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    I'm not only the North American distributor for Shifting ContRoll, I'm also a new supporting vendor here on the forum. From now until December 8th, I'm offering our new Quick Shifter kit for the '17-'19 Tracer for only US$135. This is a bolt-on plug-in kit, easy to install and a blast to use! While the earlier models don't have the QS function built in to the ECU, I can offer a Quick Shift Controller to handle the spark cut duties for $75. Price goes up next month to $150. Shipping is an additional $15.
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    $135 plus shipping through December 8th, plug and play!
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    His initial offering is for late model Tracer 900's. And, he just came on board 12 hours ago. This will take time and probably some testing.
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    ‘Cause, you know, suspension & brakes are the cheap upgrades... Sounds like some great stuff you’ve already done! Trust me here: High-spec suspension and big-ass brakes will complete the transformation. Expensive, and worth every penny (my opinion, of course)
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    It would be very helpful to have a '15-'16 specific topic as the "should work" and additional QS controller for $75 and/or (??) 2 connector split adapter for $25 discussion has me a bit confused as to what is now needed. Flashed or stock ECU? O2 sensor active or disabled? Do we need the $75 QS controller or $25 split adapter? or both? Is the QS both up and down capable? (more $$$ for both directions?) Is the install plug and play? Is there splicing or soldering involved or factory connectors? Sorry for so many questions, it just sounds like for the '15-'16 model, the $135 sale could quickly end up being $250+ depending on the QS module.
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    Ok I literally read the entire thread the last bunch of days. Holy crap was that an expensive read 😎 So this is what I have on my GT Yoshi full system K&N Air filter PCV SW-Motech Crash Bars Givi Mudguard R&G Tail Tidy AATS Turn signals F/R Rear Flasher relay Sargeant seat Ram mount EZPass mount Tank pads OEM Radiator Guard Springer brake cables Michelin TPMS Puig sport screen Rizoma silver fuel cap On the way 83 degree air valves Rizoma Circuit 959 Reflectors Considering doing shocks, forks and rotors next Pictures to come later but many items have been posted here
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    Ok - after an hour or so of going through the service manual and wiring diagram, while looking at eBay for pics of the various connectors, I'm satisfied that I have identified the various connectors involved. If you have a flashed ECU that plugs into either the sidestand switch or the O2 sensor, I've got you covered. If your ECU isn't flashed, I can plug my controller into the sidestand switch (kill and ground) as well as the rear brake switch (12v feed). If this is a street bike and you want to keep the sidestand and rear brake switches in working form, I can provide two little splitter adaptors for an additional $25. So - who wants a Quick Shifter? 😀
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    If I was in the market for a new motorcycle - which I emphatically am not - something along these lines would be of interest in the sub-1000cc class of road/ tour bikes. Haven't yet seen one in the flesh, but would like to. Quirky enough to be interesting, certainly a bit (a lot?) different style-wise, proven powerplant, shaft-drive, etc.
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    Welcome to the forum, @TTR Ignition . We are proud to have you on board and thanks for offering a discount to our members for November!
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    When I first read this, I thought you were saying they got rid of the CAN-BUS. That alone would be worth it and a major selling point. Some people like all the gadgets. Like Ride Modes, Dynamic ESA (Electronic Supension Adjustment) and the like. Me...I like my motorcycles much simpler. I toggle through the display options on my F800GT and (don't laugh!) I get the average speed, average MPG, instantaneous MPG and temperature. That's it. But that's all I really care about. I've done some extensive test rides on both the R1200RS and RT. I didn't find the Dynamic ESA on them to be any better for handling than my rudimentary three-position electronic suspension adjustment. Sometimes the fancier electronic gadgets are just that...fancier. Not necessarily better. I do find it humorous that a selling point of the F800GT was that the gas tank is below the seat for lower CG. And on the F900XR, they put the gas tank up high again. Why is it a selling point in both cases? If you believe the marketing folks, they'll sell you anything. I personally like the belt drive on the F800GT. It's definitely a plus. At 49,000 miles, it still looks like new. I can come in from a rain soaked commute, or touring a 10 hour day, and not have to clean or lube a chain in a motel parking lot. I can understand the new XR not having a belt...it's the cheapest driveline solution and can take any amount of rear-wheel power you put to it. But a lot of members on the F800Riders forum are not enthralled with the F900XR because of the belt being dropped. I'm not a "BMW" man. I've owned three Suzuki's, two Hondas and now this BMW. I almost had a Yamaha. The cool thing I would think for you guys, is you have the standard by which all the other bikes are measured by. When anyone thinks of a bike in this category, yours is the one that everyone thinks of first. Chris
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    I had my 900 GT seat adjusted. A local company put in extra foam to make the seat a bit more flat (now certain parts of my lower body no longer get crushed when doing a lot of stop-and-go type of traffic), They also put in a special gel pad at the middle/back part of the seat. They use soft, medical gel pads. I took it for a short ride and I think it is a big improvement. I'm sitting a bit higher as well, so now my knees are even a bit more relaxed. I tried the Yamaha comfort seat at the dealer but felt it was not very comfortable at all. The gel parts are way too hard and in fact, I found it less comfy than the OEM seat. Also, I installed the SW-Motech crash bars today. I think they are a very nice addition to an already beautiful bike. One question though, has anybody removed the SW-Motech logo plate that are glued to the bars? I really don't like them but I'm afraid if I remove them it will leave a mark.
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    Good questions. First and foremost, I try very hard to make my bike stuff plug'n'play wherever possible. A guy installing a CAN-based WBO2 controller as part of an aftermarket EFI system on his souped-up Charger expects to do a lot of wiring. A street-bike rider is generally far more allergic to solder, and I try to accomodate that. The '15 FJ-09 and the '18 MT-09 use the same shift pedal and shift rod, so the $135 kit will physically bolt up, and the MT-09 has the mating plug to make it a direct connection. For a flashed FJ-09, I need to know where the new firmware expects the QS to hook up. If it wants to be connected to the O2 sensor plug, that's where it goes, and I'll provide the kit with the appropriate connector. Note that any loss of the O2 function is due to the flashed firmware, not the QS kit. As for cost, you're still paying me $135 for the QS kit, but a lot more for the flashing. An unflashed FJ-09 needs the controller at $75; a street bike also needs the split adaptors at $25. So yes, including shipping you're up to $250. This is an up-shift design only; an auto-blipper is far more involved, and much more expensive. Looking at pics of the shift rod and shift knuckle, and the way it's tucked into the side cover, I don't see GP shift being an option without some fairly extensive mods.
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    Can this kit work with the 14-17 FJ-09 with some modifications ?
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    Went back this morning and he adjusted the ride position to the rear for me, and added a bit of height. I am happy now, even done another 350k's to be sure It was 42 by the bike air temp guage most of the ride and bush fires everywhere in the Border Ranges near home, plus very high wind gusts. The joys of riding
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    My controller does indeed plug into the sidestand switch with variable cut time, and is intended to work with an ECU that doesn't have native QS support. Connecting through the O2 sensor seems fairly easy; just a matter of determining the connector needed. Connecting through the sidestand switch directly to the ECU strikes me as ... interesting. How does the ECU tell the difference between a QS signal and a forgotten sidestand?
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    Piotrek, thanks for your post away back in page 1. After a bit of dilly dallying I decided to cut out the Plastic Cross Member to connect the space under the pillion seat Lock Mount to the "official" under seat space. My compressor (like the orange RAC one above) now fits (just) under the lock bar and the pillion seat goes on -- with a wee bit of pressure. (If the screwdriver handle mount was cut off the pillion seat underside the pillion seat would be an easier fit.) Thanks Piotrek for the idea.
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    This is my understanding: 2WDW flashed ECU using FTecu software and had QS enabled- the FTecu QS plugs into the side stand switch... Also at the time the FJ-09 came out there was a slight problem with the FTecu QS not working hardware wise(?) with early batches... So 2WDW gave the option to have the QS function enabled for the FTecu QS in case the owner wanted to add the FTecu QS at a later date(I dunno if this works for other aftermarket QS that plug into the side stand).. this was for the 2015-17(Yamaha skipped 2018 year in USA) bikes as the 2019+ Tracer900 came from factory with QS connections built in for the Yamaha QS and automatically enabled the feature... A 2WDW flashed ECU using Woolich software(as mine is) the QS from Woolich plugs into the stock O2 sensor connection as closed loop fueling is disabled...
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    I got my arm twisted by this thread. Just got the cheap ebay version. $25 bucks well spent. The only issue was that the supplied screws for the front were too long. So I just replaced with some shorter ones that I had. Aside from that it's great.
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    If you've got the plug connector on the OEM harness, then it would be a plug-in install. If you don't have the plug, then it gets more involved - I don't know offhand what ECU pins are affected by this, or where to splice in to install such a plug. I have to assume the shops that did the flashing know which wires you'd need to splice in to ...
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    I agree in spades! I could do without these three featurers for a start: The new F 900 XR also benefits from the technology transfer from the upper class: Adaptive Cornering Light, Keyless Ride or Intelligent Emergency Call are all unique features in the mid-range. My GT has enough - but no more than that - electronic features. And keyless ride (I have had personal experience on my last two BMWs, an R and a GS) often means rideless key, when it malfunctions.
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    Re-upholstered seat finished today, 300K's and I am happy, bit of chafing on the inner thighs, but the seat should settle down after 1k or so. If not I will just duck back and have it shaped again.
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    Had mine remade this week, now is the break-in period.
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    Just installed my Hotgrips using @Duke's method. Worked like a charm. Took'er out for the last pre-winter sleep spin around 5ish Celcius degrees yesterday with the grips set to 3/7/10... 10 heated things up right quick! Will be readjusting next spring to 3/5/7 as others have mentioned!
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    I see what you mean now from reading Ivan's page. Heck If the tune is not what I want I can always have it flashed and take the PC out. For now I will give it a try the price of the tune is the same as the price of the flash
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    I have been bouncing around an idea with the local Yamaha shop, which is one of the best shops I have ever been around in my 50+ years of riding. The idea is to put on a time trial for motorcycles here in Newton County, Arkansas. I talked with our state representative and the county sheriff about this; they are both support the idea. We would be shutting down a portion of Hwy. 74 during the event. The idea is just in the talking stage. Is there any interest in a event of this nature? Thanks, JD
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    Just watch the first portion of the video.
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    In my case, the manual was under the seat. The dealer didn't explain or many other things
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    Welcome to the forum Graham. If it’s anything like the earlier models, there’s a keyhole on the left side panel, which is used to remove the pillion seat. You’ll then see a rubber cover which hides a latch for removing the riders seat.
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    I bought a set of extender brackets from a member here. I don't know the brand, but they were easy to install. Mine look very similar to these; https://goo.gl/images/TJ3PhY I've used similar brackets on other bikes. The down side to this type of extender is the passengers foot tends to hit me in the back of the calf. On my bike, I usuaully leave them off and only install when my wife goes for a ride, which isn't very often.