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  1. I don’t know what the OP found after cleaning the sensors, but thought I’d add my experience. My ABS light was flashing off and on while riding. I removed both sensors, found a fair amount of adherent debris on each, cleaned them with brake cleaner on a rag, re installed and issue resolved. My FJ has 19,000 miles on it. I suspect that some of the metallic brake pad dust had built up on them, interfering with the magnetic sensing.
  2. I’m about your weight. The stock suspension seems fine to me.
  3. For the next one, how about a grain elevator/silo.
  4. Old converted railroad bridge, now a single lane bridge for vehicular traffic.
  5. Adamr, I’d like to see a straight side shot of the bike with those side cases if you would. I have been thinking of the same setup. Looks good. Thanks.
  6. A crisp late fall evening. The new heated grips are great.
  7. I missed my '15 red one that was traded off; and am enjoying the gray one a lot. May need to give it a rest though, since the 1000 mile break in took only a week.
  8. I guess I still had the sport bike tendency at the time. I realized that the Suzuki was at it's best at speeds that are best kept to the track. The FJ has all the performance that I need, plus all of it's other attributes.
  9. Over the years, I have gone through a number of bikes, and made a number of trades to try something new. I liked my 2015 FJ 09, but became tempted to trade for a Suzuki GSX S 1000. I should have payed more attention to my gut, that told me that I was trading off too good a motorcycle. Most of the trades made were good ones, but I regretted that one ever since. The Suzuki was a good bike, but not ideal to the longer distance riding that I enjoy. I’ve been keeping an eye on a new old stock 2015 FJ at my local dealer, that has been sitting on the showroom floor for two years, since the FJ was not a popular seller locally. After paying less than $8000, I’m back on the FJ again. Had a red one, now a gray. This bike is better than the sum of it’s parts; great ergonomics, an exceptional engine, Yamaha quality, agility, light weight, etc. I’ve been lurking on the forum since the trade; it’s good to be back.
  10. Mine and the 2 others I've ridden all have had the buzz at the same rpm range. I think that it is the nature of the beast. I kind of enjoy the growl and buzz. I doubt that a synch would change it. If mine continues to run as good as it does now at 10,500 miles, it will get no synch check until the valves are checked at 26,000 mi. Same goes for sparkplugs.