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  1. Alright alright I've been riding for several months with the system installed. Still sounds great, I have (knock on wood) yet to have any problems with anything. Flashing the ECU took away any problems I initially had with hard starting, it fires right up every single time- hot or cold. Power delivery feels more linear, there were some rough spots in the power curve with the stock exhaust that the pipe and flashing seemed to have cured (not sure if this is because of the flash or not). I have not had the bike wide open in 6th gear yet, but I did notice nearing the top end of 4th the bike seems to feel like it's starting to struggle. Not sure if this is just due to my hilly terrain I frequent, I have only ever powered up the hills and never down. Overall, I give the system a solid 9/10.
  2. Just shy of 30K now. Still using the same OEM replacement clutch cable I installed at 7K, knock on wood no issues to speak of.
  3. The dealer I bought my bike from made much effort to get me into it at the rates I was comfortable at, and the service techs I know very well and trust them to do most of the work on the bike. I have really only taken it to them to do tire changes and recalls since I like working on my bike but I'd have no trouble having them do the service. All the techs there have also been there the past 5-6 years.
  4. Does anyone have or know of a tutorial for doing valve shims? I remember my KLR had the disk style valve shims and it looks like the FJ is the same style, would just be helpful to know exactly what I'm getting into before trying to dig in to check everything. Thus far, the bike has been fantastic and has never given me any valve rattle.
  5. Got my ECU back, no more popping on decel Will be taking the bike to work today to get a better feel for it, just took it for a quick little spin last night.
  6. I'm in Chula Vista, California Used to live down there by SouthWestern College.
  7. xpress: I am slightly confused by your phrase "I have been using the factory flash". Does this mean Yamaha has a re-flash of their stock ECM? My dealer hasn't mentioned squat to me about one and when I called another dealer ... they had never heard of one. So, needless to say, I am a bit perplexed. I have a 2015 leftover. Thanks for any light you can shine on this. It's the same flash that the factory installed onto the ECU when they first programmed the ECU.... Meaning, it's how the bike came from the factory. I have not had the ECU reflashed.
  8. Lil bro got himself an FZ-07. It was the slowest ride I've ever done but at least he's trying
  9. For the record, up until this point, I have been using the factory flash.
  10. Do you feel that there was any sacrifice of mid-range power to get the increased top end boost? Most of my riding is above 4500rpm but I rarely ride above 9k. I don’t want to lose any mid-range if I finally decide to get an exhaust. In the 2 months I've been riding the system, I can firmly say that if there was any loss in performance at any point in the RPM range, my precision calibrated ass-dyno could not note the difference. Speaking of ass, a wild hair up it tonight prompted me to yank out the ecu for a reflash. It'll be off to FTECU tomorrow morning for flashing. This is just to smooth out the throttle map which did not change at all with the new exhaust. I figured it's outside of both the factory 1 year warranty and the extended 2 year warranty so why not...
  11. It is a heavenly sound, the 850 triple singing at full gallop without a cork in its throat. Even with the DB killer in place though it still has a nasty growl that videos just can show off accurately. Nearly 2 months in to having mine and I have zero complaints, other than the front tire has dulled the finish on the center header after riding in the rain once. I can't wait to get my ECU flashed to let all of the horses out of the stable, I'm curious to see what kind of gains a system like this will give. For a comparison, me and my buddy on his Daytona 650R went head to head in a straight line. He normally outpulled me every time with the stock FJ exhaust in place, but now I'm hot on his heels with the front end of the FJ fighting to get skyward- TCS light blinking the whole time. A quickshifter it what I imagine it'll take to stay with the Daytona as he jumps slightly when shifting. I bet if we swapped bikes his smaller presence may entertain a more even prance on the two bikes, if not the FJ slightly ahead (I'm twice his size ). As for rideability, I have seen ZERO drawbacks to the system in place on my stock, non flashed FJ-09. There is still gobs of torque down low and at WOT the pull is much harder than before.
  12. I also wait for the pump to prime, then it's go time.
  13. I believe this is the 300mm SS can with carbon tip. Doesn't protrude more than the stock exhaust by much, but it is a tight fit inside of there, clearance in some areas is only a few MM.