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    I just picked up a new to me, used low mileage 2015 red FJ 09 (4,300 miles). I have already found this forum very valuable. The bike came with a Madstad Windshield, and the Yamaha rear rack with an aftermarket top case. I just found a set of used FJR side cases (wrong color and scuffed up). Looking forward to enjoying this forum. Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome from Madison! I bought crashed FJR lids off Ebay. I sanded, filled scratches, and sprayed with Rustoleum spray can bed liner. Turned out great and the finish and texture is pretty darn close to the OEM Yamaha cases.
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    You'd get permanently banned from **Some Boards** for saying this. You'd have to turn in your leather vest, too.
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    LMAO over here on that 1 betoney. Just begging.........begging........🤣😈🤣
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    I used to belong to the n+1 philosophy, and that's how I ended up with 5 in the garage. I soon realized that for me there was a serious diminishing returns. Each bike has a certain overhead to it, cleaning the chain, tires inflated, battery on tender, periodically run to keep the fluids fresh, oil changes, post ride bug scrapes, etc. With one bike you hardly notice these because they're all part of the routine. However, with many bikes, if you don't ride them equally, you end up doing doing a lot of these things just because you have to. I realized that I was eating into my riding time because I had to take out bike #4, since it hadn't been ridden in a month (or worse). It really got to be a chore just keeping them all in riding condition. That's how I landed at 3 being optimal. It's the best ratio of variety and maintenance.
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    Yeah, but my understanding from chatting with other oiler users is the (newer?) scottoilers have a direct "drips per minute" setting that accounts for viscosity and actually gets the actual number of drops per minute. Dunno if they're a constant volume, though, as I don't actually know how the mechanism works at all. They've also got the advantage of being able to be hidden, which is difficult with the Tutoro as it needs to be upright as it's gravity fed.