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  1. I forgot that the Versys had the electronic suspension. The dealer did have a ‘20 Versys in stock; the green paint was beautiful; full of metalflake and lustrous.
  2. All this talk made me curious, so went to the local dealer to check the bike out. They say that they have sold every one of them they were able to get before they even made it to the floor. They said they cannot get any more for now until distributer inventory catches up. Kawasaki may have a hot seller on their hands. I considered the new Versys 1000 before buying my GT, but the price of $17,999 for the new model turned me away. The new Ninja has all the features for the most part as the Versys except for side bags, for $5,000 dollars less. I like my GT too much to trade, but if the Ninja had been out earlier, I might be riding a Kawasaki instead.
  3. Yamaha matte paint seems to be very tough. I had a 2015 FJ 09 with the matte gray paint. All it needs is a spray with a multisurface cleaner like Windex non ammonia spray and a microfiber towel to clean. No wax is needed. Wax would likely put an uneven shine on the matte finish. After 24,000 miles, my gray FJ paint still looked like new just doing the above.
  4. It might, the basic bolt holes line up the same. Don’t know about the bodywork though.
  5. Also, as you can see, no trimming of the front of the rack platform was needed with the stock seat. That was done later after adding the Corbin.
  6. This is a better shot. I really liked my FJ 09's (had two of them,) but like the GT 900 a lot more. More refined, but still just as much raw power as the FJ. Less wheelie prone and more stable at speed with the longer swingarm, and the cruise control, tft gauge, etc, is great.
  7. It will work then. Where the front tabs enter from the sides under the seat, the plastic trim will have to be trimmed, since the angled entry holes for the GT rear grab handles enter at an angle. I just used a Dremel with a rotary bit to trim. It does make the opening larger, but it looks ok to me. The other issue mine had though, was that the back of the Corbin seat contacted the front edge of the rack platform, so I had to grind material from the front edge of the platform. I then cut a short section of fuel line hose lengthwise, and covered the grinded edge with the tubing section with a little black RTV sealant to hold it in place. Looks pretty good to me. So, in summary, the rack attaches fine, but requires a little modification.
  8. What rack do you have? I installed a SW Motech rack for the 2015 FJ 09 on my GT 900; it bolted up ok, but required some trimming of the plastic trim to fit where the front bracket attaches.
  9. Please, do not use Hydrofluoric acid. It is truly nasty stuff that can penetrate deeply into human tissue upon contact exposure resulting in liquefaction necrosis and very painful burns with deep tissue loss. It can even cause metabolic abnormalities that can be life threatening. Even with gloves, a tear, especially when using an abrasive pad, will result in serious injury. It is certainly not worth the risk to clean an exhaust pipe.
  10. As shown in the two magazine tests I referenced, the speed limiter is reached in the quarter mile on the US spec bikes, likely lengthening the quarter mile times. Another factor likely increasing elapsed time is the significant tendency of the FJ to wheelie under hard acceleration, making full throttle runs. This triple engine is very potent for it’s size, and if the above factors were not in play, probably would allow the bike to approach a sub 11 second quarter. it makes you wonder what the GT 900 would do, given it has the same engine, minimallly increased weight, a longer swingarm making it less wheelie prone, and is without the 112 mph speed limiter. I don’t recall any formal quarter mile tests on it having been done.
  11. I have never drag raced it, but two motorcycle magazine tests, Motorcycle Consumer News and Cycle World found quarter mile times of 11.13 and 11.16 seconds respectively. Both showed the limited speed to be reached in the quarter mile. MCN showed 110 mph and Cycle World 112 mph.
  12. I’ve got the oem comfort seat on my GT. The decrease in foreward slide from the stock seat and better foam made a significant difference to me. YMMV.
  13. Stock front tire changed at 14,000 miles. Stock Dunlop rear at 3,000, and Dunlop RS 3 rear went 10,000 miles and was just changed for a new one.
  14. Thanks! It is a SW Motech rack for the FJ 09 with a Givi top plate, and Givi Dolomiti top box. When I was getting ready for my trip, I couldn't get a GT specific rack, so used the FJ one with a little modifying required.
  15. Pictures from brand new in April, the first long trip in May through the southwestern US, to the present. 14,000 miles so far and enjoying it.