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  1. You will enjoy it. I’ve toured on multiple bikes, small to large, and the GT is one of the best. It has a power to weight edge on the big touring bikes and is much more agile on the tight twisty roads. It is good at eating miles on the interstate where cruise control is welcome. It has the superb triple engine that loves to be unleashed. I’m enjoying mine.
  2. Our local dealer received a Niken GT, and I was able to test ride it. It was an amazing experience. Looking at the bike you would expect a heavy front end feel with slower transitions taking turns; not so. It feels like my GT 900; slight countersteer pressure results in immediate lean that truly feels as light as a two wheeled bike when in motion. Very precise and effortless. Slow speed full lock u turns are very stable and easy. I spoke with another rider who said that if you didn’t know it had two front wheels, that you would be hard pressed to tell it was not a normal two wheeled bike. I would agree after riding the bike, but never would have before riding. So what is the Niken? It is NOT a crutch type bike for the aged and infirm. It is a sport touring motorcycle with with the agility of a sport touring bike with increased front end grip and bump absorption. It also garners a lot of attention and curiosity from other motorists. Be prepared for lots of interest and questions from others.
  3. Ride more, worry less. If I disqualified from ownership / enjoyment every bike that I’ve had that has an inherent noise, I would have missed out on some great bikes. My FJ 09 was a noisy beast, and completely trouble free, as have been a number of other bikes.
  4. I have noticed it when compressing the forks up and down at a stop and occasionally can sense it when traversing railroad tracks at very low speed, but it is not felt or heard at all in normal riding including riding over bumps, etc. The suspension feels great in use. Nothing feels loose, etc. Interestingly enough, I have felt/heard the same thing in a 2016 FJR that I have ridden lately.
  5. After 36,000 FJ 09 miles, I made the switch. I think that the FJ is one of the best bikes I’ve owned; never one problem was experienced. However, the GT is a better bike. Thankfully, the great triple engine is unchanged. The quality of fit and finish is better. The stability with the extended wheelbase is improved. I like the TFT dash, the cruise control, and the suspension is better than on my 2015. I like that the drive mode doesn’t return to std everytime the engine is stopped. It stays in A mode which I prefer. The stock seat is much better than the FJ’s. No need to buy an aftermarket seat for me. The sum of the changes finally made me upgrade, I’m glad I did.
  6. One other tip, wear rubber gloves. The stains came off the pipes easier than it did off my hands afterwards, after not wearing gloves..
  7. I assume they are stainless, but not sure. Some of the blotches of discoloration looked like rust, but I think they were just stains; after removal, there was no pitting like I’d expect with rusting. I believe that the stains are just the product of road grime, etc, and the extreme heat of the headers. In any event, it came off pretty easily. Reading the contents of the Kaboom cleanser didn’t reveal anything particularly toxic, but I did put up a barrier of aluminum foil behind the pipes to prevent overspray from contacting the engine block, etc. I’m not sure that was necessary, but it seemed like a good idea.
  8. I’ve read of multiple methods to clean headers and most sound labor intensive with relatively toxic materials. A suggestion I found online is to use Kaboom bathroom cleanser and a scotchbrite pad. It sounded too simple, but it works great. Spray on the headers, wait a couple of minutes and then scrub with the pad. About five minutes of scrubbing followed by wiping clean with a microfiber towel was all it took to remove the last 22,000 miles of accumulted stains.
  9. Looks great, the red welt on the seat looks good with the red rim tape.
  10. I haven't found anything better than Windex all surface cleaner. No ammonia, also called crystal rain. Spray on wipe off. Cleans great, no residue left behind. Wipe off or scrub as needed with a microfiber cloth.
  11. It is the black bomber jacket leather, but was more dark gray than black. It goes pretty well with my matte gray ‘15. It has the dark silver stitching and no welt. If you go to Corbin’s site you can click on the seat for your bike and do a virtual design with the different materials for each part of the seat.
  12. $100 for a Corbin is a steal, I’d snap it up asap. I sure like mine and feel it was well worth the near $500 price. Corbin uses foam that is quite firm, I doubt if the former owner would have put any significant wear on it if the cover material looks ok. The firm nature of the foam, and the increased ergonomic seating area makes it day long comfortable for me.
  13. I don’t know what the OP found after cleaning the sensors, but thought I’d add my experience. My ABS light was flashing off and on while riding. I removed both sensors, found a fair amount of adherent debris on each, cleaned them with brake cleaner on a rag, re installed and issue resolved. My FJ has 19,000 miles on it. I suspect that some of the metallic brake pad dust had built up on them, interfering with the magnetic sensing.
  14. I’m about your weight. The stock suspension seems fine to me.