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  1. It's 48 cool degrees outside this fine AM. I live in the mountains of North Central AZ at 5,500 feet so we do cool down a bit. What I was really wondering was if the Fasst Company Anti-Vibration Inserts at 7/8 inch would fit.
  2. Anyone know offhand the inside diameter of the 2015 FJ handlebar? Too lazy to go out to the cold garage.
  3. Make me an offer and I will consider it.
  4. Brand new in box. Accidently ordered two. You can see what a new one costs in the title above. Best offer plus shipping.
  5. No number of years is really enough, but perhaps it's just my time to quit. I once read a story of man who got a 250 from his kids on his 92nd birthday. Always hoped to be like him. Only time will tell.
  6. Weight! I have lost most of my balance as I've gotten. Exercises haven't helped. The FJ was a step down from Concours 14. My wife wants me to quit riding altogether, but I have trouble seeing myself without a bike. Maybe I'm just getting too old. I've been riding since 1971, perhaps 50 years is long enough.
  7. I bought my FJ in August 2017. It was a left over 2015. It reminded me of the 1978 750 Yam triple I had back in the day. Unfortunately I have gotten older and developed a very bad back. As of today I have a grand total of 1396 miles on my FJ. Because of that I'm considering selling it and getting something smaller. Still in the "Thinking about it phase."
  8. Not quite on the road, but we are running, and discovered the culprit what drained the battery in the first place. I'll write about that in another post.
  9. My stupid. Battery is in correctly, but the bike connection was left off. Hooked up the horn and the SAE conns but left the bike conn sitting out of sight. I found it when I went out to check polarity. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Haven't ridden in some time. (it's been too hot, yes I live in AZ.) Went out to start Red yesterday, and she was dead. Nothing when I turned the key on. Pulled the seats and the battery was putting out 2.48 volts. Fortunately I had a spare battery so I put it in. No joy. The batt was putting ou8t 12.62 volt6s but I stilll had nothing Yes. the 50A fuse is good. I have torn the bike down to almost parade rest looking for broken wires, no joy. SUGGESTI0NS ?
  11. Yes, both will only flash if I hold the turn signal. BTW the warning flashers work fine.
  12. My right turn signal only blinks when I hold the switch to the right. Left side works fine. Bulbs are good. Perhaps the relay?
  13. I suggest Glare Stomper. GlareStomper.com Many sizes for many brands
  14. I'm looking for some BT earbuds that fit under a helmet comfortably. Bought a set from an outfit called Letsfit. They work wonderfully, but hurt like heck under my helmet. Anyone know of smaller ones that hold the cost under $100? TIA, John
  15. I wear a Hi-Vis yellow jacket. It tends to be sunny most of the time where I live. Said HI_VIZ jacket reflects badly on my Garmin GPS, which in turn is impossible to read. I refuse to change my apparel as it contributes to my being seen on the dark and dusty roads of north central AZ. I have wrapped a Glare Stomper around said GPS to no avail. I am open to any and all suggestions as long as I can keep my HI-VIZ jacket and helmut. TIA, The Senior Chief