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  1. I'm 6'2". I like my 24 inch Madstad. Quiet and stable. I can keep faceshieled open. I keep it on all winter and for highway rides. The rest of the time,, no screen at all.
  2. ayrton

    Swiss Alps

    Oh boy - this is exactly the kind of inside info I needed. Thank you both.
  3. ayrton

    Swiss Alps

    This is excellent advice. Thank you, Bugie. I was thinking that the 1200 was too big and this confirms it. Also, since we will avoid highways, the powerful 1200 is not needed. Now I'm going to examine this site you mentioned.
  4. ayrton

    Swiss Alps

    I'm planning to ride the Swiss Alps with a friend in June. We have ridden in Utah, then Arizona in prior years. First time to Alps. I am interested in your thoughts, suggestions and comments, please. We are not all day high mileage riders. Instead of traveling place to place, my idea is to stay in one place and take day trips from the base. This will be good for safety, less packing, unpacking, better sleep, and ability to explore an area. I am planning to stay in Interlaken and take day trips: Wed/Thurs: Day 1/2: overnight to Zurich; train to Interlaken; rent bikes in Thun Friday: Day 3: Short rides to Wengen, Murren & Grindlewald (Eiger, Jungfrau, Monch) Saturday: Day 4: longer ride to Andermatt Sunday: Day 5: longer ride to Gstaad Monday: Day 6: North shore loop Tuesday: Day 7: Return bikes, hang out Wednesday: train to Zurich Thursday, fly home We usually rent BMW R1200RT with bags, but I wonder if they will be too big for this trip. Maybe the BMW F800GT would be better? http://www.2wheeltravel.com/Motorcycle Hire/switzerlandhire.htm We usually ride for 1-2 hours, get off and hike for 1-2 hours, lunch, ride 1-2 hours, done.
  5. ayrton

    Speed Run

    I don't know what came over me. We had a nice day out here in Valley Forge, PA and I felt the need for speed. On the country lanes and in the park, it was full throttle, high revs, full lean, hard braking. Riding like a sport bike in MotoGP. Bike accelerates so hard, light and tossable. Wow, what a great bike, wow, what a great motor. Truth be told, it was full throttle (for me), high revs (for me), full lean (sure felt full). Probably not so much for you, but for me it was.
  6. This looks like a good idea. I'm gonna order that.
  7. Welcome. Would you mind sharing the trip route you used in the Austrian Alps. I am planning a trip there for next June and I am looking for suggestions. Thank you.
  8. Rode 2 up with a female friend and the bags on to the NHRA races in Maple Grove, PA this weekend. Over an hour of back road riding in the country. Lots of traffic in the last 2 miles, but I rode past it all on the left. Glad to be on a bike while the big trucks and SUV's sit in line. Then there is a special area to park bikes right up front. Very cool. Before the ride I checked air pressure in the tires, and I noticed that the recommended pressures are always the same, regardless of weight. I expected some softness and wallowing, but, boy, the bike was great - smoothed out bumps, firm, responsive, powerful. I love this thing. Those top fuel dragsters - well - indescribable. That noise, the eyes tear, the nose and mouth burns, the ground shakes, your internal organs vibrate. Geez. Good luck to our friends in the south - looks like a bad storm.
  9. Would you mind sharing how you came to ride around the Italian lakes? Where did you rent the bikes? How did you pick a route? Thanks This is from the north tip of Lake Garda at Riva Del Garda. Recent bicycle tour of the Dolomites.
  10. First Sunday - Ride to Ephrata PA. Weather is supposed to be fine Sunday morning for a ride to the motorcycle gathering in Ephrata PA. I expect 2,000 bikes of all kinds, plus a good breakfast. This is in PA's Amish country and we will see horse and buggies, Amish clad kids on bikes, all coming or going to church Sunday morning. And beautiful rolling farmland.