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    Had a call from the bike shop at Suzuka that my Tracer GT came. Reached there and found it stripped to do some riding recorders and electrical toll system installed. Have to wait for few more days lol.
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    I agree with you on that. Many insurance companies charge huge rates for it because of the ninja name and past experiences with squids killing themselves on the ninjas of old. Time to dump the ninja name.
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    Now installing electrical devices, not mine yet...
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    Hi guys, just bought 2020 Tracer GT at a local bike shop in Suzuka. Can't wait till 22nd March.
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    I find it interesting how two companies in the same business can do market research and come up with opposite results. I'm thinking here of Kawasaki and Honda. Honda used the name "Fireblade" in Europe, but market research led them to use "CBR-RR" in the USA. Kawasaki used the name "Ninja" in the USA, but market research led them to use "ZXR" in Europe.
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    I just spent some time digging into the details of the new 2020 Ninja 1000SX, and I have to say it looks REALLY impressive. They are definitely positioning it as a Gentleman's Express sport-tourer... half of the photos in the brochure are shown with saddle bags and a passenger, and the overall style and paint scheme is so much more refined than the Ninjas of old. My one gripe: I personally think they need to ditch the Ninja name entirely on this bike. I get the heritage and market awareness of the name, but I just think it sends the wrong initial message. Call it a ZX-1000 SX (or whatever), because it looks to be a great motorcycle that deserves its own identity.
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    You are like the devil on my shoulder. 😈 Thanks for the heads up, I have watched their prices for a few years and always surprised at some of the deals they offer.
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    My co worker let me take his new bike for a spin. Wow, I really really liked that bike. Smoothest fueling I've ever felt on a bike, handles really well and the TFT screen goes light or dark, like this forum. Most comfortable stock seat I have ever sat on. I know sport tourers are out and ADV bikes are all the rage, but that Ninja 1000 is pretty damn tempting. They knocked it out of the park on the 2020 Changes. $12,139 at the local dealer. Hmmmm.
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    3D designed and printed this cover for the horn button, horn is still usable just less chance of hitting it accidentally. Video 3D model
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    Received and installed my new Corbin seat and also installed the GPS mount above my stock display unit. (The GPS install turned out to be much more difficult than I expected) I think my bike now has all the mods that the one I crashed in late november had. I won't say I'm done, that milestone is never reached, but I can commute, ride for fun, or travel with this bike as it is. And the nice weather is right around the corner.....
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    The one thing I can’t buy locally...
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    Dual direction quick shifter + slipper clutch + intelligent lean angle traction control - what more do you need for aggressive hooliganism? Miles and miles of twisty canyon roads... 😎👍
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    Eventually I’ll pull the flat aluminum pieces off and wrap them with some faux carbon fiber vinyl.
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    Power Motorsports has two 2019 Versys 1000LT+ models in stock for $13,500.
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    I installed an EK screw link with a new chain before I rode from Wisconsin to the Arctic Ocean last summer. Install was super easy and haven't had a problem - including on the Dempster Highway. I'll buy it again.
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    I always use their Superlite Sprockets and a DID VX chain. You can buy everything as a kit, chain cut to correct size. Yamaha Tracer 900 / 900GT | Sprockets & Chain Kits | Sprocket Center Sprocket Center is dedicated to being the world's premium provider of...
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    The electronic suspension on the Versys figures into the price as well.
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    All this talk made me curious, so went to the local dealer to check the bike out. They say that they have sold every one of them they were able to get before they even made it to the floor. They said they cannot get any more for now until distributer inventory catches up. Kawasaki may have a hot seller on their hands. I considered the new Versys 1000 before buying my GT, but the price of $17,999 for the new model turned me away. The new Ninja has all the features for the most part as the Versys except for side bags, for $5,000 dollars less. I like my GT too much to trade, but if the Ninja had been out earlier, I might be riding a Kawasaki instead.
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    I agree that the bike needed a taller 6th gear. With all the low and midrange torque the engine produced it could have been a much taller final drive ratio. However I never experienced the heat issue you described. Ivan had a flash for the 2011 ~ 2013 that was nothing short of black magic. Like you I like my Tracer GT better overall, but when I want to do some local road crime with friends I take the Ninja. 😁
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    I have a piece is stainless all thread run through the bottom tube. The upper tube is tied into the lower with clamps and the aluminum pieces. It is more sturdy. I think the bracket gets over stressed because the windshield adjuster loosens up; usually on the left side. The bracket then twists a little from the wind pressure. Make sure you keep the adjusters tight.
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    Oil and filter change, installed a K&N Air filter, Sync'd the throttle bodies and changed the plugs.
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    Because it gets crusted in salt and road grime. Winter riding does have some downsides, unfortunately.
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    Found a use for the unused foot peg mounting holes on the FJ-09 side case brackets on my GT. Never have enough water on the road. Tested it today and doesn't interfere with my heel when I'm on the balls of my feet.
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    I'm 100% in the "work on your own machine" camp personally, but I find even if you're there, it's WAY nicer to have a machine that's more reliable. I mean, I love working on my bike, but I'd far rather be doing random maintenance tasks or mods, vs. necessary repairs. I like to work on my bike when I want to do it, not because it's broken down yet again. That, incidentally, is what pushed me from a life of rebuilding 80's machines into buying new bikes. I was able to keep those old bikes running, but got tired of having to keep them running
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    Had a freakishly warm weekend here in Minnesota. Only got 200 miles in this weekend but well needed. Back to freezing temps this week however.
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    post your most bad ass FJ/tracer IN ACTION photos! 1 - wheelie down the corkscrew at laguna seca 2 - little blurp on hwy 36 in northern california 3 - "gotta let the photosgrapher know you know he's there" at the ridge motorsports park in washington 4 - this bike was made to be on one wheel. i THINK that's hopland grade in norcal...i don't remember.
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    Couple of years back, after witnessing the birth of our Granddaughter in Utah, my Ex&I were riding across Nevada on our way back to Idaho. It was early in the morning, on a lonely stretch of road, when we happened across this young pilgrim. He was on a Grand Motorcycle Adventure: riding his spanking new Triumph across the Western US. Unfortunately, his journey was rudely interrupted by a deer a few minutes before we encountered him. He was traveling about 80 MPH when a deer leaped across the road right in front of the pilgrim. It happened so fast he had no time to react and slammed head-on into the animal. Thrown from his bike, he’d landed some 60 feet away from where the machine ended up (it was right on top of a fukin’ ant hill that he laid, poor bastard). “It saved me, I knew it, I knew it would” was the refrain we’d heard upon approaching the pilgrim. And we’d both thought it was rather amazing that he was alert, lucid and quite verbose, all things considered. What saved him from a more serious scenario? An Airbag vest! I don’t know if he was wearing a Helite or another brand, but the results were impressive. I remember thinking at the time that I wouldn’t mind having one of those vests. Back then I was broke, however. Fast forward to now and the Tracer. Not so broke anymore and frequently hitting triple digits, I decided to upgrade my riding gear, which for me always involves lots of research. After watching two helmetcam vids of riders hitting deer at night whilst wearing Helite airbag vests, I decided one of those would be on the list right after a new Helmet (Snell rated this time around, a Shoei RF SR with photochromatic shield). At $700, the Helite is an investment to be sure. So how does it feel to ride in? It’s heavy, standing up in it, you feel the weight. The first day I rode with, I felt like it was adversely affecting my riding in the twisty stuff. By day three, however, I didn’t even notice it. And if you sit right, the enormous spine protector takes the weight and you feel kinda like a turtle in its shell. Do I feel safer in it? No, I never feel safe on a bike (shit I don’t in my car either, too many fools on the roads nowadays). I do feel better protected- even if the thing failed to inflate, it’s heavy Cordura construction and huge spine protector would buy you a little extra protection. And inflated could prevent a serious spinal injury and/or internal organ damage. To me, it’s like the difference between riding in regular jeans and armored riding pants. If I ride every day in armored pants, and then go for ride in regular jeans, I feel naked and exposed (damn, really goin’ miss that kneecap if I low-side at 100mph, eh). It would be nice if the Helite used sensors instead of the Old-school leash to inflate the vest, but the current offerings using sensors are all designed to be worn inside special jackets. The Helite goes over whatever you are wearing. I like it. Better odds of staying out of a wheelchair, eh. Helite Hi-Viz Airbag Vest Turtle 2 Technology Turtle 2 Airbag Vest Hi-Viz Helite