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  1. negative. after adjusting the APS manually, it seems to be much more intermittent now... the issue comes and goes as it pleases....i just ride around it. haha.
  2. I have the stock 51L top case
  3. I'm 6'3, 225 nekkid. My gf is 5'7, 130, nekkid...355...with full gear, puts us at about 400, I'd say. Plus top case with waters and tire plug kit, etc etc etc, I'd say my normal ride weight it's around 420-425lbs. I also have side cases...so for trips, sides cases go on...I'd say 450-460lbs in all. And I rip. Tight twisty roads, wheelies, jumps, offroad, I do it all. 2015 fj. It sucked in the stock shock. Bottomed out ALL the time. Even smashed two oil pans had to get a skid plate to stop smashing oil pans. Then I got a new penkse shock, sprung for 460# (and stiffer springs up front+revalve kit). Now the bike works like it's supposed to. The tracer has a longer swing arm, so I imagine it's probably sprung a little stiffer than the fj...when I rode it, it didn't feel as sloppy in the back.
  4. The fast one. Haha. Yeah, it was supercharged. I think it was the 2017
  5. Fair enough! My buddy's sv super bike build with flat slides, etc (85hp on the dyno!) with 1/8 turn was....fun. Haha. I loved the hawk in track trim too. My buddy Bobby (rip) had one that he raced and would back it in to every corner.
  6. heh....you should try a quick turn throttle....like 1/4 turn or even 1/8th turn throttle. i ride lots and lots of superbikes/race bikes.... 1/8th turn throttle is pretty gnarly. haha.
  7. Glad you're on the mend! Sorry to lose you from the sport. I had a small deer jump on my lap once...it went for a brief ride with me until it fell off and scampered back into the woods. I nearly shat myself in the process. I had a flat rear tire and was loping along slowly trying to make the last few miles home when it happened. Haha. Sadly, I did hit and kill a large coyote at the track...I was doing a 4th gear wheelie on the fz10 down the back straight at about 110-115mph when it came running out... I immediately set the front down and less than a second later I made contact with it on the front tire. Bit of a tank slapper, but I kept it upright. I was the only person on track at the time, so I made an immediate u-turn to go make sure it wasn't suffering. It wasn't. I borrowed a shovel and buried it in the field.
  8. Sounds like the rear master cylinder valving might have gone sideways... Most likely due to installation error (spacers on the wrong side, or maybe you didn't seat the sprocket carrier well enough) when you put it back together....and if the caliper was binding and you rode it anyways, it got real hot and boiled the fluid...thus damaging the piston seals as well.
  9. negative. i just adjusted the parameters slightly from whatever stock was--i think 17--to 16 on the diag thingos.
  10. well...since doing this, i haven't had any more surging so far... though, the throttle feels FAR more snatchy than it did before, particularly in 2nd gear. i also cleaned my gear position sensor... i wonder if that made a difference with mapping, as it hasn't been working properly for at least the last 10k miles...