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    When cleaning metal to be welded, never use brake cleaner. Under high heat the residue can break down into Phosgene gas! High-concentration (99%) isopropyl alcohol will strip just about any oil and chain lube that you may find, without attacking your lungs.
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    When the FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer first arrived to the market a very similar issue was discussed fairly often. The resolution 95% of the time was to adjust the shift lever or foot position in such a way that allows the lever to fully "reset" to its resting position between shifts. If you leave any pressure on the lever between shifts (whether you realize it or not) it can cause these symptoms you are describing... it was also reported most oftwn when shifting from first to second. I would recommend taking a look at the lever and paying extra attention to letting the lever "reset" and see if you notice a difference.
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    On the step "checking throttle operation" it doesn't specifically say to continue to hold the "on - off" button while starting the bike. On the first 3 tries I held the button until the indicator light on the changed from green to red. About 2 seconds. I the released the button and tried to start the bike. I got a no start situation and error code 059 "accelerator position sensor". Shutting the bike off and back on removed the code and allowed the bike to run normally. After a beer and a cigar to calm my nerves. I tried for a 4th time. This time I continued to hold the "on - off" button while starting the bike and all was fine. I continued with the set up of the cc. It seems fine after a couple runs up and down the runway. Today it will get further tested.
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    I find alot of this throttle problems tend to be a mix of rider and electronics combined... I had to retrain my muscles to let off the throttle in 2 steps vs the ole cable systems from carburetors... Just back off the throttle a tiny amount to give you an indication the electronics are paying attention to you then you can let off the throttle even more... Just a idea/thought...
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    Did this transmission issue just start today or has it been happening for awhile? This sounds kind of obvious but do you have the shifter angle adjusted up or down so it fits your foot? Are you preloading the shift lever before trying to shift? Try unloading pressure off the lever completely and then upshifting. Are you still using the break-in oil? or have you changed it since buying the bike?
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    If you are having issues with the flash, call Dave and talk to him about it, he is usually very friendly and helpful.
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    James invited me to join him in riding out as far as we could on the North Cascades Highway. We got as far as the Colonial Creek Campground before we reached the barriers that said the rest of the way was by foot. I had a wonderful time. James really knows the side roads up north. As he puts it, it keeps him sane when he has to get away from it all. Chris
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    7 degrees, no recent snow, dry roads... I had to get out there today! Pretty chilly I'll admit, but I don't see anytime in the next 2-3 weeks that the weather will let me out on the bike. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, spring starts to creep up on us... We're almost there!
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    Hi, Thank you for accepting me, a black 2017 Tracer owner here!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
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    @tojjer I use the SW Motech EVO Engage bag. I like it because the tank ring makes it super convenient and rock solid, it very much compliments the shape of the tank and it holds everything I need in a quick-access tank bag with out being HUGE. I carry tools, sun glasses, wallet, cell phone and charger, lens cleaner and chamois for cleaning my face shield, spare change, emergency money, tire pressure gauge, ear plugs, insurance and registration papers and a spare set of keys. In the side compartments I have a spare GPS and power cable. I can only imagine all of the crap I would load in there if it was one of those monstrosities with 3x the capacity.
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    Luckily, chlorinated solvents have mostly been phased out now as they were ozone depleting, and brake cleaners are most often long chain hydrocarbons, with no phosgene production risk.
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    Thanks for all the needlessly complicated suggestions. I folded over the ends of the strap tabs and sewed it with a needle and thread, and the gloves work a lot better now. Unexpected bonus: the thicker strap end is also easier to grab and snug with a gloved hand. The gloves should have been made this way in the first place.
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    Take it to a good welder and let him look at it before doing anything and see what he has today say. This way if he can fix it he won't have to remove the JB Weld. Fix it right the first time and tell the next owner about it when you sell it.
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    @tojjerI'm using an Oxford Q4R tank bag that mounts to the fuel tank ring. I will not have another bag that rests on fuel tank, to many scratches on the paint. Very happy with the quality of the bag and they come in many sizes and color's. Price is not expensive and for you it's an English company with a lifetime warranty👍
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    I have used a magnetic tank bag and it stays put with no problem. If you are careful, when placing the bag on the tank you should not have any issues with it scratching the paint.
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    The general rule with bolts is to insert them dry otherwise you alter the torque setting required. However, IMHO that only matters when you’re using high torque values or critical bolts. The sump bolts do not use loctite. To keep the new fasteners in better condition you could replace them with marine grade stainless and give them a quick spray of ACF 50 once they’re tightened.
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    I've already contacted him. I wanted to try this before sending the ECU back. He seems like a great guy.
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    Try to check the cable for looseness, maybe its the cause.👍🏼 Its a big maybe👍🏼🇵🇭
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    Finding neutral when shifting from 1st to 2nd is something that can happen (on any bike), as can finding a false neutral between any gears so i wouldn't be too concerned at a once off. If the bike is under heavy acceleration between 1st and 2nd you need a sure foot when changing gear. Monitor the situation and check if it is happening only when high revs (if so try being more assertive with the gear change). If it is happening often then you should get it checked.
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    @rodb47 I agree with @betoney... Contact Dave and let him know what you are experiencing. I had him set mine up to start in A-mode with his "quick turn" throttle option which is the most aggressive throttle map and do not feel like mine is "snatchy" at all.
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    Yes, I've been there. There's some nice riding if you head over to Kitsap Penninsula too. Nice views across the Sound. Little to no traffic. And you don't have to worry about snow. Chris
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    Today I installed the CC. Took about 6 1/2 hours. I was at a friend's place. (Real mechanic real tools) Had an issue calibrating it. My error, just misreading the very clear instructions. A couple short runs to test it. Seems ok. Tomorrow I'll give it a longer more intensive testing. For the record. While trying to calibrate it I was misreading the instructions. I gave a quick email to Tony AT McCruise. Roughly 4pm EST. Within the hour I had a reply giving some things to look at. While I had figured out my error. by the time he replied. That quick customer service from halfway around the world, literally is a comforting feeling.
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    It can be welded back in, the problem there is access. I dare say you will get a much better result by pulling the motor out so it can be properly cleaned. Tig torches can be a bit fiddly to fit in certain spots otherwise. And make sure the welder takes his time so not to burn all the rubber seals that are hanging around in the area.
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    Greetings all, I am an avid long distance touring rider (IBA member) who has been on a 2009 FJR1300a for the past 11 years. I've rewarded myself for my birthday by buying a 2019 Tracer GT. Not selling the FJR yet, but I should. Looking forward to getting to know the farkles needed for this FANTASTIC machine. I tend to be a lurker, and only speak when I have something meaningful to offer. (FJRForum has soured me on public debate....) Thanks in advance for any advice and tips I glean from this membership.
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    Welcome Snowdog, I too, and many others, have moved from the FJR to the FJ/MT900GT. Although I'm not a IBA member, but think I'm a CALDR (Candy Ass Long Distance Rider) sleeps 8 hours. I have two 05 FJR's in the garage, one a parts bike with 143, 331 miles on it and a rider with 80-90K that I still ride. Hard to not like that inline 4 spinning up to 10 grand from a stop. The FJ will pretty much match the FJR in acceleration, unless you weight over 230# or two up, then the extra torque makes a difference. At the end of the day, you will feel less tired on the FJ. I have got 90+K on my FJ-09, installed electronic cruise control, shocks front and back, Russell seat, heated grips, VStream, usually run Michelins, change oil at 5K, easy to remember, use FJR saddle bags. I live in Vancouver WA and my first major ride, 5,400 miles, usually starts with a ride to Austin TX for the Moto GP. The first year I had the FJ, I put 26,600 miles on it and only 2,000 on the FJR. Each years since has been similar. Welcome.
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    Can't upload any more pics. Am I only allowed 1Mb total (mods)? Maybe because I don't have many posts? Just edited and I was able to add more photos. Maybe I did something wrong? Anyway here's a couple more:
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    The gloves are great.