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  1. estell

    Noise Cancelling Ear Buds?

    Are you looking specifically for noise-canceling earbuds, or are you interested in listening to music while riding without having to turn up the volume to drown out road noise? I prefer sound-isolating earphones to noise-canceling earphones. The Shure SE215 blocks up to 37 dB of outside noise, and they have very good audio quality. They block road noise so well that you don't need to turn up the volume very high. They come with either wires or a Bluetooth receiver. The wires loop over your ears to keep them in place, and they fit inside a helmet.
  2. Those are famous towers or a statue in Europe and the USA. Tracer900 is now the worldwide name for the latest model of our motorcycle, is it not?
  3. I used to use a wideband O2 sensor to do my own tuning in a turbocharged car that I owned. The wideband O2 sensor measures air-fuel ratio (AFR) in a range of about 9.0 to 20.0 like you said. The tuning software uses that measurement to adjust the fuel injector pulse periods in the ECU, which then adjusts the AFR. A narrowband O2 sensor has a much smaller range of measurement. It basically senses either a rich or lean condition. A rich condition is an AFR value less than 14.7 and a lean condition is an AFR value greater than 14.7. That is inadequate information for tuning which is the reason for the wideband O2 sensor.
  4. estell

    Thread titles...

    I didn't know about the snipping tool. That is going to save some time for me. Now I have more time to ride. 😊
  5. The cost is $98.69 plus shipping from Babbits. link Part number 1RC-21511-00-PD. Fender, Front UR FOR DRMK
  6. I can confirm that the FZ09 red fender is a match.
  7. estell

    The Great Brexit Road Trip 2019

    "Less as more" is the reason that I don't bring chain tools. I adjust the chain before leaving home and it doesn't need adjusting again for thousands of miles. Bring chain lube. I carry a small air compressor and a tire plug kit and I have used the air compressor. I chose to air up while on the road and wait until I was home to plug a slow leak. I like to pack a sleeping bag and pillow in a dry bag and strap it on the passenger seat. That gives me a back rest that can be useful when spending all day on the bike even if I don't intend to camp. Then I strap a tent and camping chair to the top of the dry bag. In the top case I'll pack extra gloves and an insulated water backpack. It keeps a 2 liter bladder of water cold for hours. I also store my helmet in the top case. In the side bags I'll pack a change of clothes, shoes, rain gear, and a small bag that contains all my toiletries (tooth brush, razor, soap). The clothes should include a few layers so that you can be ready for hot or cold temperatures. The rain gear can be thin layers that you put on over your riding jacket and pants. My soft side bags have external pockets that I use for things that others place in a tank bag: maps, phone charger, sunglasses, tour guide books. I like to use a GPS for daily navigation, but paper maps can't be beat for planning. Lastly, a few locks are useful for attaching your riding gear to the bike when you get off to take a walk. A short cable lock works for the helmet and a long cable lock works for the jacket and pants. You could put them in the top box if they all fit.
  8. estell

    Wheel rim decals

    I added red wheel rim stickers to my red FJ-09. I applied them by hand and I did not get perfect circles. If you insist on perfect circles then you may need to use a tool or a guide. If you are standing back far enough to take a photo of my whole bike then it is not obvious that they aren't perfect. You have to focus on the wheel alone to notice that they aren't perfect. I do not insist on perfection in regards to bling so I am satisfied that they enhance the appearance of the bike. By the way, I added a red front fender from a 2017 FZ-09 to increase the red content. It is a perfect match to the FJ-09 red. I'll add a photo of it to my gallery soon.
  9. estell

    estell's album

  10. estell

    Chain and Sprocket Replacement

    I didn't bother prying up the indents. My impact wrench loosened the nut and pushed up the indents all in a fraction of a second.
  11. estell

    Dynaplug tire plug system

    Third thumbs up. I have plugged a tire on my FJ-09 and one on my car. I rode another 2500 miles on the FJ-09 after plugging and I am still driving the car on the plugged tire. The main thing to be aware of is that the hole needs to be big enough to push the head of the plug into. I found that shoving a screw into the hole to open it up helped to install the plug.
  12. These are the hand guards I installed, and this is the cheapest I have seen them: KTM David, What Barkbuster did you get? I am currently using the [/url]Barkbuster BBZ and they work well in combination with the heated grips. The back of my hands do not get cold while wearing my 3-season gloves in mid-30 degree temperatures. I have seen a few other recommendations of the BBZ on this forum recently. My installation included fabricating an aluminum bracket to support the left side away from the clutch lever. The BBZ is made of a stiff material that is supposed to support itself, but mine was collapsing onto the clutch lever at freeway speeds. The right side is supported by the master cylinder and the throttle cable and it stays well clear of the brake lever. I have tried the KTM handguards. I think that they are the same as those in the link above. I have read good reviews but I don't like them because my Cal Sci windscreen bumps them at full turn. I also didn't think that they kept my hands much warmer than the stock guards. They are certainly not as warm as the BBZ. My KTM guards are available if you want to buy a used set. PM me if you want to see them.
  13. estell

    FJ09 Reliability

    My ownership experience with my 2015 FJ-09 meets your expectations. I have had to repair nothing in 29K miles. I have done maintenance, like checking the valve clearances and replacing the chain. My valve clearances were still within factory specs at 24.6K miles. I opted to install the manual cam chain tensioner because there was a service bulletin, but my original CCT was not noisy. I don't go and talk about my lack of troubles unless asked, as you have done. Those with problems are much more likely to post about them, and then you read the posts and get the impression that the bike has a lot of problems when it is really just a few. Such is the nature of internet forums.
  14. I have used a Cal Sci large windscreen since 2015. It is well made and quieter than the Yamaha screen. The large keeps the wind off of you. The company provides good service. I have only good things to say about them.
  15. Sliders for me. I opted for the T-Rex Racing slider combo kit. I haven't dropped my bike but I am confident that they would provide some protection. The slider combo is a lot more compact and lighter weight and less visible.