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    I was able to take the bike out for a post Memorial Day ride - 443 miles today! I went down to the Columbia River Gorge and Klickitat Canyon. AWESOME day for a ride, right around 70 degrees. 👍 Cape Horn, overlooking the Columbia River Bridge of the Gods, on the Columbia River Riding up toward Klickitat Canyon Klickitat Canyon Mt. Adams, obscured by clouds Glenwood Highway Glenwood Overlook
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    I went out for a ride down to Woodland/ Cougar Wa. area today. The further South I rode, the colder and more overcast it got. The horizon eventually got darker and the roads got wetter from a recent downpour. I cut the ride short by about 80 miles but still rode 275 miles.
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    Oil and Filter change this morning then I had to say to My wife that I needed a short 50 mile ride to break in the new oil to make sure all the air bubbles had blead out of the system. Her reply was "Aye right" in a very unbelieving tone and I got a very skeptical look. Then had a lovely run out towards Dumfries and Galloway and both the Mennock and Dalveen pass. Lovely short run in beautiful sunshine.
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    Remove the vacuum caps off the throttle body vacuum ports: A little wiggle with your needle nosed pliers, and they'll pop right off. Easy as pie; don't drop them - they absolutely need to go back on when you're done. They're here: Note that the leftmost one is hiding behind that bracket. Connect your manometer/vacuum gauge: One lead to each port. Hang your manometer up where you can see it - the Carbtune Pro comes with a strap to hang it off a handlebar, but I prefer to hang it from the rafters in my garage so it's a little easier for me to read. It does need to be upright and reasonably level, though, don't lay it down. I marked each hose with different colored tape - this isn't really important, just be sure you know how they're connected and ideally connect them in order so it's pretty obvious what you need to adjust. Start the bike up, and let it idle till it hits operating temp. If using a Carbtune Pro, be sure to RTFM and use the restrictors to even out the readout, or the bars will bounce a lot. Still usable, for sure, but it's a lot easier with the restrictors in the hoses. Sync your throttle bodies: Note that one of the three adjustment screws (just left of the marked vacuum ports) is painted white. Mine is the leftmost (#1?) but it may be different on your bike. This is the master. Under no circumstances mess with this one - the ECU is calibrated to it, and your bike will run terribly if you do so. So, DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE PAINTED SCREW. Your objective here is to get the bouncy bars all as equal as possible. The actual vacuum shown doesn't really matter, just that they are equal. If you turn a screw clockwise, you'll cause that bar to go up; turn it counter clockwise and that bar will go down. Very small turns have very big effects, after any turn (I recommend 1/8th of a turn increments) quickly rev the bike a couple times to get the new setting to settle in. I find three quick half second revs does the job well. Side note: This bike is *LOUD* when revved without the airbox on. Holy cow. Loud. Even with the stock exhaust. The closer you can get them, the better. Even small bits out can lead to excessive vibration, particularly around 5000rpm, and if it's really far out you'll start getting a rough idle. (Green strap is Just In Case. I've never dropped a tank, but I don't want there to be a first time) Once you're all done, as they say in those repair manuals, "installation is the reverse of removal." Remove your manometer Put the vacuum caps back on Reinstall the airbox - don't forget it's two breathers, and be careful with the intake boots Reinstall the ECU Replace the gas tank (don't forget the two drain hoses, and be careful of the fuel hose when twisting the tank back.) Replace the narrow side panels, this time sliding them up and forward to get those tabs into their slots, then press the velcro in. Replace the scoops/inner panels, being sure to feed the indicator light wires back through their respective holes. Replace the top tank cover Replace the side covers, remembering of course to connect the indicators. Put the seat back on, and you're golden. Enjoy your feelings of accomplishment.
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    Did a spirited 230 mile toot through some of our beautiful NH north country wearing new mesh riding pants. Scrubbed more side wall off the Michelins and stopped long enuff for a few pictures and a dunk in Lake Winnipesaukee. The mesh pants worked well in 90 deg heat, but the lake was really heaven on this hot day. Albany covered bridge along Kancamagus Highway Mount Washington - the mountain Mount Washington - the boat
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    Since our Governor implemented phase one to lighten up restrictions on outdoor recreation, I went out for 370 miles of much needed "Two Wheel Therapy". Tiger Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass, Canyon Road (through Yakima Canyon) and White Pass.😎👍
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    I just bought one today. 2016 FJ. Thought I’d join up since I’m kinda in the club now.
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    This is a rather long post (my apologies) but I wanted to share my October 3rd 2019 accident (and what I went thru). I meant to post it a while ago but better late than never 😁. I rode to work October 3rd with ATGATT, including heated gloves. Next thing I remember is waking up in hospital on the 5th with no idea why I’m there. Apparently a deer decided to charge me 2 lanes converged to one and I was checking my mirror and looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was blasting down the outside of me. It was 300+ lb deer and when it hit me I went down with the bike on top of my right side. The only “obvious” issues were a bloodied l/h knuckle and penny size rash on my knee cap, but, of course the injuries were way worse than that since I had a head trauma (concussion and brain bleeds), the r/h pelvic bone was shattered, my r/h collarbone were broken in multiple places front and back, six broken r/h ribs, punctured and deflated right lung, broken sternum and broken tailbone. Based on what the cops, EMTs, nurses and doctors have all said to me, I was very very lucky. My gear definitely saved my life. I was faced with 3-4 months of rehab before I could go back to work, with up to another 9 months of rehab on top of that. 6 months later I have zero recollection of the accident so I can’t answer those “what could I have done differently” questions. However, I will say that based on the police pics, report and eye witness statements, I wasn’t speeding, was wearing good gear and the gear saved my life. Basically it was "the wrong place at the wrong time". Oh, the deer died at the screen of the crash. I was discharged from hospital October 22nd to continue rehab at home. I had 2 excellent in home therapists that really made be work and I can’t thank them enough. They certainly pushed me! Anyway, I spent another 6 weeks in a wheelchair before progressing to a walking frame for a month and then to a cane on New Year’s Eve. I returned to work January 21st (a few weeks ahead of schedule) and now only need to use the cane from time to time. A s for the bike, a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT, it was a write off. Insurance paid out $6,300 before deductible / $5,800 after. Won’t complain at this ‘cos I paid $4,800 for her in March 2019 and added almost 5,000 miles in that time. Also, the hard cases were OFF the bike at the time so I can sell those privately. In case you’re wondering why a Versys rider is part of this forum, it was a coin toss between the Versys and FJ-09, and a used Versys came on the market first. It was a screaming deal so just couldn’t say no. If I decided that the Versys just wasn’t working for me, I’d have upgraded to the FJ. Unfortunately the deer put paid to that ever happening! When I finally looked at my gear, jeez, what a mess, and that’s without the EMT’s cutting it off! So, I really hope the following gives the anti-ATGATT anti-helmet brigade some food for thought. Helmet (Scorpion EXO 500) – Trashed! Slight scratch on right side visor, scratches on the front, and major scratches on the left side, like a cheese grater was taken to it. If I wasn’t wearing a helmet, I wouldn’t be here to write about it! Boots (Tour master Solution) – Trashed! Left boot a few minor scuffs. Right boot badly scrapped on the outside of the foot; toe to heel. It did its job as although the leather wore through to the steel shank, it went no further. Leather Gloves (Leather, heated, First gear) - a few marks on both gloves, nothing major. Still no idea how I got the massive gouge between my 1st and 2nd knuckles. Heater wires all cut up by EMT’s. Riding pants (Tour Master Venture Air 2.0) Trashed! They did their job. Torn in a many places but never wore all the way through. Hip and knee armour did their job. Very worn where I slid on the road. One penny sized graze on my left knee. Considering the state of the pants, I’m amazed I had no injuries to my legs. Jacket (Tourmaster Transition 4) – Trashed! Ripped in several places and wore through the outer material. Back, right and particularly the left side of jacket. NO injuries to my left side whatsoever! Can’t believe it. Of course my right side was all smashed up from the deer hit, but no other marks on my body to indicate a major traumatic accident. I’m glad I’ve seen my gear. None of it is reusable/ salvageable. If nothing else it really hit home the “ATGATT” mentality I have. I can only imagine the road rash I’d have if I wasn’t wearing gear, but, if I wasn’t wearing gear, I’d be dead, on that score I have no doubt. The police and EMTs said the same, and the hospital staff all said I was so very lucky. Now on to the medical insurance company……. F*cking medical insurance. OMG!!!!! They initially decided to DENY every single claim ($400,000 and counting) for my 2 surgeries and rehab stay because, they say, and this is the best part, I hadn’t sent them back a 2 page survey form (just confirm you were in an accident, the insurance I have, any secondary ins, very basic stuff). Language was, as you can image, colorful. They “good news” was that my wife had completed and faxed it to them 3 weeks earlier via her computer, so I had a copy of the document, the day/time stamp, and the number is was sent to. Before I called them I resent it. An interesting conversation to say the least. They admitted they received BOTH faxes, but because different departments handle claim processing and the survey from, and the two don’t talk to each other, they didn’t know the form had been received!!! So because of that, all the claims were denied and they put me thru hell and back just to get this figured out because of their incompetence. But wait, there’s more....... During THAT conversation they also said that the claim is still denied because they need confirmation that my bike insurance hasn’t paid any medical claims, and, they need a copy of the police report. I explained that medical insurance isn’t a requirement in Colorado on auto policies, and as they can tell, it’s not part of my policy!!! That wasn’t good enough; they wanted it in writing from the bike insurance company. So, that all took a while (the letter and a copy of the Police report), because the auto insurance company said they couldn’t find the police report, even though they’ve paid out the claim and closed it. They assured me they’d find it and get me a copy, but after Thanksgiving, and still no copy of the police report, I was able to download a copy from a police website. O f course the medical insurance company refused to say if this is all they needed, so I was fully expecting all the claims to again rejected whilst they come back with “one more document” they need. Needless to say, they did L. This time it was from a 3rd party company they use to investigate all claims to make sure they can’t get another insurance company to pay out. In my case it was 100% clear cut. Single vehicle accident with a deer. As they were insistent on knowing who was the other party involved in the accident, I just wrote that it was Rudolph, an uninsured deer who dies at the scene of the accident. That was good enough for them! Eventually, all medical bills were paid out by insurance, so I was very thankful for that, but, OMG, what I had to go thru for that to happen was beyond ridiculous. My wife has to deal with insurance companies daily with her business so I have a new found respect for what she has to do!!!! When I was able to, I had a loooooong chat with my wife “about the accident”, as I still have zero recollection of what happened, plus the initial 5 days in hospital whilst I was “being repaired”. She wanted to “enlighten” me and make me aware of the huge amount of love and support I’d received from so many people. She showed me a pic she took of me in the ICU on a gurney with all manner of wires attached to me and tubes coming out of me. This was only about 4 hours after the accident. I must say I didn’t look too well in the pic and even have a hard time admitting it is really me........I just don’t remember it. I also had several brain bleeds that delayed the initial surgery as these needed to stabilize first. What I’ve learnt is that the brain scans didn't jive with how I was responding, meaning I was alert, communicative, and responding to questions from the doctors and nurses. Basically if they had just gone off the brain scans they would NOT have operated on me. Apparently there was a guy who had very similar brain scans to mine and he never regained consciousness and eventually died. Doctors were sure I’d go the same way! Glad they were wrong and didn’t just go off the scans! First surgery was to repair the right hand pelvic bone that had been shattered. Seeing the x-ray of the plate they put in made me shudder. All in it took 6 3/4 hours, though 2+ hours of that was because they “lost” one of the plate screws inside of me, and they had to find it. I was told it was a really messy but ultimately successful operation 😄. The clavicle plate surgery was delayed by 3 days due to internal fluid and bleeding, plus a blood count number had dropped from a 14/15 to an 8, meaning it was too low to operate. I’ve yet to find out what this “number” means, but they gave me 2 x 2 liters of blood that did bugger all. On the 2nd night / 3rd morning this blood count went back to its normal range, all on its own accord! My entire mood, so I’m told, had changed that day, and for whatever reason they believe that made a world of difference. My wife, who was by side these 5 days swears it was because she insisted they let me sleep instead of being woken every 30 minutes for this test or that test. The head trauma nurse agreed (she was, my wife says, absolutely brilliant). No complaints from me and probably helps explain my mood swing change mentioned above. Anyway, that allowed them to do the clavicle plate surgery, which also went very well (took a couple of hours). The purpose of writing all of this, aside from helping me understand everything, is that I was sooooo drugged up during this time that I have no memory of the pain I was in. However, more importantly, is what this put my wife through. She was at her wits end not knowing if I was going to live or die during this time, because the doctors themselves didn’t know. She stood by me and helped me get thru this, as she’s still doing today. Also, there’s my kids to think about. They still don’t know how close I was to not making it, especially during those initial 5 days after the accident. At the end of the day, the pain that my wife has gone through is worse than what I went thru, and as much as I love motorcycling, I love her more, so have made the decision to not ride again, even though I’ve been told I did nothing wrong and that it was one of those million to one accidents, and that my gear saved my life. Not riding again is not going to be easy, ever, but my wife and kids must come first. My pain at not riding is less than the pain I would cause them if I was to ride and have the same sort of thing happen again. I know my decision is very subjective but is the right one for me. I'm just happy to be alive, to have (almost) fully recovered and be able to walk without a cane. I’ll stay a member of this forum as I love motorcycles. Even though I never got to own a FJ / Tracer, I’ll contribute from time to time and I do take great enjoyment from reading all the posts. Meantime, safe riding everyone and ATGATT…….please! Dave
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    Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail? I had to look that up to make sure you weren’t kidding... Wow, that just oozes apathy from their design team: “I guess that’s good enough. What should we call it?” ”I dunno. It’s honestly kinda dull. Like a shrimp cocktail where the sauce has started to go bad...” ”Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail? That works!” 😳
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    ~ SOLVED ~ @skipperT hammers it into the net, and @phpaul gets the assist. Gone are the iridium plugs and so is the problem. Thank you. I first ran the re-flashed ECU through all the diagnostic tests (all checked out great), and then rode the bike with the iridium plugs. Sure enough... the issue resurfaced, with no error codes. Replaced with NGK CPR9EA-9 and the bike sailed past 7,000RPM without a hiccup. For interest's sake... photo of the two electrodes below. I don't recall having this problem before later last year, with the plugs at ~30K kms. I will stick with the stock plugs. NGK rates them at 30K miles.
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    I'm no expert here, but cylinder #4 looks a bit off to me... 😇
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    New shoes front and rear. Road Smarts this time. They definitely seem "harder" than my PR5's. But they had 10,000 miles on them, so we'll see. Also Custom saddle from Mr. Ed's Moto (Don Weber) in Albany, OR. Faux Vinyl "Carbon fiber" sides with dbl red stitching. Fit to my butt. Only about 200 miles rode on it so far. Not cheap, but what is!
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    I went out on another 370 mile ride to Tillamook Oregon. This is the Oregon section. Fantastic twisty roads. Google Maps
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    I heard it described best on the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast. The formula for the proper number of motorcycles is N+1 where N=the number of motorcycles you currently own.
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    Here are the last 2 bikes since 2004, a ZRX1100 Eddie Lawson Kawi, a 1996 ZX11 Ninja, notice the handle bars, old man crotch rocket and a 1999 VMax carbon fiber. All from a long list. The list gets pretty long when your in your 60s!
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    I purchased a new 2019 tracer gt last week. I'm still getting used to it but I really like it. Just wanted to say thanks for the ad and I look forward to browsing your forum
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    Last weekend I got in 300 miles each day in south central Ohio. I rode with two different groups and had a picnic lunch on the same table each day. Rode by the Otway Bridge the first day and had to check it out the second.
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    Hey @Cruizin! Do these ladies ride Tracers? Lol. My wife wonders what I'm looking at when I say "I'm reading up about my bike"...she looks over my shoulder and says ya right. I'm not complaining ...just laughing on how I have to explain myself. Ya got pay the Bill's some how.
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    Couldn't help myself from creating the visual when you said, " one knee replacement away from a hi-viz aerostich"...
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    So, I bought an awesome new bike ('19 Tracer 900 GT) with a sweet multicolored, multifunction display (apparently borrowed from Yammie's sport bikes?). Anyway, as a person of...ahem...a certain age my eyes are not quite the laser focused orbs of yesteryear. Darn it if I didn't have a hard time reading all the lovely info coming at me from the bike's display asied from mph, rpm, and gear. 🙄 It might've been okay for me if I was on an R1 or R6 with my face a little closer, but not on the Tracer. Riding with reading glasses is not an option as I don't have, or want, "reader" sunglasses - and then what happens when the sun goes down, have to stop riding (heaven forbid!) and switch to regular (non-tinted) readers? I think not! I mulled over many potential options involving magnifying glasses attached to the display and such but to no avail. Then I found DiveOptx, little stick on magnifiers made for, you guessed it, divers who couldn't see their gauges while underwater. I thought, hmmmm, could this really work on a motorcycle faceshield? Answer: YES! I purchased a set with the same power as my computer glasses since I sit at about the same distance as the bike's display when working on the computer (my book readers are a little higher power than the computer glasses). I literally giggled in my helmet while riding when I took my first ride with them installed and could clearly see that glorious display on the bike in its every intricate detail. Best $25 I ever spent. Thought I'd share with the forum. Check it out! Cheers!
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    Hi all, new[ish] Tracer GT owner here (3k miles so far). Been occasionally lurking on the forum before and after buying the bike in December 2019. I've taken a few nice 200mi+ day rides on the bike so far as the weather improves here in the Bay Area (shhhh...don't tell the COVID19 police!). After 9yrs on a 2007 FJR I am really digging this new ride! Doesn't have the grunt of the ol' feejer but the light weight of the Tracer is awesome and it does go when asked. 🙂 This triple motor is a seriously sweet powerplant and is right on par with the one in my old Triumph (one of the things I loved about my SprintST). I'm not a big mods guy, but I did add a radiator guard (not sure what Yammie was thinking when they released the bike without one). I also recently added a SW Motech Adventure rack to hold my trusty Givi trunk. Other than that, the only other thing I plan to do near term is add more lighting. The Tracer headlight is pretty weak compared to the FJR (that thing had really good headlights). Have done lots of searching/reading and decided I would like to have a setup with some sort of low/high power capability. Denali calls theirs "DataDim" but it is not clear if the control switch works with the Tracer GT's LED headlight circuitry. I'm not sure if I would trust the seller's (Twisted Throttle, Revzilla, etc.) opinion on this question. Anyone here successfully deployed the Denali DataDim feature on their FJ or Tracer? Thanks, and looking forward to getting to know a few of you guys and gals.
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    Wow, What fun looking at all these bikes. This is great! Well hell, This July I'll be 76 years old and I have beeen riding since my first machine which was a converted bicycle thing with something called a Whizzer motor, when I was about 14. I don't have any pictures unfortunately. I have never been particularly good of keeping a record of all the scooters and bikes I have owned, but I enjoyed them all. So here is a random bunch of my favorites, or at least those I actually have pictures of. Being a life long rider, racer, daily rider, and most of the time in the business it is a fairly random bunch. There are a couple of electric there from a couple of my start up involvements, and a few of my race machines.
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    Oooh, this thread is an awesome read! I wish I had pics of my older bikes - this has prompted me to reach out to others to see if I can get any old photos scanned and sent my way. I'd love to get some. But, the bikes I've owned: 1982 KZ440LTD (I actually have a photo of this somewhere, but can't find it unfortunately) I loved this machine, and while I know there's a lot of Rose Colored Glasses going on, it was an excellent starter bike. I mean, it struggled to get past 140kph, but it was very light, comfortable, got great mileage and handled really well. 1982 Honda CB900C (Pretty sure no photos of mine exist, so I reach for the internet again sadly) As a second bike, this thing was crazy. Incredibly heavy, handled like wrestling a bear in comparison to the 440, but the power! Put a huge number of miles on it, got a couple thousand dollars in speeding tickets. Beast of a machine, and the 10 speed transmission was unique and awesome. 1982 Harley Ironhead Sportster XLH1000 (Photos start here: This was the advent of digital cameras, though sadly a very low resolution one) I bought this in boxes of parts, and spent two years building it in my (highrise!) apartment kitchen. Best wife ever, BTW, who supported me through the process, with nary a complaint. Painstakingly cleaning up and polishing every single part before assembly, and a HUGE amount of learning in getting the old ironhead engine working. Pro tip: Starting up your Ironhead Sportster inside a 6th floor apartment with 2" open drag pipes is NOT something that makes your neighbors happy. Loved the bike to bits, but only got to ride it for two months before it was stolen. 1982 Yamaha XJ750J Maxim My introduction to Yamaha, and my last 80's machine - just a handful of years ago, now, too. Bought cheap, and functionally restored as it was an utter disaster (rear wheel/swingarm had a full inch of side to side play when I bought it, crazy internal engine damage where someone had tried and failed to weld a helicoil into an aluminum cam cap, etc) - sold it in 2018 to a guy who at least bought a functionally solid if somewhat rough looking machine. This bike marked the end of 80's machines for me. I loved working on bikes, but I realized at this point that I was getting too old for it on a primary means of transportation. I just wasn't interested in being up all night in the winter, kneeling on pavement, wrenching on a bike to ensure it would run for the trip to work in the morning. I needed reliability, and it'd be nice to check out some of these new fangled modern motorcycle features. 2018 Yamaha MT07 Easily the most fun bike I've ever ridden. Really fantastic machine, and I can't gush enough about it. Just a blast to ride. And, of course: 2019 Tracer 900 GT
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    Here’s me with my 1953 R25/2. Since sold the bike, wore out the Bristol gloves , lost the classy leather coat but still have the beard although it changed colour somehow. 😀
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    Got cought on my way down Mt Glorious, a local run that sees more police than riders. pic not by the police though.
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    Today I practiced social distancing with a 300 mile ride to Astoria, Oregon and up 101 on the Southern coast of Washington. Social Distancing 😎
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    I had a hippie Norton Commando Roadster back in the day: Purple metal flake 750! An irreverent classic only a Yank could love. But it would do the ton and the girls seemed to find it appealing.
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    Not the right thread but seeing the precedent has been set.... after reading about the time of the day that people get up and out for a ride, I realised that it was nearly lunch time here and I was one of those people that thought more about planning a trip than actually going! What the hell! So, I called on the inspiration of that well-known sneaker brand NIKE and well, just did it! Glad I did. Nice but shortish 200km ride in the country. Got to test out my recently installed braided brake lines along with the newish Michy Road 5s in some twisty back roads. Got to say that I'm very happy with the Michelins. They do feel very planted and inspire confidence. A bit too much confidence - I was pushing the envelope (sensibly) in a zone that has been classified as a 'high crash zone' for motorcyclists when I spot what looks like an oil slick on the line that I'm taking. Pushed a little wider to avoid it and rode onto the double white centre line only to look into the eyes of the local constabulary coming the other way towards me! Woops! Must have given him some cause for concern because he went to the road shoulder while giving me the 'you're a very naughty boy' finger wag as I went by. Thankfully he wasn't able to turn around and I made a sedate/spirited exit through those twisties and was on my way. Murphy's law strikes again. As they say - pictures or it didn't happen. Other than that, a great day out... Almost forgot - the crash bobbins worked a treat as highway pegs. Thanks @betoney for the tip.
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    There's a simple fix here somewhere... take it all apart and wheel off and reassemble taking your time. Pay close attention to spacers, caliper movement, disc alignment. Piston/pad movement. Grease where necessary. Check if it all goes tits up when axle bolt tightened. Don't rush the job.
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    Have not had a single high speed wobble since dumping the stock hand guards. I’ve hit 133 with zero issues. In fact I hit triple digits whenever the opportunity arises. Have not had one aero issues since.
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    I cut out the factory tool tray. Now there’s a lot more space
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    Yep...me and a mate got out yesterday, first ride since before lockdown. Soon got in the swing of it. Roads were more quiet than i was expecting, maybe more out today. 136 miles taking in Bewdley, Tenbury wells and leominster. Absolutely loved it. 👍
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    Finally. The lockdown rules have been relaxed enough in the UK that I got the bike out today. Warm, dry tarmac even if only 10C air temperature. New chain and sprockets worked well. Triggered the ABS at both ends and re-bled the brakes after braided hose install, but no bubbles at all. Happy days.
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    After 12,200 miles, decided to replace the original front tire, included some photos in case you haven’t ever removed the front wheel. I have front frame sliders in stalled for foot rest. Nice to stretch the legs on a long ride. I’m sure there has to be a better way to do this, but easiest way I could come up with was to build a little stand to support the bike while the wheel was off. When it is all done, will mark and remove screws, put it away until next time. If you have a better way to support the bike the bike while removing the front wheel, please post your information, thanks,. The speed sensor cover requires a 5MM Hex to remove. I used a little blue Loctite when reinstalling The Speed Sensor requires a 4MM hex to remove. I used a little blue Loctite when reinstalling. Warning, DO NOT HIT, BUMP, DROP, ALLOW A MAGNET TO GET CLOSE TO THE SENSOR, IT IS VERY EASY TO DAMAGE. Tie it out of the way to protect it. Removal of the lower brake caliper bolt will give you a little more slack to safely tie it out of the way. Remove both brake calipers and tie back out of the way, also supporting the weight. 12MM socket needed, and install torque is 25 FT. Lbs. Good time to inspect brake pads. Remove the axel pinch bolt, 6MM hex needed, install torque is 17 FT. Lbs Remove axel, 14MM hex needed, install torque is 47 FT. Lbs. Use a ½ drive for this, not ¾ as shown in pictures. I used a very small coating of grease on the axel before reinstalling. Don't tighten pinch bolt yet. After everything is installed except pinch bolt, take bike off stand and bounce it up and down compressing the front forks some, then put it back on center stand, now install pinch bolt and torque. Consult your manual for torque values and disassembly/assembly information, this is just the way I did it. Fox
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    I'm a whole 3 prescriptions and one knee replacement away from a hi-viz aerostich. My wife calls it an uncle bike.
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    ....received it??? 😀 purchased online from out of state dealer, arrived this morning. still getting to know one another but super excited
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    Took advantage of the recent loosing up on the stay home orders or as I prefer to reference it: "House Arrest". Wife and I took a nice ride yesterday on Highway 18 from Lake Silverwood, along the Rim of the World to Big Bear Lake, and then dropped down Highway 38 to Redlands. One hundred miles of twisty mountain road that climbs to about 8500 feet at its summit. Perfect temperature. We took a few pictures along the way. Finally had some businesses open, however, it is still weird out. It is surreal seeing everyone in masks, people jump if you accidentally get to close and plexiglass barriers at every store register. It is like the biggest and longest game of cooties ever played!
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    New 'HH' pads fitted to the Tracer today, bloody stops now.
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    Took my FJ out today... stopped at Two Wheels of Suches and Vogel State park while riding around in Northern Georgia. Got my dad to tag along with his Vulcan Nomad. Beautiful weather today.... also saw a Tracer 900 in passing at the intersection of 180 and 19...
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    Almost embarrassed to post this, but I did it to my Tracer today so it counts. Wheeled the bike out of the shed to put on 6 wee plastic covers on the head of the Hex head bolts that holds the engine bars. woo hoo.
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    PowerBronze makes some interesting parts for the Tracer 900 and Tracer900 GT. Help me welcome them to the forum! Visit them at https://www.powerbronze.co.uk/
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  45. 5 points
    Did a 190 miles door to door. Nice loop around the Cherohala Skyway & 129. No campers, but still trafficy. 129 was crowded, as always.
  46. 5 points
    Bobbed, Billed ( it's certainly more of a bill, rather than a beak,eh) and hiding out in North Idaho...
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    I noticed this immediately when I bought my Tracer. It came with stock Dunlops, which I hadn't used in probably a decade or more. They felt enormously different from the Michelins I've been running for the last few years. I initially assumed it was just how the Tracer handled, though I swapped over to my winters pretty early on (which have their own handling eccentricities) and forgot all about it. I don't even really know how to describe it, but they definitely feel very, very different. I wish tires weren't so expensive, as I'd really love to just swap tires all the time to experience all the different types. But I really like my Road 5's, and really don't want to invest $500 in a pair of tires I end up not liking.
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    17500 miles on the original chain. Front sprocket showed a little wear nothing major. Rear was perfect but replaced them anyway. Oil change, coolant flush and brake fluid flushed as well. About time for a new rear tire. Have a Michelin road 5 ready to go on but the tire machine broke an air line so have to wait on that to get fixed. All in all a productive Saturday afternoon.
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    The previous Bridgestone T31's lasted 6500 miles. Got the S22's installed this morning. Time to scuff them up.
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    Just my little humble budget MT09. 😭