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    1/3/20 4yrs and 9 months from purchase.
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    Ha! Yeah, you know who you are... Recent conversation with incredibly patient wife ended with her saying “So, what I’m hearing is that we need to budget $10,000 for you to buy a $4,000 MSRP Honda Monkey, so that you can somehow recapture the days of your misspent youth?” God, how I love this woman... Welcome @moto_piper and @dnozzle! Enjoy the new bikes...
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    @builderbob - because you have interest in these things - here's a slightly earlier model plane (than the F-15 above) that I had the pleasure to fly in. Fantastic experience. Do it if you ever have the chance - wind in your face in an open cockpit. Bit like riding a motorbike - but in the sky! 😁 Tiger Moth Gypsy Major (1939): -
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    Yes, the mount is Givi from an unused tank bag but the case is an Apache 3800 from Harbor Freight. They seem to hold up well and the price is good.
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    Yesterday I synced the throttle bodies. Today I'm checking the valves.
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    I have only used the app a handful of times, its kind of fun with a lot of ride data.
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    Planning on: Toronto to Seattle through the US. Up to BC and back to Toronto via western Canada. Something like 8500kms round trip. Looking at two weeks, leaving Canada long weekend. No camping to cut down on weight, but then my costs go up, which I will deal with.
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    I woke up this morning all excited. Last week I installed a K-Tech rear shock on my new MT10. Tuesday I dropped it off at the shop to do new front springs (no cartridges). The front forks are pretty good so it was only a matter of me being a lot heavier than the bike is sprung for. I headed over to the shop to do the setup and then take the bike home. All went well except for the weather. It was only 20 degrees out. On a side note, last weekend I took a shot at setting the sag up with my GF helping. My suspension guy measured up the rear and turned to me and said it was perfect. I was kinda proud of myself. I put on my cold weather gear and headed home. I lasted about 15 minutes and my hands were frozen even with heated grips. I left the bike in the driveway and came in to warm up and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up I looked out the back door. WINTER SUCKS!!!
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    I am 58 years old, 6'1" in height with a 34 inch inseam and I find the bike to be very comfortable for the long haul. Only issue is with the stock seat. It's not horrible but I am in the que for a Terry Adcox seat this spring. In the meantime I can live with the stock seat. This is my first bike with heated grips and cruise control and I don't see myself ever having another bike without them.
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    Raising the forks 4 or 5 mm quickens the steering noticeably.
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    Why, oh why, do I have to be at work today? Riding weather doesn’t get any better than this... Unless that's degrees Celsius, in which case you're likely already dead.
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    I like that, 5 hour guy, LOL I'm more like a 5 minute man, I'll forget something in 5 seconds, really. I'm always trying to find where I put something or recall what I was supposed to do. I write myself notes but misplace them. So I try to remember to use my smart phone calendar and alarm. But pain and having pish constantly is hard to forget. On the other hand a fair bit of ADD, OCD and Dyslexia and actually help as much as it hinders.
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    Correct and thank you! Fun fact, one of the guys I started riding track with was in his 60's when he started. I bet you he's as quick, if not quicker than I am. Age don't matter much!
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    I have these on my GT. They are the dogs bo**ocks.👍
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    My new Delkevic exhaust was sitting on the front door step when I got home from work today. I got my ECU back from Vcyclenut 2 days ago and 2 days before that I got the various block off parts to plug up the removed O2 sensor wires , and a servo buddy for the exup valve. I didn't really need the servo buddy as the flash takes care of disabling the exup but I like having nice clean solutions. I had a Delkevic on my FJ09 and loved it. It was an easier install on the MT10 as you only need to do half the system. I went out to the garage after dinner and got it installed relatively quickly and got all of the body panels back on. The triple sounded fantastic but this motor sounds scary. I feel like if I were next to a Harley and he started bliping the throttle that I could blip him back and the Harley would squat down and piss out oil like a scarred dog. My GF even came out and started gushing about how cool it sounds and was trying to imitate the sound inside the house. It was bitter cold out tonight so there was no possibility of riding but I had to hear it. I'm fully expecting the Flash by Vcyclenut to be just as excellent as it was on my FJ09. I wanted to mention that this the 2nd Delkevic I've bought now and I think the quality is excellent. I paid $386 for the mid pipe and silencer in titanium. I'm not seeing $1000 more in quality in some of the premium brands, The only issue I had was that I dropped the silencer and put a small ding in the top. I got rid of the passenger pegs and changed out the exhaust along the fuel assembly in the exhaust and lost about 20 pounds. Watching the weather window for a good dayr so I can try this out. K-Tech rear shock and front springs scheduled to be here within the next few days
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    36c out, but a good day for a ride.
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    Yeah it's a Rocket. But the impressive thing is the chain fender is all individually welded the fairing is handmade. It really is a creative work of art. It's not for me and I don't really care for it, but the time, energy and imagination is hard to not appreciate.
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    Here's the hugger extender
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    I'm really curious if Hordpower will create an airbox for the MT/FJ-09 platform like the FZ/MT-07 platform... maybe we can convince him
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    @texscottyd That is not my XR1200. I wish. 😕 It was owned and built by an acquaintance of mine. Who has sold it. I recognized the bike right away, it's truly one of a kind. But didn't recognize the rider. It has a Hammer performance 1250 kit custom heads been dyno tuned by Blais (a local speed shop) a blackhorn intake/filter it has Olin's all around the steering damper is a new addition so I don't know about it. 320mm rotors a hand built one of a kind titanium exhaust carbon fiber wheels (marcheesie IIRC) That's all that I remember. These are pictures of my XR. It now belongs to my eldest son who lives in Murfreesboro TN. It cost him $1.00. 🙂
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    Welcome @Darkduc! There are a ton of options & opinions on this subject, and it’s probably worth some time reading through the ‘FJ-09 Suspension’ discussion subtopic threads. I’m also a recovering road racer, and found the stock suspension marginally adequate, at best. I went the Ohlins YA535 & RaceTech route, and have been very happy with the results. This is a bike where the difference between OEM and aftermarket suspension is so vast, it makes a transformational improvement in the handling dynamics of the bike. Not a cheap upgrade, but still the best ‘bang for the buck’ you can make to an FJ. I wrote up a bit more of the details of my suspension choices here:
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    Yamaha comfort seat= nice track bike seat type of comfort... it's just firmer foam than oem...
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    Welcome to the forum @pavanchavdaI would say buy the 900GT, but then I have one. To me there are enough upgrades in the GT to make it worth it. I'm not saying you can't do up a 900 Tracer to GT levels, but If you have to pay somebody to do it that can get expensive. Happy hunting!
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    I did the same thing with my white 2017 FJ-09 the strips are gold since that matches the fairing. It was the first thing I did other than the beak. It was the two things that finished the flow of the bike, for me anyway.
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    I did have it on he left handlebar near the mirror, exposed to the elements. After getting stuck in a monsoon-like downpour for 90 minutes while on a roadtrip this past Fall, it stopped working so I knew it was time to change the location. If the sun glare is reduced as well, then BONUS! 👍
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    @Alistair Here is the link to the product I used, the product code is FERG0004BK, you can select whether you want 'carbon look' or 'black' (which is what I have) , in the drop down box when ordering. Although interestingly the black I have is a gloss black but the pictures on the website show a matt black, maybe they 've used pics from another model/ bike?? Fender Extender for Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09) & SP '18- model / Tracer (FJ-09) Fender Extender for Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09) & SP '18- model /...
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    I did a similar thing for the same reasons. I had mine in all sorts of spots until settling at that location. I believe it's the best spot for the least sun reflection as well.
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    I'll be really interested in the T7's on the used market.
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    It’s a tad low. Top it off to 3/4 up the window and worry no more. WRT oil level check holding Bike level with both wheels on the ground vs center stand - depending on the model, some bikes will be a bit higher using one method vs the other. For example, if you fill an FJR on the center stand, and then check it once on the ground - one method will usually indicate a slightly higher level than the other. WRT consumption - mine drops from 3/4 of the way up the window, to the lower 1/4 of the window in a couple thousand miles (probably 1-200cc tops). Normal. -Skip
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    Easy to use aftermarket helmet lock.
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    As to figuring out what's compatible I'm not 100% but would probably start by comparing part numbers from the online parts fiches of the respective bikes. The rim part numbers probably won't match but if things like axles, spacers, and other items nearby it's at least worth more digging.
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    Many miles of dirt, mud, gravel all on a Power front and Road rear. Just have to remember it's a sport bike with the same amount of clearance as an FJR and similar and requires similar caution off the pavement.
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    I was also surprised by the tank capacity - found it out by accident (closed fuel station). The trick to get the extra .3 seems to be filling the tank with the FJ on the center stand. 260 miles on one tank is surely an outlier - on a flat straight backroad at steady 60-65mph, and probably with a slight tail wind. My regular range (outside the city) until fueling was 200-210 miles at around 45mpg. Maybe I had a very frugal FJ or I am just a geezer 😉
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    +1 175-185 is my normal, I have hit 200 or above only 3 times.
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    Heading off for a 3 week tour of the south island (NZ) tomorrow. We live in the north island. Looking forward to it. Should end up something over 5k kms I reckon.
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    I sent him a pm and never heard back. Not sure the person is still around.
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    I wanted this key with a red top so I can see if the key is in the ignition or not. I have also ordered some plug and play turn signal wiring adapters to install LED turn signals. Some stuff comes very slowly but other things are shipping from Mississauaga, which I find strange, considering the cost of shipping is included in the price of the item. I'm currently on another continent and won't be back until next month. I will have the blank cut by a locksmith. 1 pcs Red Blank blade uncut motorcycle Key for YAMAHA Free Shipping | eBay Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1 pcs Red...
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    @fddriver2 - Looks like it could have easily been one of the machines out of a 'Mad Max' flick! Err...you didn't happen to see these guys in having lunch by any chance?! 😜
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    You are not there yet, Larz. I still recognize the bike as a Tracer GT! LOL!
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    Wait... What's this? You are planning to continue your 2-wheeled adventures? This news makes the selling of your last brand new GT even more unfortunate. Good luck finding your 5th (or 6th?) Tracer. 👍
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    I have two sets of spacers up for grabs. @coachluciano has a set on his bike ask him how he likes them.
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    This should look really familiar then... The Brazos Bend route is nice, but make sure to take the detour around the power plant. It’s actually more fun than the big fast sweepers heading down towards the park. Glad to have another FJ owner & forum member in the area. 6+ million people in the Houston Metroplex area, and I still don’t see any others out on the road.
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    I too am looking for ATGAT pant solution for hot wx and am going to try a pair of mesh over pants. I got a mesh jacket last summer and it worked well as long as I was moving and there was the slightest air flow. Still damn hot at stop lights! Lots of companies make mesh pants at all different price points. I think $150 USD gets you a fairly decent pair. But you can spend $300 on Dianese if you have the dosh (is this correct usage @wordsmith?) . I'm looking at Joe Rocket and Sedici pants to start with. I have a CycleGear nearby that stocks a few different brands. I like Joe Rocket cause they include hip armor in addition to knee.
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    i dont plan on taking it on anything more extreme than maybe a dirt road here or there. i realize its not a long travel adventure bike. thats why im going to sell or trade my current versys 650 for a dual sport bike like a dr350 or a xr650, something along those lines for dirt exploration.
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    What @betony said. I've been caught a few times, and I have a decent-ish 1 piece rain suit because Stuff Happens, but I HATE riding in the rain. Or the cold. Or too much wind. Or too hot. Riding is supposed to be FUN. If I'm miserable, I'm not having fun. One reason the whole Iron Butt thing eludes me. If I'm tired and my butt is numb clear to my eyebrows, I'm not having fun, I'm enduring. Not what I ride for and after 50+ years of riding, I got nothing to prove.
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    I'm not a huge fan of the Powerbronze beak, but if there was ever a FJ that needs it, this is it...