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  1. I’m in Santa Cruz, however this rainy ass winter has kept me off the bike a lot
  2. One ride in and they seem to be secure enough. The fit and finish is totally acceptable for the price. Don’t think they would stand up against much more than a rock on the highway but I’d way rather replace them than the headlight.
  3. Installed Puig wind deflectors, Ermax screen, fleabay headlight protectors
  4. Awesome! I'm in Soquel. I saw a gray FJ going through the Point today, don't know if that was you. I've a got a red FJ with Ohlins suspension, GPR exhaust and a 2wheeldynoworks flash. ABSOLUTELY worth it. Let me know if you want to check it out.
  5. So after getting the flash from 2wheeldynoworks I completely love this exhaust. It pulls hard up top and hasn't lost anything down low. Great sound on throttle and not obnoxious around town
  6. I put my ECU back in and put my bike back together after a flash by Nels. Can't wait to go for a proper ride with the flash and full GPR exhaust
  7. I did the full system because I did not want to cut my stock exhaust. I ordered mine from GPR's eBay store but you can order straight off their webpage. Shipping was less than a week from Italy to California. Definitely worth a look, they have a bunch of options for the FJ/tracer but this looked the best in my opinion and looked like it like it wouldn't be unbearable loud, which it's not
  8. Just installed the GPR exhaust and so far its great. Both baffles are in because I leave for work at 0500. It's quiet enough but howls when you're on the gas! Installation was kind of a pain because there are no instructions and everything else is in Italian. So far the fueling seems fine but I'm planning a flash from 2Wheeldynoworks anyway. I can keep the center stand but I might remove it to shave some more weight. I like the side exit look way more than all of the aftermarket underbody exhausts I've seen and it's low enough my Shad semi rigid bags won't touch. Only cost about $700 so I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. So what's the verdict? The Ohlins & fork work on my FJ totally transformed the way it handled... anxious to hear your opinion. Unfortunately I went out of town the day after install so I haven't had a proper ride. What surprised me was the brakes felt better because my front end isn't diving anymore
  10. Happy with my eBay knockoff Acerbis Xtarmac hand guards
  11. Got my Ohlins shock and Andreani cartridge kit installed. Just riding home from the shop it felt surprisingly better. Can't wait for a real ride
  12. how is your 300mm? Too loud or acceptable?
  13. They have low mount and high mount exhausts with 200 mm to 400 mm length cans. Doesn't have to be loud as phuck. They seem okay. A couple guys on the Facebook group have them and like them. It's based out of U.K. So hopefully engineering and build quality are good