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    I looked into the fuel pump more- the bag looking filter is 2 filters in 1 - it's got another mesh bagged filter element inside the white filter bag... the second filter is molded around what I can feel as a plastic pickup tray- this filter looks like some type of long fine metal fibers encased in a mesh bag...this can be easily removed via the orange clip and the actual fuel pump slides right out so that is also easily replaceable... The silver object on the left side of the fuel pump unit looks to be a pressure type bypass valve and is not attached to the fuel filter looking bag... I also cannot tell what is inside the left side of the fuel pump unit as it is sealed together... shining a flashlight thru the plastic sides shows it's kinda empty inside but something is there like an actual micron filter because I can move the light around and see some type of structure inside like a screen cage...
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    I use to visit China regularly in my last job. When I asked about the knock-offs in local markets the locals explained how it is done. - the factory quotes to the Western customer, how many coats for example, that they can make from each square meter of cloth. - the factory delivers against that spec, but “to their surprise” finds that they can make more than they planned to. - these are sold by the factory and it’s all profit. Items made this way are the same quality as the real deal, but I got the impression that they are sold locally. The other way is that the Chinese factory makes the product for the western customer, but has now learned how to make it and has all the patterns. They then make their own copy, often with cheaper materials and sell directly on sites like ebay.
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    Just my opinion but if you are upgrading your pads, you DO NOT need to put HH pads on the rear, it is already relatively easy to activate ABS on the rear. The HH pads are a great upgrade for the front though.
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    @BBB - That does make sense. I have the HH pads matched to the big EBC rotors, and they work really well at speed... much better bite and feedback than stock. The slow speed pulsing is a minor irritation, and it does seem to come and go based on how aggressively I’ve been using the brakes. Given your theory, that actually does make sense. I don’t do much commuting or city riding, so it hasn’t been too much of a bother for me. It will be interesting to see if there’s a noticeable improvement with the new lines & fresh brake fluid.
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    I idle mine in 1st to lube also......no code, 2015 red. Maybe because it's red. 😅
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    Florida Keys - January 2020 2019 Tracer 900 GT and 2019 Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT Adventure
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    Fuel filter is in the fuel pump unit inside the tank... the whole fuel pump/fuel filter is practically one whole piece iirc... I have my OEM fuel system from my FZ-07 on the shelf- I can look at it/or post pictures of it-
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    Pretty sure that's what I'll use, I did some more looking and really like their product. Thanks for the info...
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    So to summarize - the filter is part of the fuel pump assy, and as such you cannot order a filter from Yamaha. If you want to replace just the filter you need to source it from another means (difficult to R&R without wrecking things, just as a heads up, as I’ve done them on H-D’s and they are tricky). Or replace the pump with an OE assy. btw NorCal -that “silvery” thing you refer to is the fuel pressure regulator, which is also part of the pump assy. -Skip
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    James invited me on a second ride. We headed over to Monroe and rode over Ben Howard Road. For those not in the area, it is a motorcyclists' dream road. Hills and dips, twists and turns. And the unexpected mud on the road from the rain washing out the side roads. It's always wonderful, but you can't be day-dreaming on it when the conditions are like this. But still nice. From there we headed east on US2 to Reiter Road. I've skipped it in the past. I think it is delightful and on my list of local roads to explore and enjoy. If you follow it long enough, it comes into the back of a town called Index. From there, we headed east on US2 to Skykomish, where we relaxed in some unexpected sun and looked out over the river. This was our turn-around point in Skykomish. I didn't need it, but I went inside and bought a cup of coffee to help them out. And to thank them for what they had done a couple months back. We got some unusual weather and Stevens Pass was closed for days. The owner drove out to his place to check if the power was out and if everything was okay and found his parking lot full of stranded motorists. He opened the place up so people could get warm and fed them sandwiches and whatever else he could find. He did a really good thing. Chris
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    welcome to the forum @Death Sprockett, slightly macabre username but hey. If the registration documents are flat (I’m not sure as we don’t carry the, in the UK), there is a relatively big area under the rider’s seat, above the battery. I have a microfibre cloth and a cargo net stashed there. Others use tool tubes mounted under the tail (search for @piotrek for example). For phone mounts, there are lots of options that don’t involve the screen area. I have a RAM ball that replaces one of the handlebar mounting bolts and the case in one from Ultimateaddons. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultimateaddons-Apple-iPhone-Tough-Waterproof/dp/B07BM96WPD/ref=sr_1_11?adgrpid=55875286000&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtOjyBRC0ARIsAIpJyGN1PcjLiMMWVbcJKAegcWnjR_hCye4_5E4KTzSKhj_golY0Cm06akoaAhpWEALw_wcB&hvadid=259101867091&hvdev=t&hvlocphy=9046566&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=4899170316084545260&hvtargid=kwd-300758565024&hydadcr=4395_1795144&keywords=ultimateaddons&qid=1582963601&sr=8-11 In addition to engine guards, consider a radiator guard to protect from stone chips. I’m glad you’re taking the time to get a refresher course, you’ll really enjoy it and be a much safer rider for it. Have fun!
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    Thanks for all the advice, as I have just recently purchased this bike I will need to have another look at the type of brake pads fitted. It may well also have hh pads.
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    Got it. I've used them on racing Karts with smaller chain and never had a problem. But I replaced the chains and clip links after every race. Good food for thought on high-perf motorcycle chains. And thanks for the reply.
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    I cant really say they are risky, I have used em for years on dirt bikes, quads, motorcycles, pedal bikes, machines at work, etc... they are what I have known/used for years but I really prefer to have a chain like how the OEMs are if one could easily remove chain from bike without having to drop the swingarm or grind/cut chain to remove... them snap off style links really do intrigue me but I dont know anyone personally to use em that I can go visit and talk to... I do see a potential problem using the clip style links if the front sprocket is "damping style" which would cause the outside chain links to ride on the damper and potentially causing some problems since the master link clip would also potentially ride on the damper... I currently use a clip style one on my FZ-07 but have not gotten to the point of replacing chain on my FJ-09 I have a few extra clips/links on hand- I only use em one/maybe 2 times if I take the clip/link off after I have put the chain to use... Like I mentioned before- keep the open split end of the clip facing the rear tire so the open split end does not go head first into the front sprocket cover or lower chain guide(dirt bikes, etc) potentially getting one of the split ends caught... This is not an endorsement to use clip style master links over other styles or to say they are safer vs others...its just my own personal preference...
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    @texscottyd, I think with your set up (and uprated pads?) what you’re feeling is the result of the pads being hot. Uprated pads can be grabbier when hot, and you don’t sense the effect with higher rotational speeds. But, as you come to a stop the effect becomes more pronounced as the wheel slows down i.e. just before you come to a stop. It will feel like a pulsing effect as the pads grip tightly then let go a bit. Of course, that’s why you get better braking with HH pads. The only way to alleviate it is to do the majority of your braking with the front brake and then swap to the rear brake as you come to a stop.
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    Thanks for the tip. I've gone up to Lake Roesiger and ridden in that area a lot, but never to Spada Lake. Chris
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    I logged a couple hundred miles today, and ‘found’ the ocean along the way. Well, technically the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s a saltwater beach, so close enough...
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    I’ve done the same with my 2015 FJ, and have gotten away with it so far. Nothing more than idling in first gear, and even then I half-expected it to throw an error code.