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  1. Awesome to see that many miles on the CP3. I only have 13,000 on my 2015. Just put new sprockets and chain on, what a difference!
  2. How about a "Vintage" FJ-09 category for those of us on the "original". That way the MT & GT folks get to feel special like us. Thanks for getting that pulled together!
  3. Would love to know if the M4 Carbon Slip On requires cutting/modification of the stock exhaust and that it does not interfere with the center stand.
  4. Trey

    Let's talk GLOVES!

    Lee Parks DeerTours (available in short or gauntlet) with out seams (no seams on inside of glove) are awesome 3 season gloves in Texas.
  5. I have enjoyed my FJ-09 Forum T-Shirt for the last three (3) years, but it is starting to wear out. Curious to know if there are still any around to be had? Might be time to offer the "Vintage" edition (FJ-09) and a new stretched version for the GT owners, not to mention the Beak Nation supporters. Thanks, TMix
  6. Trey

    Riding suit

    Several thousand miles in rain and heat with the Stich. Riding in the rain is just another way to wash the outside of the suit. A damp microfiber towel gets those enormous bug splats off without any problem. 😀
  7. Trey

    Riding suit

    I have over 8 years and 50,000 miles including an unplanned off-road, off-bike excursion on my one-piece Roadcrafter. No leaks (unless you leave zips open), convenient and not to mention fashionable. I expect another 8 years with the occasional wash in waterproofing. I also have their unlined Ultralight one piece for the warm temperatures here in Texas. I'm confident the R-3 would be just about right for everyone. This is great value over time not to mention great customer service and Made in USA.
  8. Dont worry, there are still a few Lone Star FJ left (Frisco, Texas)
  9. I will second what Betoney posted. I changed the clutch cable on my 2015 today. No real signs of visible damage but I had adjusted the cable tighter on both my previous outings (cable stretching in advance of failure)? Also, I had to set the clutch side with only three threads past the lock nut to get an acceptable range on the adjuster at the lever. Possibly the new part is just a smidge longer?
  10. 2015 - Definitely had to move the radiator bracket, but otherwise a 15 minute job. I did find it curious that I had to set the clutch side with only about three threads showing on the lock nut to get the appropriate 10 mm of free play at the lever. Possibly the new cable is just a touch longer? We will see how it wears. Safe riding!
  11. Still loving the upgrade! Too much fun - why did I wait
  12. Second 60 mile circuit in and am absolutely loving the new front suspension. Dan at Traxxion indicated that cartridge and spacer dimensions result in measuring from the top of the cap similar to stock suspension. I am at 10 mm which I initially added to reduce the "light" feeling of the FJ. The bike no longer seems to have a bias against right hand corners whatsoever (re-centering after fork install - placebo - whatever). Controlled and confidence inspiring. The rear seems to be working now that my teeth aren't rattling over the North Dallas construction joints. I would love for the Lee Parks Total Control Advance Rider Clinic to come to town or participate in a RideSmart track day to learn what I'm missing (or how good it could be). I will say that the confident front end certainly makes riding in A-mode much more fun. The engine braking and acceleration is direct and controlled without that front end dive or lift. Found myself riding more in the 6,500-7,500 rpm range - even smoother on the vibrations.... I recommend that anyone on an FJ seriously consider suspension upgrades (and skills training) to enhance performance. The limits we perceive are only between our ears. This is one fun motorcycle. Do your research (this forum has lots of resources) and break that mental boundary to upgrading your suspension. You will be glad you did.
  13. Completed the install of the Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 fork cartridges, springs, fork oil and went for a ride. - Amazing...... Thread is in the suspension section... Hopefully the link works. https://fj-09.org/thread/5699/traxxion-dynamics-ak-diy-installed