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  1. I have attached pictures of my ‘19 Tracer 900 GT front wheel. The disc is 4.80mm wide/thick and the inside distance between both discs is 122mm.
  2. I do like almost exactly like kilo3's post above.....do not use locktite. There are numerous YouTube videos on this subject.
  3. I installed a cheap EBay adjustable windshield spoiler and went for a ride. It works great on my Puig tall touring windshield and I was able to lower the windshield bracket to the lowered position on my GT.
  4. Like you said, lifting via soft ties around the handlebars would work great.
  5. No Mar sells balancing cones for single sided, large hole wheels. If I owned a Niken, I would place a horizontal bar/broomstick between both sets of forks and use motorcycle tie downs attached to the garage door rails to raise the front wheels while the bike is on the center stand. You could also raise the front by placing the bike on the center stand and using a motorcycle tie down(s) to pull the rear of the bike down utilizing eye bolts installed on the lower edge of the garage wall or even wrapped around the wheel of your car or truck. Large Balancing Cone Set for Single-Sided Swingarm Wheels-BL
  6. Yes, I know they can be flipped and will probably never cause a problem....I was just pointing out that they are directional like most clamps. I will flip mine also as i don't plan on riding any super cross events with the Tracer fearing my handlebars will rotate when the clamps are reversed.
  7. Picture of directional handlebar top clamps.
  8. Yes, I looked at the top halves and they looked directional to me. I will pull one off shortly and look again.
  9. That "primer gray" must be the before picture of the final red painted T 9.
  10. I drilled mine with a drill larger than the pin diameter.....took about 20 seconds. I believe the peg pin is 8mm, so a 3/8” drill will remove the crimped head.
  11. Fabulous idea.....I just ordered this one for myself. Air Pump Wedge Shim Bag Spreading Tool / automotive Jack / Align / Door Leveling Works Great For Spreading Things Apart. Includes Manual...
  12. Yamaha Adds Premium MT-09 SP to 2021 Lineup « MotorcycleDaily.com – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
  13. You can have keys cut from the key code tag. Yamaha Motorcycle Keys Cut to Code Replacement Spare New Ignition precut Key 🛑ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS...Before you make a...