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    I had my seat adjusted today. Did it with the previous Tracer 900 GT and decided to do it again with the new one. I had two things adjusted: flatten the curve of my seat and had it filled with gel. The first picture is after the foam for the seat was placed. They then created a place to add the gel and filled it with medical grade gel. They covered it all with a thin layer of foam and placed the original seat cover back. The good thing is it "only" cost me around 250 euro. Much less though than a Bagster seat.
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    The only foolproof way is to make sure the chain is perfectly aligned on the rear sprocket. Any other measurements of axel nuts and swing arm marks are really secondary to chain alignment. The inexpensive Motion Pro alignment tool is very easy to get on/off the rear sprocket and indicates the slightest misalignment between chain and sprocket. I run the alignment rod full extended for highest accuracy and sight down the rod under the chain guard. Easy squeezy.
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    Meanwhile... Break arm in MoroGP crash on Sunday, surgery on Monday, receive medical clearance on Thursday, race MotoGP again on Sunday. Marquez declared fit to ride at MotoGP Andalusian GP Just four days after an operation on a...
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    Fortunately, even cheap tool shops(harbour freight/princess auto) sell impact sockets in that size individually, so it's pretty easy to get one for just a couple dollars. Don't strictly need an impact socket, but given they're like cup-of-coffee money, it's probably best to have a beefy one: sometimes dealers torque them on really tight. Get one, and get it soon. Running too tight can damage your bike - I'm not sure if 15mm is enough that you'll remove all the slack at full suspension compression (really bad) but when too tight, you're putting tons of strain on the engines output shaft. Chain maintenance is really important, and will save you a lot of money. Replacing chains and sprockets frequently gets spendy, but if a chain breaks it can do bad things:
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    Only problem with that is that it is no more accurate. Only that the distance is the same between bolt head and the nut. Bolts aren’t a machine finished item and aren’t very accurate. What do you find hard about the standard marks?
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    It makes me recall The report from British aerospace when they were testing the New cockpit windscreen for 1 of the airbuses. When they got to the bird Strike phase of the testing they kept having a failure with complete penetration into the cockpit. They had been following the Prescribed procedure from NASA And Despite all their assessment efforts Couldn't get a successful result.They were firing a chicken At the windscreen from an air canon With disastrous results. They prepared to detailed report on their Lack of progress and sent it to NASA in the United States. They received a 3 letter recommendation from NASA as follows "Thaw the bird". Apparently They were Firing a frozen chicken.
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    Fitted an old Bags Connection tank bag (probably 4L or less... just for small things) and it fit with my custom phone mount solution. Then I found some action cam/gopro like camera I forgot I bought a couple years ago and threw it on a RAM ball mount and went for a ride to test it around Red Rocks and a few other places. (and to test out the FJR1300 foot pegs, and the comfort of the tank bag. Hot as heck out... dash read 103F while riding back home (Hence my old, crappy mesh jacket just for rides like this).
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    My back hasn't allowed me to throw my leg over in almost 2 years. I actually mount from the right side. Right foot on the peg and step through. Only way I can get on the darned thing. My first ride with the pole showed that a friction fit for the two halves isn't sufficient. The pole separated and the only thing holding the camera on was the USB extension. Phew! Close call. So now I've pinned the two halves with a set screw. I'll upload a quick sample to youtube and share the link tomorrow. #UPDATE: Here's a video:
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    Badgers, we don't need no stinkin badgers... Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird! I'm glad they went with the Bald Eagle, as turkeys are the stupidious animals, wouldn't have reflected well on us, and we need no help in that regard with our world reputation. I've had many bird strikes and thankfully never a large 4-legged, furry type. I got hit doing 60 by a huge crane, it had a wingspan over 7 feet! Not good eating after it finally went down. I stayed on because I ducked behind my Givi barndoor, though it spun the mirror extender around an broke the rocker switch on the left pod. I saw it take off from the ditch and could do nothing, looked like a Pterodactyl in flight. I hit some bird of prey that had prolly 3-1/2+ foot span and it hurt like hell, bruised me good. Smaller birds explode in a cloud of feathers. They all must have it out for me. Turkeys lay in wait for me and cross the road just as I ride by. We have these insane peacock-pheasant mongrels that are like Kamikazes. Some crazy Frenchman brought them over in the late 1700s to try to breed them like turkeys. Don't ask me why. Apparently he got killed and the peacocks go loose and bred with anything they could. They don't fly well but somehow get up high enough to dive-bomb while making a terrifying shriek. We have huge Snapping Turtles that are scary as heck when your heading right at em. Pigmy Rattlesnakes and huge King Blacksnakes too. I had one of those chase me and a buddy when we were playing pirate in the woods after the original Treasure Island movie came out. We saw a hole in the far side of the embankment along the creek. We thought it would be fun to pee in it. Suddenly this big black head came up. It had yellow eyes and closed a clear set of eyelids while our pee dribbled off its head. It came after us, I swear, and we ran as fast as our little legs could carry us. He was pretty fast but gave up after 30 feet or so. Never was so scared in my life, and like Indiana Jones, I forever onward have hated and feared snakes! True story.
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    I've found that adjusting the chain with the stock chain adjusters is a real PIA. By using a feeler gauge stack placed between the adjustment bolt head and it's locknut I can quickly set both sides of the axle to the same displacement. Fast and easy.
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    @2and3cylinders - The things we do to ride on 2 wheels... πŸ˜„ Every time I have hurt myself riding, my motivation for healing is always to get right back on 2 wheels again.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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    Yeah, loved the 'Strom for that. I've ridden on some pretty cold days but my hands were always fine. Looks like a good hack! Thanks for the tips
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    Bitch! He suffered enough and hopefully learned his lesson, and her procedure was totally contrary to proper practice, and dangerous. Last time I had a bit of road rash was on my face! I got taken out on my bicycle by another bicyclist. He cut in on me and his rear derailleur broke 9 of my front wheels spokes, so it banana'd and jambed to a immediate stop in the forks. I consequently endo'd over the bars, luckily my clipless shoes released (why do they call them clipless?). I was doing 18 mph and flew about 10 feet forward. I outstretched my left arm but I still face-planted. I was wearing an old Joe Rocket nylon super vented motorcycle jacket (it was January 1, 2007) which got abraded on the sleeves pretty good. My Bell helmet EPS liner split in half but my big riding glasses saved my eye socket but not my nose which got broke for the 4th time. My knees were rug burned but my winter Triflex tights did not even tear. I suffered a torn left elbow tendons and left rotator cuff, a concussion (without the Bell I wouldn't be relating this incident), the discs at C5/6 in my neck and L4/5 in my lower back were ruptured (L4/5 has since slipped 10 mm), and the aforementioned facial road rash. My wife came and got me and my bicycle. When I walked into the ER, a RN happened to be standing at the admitting desk and rushed me into a triage room so as not to upset others waiting to be seen. I'm having L3~5 done this fall (decompression and fusing L4/5), as my sciatica constant pain prevents me from walking much more than 15 feet when my leg goes numb but I'm still waiting on C5/6 (nerve ablation, steroidal epidurals, dry needling / acupuncture and PT have not been much help) but Celebrex, Acetaminophen and Cymbalta have been a life saver. I had my the left shoulder done in 2010 (which the doc F/U) and I tore the right rotator cuff stupidly during recovery of the left. The elbow tendons healed but flair up occasionally. The A-hole who took me out somehow tried to blame me but I sued his ass (his auto policy!) and won but the money hasn't covered my medical bills. All this because I was peddling for better health! In almost 50 years riding motorcycles I never came close to being hurt that bad (knock on plastic)!
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    I like the look of the Tracer guards, but they are essentially useless for blocking anything. The minute I saw how large the V-Strom guards are on the Tracer, I knew I had to have them, but could not find any pics as to how they are actually attached to a Tracer. Thanks to Betoney, I now know how.
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    Unlike the factory FJ/Tracer hand guards, these are closer to your hands and ACTUALLY block wind.πŸ‘
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    haha too funny, I installed BarkBusters on my V-Strom DL1000 (for sale), and still have the OEM handguards...guess I know what to do with them now...
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    Thanks for asking, the healing is going slowly. I had a check-up appointment this morning and the doctor is hoping for a positive change within 3-4 weeks.
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    Oooh I got the same one! Love it. Absolutely love it. It's just enough to put the acceleration into "Weeeeeeeeee!" range, and to help keep the RPM's a bit higher in 6th. Sure, first is a bit shorter, but will still take you to 80kph.
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    This should be because they sleep when not in use. There's (usually) a reed switch that's triggered by rotation and wakes the sensor, so you get better battery life than if they transmit constantly.
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    I have them and LOVE them. One thing to note, they are just a wind deflector, they are not the type with a metal backbone for offroad protection. The only 'modifications' worth noting is minor trimming the shape with a Dremel and sandpaper to fit your specific levers/controls.
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    Yeah, but it bears noting that the scan tool in question is actually very inexpensive. A basic handheld scan tool and adapter is like $30 on ebay, or as I posted elsewhere you can use a bluetooth dongle and adapter. That said, the scan tool gives you APS percentages, but the service manual specifies specific numbers that you won't see unless you use the proper Yamaha Diagnostic Tool, which is stupid expensive.
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    @Michiel900GT - Looks good, I hope it works well for you. It was such a revelation after I had my seat built, after suspension it is the best money I spent on the bike. A lot of people balk at the cost of a custom built seat but how valuable is all-day comfort? πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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    I do not think that the accuracy of the marks is any better than the accuracy of the bolts. In fact, I think it gets more inaccurate when you use the marks only as it's very dependable on your eye/mark coordination. Personally I always use a measuring tool to measure both sides.
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    Thanks Nastele, Placed ordered for 3m 7448, likely will not remove the whole exhaust system as each of the pipe has a washer, not sure after dismantling can used back that washer or need new one. will just make do with these pad first, if not satisfied, will than check with service if could purchase the washer and go with heated paint.
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    Hi all, this is my first post after buying my 900 GT a couple of months ago. The tips and advice from this forum have given me the confidence to add stuff to the bike myself that ordinarily I would have paid someone to do. So far I have swapped out the auxiliary socket for a double USB unit. Wired my sat nav into the spare socket under the screen, added an Evotech radiator guard, break and clutch levers, fitted Pyramid Plastic carbon fibre hand guard and rear hugger extensions and yesterday afternoon fitted a Black Widow exhaust system (which for the price Β£379.99 delivered to my front door) I think is awesome value for money. Happy to do a full post on my buying and fitting experience (with pics if the limits of my technological know how permit) if anyone is interested.
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    Got the lovely shiny bar risers from Turkey last week, they fit the 2015 MT-09 Tracer and possibly other models. I don't get on with them, so if anyone would like them, you just need to pay the cost of the postage from Scotland, so prob best for a UK/European tracer owner, not that I care who gets them or from where. They are in immaculate condition, having been used for one 80 mile ride. I'll be taking them off the next time the rain stops here.
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    I owned a Ducati Paso, and therefore question the validity of this statement...
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    I agree that upgrading the exhaust would be preferred but if you are looking for a low cost solution, I pulled from my days of racing moto with unpainted pipes and used 3M 7448 Light Gray Ultra Fine Scotch Brite pads with a little WD-40. I didn't spend a lot of time to get the pipe perfect but I added pics so you can see the result. I found them on Amazon with the maroon pads for under $20USD [https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075VCCZW9/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_oZjgFbCVP03RJ]
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    I'm not sure if this is really in line with the theme of this thread, but since I installed it ON the bike, then I figured I'd share. I wanted a secure way to mount my 360 camera which would give a nice view all around - front, rear and sides. Not only for aesthetics and artistic reasons, but also to serve as a sort of "dashcam". The only way to do that was to get it up high enough. I tried using the Insta360 collapsible stick, but it did a better job of collapsing than being a stick. So, I came up with this solution. A 1" thin walled PVC pipe is mounted to my givi top box using conduit straps, bolts and some silicone sealant. To which is inserted a two-part pole made of 3/4" and 1/2" pvc, joined in the middle with a simple coupler (not glued). The top of the pole has a threaded plug which I've slotted to allow a USB cable to run down the entire length of the pole, and out the bottom. This then runs to an SAE USB power plug under the seat. This allows me to keep the camera powered and recording for FAR longer than the built-in battery could ever hope to. The whole assembly breaks down and can be stored in the top box. With some simple PVC pipe fabrication, the camera could be mounted off to the side, or down low. Really just as creative as you want to get.
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    This is hard to believe but I didn't ride to breakfast this morning because it was too stinking humid and hot here in PA. So I took the truck, I stop at a traffic light half a mile from the house and a dam Bambi ran into the side of the truck.🀣
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    +2 in the rear because racecar, wait I mean motorcycle, sorry I'm new to this two wheel speed thing.
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    Oh Boy! Another snake oil thread 😡
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    Com3, unless you were racing, WTF were you crashing at +120, now 80 yeh but you almost bought it with no major head trauma. Tests have shown that DOT only helmets may do better when multiple smaller knocks happen. Initial facial impact with an EPS chin liner may not vary significantly or apply in this incident whether DOT, Snell, ECE or Sharp standard. The ability of ABS, PC, PVC to resist abrasion is well documented, and like thermoset composites, is determined by pressure, thickness, speed and friction coefficient. Apparently his Bilt helmet had enough thickness to do the job asked of it.
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    And always remember to remove the chain alignment tool BEFORE trying to move the bike. Don't ask me how I know this...
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    Unfortunately, none of that is surprising. Get the tools ASAP to fix the chain tension YOURSELF. 27mm socket is a 1/2" drive and the adjustment nuts are 12mm. Also, dont trust the markings on the swingarm, get a chain alignment tool. Motion Pro 08-0048 Chain Alignment Tool for ATV, Motorcycle, Dune Buggy, NEW Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Motion Pro...
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    LOL... I wish. I have no desire or need to slosh around in snow in freezing temps.
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    No need to remove the tank or fuel line. Remove all 4 of the tank fasteners, lift the tank and rotate it 180 degree backward. Place it on a towel where the seat would normally go. There are 10 screws holding the airbox lid on, do yourself a favor and use a cordless drill with an extension and magnetic bit to (slowly and carefully) remove them.
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    I'm really glad that I found this thread because the factory service manual indicates to re-install the airbox after installing the sync vacuum hoses (page 3-9.) Unfortunately the Pit-Posse 90 degree adjusting tool that I bought will not fit into the tight space to adjust the air screws. I was about to order and try the slimmer Motion Pro 110 degree tool when I came across this thread. Now I don't have to. I didn't seem necessary to have to re-install the airbox. Thanks Wintersdark!
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    Today I installed the Amazon radiator guard and FJR style foot pegs. Last week....Yamaha touring screen, then yesterday added a Puig clip-on deflector. EBC front brake pads. On deck; > Seat reshape, and foam/gel seat insert. > Smart Turn brake module. > Heli bar riser.
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    R&G Racing radiator guard and Pyramid Fender Extender and rear hugger extender.
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    33 front, 36 rear. 36 42 is really too hard unless you've got a pillion. It will work, but it's a manafacturers standard and on the safe side so people load their bike up or carry a pillion. Some people are happier going by the book as that's how they go about life. I now run 33 36 on all my road bikes, it makes them more compliant and grippier. However, as with most things, it's up to you to try those pressures, they just work for me. Your bikes not going to spontaneously combust if you try those pressures. Just to throw you into a pit of snakes, odd tire wear is often put down to wrong tire pressure, but it's can be poor suspension set up.. https://youtu.be/X-uiiksWsOs
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    Agreed, the way it is designed you would have to be practically under water to get any water in there.
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    thanks, dbeau - I geddit now, but 'twas a bit too obscure for me, so I shall double-up on the medication immediately!
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    I believe the joke is that he's using his hand to shield his eyes from the sun rather than use his backwards cap as intended to achieve this. I found it pretty funny.
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    I put 100,000 miles on my 2015 FJ-09 all stock except windshield.
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    I ordered Akro titanium full system, Graves block off plates, PIAA 1100 LED Driving lights. No bike yet!