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    You don't need any of this stuff. Seriously. Waste of money. But if you want it, I'll sell it to you. All prices are shipped to lower 48, if you want to meet me in Temecula CA, I'll take $10 off each thing you buy. No combined shipping, sorry. Motion Pro BeadPro Forged Steel Tire Bead Breaker: $40 Used once, to devastating effect. These things are fantastic for getting your old tire off the wheel, no problem. They are also fantastic at turning your new tire into recycling material. Don't buy these. Spend 20 bucks and have a shop do it for you. But if you want them, you can have the rim protectors for free. They do protect your rims. But not your fingers. Rox 2" Pivot Risers: $50 SOLD I guess somebody might legitimately need these. But you will have to tweak your front brakeline. Maybe just removing the one clamp, maybe more, I don't know. Put them on once, didn't like them, and they've just been banging around in my toolbox. I'm 90% sure they're the 2" risers. I could be wrong. It happened once before. Stock Handguards, silver (2016): $60 SOLD If you took your handguards off and pitched them, or bought a bike without them, and after reading dozens of threads here saying you don't need them you STILL want them, fine. You've been warned. These do not protect from weather. These do not protect from wind. They limit which screen you can use. They make the bike 5 inches wider. Some of us think they make the bars wobble. And for some reason if you're still reading this and want them, I will happily take your money. Stock Grips: $15? I guess? Getting ready to move and found the stock grips. I think they were on the bike for about 5k miles before getting replaced with the heated ones. If you trashed yours and really like them, here they are for a limited time only. In a week they're probably in the trash.
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    Guy came by the shop today wearing these on his bike, he let me try em and holy crap, I went back to my desk and ordered a pair. REV'IT! Sand 3 Gloves WWW.REVZILLA.COM Externally-stitched for extreme comfort, durable and breathable for extreme riding conditions. The Sand 3 Gloves are summer warriors, on or off road. I'll report back when mine arrive, but can already tell after trying them, these are my favorite for spring/summer/fall.
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    I've been working on a solution to this, utilizing a plastic ammo box from Harbor Freight. I should have it completed this weekend and will post a build thread with pics when done.
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    Just a quick hello, got a midnight black 900 GT coming this Saturday. My first "Sports Tourer" kind of bike but not my first Yamaha triple having owned an MT-09 when they first came out. Hoping to get out more this year and piling on some miles, current bike is a 2016 Triumph Speed triple which unfortunately I've never really got on with. Dave
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    I agree with you and use ear plugs every time I ride.
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    If you can hear a lot of wind at 70+ you need to protect your hearing. I'm just saying it, so you can go free from getting tinnitus. I scored me some tinnitus, and I'm not a concert goer. I think it comes from riding without earplugs. Now I will always have that high pitched ringing in my ears and it sucks!
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    4 litre capacity - tick: some degree of water-resistance according to the vendor - tick. But pretty expensive at USD$120 plus shipping - I guess it depends on how much one wants something like this. A cheap top-box of much larger volume (if wanted/ needed) may be a better option.
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    Now THAT is the sort of sales pitch I like! Must say I agree with most of your analysis as well. Exception being, I do like my risers seeing as the Corbin seat set me up and back far enough that the stock bar position was a stretch.
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    I assume they are stainless, but not sure. Some of the blotches of discoloration looked like rust, but I think they were just stains; after removal, there was no pitting like I’d expect with rusting. I believe that the stains are just the product of road grime, etc, and the extreme heat of the headers. In any event, it came off pretty easily. Reading the contents of the Kaboom cleanser didn’t reveal anything particularly toxic, but I did put up a barrier of aluminum foil behind the pipes to prevent overspray from contacting the engine block, etc. I’m not sure that was necessary, but it seemed like a good idea.
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    As a keen gardener - a pastime that can be as costly as motorcycling! - I often buy small plants in throwaway plastic containers or pots of varying sizes. Gazing idly at one of these pots recently, it occurred that the circular and tapered shape might make a cheap fender-extender to minimise road-crap being thrown up onto the headers from the front wheel. It was but a moment's work to shape the cut out piece of thin plastic to suit. A piece of carbon-look vinyl sheet from my seemingly inexhaustible supply was stuck on top, the part secured to the inside of the fender with some close-fitting strips of strong double-sided tape - et violin, finished job! It looks OK, although time will tell if it works and stays in place. If so, I may make another later using a slightly thicker material from a larger pot as a long-term approach. The part extends the fender by 9cm/ 3.5".
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    I have one hanging on the wall and it is what I use when I go to Moab on the red rocks. Amazing rock tire. It is like cheating, your right!
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    Takeoffs from my '16 FJ. Approx 1200 miles on rotors. Excellent shape. $250 shipped CONUS. I prefer PayPal friends & family to save on fees.
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    I’ve read of multiple methods to clean headers and most sound labor intensive with relatively toxic materials. A suggestion I found online is to use Kaboom bathroom cleanser and a scotchbrite pad. It sounded too simple, but it works great. Spray on the headers, wait a couple of minutes and then scrub with the pad. About five minutes of scrubbing followed by wiping clean with a microfiber towel was all it took to remove the last 22,000 miles of accumulted stains.
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    That wound be my guess. There is a cover (item 10) below the dash that holds 4 connectors: 1 is for existing DC jack (item #8) while the other 3 are for the second DC jack and 2 spare switched DC output.
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    I have all Revit gear. 👌🏼
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    I would go to linked in, search Yamaha USA and then search employees and start sending messages. That's how I ended a dispute with a large company, reached out to 30 top managers via LinkedIn and got answers in 24 hours.
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    I have thought about getting this tool tube for storage of tools or extra fuel.
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    I'm not sure what would fit in there... Anything in that bag would have to be waterproof. That thing will get hammered in the rain....
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    I have that on the back of my KTM 250 and it's amazing on the dirt and rocks but Chunks off on the tarmac.
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    I think the factory header is stainless, not crome plated.
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    Another good knobby tire would be the Maxxis desert IT, it was another tire that wore like steel and has a really stiff sidewall so if you ever did want to air it down to 8psi it would take it no problem.
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    Its because you do not yet have 25 posts. This is due to two reasons. 1. Its a good anti spam measure. 2. To protect the members from scams. Not by any means accusing you of being a spammer or scammer, it's just a good general practice for those who run forums and want to keep a good forum alive and happy. Feel free to keep posting, we have boards and topics for damn near any subject that you can think of. Also, be sure to put your pin on our member map, and go into your profile and enter location and bike model.
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    I have the Sand 2 gloves. Indeed, they are awesome gloves!
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    Hmmmm. Well then. I guess that's the way I'll go. Doubt they'll ever see the high side of 55mph anyway.
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    I think this is your best solution..
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    They are aux DC switched outputs. Each has its own 2A fuse. Very nice of Yamaha to put them there.
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    I haven't had any 80/20's in a while, and never on the FJ. However, I do generally trust Michelin tires and my previous experience with the Anakee line of tires was really positive on a KLR 650. But that 34hp lumbering beast can't really compare to the FJ-09. Not endorsing the Michelin Road 5's for offroad use, but I have taken them off road and my experience has been positive. No clay, deep mud or sand though. But decently maintained dirt roads, double track and wet gravel and wet dirt was just fine for me. I even made it up a gravel and mud hill that saw two cars get stuck halfway up and slide backwards. Between TC and ABS, everything stayed sorted. You can't throw it around like dirt tires and caution is still warranted, but I was impressed. - Back to the thread also: TKC 80's worked amazing as on and off road tires for the KLR 650 and have a positive reputation with the ADV crowd. I think they also come stock on a bunch of adventure bikes now. If you need big blocky knobbies, they're worth a look. After thinking about the 80/20 and 90/10 style ratings, I don't think they're good for rating tire capability. @Cruizin made a good point when mentioning the D606's wont get you hurt offroad. Even if you only ride offroad 10% of the time, a 90/10 tire might not be right if you REALLY need that tire to perform that 10% of the time.
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    Going, Going.... Gone! Ahhhh. Much better. Front fender no longer a Yammie billboard either... Now to turn the TRACER into RACER 😉 Just kidding. Done with fun with graphics for the night. Come on spring! Rob
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    I took mine off to get it painted black, and think it looks cleaner. but I do have it as goo GT on the tank pads
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    Now that goo has been pointed out i cant un-see it🤣 hairdryer I think!
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    Will de-goo this evening and post a pic.
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    Let's see some photos of gooless and Tracerless panels. May help a few of us to decide.
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    Think I'll be ordering a few sets of those....
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    Spotted a small rust patch on OEM exhaust when cleaning yesterday. Decided this is a sign that it will fail imminently. Applied man logic. …ordered Ti version 😎
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    All 2018+ Tracer 900GT should be named Tracer 900 FRD ... "FRD"= forum research and development because we know Yamaha took notes on what people say/want 😆
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    Got a bit more done and have mounted the frame on the bike with a VStream Sport Touring Shield. Please excuse the crappy pix and rough finish on the mount. Still prototyping. Very stiff and looks good with proper clearance from shield and enough room for your hand below the bar to adjust the height of the shield. Still working on the design for the GPS mount that attaches to the cross bar. It has a standard AMPs bolt pattern so my Zumo 550 cradle will attach. Going to make it out of Delrin and probably also a version out of 6061 to compare. Delrin is about half the weight, and strength is not an issue in this application. Have made the cross bar mount wider as of this evening. Rob
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    I have some business travel over the next week, but hope to get a final version built and finished so I can test it for vibration, etc. Rob
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    motopumps : That looks great! If the design is successful in testing I might get you to ship one over to the UK if costs aren't prohibitive Nice Work Steve
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    Great job on this, rob. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up!
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    Easy solution. Leave the cage at home and ride the bike. Problem solved. You’re welcome.
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    I was given one of those hitch carriers with a used bike I bought from a guy some time ago. I tried it out one time on a 200# dirt bike and it was pretty scary so I ended up giving it to a kid with a pit bike, I can't imagine you would feel very comfortable with a 500# bike on one of them contraptions even if you could get it up there.
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    Your Cx-5’s hitch is probably not made to hold up that much load.