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    PowerBronze makes some interesting parts for the Tracer 900 and Tracer900 GT. Help me welcome them to the forum! Visit them at https://www.powerbronze.co.uk/
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    It's inevitable. Anytime I take pictures in my garage, someone ALWAYS asks about that money pit in the corner. LOL. That, friend, is a Superlite Roadster from Race Car Replicas. It's a project that I started about 9 years ago and never completed. It runs, but still needs some work before I would consider it finished.
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    Just bought this yesterday for the wifey! 2013 Bonny T100.
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    Almost embarrassed to post this, but I did it to my Tracer today so it counts. Wheeled the bike out of the shed to put on 6 wee plastic covers on the head of the Hex head bolts that holds the engine bars. woo hoo.
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    Bought my bike some boots, or me some boots, depends on how you look at it.
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    Fitted one of these brake flashers today (also found out my rear brake switch needed adjustment). Set to several flashes before full light. Plug and Play, about 10 minutes, with a drink. TST Industries | Brake Light Modulator for Yamaha OEM Tail Lights
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    Welcome Powerbronze. Can you tell us a bit more about the powerblade screen for the Tracer? Specifically, how easy is it to adjust the height and angle of the screen, do you need tools for example? https://www.powerbronze.co.uk/yamaha-mt-09-tracer-15-17-fj-09-tracer-15-17-480-y104.html
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    Great day to ride in the Syracuse area yesterday wasn't it metallion? I'm not far away, I live between Auburn and Weedsport. As for on-topic discussion, I just ordered this without the heat. They said 4 to 5 weeks:
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    With the possibility of my returning to the Tracer GT fold (oooh! – don’t get too excited, chums!) I have to address why I moved on from my last GT late last year. Great machine, good value for money, and all that – but it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to mount the bike (side-stand down) with any degree of dignity: dismounting was equally tricky for me. As for getting on or off with panniers fitted – might as well ask me to climb Everest, with or without oxygen! Reasons: old age (now nudging 81yo) which has over time brought with it increasingly stiffening knee, hip, and ankle joints, all of which interferes with easy access. And – shamefully – I simply cannot do the trick of standing on the left-hand foot-peg and swinging my right leg up over the bike that way. Maybe practice makes perfect… My question then is – what solutions proven and tested by others here can I consider to reduce seat-height? I found the GT seat perfectly acceptable in terms of comfort and support, and would not wish to have it modified in any way, nor purchase another supposedly lower seat lest I leap out of the frying-pan into the fire. Aftermarket ‘dog-bone’ suspension linkages have been suggested as one means of achieving some seat-height reduction: can anyone who has gone down this road kindly offer their experiences? I understand that Yamaha has available after-market dog-bones, and a UK specialist – Lust Racing – seems to have a range of high-quality suspension-lowering components too. I had excellent K-tech suspension installed on my last GT, and the rear shock could be adjusted in length, which gave me a seat-height reduction of about 10 – 12mm (half an inch) from memory, and also allowed me to flat-foot at rest, so I would probably go this route next time, if only to improve the overall ride quality (which K-tech did in spades). Knowledgeable advice seems to say that raising the front fork in the clamps can also lower seat height as it lowers the front of the bike, but is not especially recommended as it can also affect the steering etc. So, chaps, what say ye? All contributions will be gladly accepted.
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    What I'll do is check the OEM part, then cross reference it across all models. Here's a link to the OEM clutch lever on a 2020 tracer, on the bottom right you can see all the models that call for that lever. Yamaha B67-83912-00-00 - LEVER 1 | Partzilla.com ...
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    @wordsmith We would love to welcome you back to the Tracer fold... I am curious though what is making you ponder a switch back to the Tracer (again) since you recently purchased that R nineT. As far as lowering the Tracer. The Cheapest route would be lower links (dog bone) and moving the forks in the tree concurrently. Sounds like you are aware of the options for shocks. Perhaps the shop that fitted you k-tech knows of some options...
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    Unfortunately not many bikes of this style are noticeably shorter, the Versys 650, Honda CB500X, CB650, Yamaha MT07/ 09 are all around 32" tall.
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    Does a BSA Rocket 3 count, same same as Trident. Was almost as bad as my 72 Tiger. I recall when I bought the latter from a guy in Chula Vista, as I was warming it up, listening to its docile twin melody in his garage, the horn suddenly flew laterally about 7 feet and hit the wall with considerable force! The horn bracket had fractured due to vibration induced metal fatigue. And it only had one carb, so it wasn't out of sync! I was later told I should have bought one made on a Thursday. Who knew? Still not as much a POS as my 68 Norton Commando. Now fettled Camo can be a dream. Mine must have been made on a Monday.Then I got into AJS and Matchless (see my lil pic too left). Now if want a paint shaker, my 72 H2 Mach IV made the Tiger seem like a sewing machine, and the didn't call it the Widow Maker for nothin. Oh, And I think the FJ is comparatively easy to work on. Ever try to just get the front valve cover off VTR1000F. I dread it.
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    I've been riding throughout but last Saturday, a glorious day (low 70s, even installed the mid-height screen from the barn door Givi), it seemed every mother's son (and daughter) was out on their Hogs (and not one acknowledged my existence). Social distancing was attempted, if half heartedly, but how is that done with a group ride of at least 40?? I was supposed to me a fellow forum member from outside Beertown but Doh! I forgot my wallet and had to turn around and though he couldn't wait, he did offer me a rain check (again, sorry Bob!). Worst part about all this insanity is that unless you're at a gas station that allows toilet privileges (and not all do) or the very rare take-out joint, finding a domesticated place to void let alone defecate is nigh impossible. Most often your only choice is a secluded road side stop, and they sometimes are not easy to find WHEN you need one. I'm adding TP to my riding kit!! 😷 I hope things open up before the mosquitos are out in force! And this is especially serious for those with prostate issues!! Need to remember to put down the side stand first before hopping off, which with how bad my sciatica has been, is painfully slow and awkward. If you look background, you'll see the Hogites swarming at the spankin new East Troy Kwik Stop...thank goodness for the Burlington School Forest trail head (no school within 5 miles and no outhouse either) I knew existed for my return leg! The WI state parks were back open but NOT their primitive "facilities"? Why? No personnel to clean them? What do they expect you to do (pun) if they are open?
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    Installed a set, front and rear, of 12oClockLabs Programmable Advanced Animated Turn Signals. Boy are these things cool! While I was at it, installed a Blaster-X brake light, but chose NOT to integrate the turn signals into it. And if that wasn't enough, the Madstad and Engage tank bag came in the mail today as well. It was like Christmas! Now I'm just waiting on the GPS mount.
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    My Shoei came with pinlock and a fog insert. Works perfect, no optical issues unless wearing polarized sunglasses. Lots of rainbows. That was an easy fix though.
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    I took my Tracer out yesterday for the maiden voyage on my new Bagster seat. The first thing i noticed was that the seat height seemed lower. With the stock seat (and my previous FJ-09) i always rode with it in the low position so that's how i installed the Bagster. I could actually flatfoot on both sides of the bike which i could not before. I thought the foam could be cut differently on the sides which it may be, but as i got to riding i noticed i felt closer to the foot pegs. There is still some slight forward lean but i would say it's reduced at least by half of the stock seat. I rode it like that for about 50 miles. After i re-fueled i decided to try it in the high position. Turns out that was just what i needed to reduce some of the bend at my knees. I can still half foot the bike as i could before with the stock seat in the low position and ride very comfortably. I rode like that for the next 100 miles and had no issues. Overall i am very pleased with the Bagster seat in both appearance and comfort. I found the talk about underwear very interesting and never gave it much thought. Yesterday i was wearing thin boxers so i could probably find more comfort in an actual cycling short of some kind.
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    Same story here. Long ago I started wearing waist-to-top-of-knee spandex-type compression shorts, to keep the flesh of my butt and upper thighs nicely under control in a way that conventional jox or boxer shorts do not. No more chafing, and they add greatly to on-the-bike comfort. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Unlike the ones below...!
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    Thanks Koth442 - My riding is exactly the opposite, 85% street, 15% groomed trails, sounds like I'm better off with my Tracer.....
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    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate you... I’ve got to venture a long way from home to find that caliber of riding. Hope you had a great ride!
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    Did a 190 miles door to door. Nice loop around the Cherohala Skyway & 129. No campers, but still trafficy. 129 was crowded, as always.
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    Chromeburner has 10% off on bagster for the whole of may. Heads up! do check it out!
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    Seriously considering a T7 as a second bike... gonna have to make sure I don't lose my job in the fall first.
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    First post. I was looking for a leftover 19 GT and according to my local sales guy, the Yamaha Rep said there's only two left in the US. I spoke with one dealer in TX - they didn't want to come off their price. Ended up finding an incredible deal with Big St. Charles in MO. Still in the crate 2020 GT for $11,500 OTD tax/tag. I'm in FL, so delivery was around $475. Heck of a deal.
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    @johnmark101 my OEM chain looks pretty dam close to yours at 9000mi. the O-rings have shavings on them and some some stiff links. I have used chain cleaner when needed and a rag to rub it in (no Grung brush) and Motul lube. OEM chains and tires are never as good as aftermarket replacements in my opinion.
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    It is the DID VX X-Ring, the gold is +$10 over the natural color. FWIW, their Superlite sprockets are awesome, they wear like iron. I have used Sprocket Center for many years, they offer many gearing choices, front and rear and alter the chain length according to your sprocket selection. For my +2 tooth rear sprocket they sent me a(+2) 112 link chain (112 for the FJ, the Tracer will be longer). FJ-09 | Sprockets & Chain Kits Sprocket Center is dedicated to being the world's premium provider of...
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    my 2 cents..... I have always found the stock chains to wear quicker than their replacements. I'm guessing it is due to cost savings measures by the manufacturers. No one complains if the stock chain wears out quicker, and they can save a few $$'s to improve their bottom line. We are more interested in quality and length of life, so we purchase better (more expensive) chains than the dealer puts on at the factory. I always assume that the original chain will be the one I have to replace quicker than any other for my bike.
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    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who leaves his keys in the seat lock. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to find the little barstewards, patting pockets, searching every available garage surface, before I realise I’ve done it again. I am often not a learning organism.
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    The fundamentals of the mounting system I have made. I found that by taking the plastics off one side only I could get good access to that side, suss out what I was doing and was able to replicate on the other side without taking the plastics off. The sketch is sketchy but the key sizes are there. Two bits of 20mm x 4mm x 235mm long, for the "legs". Each leg with three 8mm holes on the centre line. One length of 8mm screwed rod 325mm long. Two nylon (or similar) spacers 18mm long x 18mm dia, with an 8mm hole longitudinally. Two bits of 25mm x 2mm , to make the two 90deg angle brackets. I drilled these 8mm but used 6mm screws to keep some wriggle room. Two bits of nylon or similar 22mm dia x 60mm long with an 8mm central hole, to mount the lights on. Alternatively could put a 90 deg bend on the end of longer "legs" and mount the lights -- the round nylon makes it easier to adjust the light angle.