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    Big thanks to @racreative for the new banner. He has volunteered some time to create new graphics for the forum. He runs his own design firm and does incredible work on the fly. If any of you need graphics designed for work, get ahold of @racreative .
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    As many here have done, I added a pin-stripe of coloured tape along the shadow-line under the tank. Visually it breaks-up the rather dark area there, and also seems to elongate the bike, unifying the red-painted tank and rear panels. The colour-match isn’t exact, but the tape - and indeed the bike's paintwork - is much less orange in colour than the pic below suggests: I’m happy with the effect. A 9.8 metre roll of 6mm tape cost me $9.30 delivered, with heaps left over for other applications…
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    I wanted am FJ-09 and bought a Tiger 800 instead. 4 months and thousands of dollars in maintenance later, I sold it and bought an FJ. Almost two years and a solid 32k miles later I still look forward to riding it everyday.
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    Now, THAT is how this motor loves to be ridden, I like how you think! 👍
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    Yes, betoney the first 4 day 1500 mile ride in the Ozarks of Arkansas I described the engine as "playful". I continue to feel that way about this motor. I'm used to 1100cc Kawasaki motors, ZRX1100 and ZX11 Ninjas. The reduction in weight, avg. 124 lbs with a reflash at 108 RWHP. I'll tell ya you turn off the traction control and chase your buddy on an Aprilla Turno or a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Vmax.....Hiking the front wheel out of corners on the throttle pulling 10 grand out of 35 MPH read 70 to 85 MPH corner, Whoooo-Hooooo! man this motor screams. Now the liter and these bikes that make between 175 and 195 RWHP. If we pull out of the twisties and we hit a straight stretch well, they pull away at 150-170 MPH. yeah, an 850 isn't going there but at 462 lbs, 108 RWHP can be a heck of a lot of fun up to 125-130 MPH. Wheelies out of the corners at 35 to to 50 easy. There are many on here at 75,000 miles or more with good results. I'm figuring I'll be in that group also. I do run motors in the 7 to 10,500 RPM range on motorcycle meets with buddies I ride with but also ride around NW Louisiana and avg 51.6 riding Louisiana and 48.6 riding Arkansas. I feel I'm an avg rider and I will get 100,000 miles out of this motor no problems, regular expenses, of course, 2 to 4 clutches, 4 valve adjs, regular maint. etc. Maybe less clutches if I get the slipper clutch upgrade for approx. 231.00 USD. Should be a bit easier on it. Your choice, I paid 7,000 even for my 2015 with 2348 miles on it with Hebco-Becker simi soft saddle bags on the C-Bow system. I'm totally happy with my purchase.
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    If you spend the time looking, you're going to find horror stories about every vehicle made. I'm sure there are similar stories on the Tiger 800 or the F850 if you look for them. Have you ever spent time over at TacomaWorld?!?! 😲 I left the BMW world of bikes to buy the FJ09 and a friend has a Triumph triple - I don't regret my decision at all.
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    I have this effect on software everywhere I go, so I accept full responsibility.
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    I joined last month to learn more about the GT and the more I read, the more I liked so I just pulled the trigger on a black one today. I'll take delivery of it in the spring. I've been on a Goldwing for the last 11 years so this will be a fun change of ride.
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    Warning, I advise you to enter your chosen city, state/region. If you choose the option on the left to let the system do it for you, it might just post your actual street address, this map software is mega accurate. So again, click Member map at top of forum. (On mobile click the 3 little lines on right top, choose Member Map) On right of that next page, click right option to enter your city, state/region and put your pin on the map! In six months, others in your area will put their pins up and then you all have someone new to ride with. Iv'e ridden with 6 other forum members between here and Portland. Then, I'll open the new feature "Clubs". A club is a regional section. Let's say I live in Montana area and want to create Weekend event/ride/party/accomodations event. I would send a PM or profile status to @Cruizin and volunteer to admin the new Montana club. In that club is a forum, it's own gallery of past events/rides and pics of the members who pass out drunk by the campfire. New members to that region can join your club, send a pic of their plate minus a number or two as verification. Regional only discussions, invites, tune days, canyon runs, orgies. Ha just kidding to see who's still reading. So put your pin on the map, and help me remind any new member you see. And if you haven't updated your profile, you should. And go into account settings and turn on "status updates". These are things you share with other people like on facebook. Im looking to coming to some of your ride events this summer. Let's just grow the phuck out of this forum by using it like social media, for riders. Oh, and simply click on your or someone else's profile page cover photo to see it in full.
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    that banner better slow down, its looking fast...
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    My Voyager was a 2009, first year for the 1700 motor. It was (and still is) a very good bike, had 680,000 kms on it when traded and the new owner has added another 10k without issue. That's six hundred and eighty thousand kilometers, not a typo. I also had a 2005 Nomad, rode it 239k and traded it for the Voyager.
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    I dropped my tablet... thought it was on fire. 😵
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    Big thanks to @racreative for creating our new banners!
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    Never heard that one before.... you need to ride one... then ride a Tiger 800 or F800... then come tell us which one you think has the punch lol. 0-60 in under 3 seconds on the FJ... if you can somehow keep the front wheel down, is pretty good punch.
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    Man , you should manufacture it and sell it online! its a great idea and I couldn't find anything to do the job online. I will find a local shop to do it. Thank you 😉.
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    Its been awhile since I seen this much activity... Psst a little UBER TOP LYFT SECRET hush hush information: the CP3 is a hidden gem as it was copied from recovered data from Atlantis 😉
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    Hmm I don't know what you've been reading but let me add my view. As far as I'm aware there is one, perhaps two people on this board who have reported valve/head problems with a less than clear picture as to the cause. There are more than 5000 members on this forum so that makes 0.04% who have not reported a problem. The CCT "problem" has been overinflated by a number of owners insisting on replacing fully functioning CCTs. That's not to say there haven't been problems with CCTs. However if you trawl the forums of many other bikes including Hondas, Suzukis, Kawazakis etc you will find hundreds (even thousands) of posts regarding problematic CCTs. This is not an issue unique to the CP3 engine. As regards oil leaks, I must admit I can't recall reading many if any posts about those. It simply isn't a problem as far as I can tell. A few people have cracked their sumps riding over poor surfaces but the vast majority have had no problems. The CP3 engine is the same in all three bikes providing 87Nm of torque and 115HP. The FJ engine is not tamed down as you put it. I'm guessing in your trawl of the forums you missed all the posts from the satisfied owners and all the long-term reports in the motorcycling press that have stripped down CP3 engines after 50000 km and found them to be in perfect condition. If you think you'll have more fun or better reliability on the Tiger or BMW you're deluding yourself. I know because I researched both those bikes thoroughly before buying the Tracer. CS
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    Making and installing an anti-glare display-screen hood I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I often get a really fierce distracting reflective glare from the display screen (aka multi-function meter unit) of my 2015 Tracer – often it completely obscures the information for some time, depending on the orientation of the sun. (Those currently shivering in the northern hemisphere may care to look up ‘sun’ on Google). On my last Tracer I tried some anti-glare film (small pieces of special coated plastic used on phone and computer screens and the like), but they didn’t work too well for me. So I then made and fitted a little anti-glare screen-hood, which wasn’t too pretty but it worked. I’ve since seen commercial devices aimed at the same problem, advertised on EBay. So for this new bike it seemed a good idea to make another anti-glare hood. After a few critical measurements were taken I cut the desired shape out of some stiff cardboard, held together with hot-melt glue, to use as a template and allow fine-tuning of the piece. The hood was cut out from 0.3mm mm aluminium plate with tin-snips and bent as needed in the vice (vise). It’s secured at the vertical sides of the display screen and along the top with strong double-sided 3M tape – when bending it I left a slight extra clearance to its internal width to allow for the thickness of the tape on both sides of the vertical arms. A narrow lip sloping down towards the rider from the top of the hood helps to keep the display in the shade much of the time, yet doesn’t obscure my sight of the display screen. Once the hood was bent-up I applied some left-over carbon-look PVC sheet to the outside surfaces, which looks the part and blends nicely with nearby faux carbon elements around the front of the bike and the headlights. I stuck this on first so that I could wrap it around the edges of the aluminium hood and give a neat finish. The final task was simply to put the double-sided tape along each vertical arm of the display screen and along its top, to secure the hood. Since it’s under no stresses or carrying any load this simple approach works well. As – indeed – does the entire little job! Tick off another farkle! Pix below show the make-up of the hood as it progressed. Should anyone want to follow this lead I can post dimensions etc. here - no need to re-invent the wheel! LATER EDIT: added the gold MT-09 sticker on top of the hood, just because I had it!
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    And I have confirmed that the '15 Tracer seat does not fit the GT.
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    Interesting @piotrek - Looking at that picture, the entire lower casting is completely different than on the older FJs. I do like the new ABS sensor mounting location... cleaner and more protected. The more I see, the more I realize just how many little things Yamaha actually did change with the new Tracers.
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    The seat needs updating IMO...it kinda sucks. Not the material but the angle of it. My 19 is a bit vibey, I just put FJR pegs on it but it wasn't a real concern of mine. I went about 5-6 hours on it the other day with stock pegs at all different speeds and vibrations, while there, really didn't bother me. More than anything it was the seat and the windshield that stuck out to me as lacking considerably. I also had it out on the highway yesterday after picking up my official registration plates from the dealer (Hour 30 away) and I purposely avoided the back roads for that hour and 30 just to see how the vibration would pan out....I felt fine. I changed the pegs over last night to rubber ones (10 bucks) and rode to work this morning and it does buzz less in my feet, more importantly I felt that my feet gripped the pegs better which is the desired affect that I was seeking, not vibration. So in my humble opinion the vibration is certainly not anything "I" consider as being "too much". I had an FJR prior to this and yes that was smooth as silk but this bikes fun factor is well worth a little more discomfort for the type of riding that I generally do. The reduction in weight is blissful. Conversely I had a 2009 Kawasaki Concours and after about 2 hours on it my left arm would go completely numb....that was supposed to be a very smooth inline 4. Different strokes for different folks I guess.