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    Excellent article but I'd like to add a bit. When the cold season is finally beginning to leave, find a nice mall parking lot (or any large lot with "islands") and take some time to practice going in and out of them in a rhythm. Start at 15mph and work your way up to 20, and then maybe 25. The quick lefts and rights will have you feeling much more comfortable on the bike again. If you do this over a period of several days, you will be very comfortable on the bike and when you clean it, you sill see you've been using every bit of your tire tread. Cool!
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    I got the ECU flashed, (and recently added the FTECU Active Tune) not for more power but for more rideability. I cant use the bike's current power to its full potential so I dont need any more, however I would spend "whatever it takes" on suspension (for any bike) to effectively manage that 108-110hp.