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  1. Welcome to the club. We have cookies & t-shirts for the newbs. 😜 Wet weather won't affect them after installation. As you mentioned the only real noticeable difference is the heated grips & the delayed transmission of warmth you noticed. Other than that you will not find much different other than comfort & reduction of vibes. Bonus points for having huge paws, the added circumference helps those of us blessed with sasquatch hands. 😉
  2. I've been up to EC a few times for business as well, you ain't kidding man. They make drinking an Olympic sport.
  3. How did it feel gaining that additional 10HP going back to the faster colour? 😄😉 😎
  4. Dang, that sucks. At least you're most;y okay. Still vertical and breathing, anyway. Sorry.
  5. This one. I installed a 300MM full-carbon setup. I love it. Zero complaints, and it sounds fantastic when you're powering up a mountain at WOT.
  6. I just placed my order. I've been meaning to get a screen protector on mine for, oh, years. So here we go. Thanks guys. 🏍️ My package arrived via Royal Post last week. 🧐 I felt so fancy. I'm glad they provided an extra protector. As expected I fouled up the first one, despite taking my time and (what I thought was) meticulous pre-fitting for placement. Yeah, right. 😖 The second one applied perfectly. Only a couple small bubbles that worked right out. Nice product, looks really good and no more worries that I'll deface the OEM gauge cluster. After that, I wheeled her out of the garage and did a nice spring cleaning. Checked fluids, tire pressures, and she fired right up, despite sitting all winter long. Battery Tender FTW. I geared up and took her for a spin and fueled her up with fresh premium. It's been months since I rode, so it was exhilarating to open her up and the glorious sound of the Black Widow exhaust put a big grin back on my face.
  7. Those were literally the very first farkels I put on my FJ-09 back in '15. Quite a handy little add-on, I agree.
  8. I just placed my order. I've been meaning to get a screen protector on mine for, oh, years. So here we go. Thanks guys. 🏍️
  9. My buddy lives in Waynesboro. I get up that way a couple times a year on the bike. Next time we're planned up in that direction I'll post up.
  10. I have a Black Widow exhaust on mine. I love it. I think you'll be happy.
  11. Might I humbly suggest moving the suspension upgrades higher up the list? Take my word on this, it's the best money you can spend on the FJ... It will transform the bike and make it so much more fun to ride. 🙂
  12. This is what I did too. I carry a 1 quart Ziplock bad & some twist-ties in my tail bag if it rains. It works. And it's a helluva lot cheaper than the Zumo.
  13. I'm with my brother-from-down-under on this. I'm 6'1" with good reach, though. For me the Gen1 ergos are almost perfect. I can kick back on a long slab and relax, I can also lean up into the bars and do the Dragon Hustle when called for, the stockers just work well for me. Longer bars for my apelike arms is a bonus, I never feel cramped in any position and they just work for me. As WS said though, YMMV and to each their own... I swapped the stock bars on my naked SV-650 for better bars years back and was happy as a lark. Every person is unique and requires different fit and sit to be comfy. Find what works for you, and fix it. Seat, pegs, bars, levers can all make a "meh" bike a stellar "Ride of My Life". Make it yours. That's why the aftermarket is so cool.
  14. Y'all remember that annoying fad several years ago when people were painting the entire motorcycles in bedliner? 💩 Yeah, I do not miss that one bit.
  15. I took mine on a 300+ mile day trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA. It was a perfect day (albeit cold as ***t this morning, thank you, heated grips) and we had a blast.