2wheeldynoworks.com/
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    I sure would. Anytime you alter the ride height it affects the steering geometry. A lot of FJ/Tracer owners raise the fork in the clamps 10-15mm, lowering the front end which sharpens steering. My shock has ride height adjustment so I raised the rear about 5mm and raised the forks about 5-7mm, same end result.
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    got my Tank Bag on it....Chase-Harper....holds two 30 oz fuel bottles.... now I have something to lay on... LOL and a "Semi" Tail-Tidy ....modified the original ... I also warmed it up and changed the oil & filter, changed them first at 340 miles, has 540 miles on it now....I do that on new rigs...oil is cheap, engines & transmissions are spendy....and put my Gold magnetic Plug in, and went for a ride.
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    Would have to be a euro 6 compliant fire over here. 😀
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    Double ditto here too as well and also! The Handbook talks of the black knurled knobs but no mention of the galv 'nuts'. The day one doesn't learn something new is the day one is dead...
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    The handling and power are amazing. Incredible bike. Comfortable. My wife wants me to buy one after taking a ride with me. When we can afford a second bike. -Skip
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    Exactly wordy! Keepin the 'spensive perch pristine.
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    - ECU flash - strip, clean, lube and reassemble brakes - check head bearings - TB synch - attempt to put netting in the pannier lids to hold loose stuff
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    I'm 6'3" and I pretty much only ride with my sporty screen. Its just the original, shaved down about 2" and wrapped in black vinyl. I have the Yamaha Touring Screen (24"?) and the ermax 20" screen... both are terrible for wind buffeting at highway speed. I prefer just riding in the clean air, even if it makes me a bit more tired.
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    With nothing to go on except long experience of the pricing of BMWs, I guesstimate that a fully-specced F800XR will retail here for not much less than AUD$21,000 otd, and that is without the panniers that Yamaha's GT has. AND no cruise-control. But visually, I still like it, even though it's clearly made of Unaffordium (and no, I won't be getting one)....
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    For some reason I lose 8’s. My 10’s and 12’s stay put.
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    @wordsmith All the best for the future! Your witty writing will be missed
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    Welcome @Baldeagle8043! Great choice with the GT, and glad to hear you're enjoying it so far. Lots of great insights and experience around here, along with lots of ways to spend money on upgrades you never knew you needed.
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    Disassembly of body panels is exactly the same as when you clean your air filter, the ECU is sitting on top of the air box.
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    It more than does for me. The OEM seat might “look” better but if it’s not a good seat, look doesn’t mean shit to me. I’ll take function over form. And I have a the original set that Sargent doesn’t want back. 2 for 1 is a great deal in my book.
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    I've had my GT since June. Got her 3 days before we went to France. Not the best time to change a bike, but it was just so damn easy to ride and get used to. She toured perfectly, loaded with lots of gear and never moaned once. Great bike
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    They are about 9cm wide. I have used them for about 3 years on this bike and about 6 years on my previous bike. They work great as a foot rest while on the highway.
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    I found that delivering a good hard backwards-oriented blow into the front face of the pillion seat, at an angle of 44 deg to 46 deg approx, pushes it very firmly into the lock/ latch and it is then very well secured. I haven't felt the need to fiddle with the rubber bumpers at all. Enjoy the seat!
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    I did, in 2015. As I ordered a Diva with some bespoke choices there was a delay but that was down to the factory not the retailer. I have not ordered anything from them since but would certainly use them again.
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    Mines a keeper. She won't marry me until I make a romantic proposal. Probably if I didn't spend so much on aftermarket parks this past year I could have done it.
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    I'm all about "stability". Seriously, that supercharged motor must be a hoot! The riding position just looks too "sport bike-ish" to me.
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    I have this type on mine and am very happy with them. Yamaha Mirror Extenders - AdventureTech, LLC. Our mirror extenders leave a clean stock look while extending the mirrors...
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    I don't break out the torque wrench until I'm inside the motor or installing a motor. Swing arm too I suppose. Otherwise I prefer the German torque spec: "Guttentite"