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    I am a fan of the SW-Motech Engage bag also. It seems as though it was made for the tracer/FJ. Holds everything I need for a days ride.
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    Hi, Thank you for accepting me, a black 2017 Tracer owner here!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
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    If you are having issues with the flash, call Dave and talk to him about it, he is usually very friendly and helpful.
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    +1 for the SW Motech
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    Added a $20 ring setup and a piece of cutting board for stiffness to a strap on Cortech in the gear closet. Been using it for four years and works great. After decades of other mounting systems I'm all ring now.
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    Have you tried riding the bike without TCS on??? I ride with TCS off 95%+ of the time I find it's much smoother vs TCS on due to my understanding of how the tunes are created on a dyno- TCS is turned off when they create a tune on the dyno since the front wheel does not rotate and the back wheel does which makes the TCS think something is wrong...
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    No problems at all. As you may see from my link, it’s a bestseller on sportsbikeshop and a Ride recommended item. What’s not shown on the picture is that there is a small nylon cover over the top, that has a zip in it for holding a credit card. I don’t use it at all, but it covers the transparent phone pocket and stops UV damage. The tankbag is rock solid when mounted, yet easy to remove with the tank ring mechanism. I’ve had mine for at least 3 years now and no problems.
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    + 1 for the SW Motech EVO Engage bag. Love it.
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    The tank ring attachment works great with the Givi bags, never had them work loose. 15 litre is a nice useful size for day use. You can also adjust how it sits on tank by moving the fixing forward / backward, very useful.
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    Another vote for the SW engage. Think it’s 7 liters (aka smallish) and looks and works great. Have used on two cross country trips in heat, rain, cold etc without issue. Tank ring keeps it off the tank but close enough to look great. However the downside is the price. SW doesn’t give them away for sure.
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    +1 SW-Motech Engage. For touring I use the its big brother Before this I used an excellent strap mounted bag 13 liter Shiloh Road Tankbag great build quality on the RKA, and unclipping one strap and sliding bag to one side to pump gas wasn’t too much of a PITA.
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    Yeah its a 2016 Matte silver.
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    I too looked for a while and i needed something small due to the tank having plastic in the way and settled on the Cortech Super 2.0 Low Profile Tank Bag Its awesome and expandable. The magnets never scratch the tank.
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    My favorite tank bag is my chest.
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    I have a Wolfman Explorer strap-on bag. It is a quality bag even after five years of intermittent use, and I've never had issues with paint scratches. But the straps are a pain to live with. My next bag will use a tank ring mount.
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    I have this on @tojjer, attached by the tank ring. It snaps on easily and is very secure once on. Perfect size for phone, gloves, water bottle, satnav, etc. It has a pocket in the lid in which spare earplugs, cash, buff, paracetamol live. Givi ST602B Sport-T Tanklock Tank Bag - 4L - FREE UK DELIVERY Givi ST602B Sport-T Tanklock Tank Bag - 4L from the UK's leading online...
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    I have a SHAD E-16 tank bag. Overall I like it. Wish there was a little more compartmentalization in the main part of the bag but no big deal. I did have an issue with the plastic cover of the cell phone holder separating from the fabric. Fixed it with some Gorilla Glue double sided tape.
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    You brought up a good point for others... I took all the slack out of my throttle cable and that helped the on/off throttle abruptness as well. I see you've already addressed this as well.
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    I have a small bag with straps (carried over from a bike with a plastic tank) and a large magnetic bag. The magnets grip the back of the tank well, but I get lift at the front at some speeds. Definitely use the safety strap around the handlebar clamps. The small strapped bag always gradually slides to the left or right. It's easy to correct but a minor annoyance.
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    I have used a magnetic tank bag and it stays put with no problem. If you are careful, when placing the bag on the tank you should not have any issues with it scratching the paint.
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    In my state , over half the motorcycle deaths that I see on the news are Harley riders. Sometimes not their fault but here, you hardly ever see a Harley rider wearing a helmet and when they do, it's usually one of those half asses half helmets. I take the advanced STARS riding course every other year in the spring to keep my habits refreshed and one year, this guy shows up on a big heavy bagger and he had to borrow a helmet from the instructors. We got to the fast swerve and power stop manuveur and of course, right on cue, he low sided the 800 lb piece of shet in front of the entire class. I think that Harley marketing and attitude has killed more motorcyclists than anything else.
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    Check Yamaha sports plaza. They have great online prices for factory yamaha and aftermarket parts and accessories. I put the oem grip heaters on my 2017 FJ-09 they work great. You will notice the right side will get warmer because it is insulated by the throttle tube.
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    Howdy y'all. Thought I'd chip in from across the pond re: that new fangled internet google maps on your phone. You can download a prescribed area of a map before your journey. Do this by tap and holding an area, scroll down on the pin location info > download. You can then zoom in/out to choose the desired area and save the data to your phone. Think the max is 200mb or so which is usually a few hundred square miles. I downloaded most of Sicily and crete this way and navigated fine without data on the way.
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    Am I the only one that doesn't have a snatchy throttle on his FJ? I could hardly ride my FZ-09, it had a snatchy throttle, on off in the corners wanted to send you into on coming traffic. Nada on my FJ. Never been a problem. I'm temped to do this procedure to just check out the numbers and to see if any changes take place, even though there is no need to do so.