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  1. rideandfly

    Hi from Israel

    Welcome from North Carolina. Congratulations on your "new to you" Tracer! Look forward to seeing photos from your adventures!
  2. rideandfly

    Ride to Little Switzerland, NC

    Clint, Looks like an excellent day there yesterday! Nice shots from the BRP, Shortoff Mountain, and Diamondback.
  3. rideandfly

    Hard to Start

    Had same problem, starts and runs great after replacing battery!
  4. rideandfly

    Charlotte, NC Area

    Hello! Ride out of Denver NC. Ride on & off pavement around Mortimer, Pineola, Marion, and Morganton.
  5. rideandfly

    What is the colour of your FJ-09?

    I need to ride that soon. Headed to Tellico one week from today for March Moto Madness and plan to ride all of the great roads there in the mountains, hopefully we make it there as well!!! We like camping at Cherohala Mountain Trails at Tellico Plains TN. Ride on & off pavement, have another bike for fire road riding. Plenty of fire roads in my normal ride area around Linville Falls/Pineola NC area. Another road is NC Rt. 181 between Pineola NC and Morganton NC, plenty of sweepers. Probably find Youtube ride videos on NC Rt. 181, RT. 226A, and Rt. 80. My avatar was taken on NC. 181.
  6. rideandfly

    What is the colour of your FJ-09?

    The bike looks nice, but the road looks spectacular! The Texas Gulf Coast is sadly lacking that type of terrain... Thanks! Here's a link for NC Rt. 80 Devil's Whip and NC 226A Diamondback, both fine twistys!!!! https://tailofthedragonmaps.com/diamondback-226/
  7. rideandfly

    What is the colour of your FJ-09?

    Matte Gray on NC 80 "Devil's Whip" North Carolina
  8. Run our FJ around 1.5" slack without issues.
  9. rideandfly

    Which earplugs do you use?

    My Wife tried Howard Leights, but they did not work well for her.
  10. rideandfly

    Which earplugs do you use?

    Use Howard Leight Laser Lite ear plugs while riding, use Sena's helmet intercom while wearing ear plugs .Wear Lightspeed ANR aviation headsets while flying. Use Howard Leight Laser Lite ear plugs while shooting.
  11. Installed the APE CCT last week and reused the original OEM mounting bolts, too.
  12. rideandfly

    90 degree air chuck

    Yep, Had been looking at the style in your link, but decided to go with the Accu-Gage style for checking air pressure. It's just a personal preference.
  13. rideandfly

    90 degree air chuck

    What air gauge did you get? I was looking at what you described with a flex hose and they all had analog dial gauges reading 160+ psi, which makes lower psi exact measurements less accurate. I would like to find a low pressure, or motorcycle oriented gauge for my home compressor, unless its the digital type then I guess it doesn't matter. When away from home, I currently use the Craftsman Digital Gauge Its very accurate, fits neatly in my tank bag and is simple to use. This dial gauge goes up to 60PSI, should be easy to read, but much larger than the Craftsman Digital Gauge. I wanted the protective rubber guard on the gauge and metal stem on the 90 degree fitting. Plan to use it in my shop and have a smaller gauge for road use. Ordered it on Amazon for $20. Accu-Gage RA60X Professional Tire Pressure Gauge with Protective Rubber Guard (60 PSI)