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  1. I took mine to Wheel a Way after talking to preferred... It only took them an hour or so for the recall I also complained about a cold start rattle and they installed a new cam chain tensioner. I guess there is a tsb for the noise. How do you like the FJ so far? I have just over 9k on mine now and I really like it. I did change a few things though.... seat was the first thing :-)
  2. I'm also in the Syracuse area and just wondering which dealer you are taking your bike to?
  3. I live near Syracuse and go to the . Inlet area a few times a year. I just blast up the truway and jump off at Utica. There are a ton of roads in the Adk park. Enjoy
  4. I got a seat from Amazon. Top Sellerie and so far it's working for me :-) I bought the so-called comfort seat and did not like it. Looked at the Corbin but I just don't like the way it looks...
  5. Still use mine almost everytime I ride. Works great... no problems at all.
  6. In the central New York area... anyone nearby?