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  1. After three failed original cam chain adjusters I had to replace the cam chain, so I went to manual adjuster .  No more problem .   Replaced fuel pump around 55,000 miles , second one still good .  Replaced rear shock about 150,000 miles .  That's it except for normal maintenance .  Oil change every 4,000 miles and it doesn't use any oil .  No fluid leaks at all.  Changed to National Cycle windshield after about a year .  Everything else is original .



  2. Still ride 4 or 5 times a week , most rides between 100 and 200 miles. All stock except windshield and CCT. 7/25/2020 215,000 miles 3/30/21 236,000
  3. Still ride 4 or 5 times a week , most rides between 100 and 200 miles.
  4. To answer, do I still ride to new destinations . Sometimes, most of my rides are between 100 and 400 miles. I am 77 yrs. old and don't like to be gone overnight I have only done so twice since I bought the bike. I have done one Iron Butt SS1000 and ridden every mile of every highway in Oklahoma. Even the short rides are great, I've never had a boring ride and hope I can do this many more years. Now about the bike. I bought the bike new April first 2015 at K&N Yamaha Tulsa OK and they have done all the maintenance . They have been great and gone above and beyond to keep me on the road with very little down time. There was a factory recall on CCT and it was replaced twice . The third time it was replaced with aftermarket manual adjuster, no more problems but had to replace cam chain. Replaced fuel pump at about 50,000 miles. I wasn't stranded, it would only run about 30 mph. Replaced stator at about 150,000 miles. Valves set five times , plugs, air filter, throttle body check. Changed to V Stream windshield after two years. It is much better. Everything else is stock. I am impressed by what didn't go bad . It still has original clutch, all bearings, fork seals and does not use any oil or leak any fluids. Thank you for your interest and kind words. Slowing down some I'm getting old, 5/20/20 - 207,000 miles . 6/25/2020 212,000 7/25/2020 215,000 miles
  5. 1/3/20 4yrs and 9 months from purchase. Slowing down some, I'm getting old, 5/20/20 207,000 miles .
  6. New fuel pump about 55,000 , new stater about 150,000 new plugs and air filter with each valve check . Oil and filter every 4000 new battery about 160,000.
  7. Stock seat, I'm now at 183,000 10/15/19. 10/23/19 186,000