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  1. I'm one of the original FJ havers. I bought mine in May 2015 after a Yamaha demo day ride that helped me make up my mind. This replaced a KLR-650 I had for about a year, which had replaced the venerable '07 SV-650 that I loved for many years before it. The SV was truly my long-time fave bike of the past 20 years. Just a great, simple do-it-all bike that farkeled up well and did almost anything I wanted. My only gripe was the lack of top-end power. The V-twin was fabulous around town and in low speed twisty corners, but just gasped for breath above 60mph. The Yammer 900 triple has no such issues and can rip down long straights with great aplomb when I ask for it. Not that I ask it often... but when I do, oh mamma... As many have said, the FJ farkels up very well. All new suspension was the greatest of the upgrades. The bike rides on rails now, with complete confidence and agility no matter how hard I push it. There are so very few shortcomings it's hard to even list them. However, I envy the new owners with the factory cruise control, that's maybe the one and only option I wish I had that I don't. Comfort with a Sargent seat is all-day long and the factory side bags are plenty good for my touring needs. Fuel economy is great for the displacement and although some feel the fuel tank should be larger, I'm OK with capacity. (A rider needs to stretch every now & then, after all) Of all the many motorcycles I have owned in the last 30+ years, the FJ-09 is by far my favorite. It ain't perfect. But for a budget bike it's as perfect as I need it to be.
  2. Thanks! I'm pretty fond of it.
  3. Yup. Cabin right by the General Store.
  4. Trambo


  5. This is cool: LINK TO NEWS BLURB Yamaha has signed a deal to make its Niken the official support bike for the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta.
  6. I, too just got back from Deal's Gap. Put a lot of laps on the Tail this year. Great riding, as always.
  7. Good choice. I had a Delkovic exhaust on my SV-650 for several years and never had a problem with it. Quality was good, sounded great and talk about saving some dough! I think you'll enjoy it.
  8. Just using the indicator lines on the bottles the oil comes in. It may not be as accurate as a measuring jug but .20-.25 quarts left over in a bottle isn't that worrisome to me, I mean the hash marks on the bottle aren't that wildly far off and IDC what the precise measurement on the jug says anyway. The top mark on the sight-glass is the mark I only care about, and I just pour, sight, measure, and re-pour as needed to hit that mark. My FJ is THE fussiest bike I've ever owned with regards to exact oil level so I have to do it this way to keep her happy. Top hash mark only for her or she pitches a fit so that's how we do things here. Edit - My service manual states 2.7 quarts with oil filter change which is quite accurate to the oil bottle hash marks so..... yeah.
  9. Mine is spot on with 2.8 quarts with a filter change, I found I have to fill mine to the high end of the sight glass to keep her happy. Works out just fine every 5th LOF. Hahaha
  10. Had the exact same experience as you, back in January. OEM battery laster 3.5 years, the worst longevity I've ever had out of an OEM, and I also keep mine on a Battery Tender.... And mine also spoofed me like yours.