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  1. Motorcyclists can be a hard to please group. I'm pretty satisfied with the bike as is. Two things would make it better IMO, a stock seat that doesn't slant into the tank, and a little bigger menu wheel with more positive detents for better adjustment by feel while riding. Power is plentiful to me, and I like power and acceleration; this triple is a beast for it's size. Suspension is adequate. I'm not sure how the brakes could be much better except for the ABS accuation being a little coarse. Braking feedback through the levers is good, and relatively little force is needed to brake to lock up / ABS activation. I practice emergency braking to ABS activation often, and have never noticed any brake fade. It's a pretty good bike, especially for the price. I even like the new black/red color offering. 😎
  2. My US model speedometer reads 3 percent high according to several static radar speed traffic monitors, the same as my other recent Yamahas. Fuel useage monitor seems to be spot on. It’s interesting that the bike in different markets has this variation. My main gripe is the small wheel switch that tends to easily slip into other functions when trying to press and adjust grip warmer settings, etc. I like the color change feature on the tachometer; I have the transition from black to green at 5,000 rpm, and the green to orange at 10,000. The transition to orange is a good warning that you are getting close to redline.
  3. Thank you, very interesting. Will look foreward to further updates.
  4. The seats look great, will look forward to your review when available. I'm especially interested in whether or not the foreword slope present with the stock seat has been resolved. Take some time to recuperate from your travels. Sounds like a good trip.
  5. This is the key point in chain adjustment for me; loosen the axle nut only enough to allow the adjusters to move the axle enough to proper slack, then tighten the axle nut to proper tightness. Adjustment usually will not change at all. If you loosen the axle nut to full loose, adjust, and tighten, it always changes. The axle nut can still be mildly tight, but will still move with adjuster force. Also, a little goes a long way in adjusting. I've found that about 1/8 turn of the adjuster will take up about 0.25 inches of slack. If you over tighten the chain, loosen the axle nut fully, shorten the adjusters some, and again partially tighten the axle nut and repeat the above.
  6. You are going to have a good time with this bike. I’ve had mine since April of this year and after 11,000 miles still enjoy it as much as when new. The gas gauge is the same as on my FJ 09 that I had before, no movement until about 90 miles, then it starts dropping. The fuel remaining/consumed function feature is pretty accurate though; if it says 2.5 gallons left, for example, it has always been within 0.2 gallons or so at fill up. The motor is superb, and will only get better. It continues to loosen up and get even stronger over the first 10,000 miles, in my experience. I like A mode with traction control setting 1, personally. No lack of power.
  7. PS, Larz, now I’ve got that darn Blue Velvet song going through my head.😆
  8. I like it. I have used Plasti Dip twice on bike projects; planned to just try it for a while and remove it, but it holds up well and ended up leaving it. It is easy to use. It never seems to run and you can put nice thick coats on it. The thicker coat jobs are actually easier to remove later. I agree, I’d peel it off the grab rails, it needs a black accent on the rear to balance out the black tank and fender up front. I vote for spraying the grab rails with the black metallic color and finish with Plasti Dip clear coat. I just saw all these colors at Auto Zone recently. I may have to follow your lead and try some changes too...
  9. As Ddog and StealthAu said, everyone will have an individual opinion, mine is the Dunlop Roadsmart 3’s. It is my go to street tire on all my bikes. Good mileage and wet/dry traction with good handling even when they get worn. I’ve had them on bikes from an FZ 09 to a Concours 14, and they were great. A lot better than the stock Dunlops on the GT.
  10. If you like it now, I think you will find that it continues to get better with some mileage. This is the 4th bike with this triple cylinder powerplant that I’ve had, (what can I say, I like this motor,) and I find that it takes more time to fully break in than some other powerplants. Every one of them seemed to take about 5,000 miles to peak power output. Must be tightly assembled. You referred to sport mode; if you meant A mode, that is my favorite. It is a significant change from std, and lets that raw triple torque be felt, especially in the midrange. In this 2019 iteration it is not too abrupt in fueling, at least to me. I’ve had more powerful bikes, but the output of this engine never fails to exite.
  11. Just received e mail notice that my Corbin seat shipped today, 9 days after ordering it.
  12. After 6,000 plus miles, I've given up on the stock seat and have a Corbin ordered. I have a Corbin on another bike now and had one on my FJ 09, and like them and how they fit me. Just wish I could have moved the seat from the FJ to the GT. Will try to sell the old seat when I get around to it.. Corbin said current production time from ordering is about 3 weeks, will see if that pans out.
  13. After trading for the GT, I used it as designed, and took a 3,400 mile trip through the southwestern US. The bike is good on long interstate runs, where the cruise control is appreciated, but is a total blast when the roads become twisty. The power of the triple is great, even at elevation. The riding ergonomics are good for long days in the saddle. The stock suspension worked fine for me with some extra preload to compensate for the load. The stock windscreen works well to deflect wind, but is noisy. No buffeting for me. The seat padding is ok, but I do not understand why many of the manufacturers build seats that slope foreward like this one. The combination of foreward slope and grippy cover material makes for an uncomfortable backside. A Corbin is planned. Overall, a great bike.
  14. No problem. I learned this from doing the same thing on my Super Tenere. You are not alone in creating mishaps...
  15. You are welcome. Those 50 amp fuses are usually available at the auto parts store. You may still be able to ride tomorrow.