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    I’m in the middle of imaginary touring with my bike delivered tomorrow...
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    My co worker let me take his new bike for a spin. Wow, I really really liked that bike. Smoothest fueling I've ever felt on a bike, handles really well and the TFT screen goes light or dark, like this forum. Most comfortable stock seat I have ever sat on. I know sport tourers are out and ADV bikes are all the rage, but that Ninja 1000 is pretty damn tempting. They knocked it out of the park on the 2020 Changes. $12,139 at the local dealer. Hmmmm.
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    I lubed the chain... and then spent a sunny afternoon up at Mount St. Helens.
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    we rarely have to ban anyone. I do ban people for phucking with our volunnteer moderators, cause they were all hand picked for being really cool and rational people.
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    Hi guys, just bought 2020 Tracer GT at a local bike shop in Suzuka. Can't wait till 22nd March.
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    Yesterday i traded in my 2016 FJ-09 that i've owned for nearly 3 years and picked up my new 2019 Tracer 900 GT. I only rode it 5 miles on the test ride before the purchase but i absolutely love the quickshifter and the heated grips as it was only 32 degrees out. I am looking for ward to ordering new parts for it and will be listing the items i removed from my FJ-09 in the classified section soon.
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    Wow. Can you eliminate all traces of old girlfriends with such speed and proficiency?
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    Today I went out and got dirty! Skid plate saved my engine case at least once.
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    James invited me on a second ride. We headed over to Monroe and rode over Ben Howard Road. For those not in the area, it is a motorcyclists' dream road. Hills and dips, twists and turns. And the unexpected mud on the road from the rain washing out the side roads. It's always wonderful, but you can't be day-dreaming on it when the conditions are like this. But still nice. From there we headed east on US2 to Reiter Road. I've skipped it in the past. I think it is delightful and on my list of local roads to explore and enjoy. If you follow it long enough, it comes into the back of a town called Index. From there, we headed east on US2 to Skykomish, where we relaxed in some unexpected sun and looked out over the river. This was our turn-around point in Skykomish. I didn't need it, but I went inside and bought a cup of coffee to help them out. And to thank them for what they had done a couple months back. We got some unusual weather and Stevens Pass was closed for days. The owner drove out to his place to check if the power was out and if everything was okay and found his parking lot full of stranded motorists. He opened the place up so people could get warm and fed them sandwiches and whatever else he could find. He did a really good thing. Chris
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    Yes, we Moderators take turns flying around the world, setting up camp in each members front yards, drinking beers, peeing in your bushes, banging the neighbor lady and tossing butts on your driveway. Your lawn isnt due until next year, see ya then!
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    Tandem with my son, finally picked up myGT today at Yamaha bike shop in Suzuka!!
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    rode her for the first time! went to town and back just to stretch her legs a bit and get accustomed to her. still a fair bit of nasty crap on the roads, but i'll be giving here a bath tomorrow after work. absolutely in love with her!
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    Fuel filter is in the fuel pump unit inside the tank... the whole fuel pump/fuel filter is practically one whole piece iirc... I have my OEM fuel system from my FZ-07 on the shelf- I can look at it/or post pictures of it-
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    For Japanese market, it’s an option. But we can’t afford painted panniers like the one you have in overseas. However GT price setting is cheaper due to w/o panniers, so it’s 1.2 mil JPY w/ tax, about 11.1k USD.
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    Installed my Tutoro auto oiler, and as it's one of the few above freezing days this year went for a spin and a stop at a local car wash. An annoyance here is that while I ride all winter, it's very difficult to wash my bike. See, when it's -20ish, water tends to flash freeze and there's a danger of damaging things if you're using any quantity. And even when it's only around freezing during the day, getting the ground wet tends to just make ice issues way worse. And, obviously, just washing things when it's really cold *sucks*. However, manual car washes are really hard to find and, clearly, riding through an automatic wash is very much only a fun summer thing. But, we just moved and it turns out there's a local manual car wash just about two miles away. So, got her all washed up nice and shiny and got a great chance to see just how well the oiler works with a subsequent spirited ride. 5C doesn't sound warm, but when it's been super cold for months it's like a balmy summer day, and it was a good chance to get her going fast and carve up some corners. Edit: An aside here: The matte black vinyl on my front lower panels has held up marvelously over the winter's riding. I'm genuinely impressed, as they're very much in a high-wear area, constantly sprayed with salt and gravel. They look fantastic.
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    So, @ChadTheFoxFox - This is secret forum speak for “we will find ways to coerce you into spending money on things that you literally did not know existed before you met us” Welcome! @coachluciano will be your tour guide...
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    It's time to start installing auxillary fuel. I have a four gallon RCI fuel cell that will be installed on the tail, feeding into the main tank via gravity feed. Today I drilled my tank and installed a bulkhead fitting. I emptied the main tank and let it air out for a week while I was away on business, and today I did the deed. When I did this years ago on my TT600 I taped a plastic salsa container inside the tank to collect metal shavings, but the FJ fuel pump hole is pretty small. I used a plastic tray and an old hard drive magnet to try to collect shavings, but I still had to spend a lot of time fishing shavings out of the tank with a magnet. Nothing says "Oh god what have I done" like punching through your fuel tank with a drill bit. I used JB Weld on the bulkhead fitting in my TT600 tank, but this time I just used some Permatex thread sealant and Locktite. We'll see how it holds up. Lily is skeptical about the whole thing.
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    Oil and filter change, installed a K&N Air filter, Sync'd the throttle bodies and changed the plugs.
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    Had a freakishly warm weekend here in Minnesota. Only got 200 miles in this weekend but well needed. Back to freezing temps this week however.
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    That picture was from Marathon Key. I live in northern Indiana, where cycle riding in January is a meteorological fluke. So my brother and I , both in our 60’s, decided to do something like retired people. We loaded the bikes on a trailer and drove to Homestead. From there we took day rides to Key West and Everglades. Nice to get the bike out of the garage.
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    Florida Keys - January 2020 2019 Tracer 900 GT and 2019 Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT Adventure
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    A few months ago I installed Spiegler steel braided brake lines. After putting everything back together and bleeding the brakes I decided to go out and do an ABS brake check. The rear is fairly easy to actuate on pavement, I was surprised to find out that instead of pulsing and gradually slowing down that it pulsed twice and then locked up and skidded. I decided to try the front brakes, I rode to an area with a grassy patch and with my feet out like outriggers, I hit the brakes at about 10mph, sure enough the front pulsed twice and then skidded as well. -Not good. I decided to bleed the brakes, to no avail, problem still continued. I took it to the dealer to have them hook it up to the scan tool and manually actuate the pump while they flushed the fluid. In the shop the tool showed the ABS pump operating normally but when they took it out in the parking lot, they got it to skid as well. Since it was operating (thankfully) abnormally for them as well, the service manager decided to order a new pump and replace it under a warranty claim. After waiting awhile to get the pump in (delivered from Japan), they replaced it today and everything is now working as it should. Two big thumbs up for Motorsports of Olympia and a service manager with integrity that is willing to help the customer. 👍👍
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    Today I installed Gilles tooling chain adjusters.
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    Scorpion Serket. UK made, lots of info on here.
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    Well, props on the repair there. I'm still horrified about the whole thing, but... wow. Just wow. I'm just gonna go outside and measure my chain slack right now though.
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    Installed a few goodies accumulated over the winter. Puig touring screen, Ram mount X-grip and new to me Seargent seat. ( thanks @coachluciano). Also froze the berries off trying them out for 100km today, but all with it!
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    Tuesday Ride before we cant go out in groups.
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    Wow! I do recall being called "rational" once in the dim, dark, distant past (I think the speaker wanted something...) but cool? NEVER! Now I'm going to have to go buy all new hats...
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    I just spent some time digging into the details of the new 2020 Ninja 1000SX, and I have to say it looks REALLY impressive. They are definitely positioning it as a Gentleman's Express sport-tourer... half of the photos in the brochure are shown with saddle bags and a passenger, and the overall style and paint scheme is so much more refined than the Ninjas of old. My one gripe: I personally think they need to ditch the Ninja name entirely on this bike. I get the heritage and market awareness of the name, but I just think it sends the wrong initial message. Call it a ZX-1000 SX (or whatever), because it looks to be a great motorcycle that deserves its own identity.
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    Had a call from the bike shop at Suzuka that my Tracer GT came. Reached there and found it stripped to do some riding recorders and electrical toll system installed. Have to wait for few more days lol.
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    Heavy breathing... 2020 NINJA H2™ SX SE+ NINJA® Motorcycle by Kawasaki ... I rode a 2018 H2 SX SE, and it was a stunning motorcycle. Smooth, fast, refined, fast, beautifully finished, fast, comfortable, fast... did I mention it's fast? The new 2020 'Plus' model adds even more features, and finally a color scheme that I actually like. I'm still thinking there is one of these in my future. That $25,000 price, however, is the proverbial elephant in the room. It's an irrational purchase when something as nice as the new Ninja 1000 can be had for less than half the money. And if you go with the 2019 model, you could get THREE for the price of the 2020 H2 SX SE +
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    Found a use for the unused foot peg mounting holes on the FJ-09 side case brackets on my GT. Never have enough water on the road. Tested it today and doesn't interfere with my heel when I'm on the balls of my feet.
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    Sorry Anti-Beak'ers, but I joined the Pro-Beak Club and I'm totally digging it!
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    @AlphaMayle - In addition to a quality tire gauge like @BBB mentioned, right angle valve stems make life a whole lot easier, especially with larger rotors on the front wheel. BikeMaster 90 Degree Valve Stems | 10% ($1.99) Off!
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    Today I installed my Denali Micro LED lights and a USB for my phone/gps. Pictures attached, as I know we all love pics! For those who have been nervous about using the accessory plugs behind the windscreen for lights/chargers/heated grips, etc, let me tell you, it's very easy. Some of the posts on here regarding using these ports refer to the "dummy" connector that is snapped in to these accessory ports. These should be thought of less as "dummy" connectors, and more as empty connectors. All they need to become fully-functioning is the male terminals available at cycleterminal.com. See pic below. Crimp these on the end of your wire along with one of the rubber boots, and these snap right in to the empty connector attached to the accessory port connector behind the windscreen. Luckily, I had some leftovers of these terminals from this same LED install on my previous bike, a Honda. As for mounting the lights themselves, I'm a big fan of the K.I.S.S. principle, and I simply remove a fender bolt, grab a longer bolt and some spacers (white plastic in the picture), and attach the light right next to the fender. These were mounted in this way on my previous bike for over 20,000 miles. Worked great. I think it also gives it an almost OE look. I could probably improve on that more by using a single, wider black spacer in place of the two white ones. But, meh.
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    I have about 7,000 miles on an EK chain with that nut master link setup and it's fine. Working great, no stretch I can determine and it was very easy.. so easy, you worry at first.. lol.. but I'll bet these from now on, I'm sold.
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    Happy weekend! Drove my new bike 60 miles this weekend, just a little above freezing. Absolutely butter smooth. I was a little worried about some saying the fueling is jerky but I didn't notice any of that. Immediate thoughts are the display screen is a tad on the small side, but I honestly wasn't paying much attention to it. Windscreen is well, just like everyone else says, noisy. Quick shift is absolutely brilliant and low speed maneuvers are fantastic. So damn comfortable and heated grips is a godsend. Just as a reference, I'm 6'4" and 280 and snug as a bug, might add a riser but time will tell. I do wish the muffler was just a tad louder, honestly it's kind of hard to hear and I'm not used to shifting based upon a tach. Changed the oil as soon as I got home from it's maiden voyage, lots of shiney in there, glad I didn't wait till 500 miles.
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    Some quality time in my happy place. Oil & filter, a new dual USB outlet in place of the original cigarette-lighter style power plug, and bonding time with Arlo the shop dog. Thing could be worse...
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    I bought this bike on Monday, and after a 12k service, I finally got to tinker with it. Today I installed a louder horn, side racks for my Givi cases, a triboseat gripper for my wife on the passenger seat, and my garage door opener. I also reduced the rebound on the suspension, changed the lever and switch positioning, and planned the routing for my Denali auxiliary lights. Starting to feel like my bike!
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    I looked into the fuel pump more- the bag looking filter is 2 filters in 1 - it's got another mesh bagged filter element inside the white filter bag... the second filter is molded around what I can feel as a plastic pickup tray- this filter looks like some type of long fine metal fibers encased in a mesh bag...this can be easily removed via the orange clip and the actual fuel pump slides right out so that is also easily replaceable... The silver object on the left side of the fuel pump unit looks to be a pressure type bypass valve and is not attached to the fuel filter looking bag... I also cannot tell what is inside the left side of the fuel pump unit as it is sealed together... shining a flashlight thru the plastic sides shows it's kinda empty inside but something is there like an actual micron filter because I can move the light around and see some type of structure inside like a screen cage...
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    They should not even put the index decal in the box. They are way cheesy for a well machined part and does not stick at all. Not to mention could “slip” from where you originally got them on and now your calibration is off.
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    I took this yesterday.
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    I took advantage of the internet and my current home office situation to order a bunch of odds & ends for the FJ. Chain & sprockets, some trick Rizoma handlebar risers, fluids, filters, a few tools... $500 later, and I have some projects to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks.
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    All this talk made me curious, so went to the local dealer to check the bike out. They say that they have sold every one of them they were able to get before they even made it to the floor. They said they cannot get any more for now until distributer inventory catches up. Kawasaki may have a hot seller on their hands. I considered the new Versys 1000 before buying my GT, but the price of $17,999 for the new model turned me away. The new Ninja has all the features for the most part as the Versys except for side bags, for $5,000 dollars less. I like my GT too much to trade, but if the Ninja had been out earlier, I might be riding a Kawasaki instead.
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    Change the oil soonest. Then you will know for sure when it was last changed.