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    So, at the risk of opening a giant can of tire and suspension worms, here’s my positive-spin thought: “The D222s are a great match for the factory suspension!” In my world, that translates to “the D222s started getting greasy just about the time the stock suspension was totally overwhelmed.” Depending on your riding style and interests, both may be fine. BUT... for me a suspension upgrade was transformational on my bike, and much stickier rubber was a necessity. Mine is a 2015 FJ, and not a GT, so add your own grain of salt Your mileage may vary; offer not valid in Ohio and Guam...
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    Repeat after me: tires and suspension first. IMO they're pretty crap but fairly predictable. If only commuting would probably use em up but otherwise no regrets tossing them early. Like Roadsmarts the rears are just average and the fronts are easily overwhelmed. No regrets tossing them and replacing with my preferred Michelin Power front + Road rear combo.
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    A quick story about my experience with the check engine light. Myself and two of my good friends installed a MC Cruise last Sunday on my 2015 FJ09. All went well and after we finished up with some other items that weren't finished yet I was unable to ride it until today. After the guys had left I was working on some other items and when I turned on the ignition I had a check engine light on. And after checking out our web site I found this thread and read it over and over several times. I was intrigued with all of the info. And I decided to check the most simple solution first. During the cruise installation we had to run the engine in gear at some fair speed in 4-5 gear. The bell rung and I guessed that maybe I would be lucky enough to try the short ride. With all of the wet weather I had to wait until today to get out and ride the bike. I rolled out of the driveway into the street, and within ten feet the check engine light went out. So what I was assuming would be a short check ride, the light went out and I turned it into a wonderful check ride for the cruise control. Yes, a lovely day. And thanks to all of you that contributed here. JimSter
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    Larz, before we get too happy I want to apologize for failing you. I tried my best to deter your purchase of this bike, but I failed. The only thing left to do is enjoy it. LOL! Have fun, Bud.
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    New in the Tracer world. My neck must have a better sitting position. So then the choice was a Tracer 900 GT. Just love this bike. Greetings from a new member from Norway who has been driving a motorcycle for 30 years. PS: Also has a Vespa 300 Super Sport, that I use for shop action 🙂
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    I think they need more straps on that thing.... 😳
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    Good choice. I had a Delkovic exhaust on my SV-650 for several years and never had a problem with it. Quality was good, sounded great and talk about saving some dough! I think you'll enjoy it.
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    The floating Cafe at Grantham, Queensland, Australia.It was washed away in the floods and put back when the water subsided.
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    Our very own @2wheeldynoworks does all this. They have flashed more FJ/tracer900's than anyone else on the planet. They were flashing them before anyone else. They also have an expert from FTECU working on staff who knows the tracer900 fueling and software like the back of his hand.
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    Ran a set of the Roadsmart 3 on my Ninja 1000 and was very impressed with them. Pretty good in the wet and excellent dry performance for an ST tire with lots of grip.
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    Scott, that is the perfect description. Thank you. Even more incentive to get the suspension upgraded. 👍🏻
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    I was just riding in the rain. Third gear, gave it a bit and the rear started to step out before traction control kicked in. Pirelli Angel GT's on other bikes with similar power are miles ahead in the wet. Same story in the dry really, the stock rubber is cheap junk.
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    They are fine for general riding or commuting but didn’t impress me at all for sportier riding. I picked up a large nail in mine just over 4,000 miles and wasn’t upset at having to change them out early. I currently run Bridgestone S21 sport tires on mine, but also have sport touring tires on the shelf in the garage.
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    Well said. And I think your post begs the question: if you can't possibly appreciate an R6 on the street, why bother with an R1? My brain says the R6 is fine. But some other part of me says, "Effing wheelies man!" Not rational. But if I were truly rational I would have just bought a Prius.
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    Yeah, it's almost embarrassing how many great roads there are in NorCal. I've been riding these roads for 30+ years, and the old standards still make me grin, and I find a new road every year. For me, the hidden gem is Highway 162 between Oroville and Quincy. 60 miles of beautiful twisty roads with virtually no traffic and even less LEO presence. Definitely put it on your map for a future trip. But you'll need to give it a year - a section of it is under repair, so it' closed about a third of the way up. Alternatively, you can start from Quincy and ride to the closure and back. Guaranteed to have the road to yourself. Google Maps
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    @koth442 I finally made it out to Lake Berryessa and rode128 this morning. What a fantastic road! I was passing through so I couldn’t help but stop and take a detour through there. So glad I did. I ended up in Santa Cruz and came in from the south via Gilroy on 152 into Interlaken. Another nice twisty road through the hills!
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    @superfist - We've diverged a bit from your original question about the 600 class, but after reading back through the thread I had a few random thoughts to stir into the mix. My current track-prepped Kawasaki 636 is a 2003 model, so admittedly my ownership experience is a bit dated. The most recent 600 I've ridden in anger was a 2012-ish model R6 when I came out of my racing retirement to run an endurance race with a friend... That said, the evolution of the middleweight super-sport bike has an interesting history that explains how we ended up where we are: From standard model bikes with a sporting option (CB-F, GPz), to dedicated early sport models (VF500 Interceptor, FJ600, CBR600 Hurricane), through the golden era of the 1990's Japanese arms race (CBR600F2/F3/F4/RR, R6, 636, GSX-R600), to the current 'last man standing' hyper-focused supersports (the newest R6, ZX6, GSX-R600), they've become increasingly performance-focused & less all-around competent. No fault of the manufacturers, as that's what the market demanded. I ground through a bunch of 600s during my racing days, always trying to figure out what would be the best 'appliance' for the next season. But as the motorcycle market has tightened and club-level road racing has lost it's draw (at least here in the US), it's interesting to see what's happening. I actually think Honda has it right with the new CBR650F/R models, IF you are looking for a street bike and not a race bike. As much as you would like to think you can unleash a 600 - any 600 - on the street, it realistically isn't the case... To do any of the modern 600 supersports justice, you have to experience them on the track. Just my $0.02 worth; feel free to flame me at will. Which brings me back to why I love my little FJ so much: Plenty of usable power everywhere; light enough to be nimble and reponsive, and (with enough $$$ thrown at suspension and big brakes) a damn competent real-world sport bike in its own right. I still have a Mille R in the garage, and can hang the lights back on my 636 if I so desire, but for 95% of the riding I do, the FJ is still my go-to machine.
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    You can always work the race to get an insider's view of it. There is a story about doing that in my blog, if you have not seen it. Two weeks of amazing experiences plus a great party at the Marshal's dinner!
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    As a former technical writer of (computer) manuals that no one ever read, I say RTFM !
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    I saw another red FJ yesterday on the Blueridge Parkway near Cherokee. We were going in opposite directions. Which one of you was it? Here we are at the high point. The Cornbread Mafia has gained a couple on new members.
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    There is always room for one more bike....
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    Picked up my Tracer yesterday afternoon; wow, what a fukin' great bike. Even just puttin around in rain mode, I can feel what a willing partner in crime the CP3 engine is going to be. Really nice and stable feeling for it's weight as well; had some 35-40 mph gusts happening while I was out, barely noticeable, would have been blowing my Versys 300 all over. I don't think I'm going to need to have the seat customized either, feels great as is. Damn happy so far :>)
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    Shoei RF-1200 Had a Shoei Qwest before this and love how that brand fits my head. Ignore the price tag - I bought mine in January at the bike show and paid less. 🙂 The matte finishes on helmets has come a long way - they are so simple to keep clean. Rob
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    Bumping this thread in case anyone missed it over the winter.
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    Graves Exhaust is the way to go... Many different tuning software/devices available also! I went with a 2WDW "package" that was a tune using Woolich Software/Race kit combined with a Graves Exhaust...