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    Hello everyone, I've been very curious about the FJ/Tracer 900 since its introduction in 2015. My current rides are a 2006 FZ1 with Ivan ECU reflash and a 2006 FJR1300 which I have taken to the west coast three times. Part of my curiosity was a desire to replace the FJR1300 with a lighter machine capable of touring with the possibility of an occasional dirt road for remote camping sites. After convincing myself that I was serious, I started monitoring CycleTrader for pricing. I was pleasantly surprised to see very good deals for new standard Tracer900 and was thinking seriously of pulling the trigger when an add appeared that was $1000 less than the lowest I had found. I called the dealer and he confirmed the price was real. I immediately paid a $500 deposit to secure the deal and started looking for a shipper to transport the bike from St Charles, Mo to my north Atlanta suburb. After thinking about it, I became suspicious that the deal might be too good to be true and was concerned about wiring the money to the dealer and having it shipped by a third party. That's two unknown entities where the deal could go south. That being the case, I decided to take some cash and go and get it myself. I got lucky as Enterprise had a special for their cargo vans with unlimited mileage and only $59 per day. That pretty much finalized my decision, so I departed early Friday morning on a brand new Dodge ProMaster van with 26 miles on the odometer and headed to St Charles, Mo. My concerns about the dealer were unfounded and they turned out to be awesome. So after 24 hours and lots of driving through rain and wind -- the Dodge ProMaster is a beast to drive in those conditions --, I pulled into my driveway Saturday morning at 6:00AM with a brand new 2019 Tracer 900 strapped into the back of a Dodge van with no idea how I was going to get it out before I had to return the van before noon. I was worn out, so I decided to take a rest and worry about unloading after a nap. When I woke up about four hours later, I got my wife to help unload the bike. Fortunately, I had been doing some work on my porch stairs and had a 2x12x8 sawed in half which made for a perfect ramp with a walkway. It took about ten minutes to unload the bike, even though it started raining while we unloaded and I was concerned about my footing on the wet 2x12. After storing the bike in the garage, I took the van back and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next day, the weather was unbelievable and I took advantage for a good long ride on the new Tracer. I took the bike up to the Georgia mountains north on GA129/blood mountain and back through highway 384 and Helen, Ga. I didn't push it too hard given the new tires and the roads were a little dirty due to random debris from the recent hard rains. Overall, I was pleased after my ride on the Tracer. It performed well on the mountain roads and was stable on the Interstate riding up to the mountains. I had never ridden a tracer before, so I was a little surprised about some things since I had read/watched every review on the bike that I could find. I was particularly surprised and relieved regarding highway stability. That was the major area of concern for me given reports of instability and the spindly looking longer forks. I did notice the bike seems to be a bit more susceptible to wind regarding the front end stability, but not to the point of major concern. The biggest surprise was the vibration, particularly under hard acceleration. I don't know if I glossed over that when reading reviews or maybe I'm just comparing it to my well-sorted FZ1, but it's not insignificant. For touring I don't think it will be a major issue, but I was a little disappointed. From reading all the reviews, I definitely wanted the GT version. With the discount I got on my Tracer, that made no sense. The GTs weren't discounted very much, so the difference in price would have been almost $5k considering the deal I got. That being said, the GT only had two things I really desired and those are the cruise control and suspension upgrade. I can add cruise control for about $500 and I was pleasantly surprised with the competence of the standard suspension on my ride though the mountains. For my purposes, I think the standard setup will do just fine. Anyway, I hope my introduction wasn't too long. I appreciate this forum for all the timely information and advice and hope to contribute in the future. Here's a picture of my new steed with 175 miles -- my ride yesterday - on the odometer.
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    Just a shout-out and thank you to the folks who responded and helped me with my project. I completed the work and am very happy with the results. I installed the yoshimura fender eliminator kit, and the Custom LED integrated tail light replacement. I also added a FuzeBlock for adding additional electrical devices down the road. (And I got rid of that hideous tail section Yamaha keeps shipping with these bikes) The hardest part was splicing the wire for the switched circuit. Not really all that hard, but I was very nervous about cutting into the wires of a brand spanking new bike. No issues, as I had plenty of help from members on the forum to make sure I was successful. The brake light is super bright, and has multiple patterns you can choose from to increase visibility as you are slowing/stopping. (I had one of these on my 2015 FJ 09 too) The tail tidy required me to connect wires for the light over the license plate somewhere for electricity. I opted to just run it into the fuze block for simplicity. Of course now that all it set up, weather forecast is for 2-4 inches of snow, so I likely won't get a chance to ride much for the next few days. Thanks to all who responded to my questions, you were all a huge help!
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    Uh-oh... the machinists are getting ready to throw down!
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    Put on heated grips. 🙂 Should come in handy here in South Florida. 🤣
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    Any more than this and you go to the nearby bush. Center stand is raised, the next thing to scrape on tarmac is side stand.
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    Yes, you will want to install it in the correct orientation, pos to pos and neg to neg.
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    Ha! It's been wayyyyy too long since I've made chips. My career as moved me in the opposite direction, additive manufacturing (3D printing, opposed to subtractive manufacturing like machining). Less chips, but cooler machines.
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    5MM I think. Give them a call tomorrow. Good people.
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    That works for me. @new1709rider - send me your mailing address and I will get them in the mail and then you and @fddriver2 can work out the rest of the transaction.
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    The best possible advice you can give for suspension setup. I used to cringe when I would hear one of my students say “I’m gonna change <something> and <something else> and <another dependent variable>” when chasing suspension setup. Yeah, it will be way different, but how in the world will you know what input yielded which part of the result? Glad you’re getting it (methodically) dialed in! That MT-10 should be an awesome bike for you.
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    I would have to say get what you will need right off the bat(gps mount, cel phone mount, tank bag etc...everyone is different). Then ride the bike and you will figure out what you need to make it comfortable for you. In my case I had to get a custom seat right away because the '16 FJ09 seat is a torture device(the newer seat seems a bit better). Then after riding it on a few longer day rides I knew I needed to get some highway pegs mounted due to my bad hip so I could stretch it out to extend my day. My Helibars handlebar riser was also excellent in adding comfort for me also. Then came the Givi top case, rubber foot pegs, power port and coming this winter MC Cruise control....then I think I will be done. As you can see my needs were different than others on here, all great suggestions mind you. Once you ride it a get a couple of miles on it....then come back here and get some great info on the things you are looking for. Welcome to the forum @DaBizness
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    That is the key right there, one setting at a time and eventually you will get it dialed in. 👍
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    I'll do them for free, just pay for shipping. Betoney can mail them to me and I'll forward them to you. As light as they are shipping can't cost much.😉
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    @fddriver2 - Since I am not using them, you can have them for free. All I ask is in exchange that you make a modest donation to @Cruizin to help keep the bills paid. If interested, send me a PM with your shipping info.
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    Trust me, I had the same thought! I’m already setup with the Gilles Tooling adjusters: Functional and beautifully made, but a bit more subtle than the LightTechs.
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    I'm 5' 9" and I tried the 20" screen per the Madstad site suggestion. While it did a decent job of blocking turbulence, at its highest setting I found that if I scrunched down a little it made the wind sound a lot quieter. Plus I didn't like the way it looked with the bottom of the screen being so high above the headlights. Madstad graciously agreed to exchange it for a taller model with me paying the price difference and shipping. To get the looks and quiet air I wanted I went with the 24" screen, that put the top higher for quieter air while letting the bottom stay closer to the headlights for a smoother visual transition in my opinion. And since it's my bike my opinion is the one that counts the most. Ymmv. I got the dark tint because I find it visually more appealing and even with the setup I've got I still look over the top of the screen when riding so I don't have to worry about the dark tint obscuring my vision at night.
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    @betoney @new1709rider I buy them off @betoney he ships them to @new1709rider who puts the index marks on them and ships them to me! For a modest fee of course. I crack myself up. 🤣
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    Pretty sure just running. I warm up my bike before leaving for work in the morning and the grips are warm when I leave.
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    I tried to tell y’all. Glad we have proof. Yes the originals are expensive, but well worth it and they add a nice bling-factor.
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    I took a chance on these Chinese knock-offs from Ebay. While they are constructed fine, they have no index notch or mark on the center black axle block to reference with the measurement marks. With no point of reference they are effectively worthless. I tried them for awhile and the only way that I could measure distance was with a digital caliper on each side, getting them equal on each side took forever and was a complete pain in the a$$. Now they collect dust in the garage.
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    Correct and thank you! Fun fact, one of the guys I started riding track with was in his 60's when he started. I bet you he's as quick, if not quicker than I am. Age don't matter much!
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    @dazzler24 you will love the Lightech chain adjusters. I have had them on a couple of my bikes and they make chain maintenance a snap. Make sure you tape the end of the socket you use for the axle nut, it is very easy to scratch the adjuster body if you don't.
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    I would gladly do this, just not with the bike at this time of year. My bike is in hibernation until March/April (thanks to the salt on the roads....). I can however take a picture of a "below sea level" sign, it just wouldn't have a Tracer in it.
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    I have bought Sargent seats for other bikes in the past and have been very satisfied. But the fitment of the Sargent for the Tracer 900 GT was so bad I sent it back before even taking it for a ride. Called Sargent yesterday and discussed this with them. As always they were extremely friendly and professional on the phone. The gentleman I spoke with confirmed they had made the Tracer seat by modifying their own seat pan for the FJ-09 and that it was their worst seat release in their history. It has since been tuned up a bit but from what I have seen it is still aesthetically a poor fit, and I am particular about these things. So, I have decided to send my stock seat to Sargent for a custom build. I am pretty sure it will be a big improvement, and it will be a good factory fit. Will let you all know how it goes.
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    https://2wheeldynoworks.com/2016/05/09/fj-09-ecu-removal/ Step 1: Remove both seats from the motorcycle. Step 2: Remove the top 2 bolts with a 4mm allen Step 3: Remove these four, quarter-turn 4mm allen bolts, and then remove the front upper tank shroud. Step 4: There are three 4mm allen bolts to remove in order to take the side panels off – 2 from the front, and one at the rear. The top half has a rubber grommet, and the lower slides up and away. Step 5: To remove the upper side tank covers, and the inner mid fairing, there are four 4mm allen bolts and one plastic Phillips push pin. The fourth Allen bolt(not pictured) is black, and at the front, upper point on the plastic. Step 6: The carbon tank side trim pieces have a slide over grommet in the front, and one 4mm allen bolt at the rear. There is a velcro square in the middle, pull out slightly, then slide panel towards rear of bike to clear the tab on the tank side. Step 7: Remove one 4mm allen from each side of the tank, and the two 4mm allens on the rear tank hold down bracket. If you pull these instead of the 10mm head bolts, it gives you a little more to hold on to for the next step… Step 8: It’s easiest to get a helping hand, and have someone lift the tank upwards and towards the left side of the bike. The ECU unplugs and slides out the right side, off the top of the airbox. While your friend is holding the tank up, cleanly remove the foam pad stuck to the bottom of the fuel tank, to free up a few extra horsepower! Be cautious to make sure there is no residue or leftover foam to fall into your airbox.