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    I've been using my old V35 Givi pannier inner bags on the GT, panniers are long gone, but kept the handy bags, while I sourced some new yins. Just noticed that Yamaha have just added a nice looking branded set on their website for the 20L side cases. Listed at £51.96. I thought, that's good value. No-one seems to be stocking them yet online yet, so did things the old fashioned way - phoned the Yamaha dealer (Saltire Motos) and spoke to Robb on parts. Once he'd found them on his system, yes they're new, not seem them before; he's ordered me up a set for £51.96, great value, and I can collect them when I'm visiting them next month for the bikes first annual service. 😎 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT - Accessories ...
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    Oh well, another $129 headed into the "pit".🙂 Reminded me - one of the guys here has the signature block, "when I die don't let my wife sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it". I need to put that in my will.
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    I wasn't a fan of inner bags, always thought they took up some of your storage space. That was until a set of bags came with the bike I bought Much more appreciated now. I test rode the GT model at Saltire Edinburgh before I bought my Tracer but it was the smaller 20L panniers that put me off buying one.
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    I have these too @wanderer, but with the offset mounts and I have them just in front of the radiator. From the front they appear each side of the fork legs. They are incredibly bright, much more so than the Dzell versions.
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    They have 2 versions now, one for the older FJ09 and one for the Tracer 900 / GT
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    April Hopefully. Get to Murfreesboro Tn. Meet up with the oldest son. Natchez Trace to Natchez Ms - 2 days Natchez to Memphis Tn up "The Great River Road" Out to Corinth Ms Lake Hill motors and Marine has a small museum that is worth seeing. So I hear. @crash If time allows Barber.
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    A zip tie at the end should stop the strap from coming back thru the metal loop...
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    I had mine shipped to my US address in Buffalo. It arrived 2 days after they shipped it.
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    You could also try a rivet through the end of the strap. Might be a little easier, but my sewing skills are zero 😄
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    I have a tentative route laid out but if history holds true I can be easily SQUIRREL! distracted. Most of my bike rides start with a direction. Coming from an FJR to the Tracer GT I find I miss the 6.6 gallon gas tank. With that in mind, I built a new case mount for the back with a mount inside for a 1 gallon Rotopax. As with most of the other mods I've made this is an untested prototype. Rode 5,300 miles last summer across Route 2 to Glacier Park, up to Waterton Park, then down to Lolo, MT for Route 93 to Challis, ID and back home VIA Route 2. On that ride I wished for a larger tank more than once.
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    I was pretty close with my 5000km estimate. Got back on 5082km! Certainly was epic. Great roads, amazing scenery and the bike was brilliant. I'm so pleased with it, it really ticks all the boxes for me. Britten was in a bike gallery in Invercargill. I'll throw a couple more pics up, it's only letting me put two up at a time.
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    I havent made any epic bike trip plans for the FJ yet. However, I did rent a Honda XR150 this winter and spent a month exploring Vietnam. I rode from Hanoi to Saigon and then onward to the Mekong Delta region. Shout-out to Tigitmotorbikes.com for making it possible.