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  1. That’s another good placement option. Thanks for the tips, WB. Currently it’s mounted just to the right of left mirror and it’s bugging me.
  2. Hey quetech - you had previously said grounding it didn't show any difference. Have you since added a ground connection with the copper tape? I'll be doing the same mod over the long cold winter up here. Cheers!
  3. Good call. I'll reach out to Jim and see what he has. I've ordered from him in the past - for my other bikes - and his product is top notch. I have the Neutrino and wish I had just got another PC-8 that has far less issues.
  4. I have noticed the exact same issue with my Zumo 396 and the TFT display of the GT. The only option i've found that works is a ram ball in front of the clutch area as opposed to where I originally had it and wanted it - dead centre of the bars. I'll have to try some different tapes as you suggested and get it up and over top of the display. That would be a great spot for it. Like you, i've never encountered an issue like this with any other bike.
  5. Still waiting on mine from Aliexpress. The first and only time i've ordered off there. For $10 CDN, I couldn't go wrong. Looking forward to getting it on the GT as i could have used it today while parking on some gravel.
  6. Old washers and tape removed. I see the way that I was doing it wasn't necessarily providing a good perch for the rubber feet of the seat. I pulled the plastic side pieces down and off and noticed the feet were barely on the plastic tray. New washers installed as per Winterdark's instructions. Taping the ones to the frame was a bit of a challenge. If the mod works, i'll revisit it and remove the tank bracket and do a better job. Currently have it in the high position and it feels good....A test ride tomorrow will see if it works for my butt! I had to stop wrenching on anything else in the garage as it was reading 35 Celcius in there. Back in the house with a beer and a balmy 19.5C. Thank Dog for AC. Cheers
  7. Great to see you got that kind of response from the booster plug. I may have to look into that. I do find that the GT likes to be revved - just like my WR250R - and I don't mind wringing it. Today we did a 620K ride from Edmonton to Nordegg and back. Beautiful day of +29C riding. Thankfully had the vented Klim jacket on. Still need to do some more tweaking with the seat. I thought i was adjusting to it.... but not after today's ride. Still sliding forward. Gotta try Winterdark's suggestion.
  8. Well that was short lasted. After using the quad lock, i had to get the camera replaced in my iPhone 11 after a few rides. The vibrations totally killed it. Quadlock is sending me one of their new vibration dampener mounts once they release them but i'm not sure i'll use it. For now the phone will remain in my pocket. I never had issues with my iPhone 4, 5, or 7. I guess the newer ones are more sensitive. Be careful.
  9. Yup. It’s a great road. Been using that one for the last 30 years or so and we accidentally took it today as I had a brain fart. Following some new driver who was doing 70 all the way from Cochrane. Ugh. Wish we had been on the bikes instead of In the Sprinter van. Crazy weather here lately. At least it’s sunny in BC 😊. Have a great ride tomorrow! We’ll connect in person one day 👍👍
  10. Nice work, Wintersdark!! yup. You’re not far away. We actually just drove down to Canmore and unloaded the bikes from the van for a rip around Banff. Tomorrow a ride to radium or so and then load up and head home.
  11. I have a set of the SW-Motech Pro pannier racks on order from FC-Moto in Germany. Hoping Canada Post doesn't hold them up any longer.... I have a set of Trax cases in the attic that i've used on 3 Vstroms and look forward to them on the Tracer. I tried one trip with the factory side cases but I despise clamshell/side loaders. Not sure if i'll sell my factory bags or hang onto them in case I decide to sell the bike one day.
  12. This is using the insert for the high position. I’ve always preferred my bikes taller even though I’m 5’10.
  13. Yup. You’re right. This was just a concept trial and see if it works. I’m having a friend make up a more permanent solution. Until then I’ll keep an eye on my diy fix.
  14. Happy to help! Hope you find it useful as well. Cheers