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  1. This is the first time in my riding career that all of the Yamaha stars have aligned and I have an all Yamaha motorcycle fleet in my garage. I like low maintenance, reliable, reasonably priced motorcycles as I ride 20,000+ miles a year.
  2. I usually split the difference and complete the maintenance at 5000 mile intervals unless I have a big ride coming up.
  3. The T7 is comfortable for me at those speeds…..any higher and you tend to get blown around a little. A 2nd Gen KLR has better wind protection and is a good travel bike. I doubt that my T7 has been over 85 mph…….older and slower.👍
  4. I have the ultra sophisticated Go Cruise throttle lock.
  5. I don’t see any problem with long distance if you ride between 55-75 mph. I have an an adjustable Moto pumps windshield bracket that helps. I am also 6’4” with a 35” inseam and installed SW Motech Ion 15mm lower foot pegs plus I was able to buy one of the rare 41 mm taller Yamaha rally one piece seats. The two piece stock seat had me sitting on the seam which was not good. My picture shows the Tusk side and tail racks plus I have an Ogio tail bag and small tank bag. I installed Bikemaster heated grips and run a heated jacket when needed. The only things I wish the T7 had was tubeless wheels and electronic cruise control. BTW, my T7 runs flawless …… I think you will like yours. I use my Super Tenere for big trips, my Tracer GT for all around riding and short trips, and the T7 for back road exploring.
  6. Congratulations on your new T700….it does have a great engine. I’ve owned mine over a year and have 11,000 miles on it.
  7. BNG will be the big change for 2022.
  8. Using the Cycle Hill to break beads on the floor next to the machine is way easier than doing it without the attached breaker bar. It does work pretty good.
  9. I owned the original NoMar Cycle Hill changer from 2009 to its sale this spring when it was replaced with the NoMar Cycle Hill HD Plus. I have mounted and balanced more than 250 tires since 2009 which has saved me (and friends) so much time and money that the machine pays for itself in a short period of time. I kept my NoMar balancer, cones, Yellow Thing, and tire irons from the first machine. Mine is permanently mounted to the garage floor as I have the room. it sure beats dismounting and mounting tires on the concrete floor like I did for thirty years.👍
  10. That fuel line with connectors is only $42.49 in the USA……$120.00 AUS is quite a bit more even with the exchange difference. #48 on the parts diagram.
  11. I have ridden across Kansas numerous times where it was so windy that I couldn’t ride at the posted 75 mph speed limit on I 70.
  12. I crossed Kansas east and west three weeks ago on my Super Tenere and the side winds were ferocious in the middle of the state. The wind was blowing so hard from the south and hot (105 degrees) on the way back that my bike was running around 220 degrees due to the radiator intake not getting any air. We later experienced a severe storm in Hays, KS and my bike was blown over. It was a tough ride on the S10 and would have been worse on my Tracer GT due to the reasons stated in above posts. Other than riding loose and with the wind, there isn’t much you can do about it.
  13. Mine is missing also….made do with some old bicycle inner tube to cover the protrusion.
  14. Why? If used properly, it is a great aid in cleaning a bike.
  15. I am in the outer Chicago suburbs……Waterloo, Illinois 62298 just south of St Louis, Mo. I am 30 miles from the great Missouri roads in the Ozarks south of St Louis. I did live in Oswego, Il in the late 70’s for two years.