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  1. I depend on my bikes, and want them available and reliable all the time. I am also a frugal as the next guy. I normally stick to fully warrantied batteries and indeed, plug into a battery tender whenever parked at home in the garage. My batteries last at least 5 years, and as long as 7. A couple of my Battery Tenders are over 20 years old. Given the longevity of batteries and Battery Tenders, I think that I am using an inexpensive option, likely the most inexpensive option. As well, battery changes at longer intervals and proven reliability. It takes exactly 2 seconds to plug in the tender and only one second to unplug. Very little effort for such reliability and longevity. It is comforting to see the little green Battery Tender lights in the garage announcing the eagerness of the bikes to unhook and hit the road. I will note that if you buy at Batteries Plus store (batteries and Battery Tenders), you get a good price, a warranty, and a 10% discount on your next purchase. [I am not affiliated in any way with Batteries Plus-except as a satisfied customer]
  2. Ahh, Newberg, and a funeral for the outgoing year... Not a bad idea to see the old year out and celebrate the new one coming along. As I get older I try to ignore anniversaries of any kind that remind of my advancing years--- but they seem to happen anyway, so why not enjoy them with like minded nut cases that ignore terrible weather in aid of some motorcycle seat time, and the possibility of some bench racing, gawking at other bikes, and likely this year, a gourmet bag lunch. I'm in.
  3. Yo Keithu, Sorry for the late response. I am a definite definite and all three sound good to me. Given what is going on we likely will be bag lunching it, so maybe a place with some sort of shelter --- See See in Newberg at least has tables with umbrellas, and who knows, they may be open by then? Or, if the umbrellas will be open if they are closed? Ocean side has historical significance, but I can't remember any shelter except the public rest rooms. Given the likelihood of sketchy weather, either Oceanside or Newberg are easiest for me, but I am game for whatever becomes consensus. Thanks for continuing the tradition.
  4. I lived up there, In Truckee, in the 70's and 80's. Riding and climbing in the summer, skiing in the winter, and trying to fit in work. I certainly enjoy living in the PNW now, but miss living in the mountains. Can't say I really miss digging out of the ten foot snow dumps, but I was much younger then...
  5. Yep, waiting on notification regarding a possible Tracer SP with all the new spec. (With an enclosed rectifier of course), Oh hell, someone will make an after market unit... I bought a hugger, I guess I could suck up a rectifier cover if I had to.
  6. The Passenger Heated Gloves ... These come from Warm N Safe. Very high quality maker.
  7. Yep, I have done this little mod to every bike I have owned since the advent of the modern filler tube "Limiter". I can't even remember who showed it to me. A few common sense things to consider though. Use a punch not a drill so as to avoid filings. I do three medium holes, and that works fine. YMMV. I also use a gadget that holds back the rubber cuff on the pump handle if there is one, so as to be able to control the flow at the top. Even with the relief holes, you must fill slowly. Of course, do not fill to the limit on the center stand and then park on the side stand. You will loose what you have gained quickly. Do not fill to the top on very hot days if you are not "In transit" - I only fill to the top if I am going to get back on and ride a distance. Parking, even on the center stand on a hot day, the gas will expand and exit through the overflow tube, that is why the limiter is there of course. I have never had a problem related to this little mod except a sore butt from staying in the saddle too long. * I have no financial relationship to any hole punch or nail set manufacturer.
  8. Thanks, found them on Ebay, apparently LighTech knockoffs, for under $45 dollars USD. The LighTec units are $260.00 USD. Wow, that is such a significant difference I wonder about QC. How are yours working our and holding up? Rear Chain Adjusters Tensioners For YAMAHA FZ-09 MT-09 Tracer FJ-09 XSR900 RN29 For YAMAHA FJ-09,MT-09 Tracer,XSR900 2014-2019...
  9. fddriver2, which chain adjuster set are you using. They look very effective and perhaps easier and more accurate to use? Oh, and cool that you have two identical bikes!🤪
  10. I live in the NW and ride in the rain all the time. When I first got the bike I found the stock hugger to be almost useless, and mud and road crap was a constant issue. I got the R&G hugger because it looked like the best length and fit available, and as you can see from this picture, it looks fine. It works very well, and keeps the bike relatively road splatter free. It was a bit more expensive than some of the others, but It fit perfectly, and has been there for over 50K miles and still looks brand new. I am sure there may be others that do the job, but I feel I am getting my moneys worth.
  11. Yo Chris, I used to spend a lot of time up your way riding there, and climbing and skiing on Mt Ranier. But I know that I haven't seen half of it. When this "Situation" cools down and we can travel freely again, I'll take you up on it! Thanks again. Victor
  12. Hi Betoney, I have, but not for years. Thanks for reminding me as that is a ride that clearly should be done more than once.
  13. Thanks for all the updates. those roads, 25 and 99, have been deteriorating for years, and the "Repairs" which are now simply a dump of gravel into a sink hole are no fun at all. I do love it up there and don't mind going slow if necessary, but freely admit I loved riding those roads fast in the past... and sincerely hope there are funds available to fix those roads someday. It is unfortunate how much deferred maintenance is happening in our forests and parks. I really love the National Parks, and Monuments and happily carry a life time pass. Those places are one of the most wonderful things in our country, and I never fail to be happy when I visit one. A couple of years ago I went to visit my sister who lives in the Coachella Valley. My ride took me through Crater Lake and Joshua Tree. The visit before that it was Yosemite, and Manzanar (That was a truly disturbing visit), and Death Valley. I was planning another visit later in the fall when the weather cools a bit, but that may not be possible under the current conditions, and also, she is a geriatric nurse and does not want me or any other family members near her for the time being. So, interesting places close to home are what's up. I am thinking of riding out to central OR, and visiting the John Day Fossel beds area instead of the now designated roads 25 and 99 ADV route. Oh well, the Weather Guru's are trying to conjure up rain for Friday anyway, so maybe that is a sign. And thanks daboo, the west entrance ride is still a possible, but I agree there are many other rides available.
  14. Indeed, it used to be an awesome sport ride, but maybe it is has succumbed to fashion and moved on the ADV!
  15. Yikes, that sounds ominous. I did not ride up there three years ago, and last year I was turned back by a white out, not too far above the snow gates. Damn, I really want to do that ride and also to see the progress of the regrowth, but your recent experience does not sound like much fun. I hate deep gravel. Thanks Kithu, time to reconsider. And yes, that was once an epic ride.