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    Hey all! I just bought a used 2015 FJ-09. I traded in my 2013 Honda CB500X. A wee bit of an upgrade there! As an aside, I'm a woodworker specializing in custom cabinetry and furniture. I'm looking forward to picking your brains about this bike! -Patrick
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    Hey all. I did the slipper clutch upgrade on my 2015 FJ09, and did the cable update too. Excellent upgrade- it really transformed the bike. It shifts soooooo smooth now, even if I don't nail the rev matching, and it's much less of a pain in traffic, too. I also recommend using the Rotella T6 oil- very smooth shifter action. The existing tutorials all left something to be desired so I made my own. I hope someone finds this helpful.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j2SOPSb2b8&feature=youtu.be
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    Yep, that's the one Willie!
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    Nice bike and welcome! Is this bike from Moon motorcycle shop in North Bend?
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    Welcome! I'm a complete amateur woodworker who is trying to build a new dining table right now. You pick our brains about the bike, and maybe I'll pick your brain about carpentry! 😀
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    This. 10-20mm free play as measured at the end of the lever. Set when cold. also cold oil can affect shifting feel. Make sure the fasteners are tight in the shift linkage (5mm Allen bolt) if it gets worse, see your shop so someone else can ride it and rule your habits out of the equation. -Skip
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    For an overnight trip, Oregon riding is hard to beat, whether its the coastal range, central region or Eastern area by the Idaho border, it is all amazing. For a longer multi-day road trip, Northern California is just ridiculous.👍
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    Well, I guess I'm guilty to some extent. I'm damn near 70, I don't do trips any more and even my day rides are 2-3 hours max. Not much worth posting about or taking pictures. My '16 FJ is as farkled as it's going to get and most of that is your standard, boring stuff. Corbin seat, ECU Flash, suspension upgrade, bar risers, crash bars (LOVE those blurple Higgies!) tail tidy and a radiator screen. Whee... Plus, I'm a fair weather rider and we haven't had any of that since last September (October, which is usually my favorite month, was a HUGE disappointment) and won't again until probably the end of April, so there's that. I'm a world-class picture whore, but with my boring rides they're mostly about my hobbies, dogs and my great-granddaughter. I guess I could post up some in Fireside Chat just to see if it generates any traffic.
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    I live in the north end, if you are looking for someone to ride with. Chris
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    Sweet, thanks. Olympia, eh? I have a couple BMW rider friends in Gig Harbor who I head down there to ride with sometimes. Great roads down there.
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    Welcome, Love the color and yeah just a teenie bit of an upgrade.
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    I believe this is a post that clarifies the part numbers for the 'correct' ring to use. For the record, I bought this part number TRT.00.640.11001/B (110) which is the 'low' version.
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    I just went with OEM from Yamaha Sports Plaza and they should be here shortly. I read somewhere on here that they had updated the part number and insulated the right side a little more effectively so that the right side and left side distribute heat more effectively.... but who knows? I like the idea of aftermarket but I also like having something menu controlled since all of my past bikes basically had a speedo and if I'm lucky a tac.
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    Absolutely agreed. I appreciate anyone willing to take the risk of riding, don't get me wrong, but if you buy a 15k - 30k Harley as your first bike and bin it on a mountain corner, that's your fault. Pride and ego makes no difference to the laws of physics. One of my bosses at my old job got a 20k Road King to ride in the mountains in VA. Limited riding experience, some sport bike stuff but it had been years. No surprise, he wedged it under a guard rail on one of his first outings. You have to respect this passion or the gods of the mountain will get their blood sacrifice.
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    When you order the tank ring, make sure to order the 110 EVO ring. If I remember correctly, they recommend a different ring, (307, 308 maybe?) but that one has the bag sitting 1" or more above the tank surface.
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    That is very interesting, I will have to try it myself. 😎👍
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    Thank you all for taking the time to post and put pictures also. I think I am leaning towards one of those SW Motechs. Look great on the bike with that shape. Thanks again all, really appreciate it.
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    I have a SHAD E-16 tank bag. Overall I like it. Wish there was a little more compartmentalization in the main part of the bag but no big deal. I did have an issue with the plastic cover of the cell phone holder separating from the fabric. Fixed it with some Gorilla Glue double sided tape.
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    Try to check the cable for looseness, maybe its the cause.👍🏼 Its a big maybe👍🏼🇵🇭
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    This is a better shot. I really liked my FJ 09's (had two of them,) but like the GT 900 a lot more. More refined, but still just as much raw power as the FJ. Less wheelie prone and more stable at speed with the longer swingarm, and the cruise control, tft gauge, etc, is great.
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    In my state , over half the motorcycle deaths that I see on the news are Harley riders. Sometimes not their fault but here, you hardly ever see a Harley rider wearing a helmet and when they do, it's usually one of those half asses half helmets. I take the advanced STARS riding course every other year in the spring to keep my habits refreshed and one year, this guy shows up on a big heavy bagger and he had to borrow a helmet from the instructors. We got to the fast swerve and power stop manuveur and of course, right on cue, he low sided the 800 lb piece of shet in front of the entire class. I think that Harley marketing and attitude has killed more motorcyclists than anything else.
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    @Willie17FJ-09 Post #2 🤣