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    Hello Biker Dudes and Dudettes. Names Chad, Just picked up this beautiful 2015 FJ-09 this week. Can’t wait to start Modding her and making her mine. Any thoughts on where best to start? I figure crash cages, new seat, maybe luggage? Definitely an adjustable suspension. Oh and probably a skid plate to protect that oil bolt Achilles heel. anyway just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself, I’m sure there are a lot of hidden gems of wisdom in these forums so looks like I got some reading to do. Cheers!
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    All you guys spending money to make the sun go away. I’ve been begging for it to come out for the past 2.5 months. I’d actually pay for sun glare at this point. Spring is close.
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    Fitted the Heed Engine/ Crash Bars today, very impressed, quick delivery, very well protected/ packaged and a doddle to fit. Cheers Steve
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    James invited me to join him in riding out as far as we could on the North Cascades Highway. We got as far as the Colonial Creek Campground before we reached the barriers that said the rest of the way was by foot. I had a wonderful time. James really knows the side roads up north. As he puts it, it keeps him sane when he has to get away from it all. Chris
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    Maybe they redesigned their anti-glare screens in the last 2 years? who knows. I'm glad that yours work, they look completely sharp and readable in the photos.
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    Hey Scott, Thanks, great to meet you. Completely agree about the suspension, that's next on the list after literally ALL the fluids are changed and I mount up the set of new Pilot Road 5's I just got at a smokin' MSF Rider Coach discount price from Cycle Gear. This is a 'budget bike' so will likely do the K-Tech cartridges and the Razor R-Lite. Of course if you have any Ohlins connections that can save me a few C-notes I'm all in... Cheers! Pooch
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    @Poochwelcome. You won’t be disappointed, at all. We have the same bike.
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    Yes, I thought that the Givi ones looked good (better) but potentially offered less protection which is why I went with Heed as IMO offer a reasonable balance of looks/ protection. Cheers Steve
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    @fddriver2 - message me when you have some dates. Maybe we can meet for a meal or something.
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    Hey, link is still good; https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F311557082474 Magnetic too! Just gives you a state of engine condition. Don't think it's going to stop anything. Just seeing the little bit of black powder material each time and not slivers makes ya feel good. Everything's OK.
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    I like those. They look like they offer a decent amount of protection without detracting from the look of the bike. Time to do some research.
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    Allow a full day. Whether that’s an acceptable tradeoff during a motorcycle road trip is 100% up to you, but it’s definitely worth going at some point. Amazing place... words & pictures don’t do it justice.
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    Same with @BBB - I have the offset version mounted to the front of the radiator. They are very durable, waterproof and EXTREMELY bright. You could try the Barkbuster LED's, I posted the link above but here again, they are available in white or amber and designed to be used as turn signals. Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights for Jet, Storm & VPS Plastic Handguards | Amber - Bolt R-Spec '17-'20 - Yamaha - Shop by Bike | TwistedThrottle.com Enhance your safety and visibility in traffic with the Barkbusters LED...
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    Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights for Jet, Storm & VPS Plastic Handguards | Amber - Bolt R-Spec '17-'20 - Yamaha - Shop by Bike | TwistedThrottle.com Enhance your safety and visibility in traffic with the Barkbusters LED...
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    I have these too @wanderer, but with the offset mounts and I have them just in front of the radiator. From the front they appear each side of the fork legs. They are incredibly bright, much more so than the Dzell versions.
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    It’s a long time since I fitted them @Clicknow, so I may have this wrong, but I think I bought the flasher module with them. As far as I know, the module is simply a set of resistors to keep the flash rate in time with the normal indicator bulbs. The white colour is good as for the majority of your riding time they are acting as DRLs, it is only for the few seconds that you’re indicating that it would be perfect if they were amber coloured.
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    I see! http://www.dzell.net/98/?idx=172 I still think I'd prefer the looks of the Denali though (https://www.twistedthrottle.com/denali-drl-daytime-running-light-with-waterproof-flush-mounting-kit-amber-or-white).
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    They have 2 versions now, one for the older FJ09 and one for the Tracer 900 / GT
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    Looks just like mine. What a sweet ride. Congrats!
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    Welcome to the forum, sounds like you got a great deal👍 Don't forget to change the coolant out!
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    Great bike at a great price, practically brand new! 👍 Maybe run some Seafoam or fuel injector cleaner in a tank of fuel to clean the injectors. The only thing I would definitely recommend right away is a radiator protector.
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    I have the Dzell lights on my handguards. They are constant white when the ignition is on and I have them wired to flash white in time with each indicator. http://dzell.net/support/?q=YToxOntzOjEyOiJrZXl3b3JkX3R5cGUiO3M6MzoiYWxsIjt9&bmode=view&idx=773769&t=board
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    Yeah, Tracers are really not common bikes in NA at all. Strangely, imho, as they're really ideal bikes here. Well suited for long distance rides and tight twisty rides.
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    I can't speak to the price, as I'm not even sure what currency your using or what you're local market is like. However, that's the golden spot, the bike that's only lightly used so someone else has paid the freight/PDI/tax/first service/etc, but hasn't had it long enough that his own bad habits may become a problem. My Tracer (2019 GT as well) was a dealership floor model, 800kms on it, and that saved me thousands for a bike with mileage I'd put on it in a couple weeks anyways. Even 2500 miles is nothing. One road trip.
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    I picked up a bunch at a local autoparts but they're pretty common and cheap. Amazon, Ebay.....yep. Just google "Dowty Washer".
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    That sealing washer looks a bit trick. Where do you get another one at next oil replacement? Ebay? cb
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    Changing my oil last year on my '15, somehow the OEM pan got stripped. I say "somehow" because I think it happened on removal. I had to muscle the bolt off. I mean really give it some "umph!" (Last oil change was done by the dealer) When installing the new plug, it was turning, met some resistance, and then whoops, it just kept turning. No torque wrench, no strongarming, just a normal turning. After a lot of swearing, I bit the bullet and just ordered a new pan with the plug on the front (where it should of been in the first place). A few beers and a enjoyable afternoon, new pan was in with new plug and no issues. Not the cheapest route at all, but now I don't worry about the low spot.
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    I don't break out the torque wrench until I'm inside the motor or installing a motor. Swing arm too I suppose. Otherwise I prefer the German torque spec: "Guttentite"
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    Oh the horror of owning a new bike.... My life is not complete. Until of course I Farkle the crap out of my bike. The list......so far...... 1. GIVI Windsheild (Nice!) 2. Fenda-Extenda 3. Ram ball mounts (two of them) 4. Old school GPS (2160 on one of the ram ball mounts) 5. Tankslapper 3M film 6. Cheapie 10W DRL and mounts 7. GIVI case guards. (Nice!) 8. EBay cheapie rubber mounted front pegs 9. Tourmaster magnetic tank bag (note the tank slapper film) 10. Ram iPhone holder (for the other ram ball) 11. Four fuse block with relay (for lights, and other to be installed electrical items) 12. Power-let BMW receptacle (to be mounted) 13. Dual USB charger (also to be mounted) 14. Yamaha factory heated grips (on order and yes to be mounted) 15. Yamaha factory lowering links (PITA to mount!) 16. Hyper lites (Nice!) 16. Retroreflective 3M film (custom cut to fit the bikes sexy curves) 17. Rim tape (red of course) 18. Shad 3P mounts with SH36 side bags and liners (from my old Versys) (new FJ09 mounts) 19. Battery tender 20. Mirror extenders 21. Cheapie shorty adjustable levers (ordered not yet received) 22. GoPro mounts (not on the bike just yet but will be as soon as I figure the best place(s) I haven't yet decided on a headset (Sena probably) and I am dreaming up a custom accessory shelf over the instrumentation cluster. I'll also wait for a couple thousand miles and a couple good multi hundred mile days on whether or not to get a custom saddle. Loving the bike so far.......... For now.......... Pictures to come after all installs complete. I Promise..........