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    Early B-Day present ( 1.5 of 3) showed up on my door step 😊.. the other 1.5 is the rear shock and XSR clutch kit...
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    I owned a BMW F800 GT long before the Tracers came along. In many ways it was an excellent bike, but the killer was the pathetic asthmatic engine. Once going it was OK - just - but getting it going was an exercise in patience. Much more recently, and just for the heck of it, I took a test-ride on a used F800 GT from the local BMW dealership, where I am pretty well-known. For the above reasons I couldn't get off it quickly enough. That particular bike sat unsold in the dealership for ages, despite being an immaculate example and well-priced. Treasure that CP3 engine, chaps! 😎
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    A comparo between stock GT seat and BAGSTER seat measurements Someone is bound to ask the question if the BAGSTER seat is taller or lower than stock. The self-imposed separation from my GT while I rest my injured shoulder and await – hopefully – Friday’s treatment by my GP couldn’t keep me away, so I took some very careful measurements of the bike with stock and BAGSTER seats installed, both in the lower rider’s position. Height – the BAGSTER seat is 3mm lower than stock, both measured across in the same location on the seat. Negligible, I’d suggest. Rise – measured vertically, the front face of the pillion seat above the level of the rider’s seat immediately in front of it is one centimeter (3/8ths of an inch) taller on the BAGSTER seat than on the stocker. Again, gnat's whisker stuff. I measured this 'rise' as I have difficulty with my wonky hips and knees getting on and off the bike, and the extra bit of height can sometimes get in the way if I don’t concentrate on the mounting/ demounting action. It would be nice to be a long-legged stork or flamingo at times, especially when panniers are fitted! Pic below. Due to some commitments with Mrs Wordsmith I will not be able to get out on the bike for another several days, even if the shoulder issue is resolved, but I hope then to ride the two seats – stock and BAGSTER – over the same local roads back-to-back, which is the only way I know to get a good comparison.
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    I took the GT for a ride today to a motorcycle machine shop near me to ask if they would make 11mm caliper spacers for the 320mm brake rotor upgrade. The guy said sure and asked me for the rest of the measurements, which I didn't have on me, better to let him take his own measurements anyway. Next thing I know the guys opening the shop door to bring the bike in and asking me what size socket I need to take the calipers off and he is measuring away. Long story short it's going to cost as much to have 20 pieces done as having 4 pieces $125.00. He won't be able to get to it around for a couple of weeks so if all goes well there will be a couple of set for sale at cost plus shipping.😉
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    @coachluciano, @betoney I have seen the threads for years, just now got the chance to order the kit... I can wait- winter is here till April 🙄
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    Question: why are you trying to start the bike 3 times? Solely for the purpose of making this video? every time you start the bike, excess fuel is injected into the engine to “get it running”. Buy starting it/stopping within a short period of time you are asking the engine to burn a ton of excess fuel and will eventually foul the plugs. If you are concerned about the engine “hunting” for an idle speed, that is fairly typical for this bike. if you are concerned about the higher idle speed the bike has after your second restart, then I don’t have an answer for you as that’s also happened to me. If you are concerned about the engine struggling to stay running the third time you try to start it, then yes - that’s probably due to a low voltage supply from the battery, because you just used it to start the bike 3 times! Only using the stop switch on the RH bar can confuse things as well. Use the key switch and wait for the fuel pump to cycle/IC screen to flash on before pushing the button. How many miles on the bike? Valves checked yet? Spark plugs replaced? you can use a multimeter to check the “resting” voltage of the battery. Do this after the bike has been sitting for awhile (because voltages are higher just after powering off). It should have a minimum of 12.7v. Anything less means it does need a charge. -Skip
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    Looks like a nice bike for sure. I have always preferred middleweight sport bikes over the 1000 cc class...…..just my personal preference. This one sounds like a winner on paper, but try getting replacement parts for an Aprilia of needed. 😯 My last road trip this year was with a guy who had a Caponord with only 1500 miles. On day two it developed a horrible miss above 4000 rpm or any time the throttle was opened much more than half way. Riding behind him I could see the exhaust glowing orange as and when we stopped you could feel the heat off the cannister standing anywhere near the bike. The next morning we noticed the pannier on the other side of the bike would not stay securely attached. The forward attachment point would not stay secured. Bike is still parked and that was two months ago. Love the sexiness and performance of Italian bikes but for me Japanese reliability is more important than power and performance that can not be fully used on public roads.
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    Hey there everyone, I'm Mike and new to this forum. A brief one about me, I began motorcycling in 1995 and had a big break from it in 2004 until 2016. After which I bought a Bullit Hunt 250cc for work and then after 6 months took another step up to a Royal Enfield Himalayan a bike I really loved bit had a few issues which really annoyed me (I'm more than happy to go into those if you are really bored). I then took the step up to the Tracer 900GT I test rode quite a few bikes before taking the plunge. The big decider was it made both me and my wife smile and that's what's it's all about isn't it? I wear my heart on my sleeve and will be really honest I suffer with a little depression etc and a return to motorcycling really is a great therapy for me! I'm keep to speak to other Tracer owners and see what your thoughts are and what mods you have done. I'm really pleased with the bike bit have started doing a few mods and have many more planned but only having the bike since July I'm sure many of you will have some great words of wisdom! Feel free to drop me a message i'd love to hear from you! All the best Mike
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    Thanks Betoney...I have aftermarket springs up front... and a large windscreen...don't know if those help... I haven't experienced the wobble, as I have not approached 100 MPH, and probably never will... but good to know and will watch for it...John H.
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    Also having the same odd cold startup on my 2017 w/OEM batt. I'll check the voltage when I get home.
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    Couldn't agree more, I have ridden and lusted after many Euro models but cant bring myself to own one, I have riding buddies who own them and have heard way too many horror stories. My dream bike would be designed by Italians and built by the Japanese.
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    well worth the wait - and a fairly easy install to boot. Hardest part of aligning up the shift rod with the internal cogs. You will know what I'm talking about when you get there. Have a beer or two ready to ease the frustration.
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    Part kit is on National Backorder till 11/21/19... Even tho it's listed as "in stock" .. Got an "I'm sorry" email with the option to cancel order or wait... I picked to wait 🙄...
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    I have a bit of a history with the Italian motorcycle marques, and much of it has been 'character building' at best. My current Aprilia has actually been really reliable (scarce parts availability of late is becoming an issue), but in the past I owned a Ducati 750 Paso that legitimately did catch fire on the initial ride home from the dealership. The dealer's deadpan response: "Yeah, they do that sometimes. Can you bring it back and we'll take a look?" It actually was a charming bike once we got it sorted out, but a CBR600 of the same era would have been an infinitely better choice for performance and reliability. I also managed to total one of Aprilia's Mille demo bikes at a trackday where I was an instructor. Not one of my prouder moments... In fairness, you can't blame that on the bike, but it is an example of how 'you only hurt the ones you love' works in the world of motorcycles.
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    You want to be damn picky when choosing tuner. Our resident tuner @2wheeldynoworks has to fix alot of "other shops" tunes. Anyone can get the software and start making tunes, that's kinda scary.
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    I test rode an F800GT before getting an FJ-09 and that bike had the least charm of any bike I've ever ridden. However, at that point the BMW "F" engine had a fairly unusual 360° firing order (where the pistons both went up and down together, but fired alternately). The new engine has a 270° firing order. I have test ridden MT-07s and XSR700s on several occasions and I quite like the bike. I also rented an Africa Twin (also a 270° p-twin) and did like 150 miles on it; I wasn't a huge fan of the bike overall for various reasons, but it probably had the most charm of any Honda I've ever ridden. Engine actually sounded pretty good when you spun it up. I think I could live with a 270° p-twin, but yeah probably still no match for the CP3 on charm.
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    I’ve got the magura/xsr clutch fitted to mine, beautifully smooth, I’ve got some sort of funky nerve pain in my left arm and no longer notice the pain when commuting in heavy traffic now.
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    I keep a Moto Pumps Air Shot under the seat. It's super small, more than powerful enough for any flat - and comes with all the cables needed. Personally, I install the pigtail off of the battery and tuck under the seat. Then, i can trim down the Air Shot kit to just the other end of the pigtail, nixing the cheesy alligator clips & the 12v adapter. Non-affiliated link: Air Shot — MotoPumps - The Best 12v Inflators on the Planet The MotoPumps Air Shot Inflator is the smallest, lightest, full performance...
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    Welcome @MikeH! Note to self: West Midlands and Midwest are not the same thing... I was thinking "a Royal Enfield Himalayan has to be uncommon in Iowa" Enjoy the new GT! It's a great motorcycle, and with the fender extender installed it sounds like you're on your way with upgrades.
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    I mounted my jacket liner and pants controller in this location...used heavy duty Velcro to secure controller...
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    Yummy - Mailman never looked so good. New master cylinder going on as soon as I can get a single line banjo bolt. Ships assuming no ABS and 2 lines for each caliper, so had to order a new banjo bolt. Out of the box, impressed. This is going to be a really nice addition with some unknown benefits I'm sure. This is why I'm moving to the dang hydraulic clutch. It's the only true companion from an aesthetics point of view.
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    Mine just cleared customs in NYC - should be here Wednesday / Thursday