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  1. Not 100% convinced on the "Mistral Grey" colour scheme. Perhaps if the blue bits were black reminiscent of the quite classy looking (in my opinion but then I have no taste) 2004 FZS1000 and 2009ish FZ1S it would be more appealing. It might look better in daylight in the flesh.
  2. Thanks for the additional pictures. Although they are "adventure" style boxes I think they look good on a Tracer. The 33l boxes on the sides are narrower than the bars which I like, and they are a nice regular shape for easy packing. Good choice.
  3. Looks good. I like the Givi Trekker luggage you have fitted. Do you have any pictures from different angles to get an idea of width ?
  4. Has anyone used the Monokey adapters sold by the likes of SW Motech/Altrider, to mount Givi cases on their own luggage plates, on the Yamaha rack ? It seems like it would be very straight forward to drill 4 holes in the Yamaha plate and bolt the adapter parts through. I like the look of the Yamaha rack as it avoids the excess bracketry of some of the aftermarket offerings. Am I overlooking something obvious like the plate being too small or the cutouts being in the wrong place ? This is the kind of thing I am thinking of: Altrider adapter
  5. A little update. I took a Tracer demonstrator out for an hour this morning for a run around my local A and B roads. First impressions: feet flat on the floor with seat in low position, engine feels turbine smooth, nice exhaust note from standard system, mirrors a bit narrow but not the worst I've seen. At slow speed the transition from closed to open throttle seemed a little jerky, don't know if this was a fuelling issue, how it was set up (did seem to be a lot of throttle movement before anything happened) or just being on an unfamiliar bike. The pegs were higher than I am used to but I soon got used to it and the riding position suited me fine. Once on the move the bike felt really nimble, slow speed manoeuvres were a doddle and felt good in the bends. Once I was out of town and had the chance to open it up she gathered speed with absolutely no effort. I surprised myself a couple of times by looking at the clocks not expecting them to be reading so high. I only needed third and fourth gear for most of the ride. I really liked the power delivery. Suspension seemed quite firm but I have no idea what the settings were. The screen seems to the subject of debate, I tried both extremes and felt little difference in wind but it was noisy in the high position, low was fine for me. If the fuel gauge is to be believed I was getting low 50's mpg (imperial). Bad points: the seat has got to be a vinyl cover over a slab of concrete, the hand guards are ugly as and the side stand was a bit awkward to get to as the foot-peg got in the way. All in all a good bike and definitely on my list of potentials.
  6. The MT-09 has its own tank ring (BF05 I think). I wonder if this has been supplied in error to early FJ customers. The Yamaha and SW Motech mounts aren't exactly easy on the eye without the bag mounted compared to the neater Givi ring and for me would be the best choice if it works.
  7. Thanks for the info. My shed door is quite narrow so width is a consideration.
  8. Not a big fan of the hand guards and am liking the look you have there. Which bar ends have have got fitted ?
  9. Playing about with luggage options, and already having a 3D603 which suits my needs, the UK Givi website shows the BF23 adapter coming with 3 spacers to lift it above the filler cap and some sticky protectors for the tank plastic trim. Is the problem with the adapter design or people trying to use a non specific one ?
  10. UK based owner of another popular 3 cylinder middleweight "adventure" bike who is thinking about a change. Got a Tiger 800 and have covered 16000 happy miles but have caught shiny new bike fever. As well as rides out and occasional commuting, I get a European tour and a couple of long weekends away in each year. The Triumph does everything I want, good on fuel with a fantastic tank range, performance and handling exceed my capabilities and I have kitted it out with all the farkles I need. One option is to upgrade to the latest Tiger, swap all my luggage and accessories over at zero cost, and have more of the same. Hassle free but........ The Tracer looks on paper like an all rounder like the Triumph but with that little bit extra. The price is right (although I would have to spend to spec it up to suit me) and I have liked the Yamahas I have had in the past. A couple of hours on a demonstrator doesn't tell you what it is like to live with a bike so I will be reading up on your experiences and maybe asking some stupid questions. Regards Pugwash