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    I recently installed a new Razor R after researching the options and putting up with the stock shock for years. I've got to say, like many others who have gone down the path of decent suspension upgrades, it is like night and day. I wondered why I waited so long (oh that's right , it's the large slab of cash that's required that's why!) Having said that, it is a much more pleasing ride all around. The install was very straight forward especially since I had the petrol tank off, that gave me unfettered access from the top (for the top bolt) and made things so much easier to manipulate. I needed to set the sag and normally it's a two man/woman job - one to sit on the bike and one to do the measuring with a tape measure - unless you have one of those fancy schmancy sagometers. No one was available to help me and being the impatient type I had to get creative. Apologies to anyone who may have already used this method. I have one of those laser distance measuring tools (available from any hardware/tool shop) that are accurate to typically a couple of millimeters so I mounted it firmly with some velcro straps to the rear of the bike above the rear axle, inserted some paper into the axle hole to act as a light 'target' and did all of my measurements that way. Worked like a charm and a one person job. 40mm sag front and back now set. I've got the rebound and compression both set at half way for the first ride but will work on those over time. Very happy so far. Here's my 'High Tech' solo rear sag setting method...Patent Pending.
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    @wordsmith and a few others asked about the size of the die cut stickers. I just got my samples in and they are about 5inches tall, about 3 1/2 inches wide . I'll let you guys convert that to MM if needed. They came out pretty sweet!
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    This is really about your experience and just how challenging those trails are. I routinely take all my street bikes down gravel and dirt trails with no special prep, tires, etc. But I am not a smart man.
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    I agree completely, my DCT after 6000 kms of wrist-pain-free riding.
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    Yeah, let us all know how that works out for you...
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    Alright, so I was unable to work out a deal to my satisfaction with or without trade in so I am going to see a second surgeon in November when I get back from vacation to see what all my options are. I thought a second opinion could not hurt. So at this point I think I will hang onto the FJ cause I have spent a lot of cash to make it "my" bike and don't want to get into setting up a new bike to my preferences and forking out all that cash again to farkle it to my happy place is not desired. I did a 3000 km jaunt with a friend of mine in September and the bike ran great with zero mechanical issues, the only cause for concern was my cruise control started acting up(troubleshooting in progress) but the bike itself ran flawlessly and returned 4.6 ltrs per 100 kms average, which I can live with. So if I keep it the only thing I will consider doing over the winter is the ECU reflash and then I am done with the mods and farkling(yea right!)😉. Here's hoping..... Cheers
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    Hey Mon, I pasted a pic of my Sticker i just got...on the FJ-09 Facebook site to lure others to buy stickers and enjoy this site as well :_)...just sharin'🤠
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    I'll also add that the discount code (FALLDISC10) expires on October 7th. YOu can still order stickers after that, just without the discount. @wordsmith The Tracer900 stickes are about the same size. Get em here Tracer 900 Red Die Cut Stickers Discover Tracer 900 Red Die Cut Stickers T-Shirt from FJ-09 Tracer 900... Again, all profits go towards the cost of this forum that you all get a good amount of use out of.
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    Cheers guys, I got an after market tail tidy do am trying to avoid butchering the existing wire. The aftermarket number plate light came with bullet connectors so am trying to find the plug instead of butchering the wire on the oem one. @piotrek It's basically the other side of the 2nd link in your post ( the connectors of the number plate and indicators are inverted on the harness to stop you connecting the wrong wire by accident)
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    Search for type 194 bulb socket... like this.... unless it's for the line end connector (opposite side), then it would be something like this (I think). You'd have to do some cutting and such... very doable.
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    If you’re looking to buy another plug, Yamaha won’t give you a part number. They only sell complete harnesses. If you need the plug on the component side, it comes with the assy (for example the turn signal has a connector installed). Best chance is to search it on eBay or the like, google, or K&L supply in the US. -Skip
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    Sargent and Bagster both offer the same seat for 2018/2019 Tracer 900's and Tracer 900 GT's It might be useful if it was clearly stated in this thread what an FJ is and what it is the same as.
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    I really like how you set the sag. I'm a little envious I didn't come up with it. Give that shop guy my thumbs up for me. Congrats on the new shock!
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    Yes, but with the stock seat the gap is consistent, same contour. Looks much better in my opinion.
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    I would look closely at those tires before buying them, Maxxis doesn't make DOT legal tires.
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    I'll have to check but I think I paid about 720 USD shipped but that also included a custom Torrington thrust bearing assembly makes adjusting spring preload significantly easier on my Razor r I can't figure out why the razor are comes with a rather large carry bag? It came adjusted to my weight and riding Style end I think after playing with compression and rebound a little bit it's stayed very close to how I received it By the way sealing the gap between the rear wheel hugger and swingarm and adding the pyramid carbon fiber hugger extension has provided very good protection to the shock from Road spray excetera
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    Congrats on a very nice shock. 👍 Had a similar cost experience with mine... bought from Nitron in the UK and ended up saving almost $200 over what it would have cost me buying from Revzilla or Fast Bike Industries (no distributor in Canada). I will have to pay a bit more to send the shock for service (FBI in the US), but the savings will cover shipping for at least two service cycles.
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    Full fairings don't necessarily mean difficult to work on. My Triumph TT600 - a fully Tupperwared sportbike - was easier to work on than the FJ-09. There was only one type of fastener, and the panels came off quickly. The radiator was on a hinge so I could check valves or change sparkplugs without draining the coolant. Triumph even put a little cutout in the belly pan for the oil drain plug, so I could change the oil and filter with the fairings in place. It was a really nicely engineered machine. The FJ-09 fairing is... as you say, a puzzle.
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    dazz - to answer your PM question, the following settings are on the job notes given to me: Rear shock upgrade: compression - 16 clicks out rebound - 8 clicks out rider sag 51mm. These may well change when Joe at Ride Dynamics does his final fettling and fine-tuning next week, but might be a useful starting-point for you as we are of near-identical weight. I'll let you know. But beware the added weight of those GT stripes...
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    Great write-up. I won't rehash what everyone else has said, but I chuckled at your comments about maintenance and the S1000RR fairings using all the same fasteners. WTH is Yamaha's problem? I dread doing any maintenance in my FJ-09 because removing the fairings was such a pain. Six different kinds of fairing fasteners on the FJ that I can think of off the top of my head. Come on, Yamaha.
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    ‘Need’ is such a vague term, isn’t it? But I 100% concur: Any aftermarket shock upgrade will help significantly, especially if you’re outside of the weight range that the stock spring rate would support.
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    ^^^Exactly This^^^ if you are going to go through the effort of replacing the shock, spend money on something (anything) else that's going to give you your moneys worth. You don't need a top of the line triple-clicker Ohlins or Penske but even a basic emulsion shock will give you better performance.
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    It will fit, same travel. Though, not worth getting one. They have remote preload, but are otherwise as equally shit to what you have.
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    I had the same issue and rotating the pins as @chitownpoints out is the answer. It’s a pain to do as the pins are transparent and need to be popped up out of the visor to turn, before pressing them back in, and then flexing the visor to reinstall the pinlock. If you can get another pair of hands to help it goes easier.
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    Thanks. Almost was putting valve cover back on before I started thinking I should adjust em. Just I needed 5 x 1.90 and kit only has 3..But found out my dad has the same kit so I am going to steal some from him. Thanks for the reassurance
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    Been a long time coming. Pre ordered mine September 3rd. Had good luck with their seats on my VFR and Ninja 1000.
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    UPDATE: I finally took the bike to the dealership. Long story short, it was the clutch basket. They only replaced the Clutch Basket, nothing else. Pricey to get fixed, but all those issues are now gone. Just another data point to add to the group. thanks @betoney, guess we had a similar issue. Again: 2015 FJ09, 17K miles.
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    Sheep are waterproof as long as you feed them regulary 😀 on anything except a Californian diet 🤔. Happy to get a reaction though !
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    99% of the riding i've done in the last 2 years (even on the racetrack) is 2 up with my girlfriend. i'm 6'3 225lbs and she's 5'7 130lbs... stock springs on the FJ DO NOT cut it. i put a penske shock on the rear set up for 460 lbs (i always have a top case on and i ride like a damned hooligan)...i needed it stiff. i also put stiffer springs up front and revalved the forks.
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    Your experience with the handling while two-up is due to suspension. Most bikes are made for an “average” rider of about 170#, when you exceed that, the handling and ride quality suffers, when you really exceed that (passenger and possibly luggage) things get messy quickly and possibly even dangerous.
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    Nope. Not sure about much these days. Was hesitant to post that, but for some reason I though side stand. However the manual also says 2-3mm of slack. Lol. But you are correct. Just looked thanks for the correction
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    Here is the picture. The contour of the seat does not at all match up well to the tank pad. May be due to the fact that they started with an FJ seat and modified from there rather than developing it directly from the GT. This may not be an issue for most. I am probably a bit too picky based on the fact that a large part of my career was spent insuring quality fit and finish in the automotive industry. The gap between the front seat and the OEM rear looks like a good place for water to enter and cause all sorts of issues. I believe Sargent makes excellent seats based on my previous two bikes but on those the fit was every bit as good as the OEM parts.