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    Got some K-Tech cartridges installed Monday, that with the cogent dynamics rear and it's like riding on a cloud. Of course now that it's all sorted in the suspension department I got a foot of snow this morning.
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    So many contradictions. "I dont like the suspension, but I haven't touched the clickers", "There is a front end wobble, but it might be related to the suspension or air pressure". The title is "I do not like my Yamaha Tracer 900GT" in the video there are a couple of dislikes (due to lack of setup?) then you finish it by saying "everything else is pretty good, I dont have any other complaints, I think its a matter of getting used to my bike". I'm not sure what the point of the video is. In the time it took to make the video you could have adjusted some of the simple things you are complaining about.
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    Ok, get your new FJ-09/Tracer900 tshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and even phone cases at the below address! https://teespring.com/stores/fj-09-tracer-900-forum-store Here are just a few of the shirts available. When ordering, be sure to see both the FRONT and BACK of the shirts. Also be sure to see the different colors availible for each shirt! Front BACK Front in Orange Back in Orange Many other colors available to order Another design Back And another design Back And yet another design-This one is front only! Front only shirt option Another front only option Again, these shirts/hoodies are available in many different colors. Many of these shirts also come in Womens styles as well, and those also have different colors available. Guys, she let you buy this bike, so remember to get her a cute shirt! Get your shirts here!! https://teespring.com/stores/fj-09-tracer-900-forum-store
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    Well well well! Who'd have believed it? A Tracer rider complaining about the seat, the screen, the suspension. The 'Three Shite Esses' is the term I coined - use it if you wish. I wonder what he was expecting when he bought the bike...
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    Ooh, phone cases? Yes, Phone cases. Iphone and Samsung only,
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    I have numerous suggestions for you. All of these are "if you have time" . First: Going west on 50, the detour of Ice House road to Went Worth Springs into Georgetown, then back to 50. Second: From Sac to Bodega Bay, take Pleasants Valley Rd out of Vacaville to Hwy 128, take 128 to 29, go south to Dry Creek Rd to 12 which will drop you out on Bodega Hwy. Third: South of Monterrey, Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd is phenomenal. I'll point out that Monterrey is pretty far south of Yosemite, you'd have to wander back north a fair chunk, an even larger chunk if you go out NF Rd. Unfortunately most of the good roads take you south of Monterrey. Around the Yosemite area, there is New Priests Grade Rd / Hwy 120 which is nick named The Little Dragon by the locals. Just food for thought, enjoy the ride!
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    Just finished emailing back and forth with a contact at Sargent about seats for the Tracer. He confirmed that their FJ seat will not fit on the Tracer but are working on it. He said that they plan on getting a Tracer in there and hopefully in a couple months they’ll have one ready. I’ve even offered to loan them mine if it helps since I live semi-close to them (approximately 6 hours away).
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    I am fully committed now. Adrenalin sent me a note this morning... shipped. Got my ~15mm, but man... it took some grinding.
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    Yes, it works. I've got a plug-in on my Chrome browser, Honey, that finds them for me.
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    Hi tracer doc, I got my screen direct from mra in Germany. The Yamaha indicators are on the Yamaha website, they were straightforward to fit. The original exhaust would not slide out with the main stand on, after taking main stand off the job was easy on the side stand.
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    20% discount code TS10327207
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    Its a Japanese bike designed on Japanese roads (smooth and winding) for the average Japanese rider (5'8" and 150 lbs full kit). Dont get all butthurt when you find the bike doesnt suit your 6'1" 220 lbs build and highspeed open interstate riding. No bike is set up perfect out of the crate. I put on a windscreen that suits my height and riding requirements, mirror extenders to see past my elbows, and suspension to handle my luggage and extra farkle weight.
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    New swag ordered and on the way! 😎
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    Shoulda bought the FJ-09 instead... 🤣. I've done a bunch of trips on my bike and look forward to more of the same this year. Maybe once you buy the t-shirt things will improve. 😛
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    Just added a couple "front only" options for ya, available in multiple shirt colors and also in hoodie. And, dropped the price a few bucks on the front only shirts.
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    Welcome on board! Have seen the Yoshi system on the bike and it sounds much better than the Akrapovic but brings the exhaust up to the side of the bike which I think ruins the look of the bike. I believe most people drop the the front end because pre-GT models used to wheelie a lot as they were light at the front. Ours (fellow GT owner here) has a longer swing arm so it isn't much of an issue. You should definitely look at tweaking the suspension settings though as they are set to very soft on standard. I am 190lbs though Not sure why you would want bar end mirrors though as they would make the bike a lot wider
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    Installed Christmas present. New Puig racing windscreen, light smoke!
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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new GT. I would go with the re-flash, the bike benefits from one in stock form. Look around on the forum there is a lot of info.
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    Here is a shot with that exhaust added
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    @Cruizin I can barely see this design, it looks like a pencil sketch on black paper. White graphic maybe?
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    You need to use FJR liners, available from Yamaha, or these seem to be popular: https://kathysmotorcyclebags.com/product/case-liners-for-the-yamaha-fjr1300/
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    I still own that domain and will always keep it pointed to tracer900.net
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    Name: clutch cable swap Category: DIY Tech Tip Videos Date Added: 01/31/2019 Submitter: BBB Might be useful for those pre-empting a cable swap before the original version snaps on you. clutch cable swap
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    Might be useful for those pre-empting a cable swap before the original version snaps on you.