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  1. Thanks, found them on Ebay, apparently LighTech knockoffs, for under $45 dollars USD. The LighTec units are $260.00 USD. Wow, that is such a significant difference I wonder about QC. How are yours working our and holding up? Rear Chain Adjusters Tensioners For YAMAHA FZ-09 MT-09 Tracer FJ-09 XSR900 RN29 For YAMAHA FJ-09,MT-09 Tracer,XSR900 2014-2019...
  2. fddriver2, which chain adjuster set are you using. They look very effective and perhaps easier and more accurate to use? Oh, and cool that you have two identical bikes!🤪
  3. I live in the NW and ride in the rain all the time. When I first got the bike I found the stock hugger to be almost useless, and mud and road crap was a constant issue. I got the R&G hugger because it looked like the best length and fit available, and as you can see from this picture, it looks fine. It works very well, and keeps the bike relatively road splatter free. It was a bit more expensive than some of the others, but It fit perfectly, and has been there for over 50K miles and still looks brand new. I am sure there may be others that do the job, but I feel I am getting my moneys worth.
  4. Yo Chris, I used to spend a lot of time up your way riding there, and climbing and skiing on Mt Ranier. But I know that I haven't seen half of it. When this "Situation" cools down and we can travel freely again, I'll take you up on it! Thanks again. Victor
  5. Hi Betoney, I have, but not for years. Thanks for reminding me as that is a ride that clearly should be done more than once.
  6. Thanks for all the updates. those roads, 25 and 99, have been deteriorating for years, and the "Repairs" which are now simply a dump of gravel into a sink hole are no fun at all. I do love it up there and don't mind going slow if necessary, but freely admit I loved riding those roads fast in the past... and sincerely hope there are funds available to fix those roads someday. It is unfortunate how much deferred maintenance is happening in our forests and parks. I really love the National Parks, and Monuments and happily carry a life time pass. Those places are one of the most wonderful things in our country, and I never fail to be happy when I visit one. A couple of years ago I went to visit my sister who lives in the Coachella Valley. My ride took me through Crater Lake and Joshua Tree. The visit before that it was Yosemite, and Manzanar (That was a truly disturbing visit), and Death Valley. I was planning another visit later in the fall when the weather cools a bit, but that may not be possible under the current conditions, and also, she is a geriatric nurse and does not want me or any other family members near her for the time being. So, interesting places close to home are what's up. I am thinking of riding out to central OR, and visiting the John Day Fossel beds area instead of the now designated roads 25 and 99 ADV route. Oh well, the Weather Guru's are trying to conjure up rain for Friday anyway, so maybe that is a sign. And thanks daboo, the west entrance ride is still a possible, but I agree there are many other rides available.
  7. Indeed, it used to be an awesome sport ride, but maybe it is has succumbed to fashion and moved on the ADV!
  8. Yikes, that sounds ominous. I did not ride up there three years ago, and last year I was turned back by a white out, not too far above the snow gates. Damn, I really want to do that ride and also to see the progress of the regrowth, but your recent experience does not sound like much fun. I hate deep gravel. Thanks Kithu, time to reconsider. And yes, that was once an epic ride.
  9. Yikes, and damn! I am clearly aging ungraciously, clearly my mind is going... Maybe I did actually miss that whole decade... Likely it was because my mind was rattled by hitting those frost heave bumps? OK, here goes again--- Slightly over 40 years ago when I was misplacing entire decades...
  10. I used both Honda ST1100s and Yamaha FJR1300s before acquiring my FJ-09 in '15. I loved those previous bikes, particularly the FJRs, which consider the most sorted out and, for my purposes, the best ever. However, as I age ungraciously, I want and need a lighter bike. I freely admit the FJ (MT, Tracer) is not in the same class of power, fit and finish, or ease of use (Shafty). But, I have used this one for over 50K as both a daily rider and my LD bike. Indeed, I did the usual replacements of suspension, seat, windshield and a bunch of other personal things, that I have always done even on the FJRs, as sorted out as they are, because we mostly all like to personalize or "Improve" our bikes. and indeed, it is not in the bigger bike, 2-up comfort category for many. But, the light weight weight, agility, extremely spirited engine, makes this just right for me for both daily riding and long distance riding. It was indeed done with a bargain price in mind, so it is not a hardship to modify it to one's own requirements. For instance, because I like to keep the weight down I use soft Panniers, but a lockable top box so as to have at least one place to lock things in. I like the Madstad windshield, and the KTM hand guards, but there are many other choices. I like the Dunlop Roadsmart tire range, but the choices are dizzying. All in all this is a bike that can easily be modified to fit one's personal wants and needs, and still be reasonably inexpensive. the short answer to your question though is at least for me, this is a good LD mount.
  11. Thanks, nhchris, interesting...
  12. Normally, about every 20,000 mi. The maker of your pipe may have a kit, and there are many aftermarket products available. Some units require drilling out and replacing pop rivets, etc. Do some research, this is not an unusual issue and plenty of info is available, with even more opinion than there is about motor oil! Do wear rubber gloves, and even cover your mouth when opening up the can as they can be full of toxic dust including fiber glass. Do your best to contain the stuff, it is not pleasant - sort of like cleaning a chimney. I have done it many times, but common sense has finally caught up with me and I now stay with the stock (No glass pack!) units and, at least for me, the ensuing quiet is welcome... Just my opinion, not casting judgement. I rode with aftermarket pipes for over 40 years, repacked all of them several times, and indeed, I enjoyed the whole experience. Just not anymore. The first time takes some fun research, and a bit of fiddling, and likely a dusty surprise when you open it up the first time, but if the looks and sound are worth it to you (it was to me for a long time), go for it. After a few times it becomes a doodle.
  13. A little over thirty years ago Mt St Helens blew its top in an epic steam explosion. For those of us living in the Pacific North west, it was a life changing event... to say the least. Everyone I know has a story to tell, all a little different, but all sharing in that amazing and terrifying event. For those of us living among, skiing on and climbing the volcanos of the PNW, this awesome and catastrophic event was something that will never be forgotten, and for some of us, still being experienced though visiting the mountain. I try to ride up to Windy Ridge interpretive site, where the road now ends near the bottom of the vast crater, and near the slowly regenerating Spirit Lake. I have missed a few years, because of late snow, white outs, and sometimes because of work obligations, but in other years I have been up there more than once. The first time I made the ride I was overwhelmed by the devastation, but in every year since, the regeneration and regrowth has been wonderful and exciting to see. The roads up there, Forest Roads 25 and 99, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, are... sometimes problematic. They are not plowed during the winter and the snow can be seriously deep, and road repair funds are scarce. The good parts are seriously great riding, the tough parts are seriously crappy and bumpy, and in some cases can be challenging and even dangerous. But the riding, the scenery, and the the opportunity to see this historic event, on a motorcycle still unfolding, not in a closed in cage, is not to be missed. A few friends and I will be riding up there, we bring bag lunches and water as nothing is available, on Friday, the 21st. We would love to see you there. For those that don't know the route, it starts at the town of Carson (Gas up there), just off WA 14, Columbia River Hwy, just east of Stevenson, directions here: Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Windy Ridge Interpretive Site The weather Gurus claim it will be a good day and baring road washouts, whiteouts, and Big Foot attacks it should be fun and as always, interesting. I hope to see you there.
  14. Interesting, How did it effect the performance in lower gears, particularly in gear changes during spirited riding?
  15. rodb47 As I mentioned, I had the flash done first and was very happy with the mapping improvements, fuel cut, and all the other things that everyone knows about by this time. But, it did not solve the off idle stumble that I also found so terribly frustrating. I have now had it installed in my bike for over 50K miles with no problem and know others with more than double that with these mods). No problem with the flash either. Both the flash and the plug are easily removed or reversed if one found any problem along the way, but to my knowledge no one has - at least I have not heard of any. I have been riding for a long time, and have had a lot of bikes, among them several Yamaha's. Before this bike, the '15 FJ-09, I had two FJR 1300's. One for over 10 years and well over 150K mi.Before that two Honda ST1100's, also trouble free and very high milage. While I did a bunch of suspension work on both, and in fact other bikes as well because I wanted more performance than the very adequate stock suspension offered (But I stress that this work was not necessary to make the bikes simply ridable), I have never had these kinds of problems with either carbonated (Absolutely loved my FZ1) or Fi bikes. I am in fact pretty disappointed with the fact that this otherwise pretty good bike has such serious problems with fueling. I have heard all the stuff about DOT issues, etc, but somehow other new bike of this era seem to have no such problems. As I mentioned, If the plug had not solved this issue I would have traded this one off. I went from the FJR to the FJ mostly to have a bike that was lighter. As I have gotten older, weight has become an issue. But the off idle problem was so bad with this bike that I was prepared to go back to a heavier FJR, or perhaps a Versys to regain the pleasure of riding a well sorted out bike. I still find this bike to be a bit more buzzy than I would like, but keeping the chain adjusted and wearing gel palm gloves takes care of that well enough. I like the light weight, and the peppy engine so much that I bought it thinking that what I had read about the flash was enough to overcome my worries bout the stumbles... I was wrong, but fortunately some research led me to the Booster Plug. My point is that it took a lot of work, a lot of time, frustration, and expense to get the bike to actually work the way almost any other new bike does out of the box. I will never buy a bike with such issues again. That is like buying new shoes that do not fit thinking they will "Break in" to fit. they will not. So I am grateful for the flash and the Plug, but disappointed in Yamaha.