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    The OEM Yamahas look like this: It's not my video, but I have to OEM blinkers and they are quite good. Very visible flashing also in daylight. They are expensive, but I think they're worth it.
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    This is a nice photo of our motorcycle next to a field after the rains about 2 weeks ago.
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    This is excellent advice! My way of keeping rain from trickling down my neck is to carry a narrow length of cotton towelling with the wet-weather gear. I wrap this round my neck tightly and zip-up the jacket collar tightly - the towel forms a kind-of gasket, and even if it become soaked seems to be an efficient barrier. As for gloves, very many moons ago in a wetter clime I bought some heavier-duty gloves with a small zipped pocket on the back - when opened this revealed a thin nylon over-glove, which also worked well. For feet, I figure it doesn't matter too much if boots get wet, while wanting to keep feet dry, so I pull on a plastic bag over each socked foot, then add boots over the bags. Not especially elegant, but it works!
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    Guess I'll have to make more trips out to the mountains!
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    Their contact info is Phone: (828) 628 9025 raceparts@motocd.com These guys do outstanding work for both street and racebikes, and the price is right. Fast communication, they will never leave you hanging. Yamaha FJ-09 Replacement Shock - Cogent Dynamics WWW.MOTOCD.COM Replacement shock for your FJ-09 from Cogent Dynamics provides a high performance suspension upgrade for the FJ09. Custom Motorcycle Suspension Products, Service and Repair WWW.MOTOCD.COM Cogent Dynamics provides high-quality motorcycle suspension service, tuning, rebuild, revalve, fork service, shock service and all kinds of great upgrades!
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    Or - sell the farkled bike privately and get a better deal than selling to a dealer. That's my experience anyway, as one who swaps bikes very regularly.
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    I got this exact kit about a year ago as well, and have used it. It's an awesome little kit that fits under the passenger seat (outside of the zipper case they provide). Also under the passenger seat is a tire puncture repair kit with the rope plugs and such. Perfect emergency kit and I like that the little red cap that you see in the picture can be removed to check the tire pressure without disconnecting the pump from the valve stem. I repurposed the little zipper case for other items. It's a great little case.
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    From the dealer's perspective, we want pristine, unmodified bikes. Aftermarket cruise control, owner modified wiring, highway pegs, big windshields, etc., rarely add any value at the time of trade, and sometimes detract. Our advice to owners is to return the bike to stock before trading it and sell the parts on eBay. Rob
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    I bought this a couple of years ago for about 45 bucks, they still sell it at cycle gear but without all the attachments very light and compact relatively smooth and quiet I'm actually pretty impressed with it and it's relatively light weight, and has an LED light and a port to check air pressure while you're filling it. the gauge that comes with it isn't that accurate though but I use a slime digital that was pretty cheap
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    Our answers might be a bit slower than facebook, but our answers are usually more correct. lol
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    So, by daytime running lights, you mean that you want blinkers that are always lit up, but get brighter when they are blinking? I changed the title of this thread so as not to confuse people that come here looking for regular LED blinkers.
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    Another quick update. I've done this trip weekly since early December. About half those trips have been on the motorcycle. 250 - 300 miles per trip depending on local travel. Had a wardrobe malfunction with the Aerostich today - fortunately before leaving home - the zipper separated and froze. Fell back on old leather overpants! Lots of nice to haves that I discovered I didn't need. It's good to just put mileage on the bike. And now the weather is getting good enough (above freezing in thur mornings) to jog outside. That simplifies logistics. Last month, I refueled at the local gas station as a Hayabusa rider was leaving. We were both excited to see another rider, and talked for a few minutes.
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    Did 8000 mile service, new plugs, synced throttle bodies, got ECU flashed by Vcyclenut. Drove it to work and it's like a totally different bike, in a good way.
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    I have the CyclePump unit which is a highly rated pump and I carry it mostly for ballast and the ability to say “at least I tried!”. I have no confidence that it would do anything other than give me something to throw in anger. I’ve tried it at home and after blowing a number of fuses I finally got it to turn on. First, the thing is as loud as a jackhammer. Holy crap, keep your earplugs in. Second, it is finicky. The hoses had to be Just So in order to get air coming out the right place, but; Third the thing bounces around like a bull in a rodeo just after the chute opens. This thing just jumps and bucks and wants to go everywhere, when you recall point 2, you try to get it under control and run into: Fifth, the thing gets hot enough to cook naan on it. I even ruined a pair of riding gloves while holding it down in my garage, only to have the leather seared and crackled. Buy Now: Cycle Pump Motorcycle Air Compressor, EZ Air Tire Gauge, Tire Repair Kit | Pashnit Moto WWW.PASHNITMOTO.COM Compact Travel Air Compressor for Motorcycles and Sport-Touring Travel Motorcyclists So I still carry it in my saddlebag (even though it’s not very light or practical), and also carry a bicycle pump (which I’ve used a lot, actually).
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    I don’t go looking for rain, but I won’t let it keep me from riding. I’ve tried a whole lotta methods, gear, etc, and my preference is the full barrier method. I have dedicated raingear, with full coverage. Two piece Olympia rain suit, Aerostich triple digit glove cover, Aerostich boot rain cover, silk balaklava with enough fabric to tuck into my jacket to prevent rain coming in under my helmet. Also, I wear a smartwool layer on my skin, just in case I do have some water seep in it’ll still keep me warm. I ride mostly in California, so hot weather rain is a rarity. The couple of times it’s happened I just kept riding, got wet, and dried off. I have no idea what it’d be like to ride in Florida, or any of the hot muggy rainy states.
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely interested in their suspension. Plus I'm moving to Knoxville soon, so they'll be not too far from me!
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    Love my CD shock! Be prepared to spent 30 min with them on the phone if you're ready to order. They want a lot of detail regarding your weight, bags, riding style, etc. These guys get it right and stand by their products. Been around for years in the mountains of NC.
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    Hell, you probably know more about suspension than most USA dealers now days. Hop on your bike and get the hell out of there before they find more ways to spend your money.
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    Twisted Throttle is a company that sells motorcycle parts and they are really well respected by the ADV motorcycle community. As part of our agreement, I will be doing most of the forum posting for them as they are usually pretty busy fulfilling orders. Here are some of the things that I really like about Twisted Throttle. 1. 5% Cash back Earn points for every purchase. 100 Points = $1 . 2. Lifetime Tech Support- Their Gear Scouts will provide lifetime install and troubleshooting help on all of their products for as long as you own them. And these guys know their stuff. 3.Guaranteed durable gear . Twisted Throttle actually warranties all products at least two years, regardless of the manufacturer's guarantee. They only sell what they choose to use personally. As a Forum owner that is very picky who I choose as forum vendors, this is very important to me, and it should be VERY important to you too! They also Price match, they also offer free shipping for orders over $49.00. If quality products, tech Support and warranties above and beyond what the manufacturers offer is important to you, then I suggest doing business with Twisted Throttle. Here are their FJ-09 specific parts Here are their Tracer 900 and GT parts
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    Here in England it rains so often that our skin has evolved to become waterproof. Easy. Cheers Steve
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    What @betony said. I've been caught a few times, and I have a decent-ish 1 piece rain suit because Stuff Happens, but I HATE riding in the rain. Or the cold. Or too much wind. Or too hot. Riding is supposed to be FUN. If I'm miserable, I'm not having fun. One reason the whole Iron Butt thing eludes me. If I'm tired and my butt is numb clear to my eyebrows, I'm not having fun, I'm enduring. Not what I ride for and after 50+ years of riding, I got nothing to prove.
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    I have a klim gore-tex jacket and tcx air tech gore-tex boots and older olympia ranger pants.. rode 3 hours in 35 degree cold rain last weekend.. all dry.
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    That came out really nice on blue!
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    Hey everyone! Thanks for the support. We're here if you've got questions about any of our products. We'll be sure to keep you posted when anything relevant goes on sale over in the vendors section! In the meantime, here's something we very much enjoyed having in our shop for a few years. So much so that one of our employees bought it! 2015 FJ-09.
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    I chose long sleeves because that is what I like to wear under my riding jacket.
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    I think I have what you want but am away from home for another week. I will watch this space and let you know if I see that you still need them.
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    Something I always do at a company is to make friends with the front desk/reception if there is one. These people keep a company running, know everyone and are usually within the facilities group. A friendly plea might get you access to a locker. You never know whats available until you find the right person. Don't forget to have your own padlock ready. I kept my work clothes at the office. The trousers and shoes in carrier bag for a change in the loos.
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    One of the things I like about my Tracer is the color of the wheels.