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  1. I actually ended up pulling the trigger on a leftover 2017 KTM Super Adventure T. I couldn't say no when I walked out the door 4k under MSRP with tags included for the first year.
  2. zachd

    For Sale: 2015 Red FJ-09 17k miles

    Negative. But at this price, it can easily be done and you're still scoring yourself a deal.
  3. zachd

    For Sale: 2015 Red FJ-09 17k miles

    Yikes. That's not pleasant. Winter time doesn't help either.Sure doesn't! Yet our riding season here in Phoenix is opposite the rest of the country. No riding from July to September, LOL. So it's technically riding season here lol.
  4. zachd

    For Sale: 2015 Red FJ-09 17k miles

    I knew I forgot something in the listing! And yes, it is. The market isn't so hot on these bikes (according to cycletrader and recently completed ebay listings) so the price is adjusted accordingly. Hell...the dealer only offered me $4,040 for it, and RumbleOn offered 4k flat.
  5. Selling my 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 as I just purchased a KTM. Bike currently has 17,003 miles on it. New DID chain and sprockets, newer Pilot Road 4 rear (~2500 miles on it), Oxford Heated Grips, Puig Touring Windscreen, RC Carbon Fiber front fender, LED Blinkers, tail tidy, customtayler33 reflective rim tape. Priced to sell at $5,650 as I dont want to carry two bike payments for long. PM me with any questions. More pictures and a walk around video available upon request. Zach Located in Phoenix, AZ.
  6. About to list it for sale!!!!!!!
  7. Ouch on the price. I had a motodynamic for nearly half the cost and loved it.
  8. Selling my Hepco Becker luggage setup due to selling the FJ. Loved this setup, it ties in with the bike perfectly. The mounting system blends in extremely well when the bags and case aren't on the bike. Comes with 4 keys (they are all keyed to 1 key). Both the side cases and top case have a faux carbon fiber trim that matches the bike trim perfectly. Bags are easy on/off. Lane splitting is easy with this setup, for those of you who live in a state that allows it. I also purchased the document pouch and fitted carpet for the top case. Setup was over $900 brand new, pick it up for a fraction of the cost. Any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! -Zach Top Case Info: Capacity: 54 Liters Dimensions: 24” W x 17.7” D x 13.4” H (same size as yamaha topcase) Side Case Info: Capacity: 22 Liters Weight: 4lbs Dimensions: 16"W x 8.5" W x 12" H Pricing: -Top Case (w/ molded carpet and document pouch), and Universal Mounting Plate: $180 -Side Cases and Mounts: $400 -Molded Inner Bags: $70 Package Deal for everything: $580 ($70 savings)
  9. zachd

    Denali Light Mounting

    I'm selling an AdventureTech mount. Check my DeMod thread
  10. zachd

    Alaska in 2019 anyone?

    I'd be interested in that Fall ride!!!
  11. zachd

    Alaska in 2019 anyone?

    I'm in the works of planning a trip to Juneau from Phoenix. Going to hit up a bunch of national parks along the way and do some riding in canada (banff and jasper), and do some adventure riding since I'm on a KTM as of 2 weeks ago.
  12. zachd

    Cheated on my FJ

    I full blown cheated 2 weeks ago and pulled the trigger on a 2017 KTM Super Adventure T. Oooopsies.
  13. tucked nicely in between the frame and battery on the right side of the bike