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    Thanks I was about to post almost word for word. Then I thought, hang on, maybe mine is the one with the problem It shuts off early for me, then I do the same light squeeeeeez ever so gently till I see a wee drop of petrol just come over the one of the front 3 holes. (Hoping not to have a sudden hand spasm and ending up with a face full of petrol)
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    I've used the Roadtec 01, the Roadtec 01 HWM and the previous generation Interact Z8. Granted this is on a different bike, but I think the experience I had might be worthwhile for your question. My BMW F800GT (same weight as the FJ) came with the Interact Z8 as OEM tires. I changed them at 11,000 miles prior to going on my post-retirement ride to Utah. They probably would've made about 12,500 miles. I expected great things from the Roadtec 01. If the Z8 lasted 11-12K, then the Roadtec 01 should last at least 13,000 miles (10% better per their website). The wet weather performance seemed great in some torrential rain I encountered for hours on end. Handling in the dry seemed great...but so does every tire. I loved them. I had about nine days from that trip till I left for the next trip to South Dakota. I stopped about 5 days before leaving at Cycle Gear and just happened to look at the rear tire. I was shocked! The tread to the sides looked great. The tire was clean except for the center inch where the tire showed a strip of dust one inch wide where the tire was actually wearing. I couldn't get a tire before leaving, so made arrangements to swap out my tires in Rapid City, SD. At 6000 miles, they were worn out. I would not have made it home. The dealership put on Dunlop Roadsmart III tires and they performed well, giving me around 11K of wear. I followed those up with Continental Roadattack III tires, and loved them. Now the initial tire fitment charts showed the F800GT to get the HWM version for the rear tire. I'm guessing it was for the torque on starting/stopping you'd get on a sport-touring bike. It definitely wasn't the weight. The bike is 470lbs wet. So I decided to give them another try and this time I ordered the regular front tire and the rear tire in the HWM version, even though Metzeler doesn't make that the recommended fitment anymore. The Metzeler Roadtec 01 tires with a HWM rear tire was changed at 7500 miles. I could've made another 1500-2000 miles at most, but had a trip that long and didn't want to take a chance. So with the HWM rear tire, they would've lasted around 9000 miles...still less than the OEM Interact Z8 and all the other tires I've used. The "SE" version might be the greatest thing since slice bread, but I won't be buying it in the foreseeable future. The other two Roadtec 01 tires didn't meet the marketing hype and the tires weren't any better performance-wise than the Dunlop or Continental tires, which were far cheaper last summer with rebates. The SE version is $60 more expensive than the plain-jane Roadtec 01 --- for just the rear tire. Will the tire give you $60 better mileage? Or $60 better performance? And we haven't counted in the additional premium cost for the SE front tire. FWIW, I think I'm sticking with the Continental Roadattack III tires. I'm on my second set now. I've found them to be quick to warm up, a perfect feel for dropping into a turn...not too fast, nor too slow. Traction is incredible and confidence inspiring. And I'm at 8000 miles on this latest set and still have probably 40% tread left. The only thing they've failed to do, is to restore my hair loss. Continental didn't do a rebate this year, but I'll still buy them at the full price. Anyway, I hope that my experiences helped you. Chris
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    I ceramic coat our cars, bikes, and helmets. I tend to use "middle of the road", easy to use coatings that are a little less expensive. Surface prep is key, I wash the vehicle with dawn (degreases, strips wax, etc), rinse well, clay bar paint to remove embedded contaminants, polish/correct any scratches/swirls, then wash with dawn again to remove any residue then dry thoroughly. With the now clean, cool, dry paint I spray light mist of water & isopropyl alcohol as a final cleaning, and wipe off right before applying the coating. You need to have a cool, shady, clean place to apply the coating, and work in sections that are manageable. Wipe on in a crosshatch pattern to get good coverage, then wipe off in 2-5 mins depending on the product. For best result make sure to use lint-free microfibers cloths. The paint will look very good immediately, but will look & feel much better after 8-24 hrs. Makes removing bugs, tar, dirt much easier. Are a ton of you tube channels that show you how to use these the right way. You can also apply a layer of your fav wax or sealant on top of these coatings once they have cured... the extra shine/slickness is noticeable.
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    Here is a clearer pictures as that day was taken during night, after installation. yet to try it out, tmw weekend will go for ride and have my wife to tag along and get feedback. basically can get any of backseat aftermarket, as long as the holes fit. asto mine, the screw diameter is a bit large, hence i did a little bit of filing the bracket hole larger to fit in the screw.
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    Just got back from 3 day trip. Taking in England/Scotland border. Hadrians wall and a Spitfire in someone's front garden. Kielder and Ribblehead viaduct. Great bit of northern England that many bypass.
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    i did exactly that when i was filling up once! was topping off with the nozzle almost out of the hole and i pulled it out a little too far and gas sprayed back from hitting the the edge of the cutout.
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    Same here, my experience is also having the pump shut off early and having to slowly fill the remainder.
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    Just got back from a blast on the highway. 2015 FJ no bags, no hand protectors. got to 108 MPH indicated, best I could do, lots of traffic and 18 wheelers. Light steering but not shaky, twitchy, or wobbly.
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    We're fine. We are in Albany which has become one of the evacuation points; smoke here is terrible but we're far enough from the forests that there shouldn't be a major fire danger here. My sister-in-law near Brownsville is under level 2 evacuation though and they'll be coming here if it gets to level 3. And to top it all off, my mother-in-law is having health issues and it looks like we need to do an emergency wheelchair ramp build tomorrow in Lebanon, hazardous air quality or not. Fun times.
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    Have you done a test ride without the panniers to see if there is any difference? In some cases the panniers will cause this at high speeds. From what you have said the shock spring is too Soft and you need to Change it to something that is appropriate for the weight that you’re carrying. At that much preload I would not be surprised if there is no free sag in the rear which is not good. As you are in Ohio and I am in Calif. I would suggest finding a local suspension, chassis guy who works with a lot of the local racers to help you sort this out.
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    You're worried about after wash finishes? My last bike was washed twice in over 10 years. It felt so bad to get it dirty again, that I just left it. After a year or 2 the dirt sort of doesn't show anymore.
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    After watching some of his videos, especially u-turns within a parking space, I was practicing those myself. Just shifting body weight is making it much easier. 👍
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    I have to say I'm very pleased that Yamaha was considerate enough to include both a radiator protector and a chain protector in the Niken GT. A lot of motorcycles generally don't include a radiator protector.
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    This is the one I used yesterday didn't have any complaints and I would have packed it in and left if someone needed the car park for any rememdering.
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    Good to see someone with their skills developed to that extent. Agree that it's good to practice. I took the bike out yesterday only for half an hour and a mile away from the house but spent about half of that time in a local cemetery car park practicing some U turns (its always dead quiet there). Don't think the car park is big enough and I'm sure I don't have the bottle for full throttle 2nd gear stuff.
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    They are, but my brain kicks in after I get over a certain amount and says 'nope, not happening, abort abort abort' I am looking for somewhere decent to practice , so I can ignore myself and just do what the bike can easily cope with.
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    You and me both! If you watch his more advanced videos, not only does he get his knee down with one hand on the bars but then he does it with a passenger and continuously goes into smaller and smaller radius. His videos are great.
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    Oregon's roads seem much nicer than Washington's roads. I've been tempted to buy an "Adventure" bike, not because I want to go off road, but because the pot holes are so big here it is like riding off road. As for the "legal speed limit" in that section...I'm not sure. Probably between 55 and 65 mph. I attached some screen captures of where we went each day. I have GPX files, but can't seem to upload them. PM me, if you want those. Chris
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    I went to this ride with the Concours Owners Group last year for the first time. The "ribbon" is one of several rivers in the area. The roads follow the course of the river and twist and wind their way through the mountains and hills. With excellent pavement and twisty roads, this place is totally awesome to ride. And then in the evening after riding hard, the group parties hard. All good friends, and each year and each event builds the relationships with people who live even several states away. Left on Friday with Andy and Nancy. We headed over Chinook Pass and down to Yakima. It's kinda cool to realize that mountain in the background will be in my rearview mirror in a couple hours. At Chinook Pass Heading toward Yakima Look on the hillside, and you'll see it is on fire. Temps were pretty high on the way in. My bike read 112F several times. Luckily, the cooling vest worked well. Charlie led a good sized group along the Middle Fork of the John Day River. Every turn had a beautiful view of the river as you followed it for miles and miles. I love the rock formations. Monday was the day to get back home. Andy and I left at a few minutes after 6am. I should've taken a picture of the quiet and still parking lot. As the poem says, "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse". The sun was coming up behind us and made for some incredible lighting effects on the landscape. Everywhere you look, you see different colours and textures in the landscape. We hit some high side winds and a dust storm on the way back. One thing that sticks in my mind as I travel, is when I see old abandoned buildings. Not just barns, but houses that used to be homes. What stories would they tell if they could reveal the hopes and dreams of the people who lived there? The children that grew up there? Later, Mt. Adams on the horizon. I think this is near Yakima. Note the rock just sticking out of the middle of that hillside where the road disappears. Heading up towards Chinook Pass on the final stretch home. Andy. Great rider, with a great personality. Mt. Rainier Chris
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    Hey everyone. I just relocated to the Charlotte, NC Area from Savannah, GA. Just wanted to see if anyone was in this area. Maybe we could could get together and ride sometime.
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    i have yet to get more than about 3500 miles out of every rear tire i have ever had on a motorcycle. my bike had 700 miles on it when i bought it and the rear tire looked almost new (pirelli mt60rs tires). now at 3100 miles, its worn to the point that it needs replacing. i found a new non se roadtec 01 rear tire for $160 and ordered it. its still a dual compound tire, so if it lasts me even 4000 miles i'll be happy!
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    Faulty pump. The filler holes allow for nozzle insertion and full tank guide.
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    Hm, looks identical to my FJ - and the pump(s) shut off a bit early for me, haha. Have to squeeze lightly to top it up. Maybe you were at a pump that's not so sensitive?
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    Like the manual says, don't wax it. That is, not with regular wax. Unless you want your matte finish to become (semi)glossy. I do use a special matt wax, just to make the water repel and make sure dirt (like bird poo) doesn't stick to the matt finish right away. I use S100 matt-wachs spray. As a somewhat enthusiastic car detailer, I had to get used to not wax or polish my bike as well. But one gets used to it.
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    I love riding this area! The pix you shared @daboo are fantastic! I find it hard to capture the essence of central OR, and you managed to do it!
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    Hey man I live in NoDa. Im always flyin around on my FJ ... although im currently trying to sell it
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    Maybe I'm not the best person to answer this because I don't wax the painted parts either, but I don't think anything else is necessary. After 5+ years of riding through rain, bug storms, construction zones, sitting out in the sun and rain at work, etc. the matte parts of my bike are still matte. The finish seems to be pretty durable.
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    Many of these moves can be achieved with proper set up of the pavement/road. With sand, pebbles, stones chip patches, it’s close to impossible to hit that low in my opinion.
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    Might want to check YouTube care for matte finish. I used meguiars xpress synthetics after wash. Wrote to meguiars and per their replied, it’s safe to used on matte finishes.
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    Okay, he ordered his from Alibaba which is apparently a Chinese Internet sales site similar to Amazon. I did a quick search and did see atleast one unit that was designed for 3-wheeled vehicles. Good luck!!!
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    cool, I geuss I'm good for a ride today! Humidity is low, temps cool, got to go!
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    Doubt it..... it’s possible to do, but you’d have to sacrifice an Allen wrench and know what you were doing. These triples have a characteristic “whine” to them that is worse when cold. The sounds abates slightly as the engine idle comes down and the motor warms. It’s worse on the RH side near the clutch. Cam chain tensioner whine or whooshing sound (From being too tight) would be much harder to hear over the “whine” we are speaking about I believe. -Skip
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    Looks like tourandride.com has some Givi stuff for the Niken. Motostorm.it has a bit more. I have used Webike, and they are good.
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    I know, right hahahaha, I love mine, it's personality, not like those boring Hondas
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    Your not kidding, when I first got my bike I was on a road trip and when we started the bikes in the hotel parking lot in the morning, a couple of other riders came over and asked "is it supposed to be making that noise?". 🙄
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    The 2nd division side ground will do!
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    It's more the seat width than height that is the issue for getting flat footed probably. You could probably get an upholsterer to narrow the sides a bit. I posted a link to a long discussion/review of the Niken, where the guy was raving about how great it was with a pillion, and how much his pillion loved it. Here it is again in case you missed it....
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    Out practising with the new suspension setup today, went round my nemesis, the 'other side' of the loch. Very successful, but on reflection I was trying to change my riding style, head position and a few other things. So, the bike was fine, but I overdid it
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    Jesus, way to make it complicated hahaha
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    You are correct that less trail CAN make the bike less stable, if you go too far in your adjustment, that is why when this has been suggested (on the FZ/MT/XSR forum as well) to always start small at 5mm and adjust up from there in small increments. I have never found the bikes steering to be 'twitchy', with the stock suspension I felt the front end felt light or fluttery under hard acceleration. When I had the suspension tuner do the original baseline on the new suspension, he raised the ride height on the shock a few millimeters and lowered the front and the bike rides like a dream. It is VERY stable and I ride a LOT of highway.
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    Did it in desperation, didn’t expect it to make a difference-but it did. I’m not slamming people whose GTs don’t weave (and it’s def more of a weave than a full-on head shake). Not saying that people that removed the handguards/went back to a stock windscreen didn’t see a change, just know on my bike it made no difference. Spent several days/300ish miles confirming that it just plain weaves at speed. Raising the forks also reduced the tendency for it to weave when the front end is lighter than normal (humps in the road/throttle pinned/etc.)... And neck bearing “torque” isn’t a really great way of setting pre-load on neck bearings, but is about the only way to compare being “loose”er or “tight”er than the factory recommendation. Old school is how easy the bars “flop”. Zero resistance to borderline too much resistance made zero perceived difference in back-to-back-to-back-to-back testing (and the bearings came from the factory with plenty of grease-which isn’t always the case with MamaYamaha). As harsh as the front end is not seeing w/my loading where thicker oil would be a good thing. Have never changed fluid in an upside-down fork before, next spring I will be figuring it out I guess... All I have to gamble $500 on a GPR damper is that have read where other people that have had the issue found it helpful-I really don’t want to spend the money on a brand new bike.
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    Pretty sure I read in the manual this is what A mode is for - teleporting past semi trucks
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    My understanding of the ECU 'flashing' process is that it's intended to smooth-out power delivery and make throttle openings less abrupt and 'snatchy'. Early readings suggest this was quite a major issue on very early MT-09s and later Tracers, with improvements gradually introduced over time. Is this correct and can more explanation be given, please? Next question - is ECU 'flashing' available here in Oz? If so, I'd like to explore it. And - I guess - is it worthwhile in a practical functional sense, and does it work? TIA all...
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    Went to visit my mum & sister and her family, and took a few photos to show you all how awesome Scotland looks at times, and some amazing engineering and history.... The tower house always reminds me of R.L. Stevenson's Kidnapped, where he went to stay with his nasty old uncle... Then we have the view from my mum's window , day and night. Then the waverly paddle steamer, the only ocean going paddle steamer left in the world. And Wemyss Bay railway station, just amazing workmanship. And my bike, because, well, it would be rude not to
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    Yes, minor league professional teams are also in play. Don’t make me have to do it myself.
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    I cut the mount from 3/16" thick steel plate with a jig saw, drilled the holes, welded the nuts on and painted. The nuts don't need to be welded on, I just like to tinker.
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    I do my best to stay off the superslab. Any ride I take, now that I don't have any deadlines due to retirement, is based on the maximum number of curves between origin and destination. '' The City has enough slope away from my over-sized gut that shifting my body and leaning into the corners is not an issue. I have even been known to lay on the bag to get down behind the Puig racing screen to dodge a few bugs and birds. I have used this bag on three bikes and maybe 70,000 miles and it is still in great condition. Highly recommended.