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  1. the best upgrade someone can do to the tracer (fj09) is the suspension upgrade. there are a lot of variations and solutions... just take off the oem crap from the bike
  2. kemmotar

    luggage protectors

    Its early for this. Next year you ll see if and when it occurs.
  3. kemmotar

    luggage protectors

    keep in mind that the quality of fehling is inadequate as it shows some corrosion in the wielding points. critical rider (a tracer 900 youtuber portuguese that lives in Netherlands) and some british folks have mentionned it. give it a acf50 protection when you install them.
  4. i have heed crash bars. the basic lower model. its ok for new model of course. if you want the bunker i dont know if it fits, i dont think so.... perhaps the semi-bunker will be ok... but its fugly. sw motech is very well made of course, but it does not protect your lower part of engine (left side lower covers). you need some kind of lower protection if you decide to go for sw motech crash bars... possible solutions-combinations are: a) yamaha sliders or sw motech slider or engine slider covers (gb-racing, rdmoto etc) ... of course this solution is expensive as phuck... sw motech was tested and trully doesnt protect the lower parts. be4 i run with heed crash bars, i had sw motech sliders up and yamaha sliders below... i sold these because i didnt trust the yamaha sliders (protection is inadequate with oem yamaha sliders, sw motech rocks though).
  5. kemmotar

    900GT Top Case mounting

    what rack EXACTLY you use. it seems that its the older alu-rack... the reason i am asking is that for tracer 900 gt, sw motech released a different product called ADVENTURE RACK that doesnt need any universal plate, just a mounting kit for every brand topcase (shad 1/2, givi, sw motech etc)... i have e-mailed to them if they plan to release the new rack for the older models and they responded negatively. if the older rack suits exaclty to the new model, then vice versa, the new rack will fit the older tracer - fj09 (2015-2017)
  6. kemmotar

    Ermax or national cycle v stream

    had both. my height is 5' 11'' (1.80cm). ermax 50cm screen needs some tweaking to the handguards position because the handguards hit to the side of the screen, no big deal. ermax is acrylic if i am not mistaken, 3cm thick, uses the oem bolts and mounting bracket-system. the vstream sport touring is 6cm thick, unbreakable (polycarbonate plastic) very well made with its own bracket mechanism. vstream is a bit better on the center, ermax better on shoulders if i recall right. there is turbulence in both screens, if you tuck a bit not the body just your head in a 3/4 position there is a vast improvement especially on v-stream. i have a shoei rf-1200 (NXR called in EUROPE) helmet btw with an interphone tour intercom. fj-09 works well with small screens not medium sport touring screens. i also use a national cycle sport tinted screen. its very good and you dont have to see from inside the screen.
  7. kemmotar

    "Must Have" add ons

    for town commuting and some minor escapes you dont need to spend a lot of money for new upgraded suspension, just tweak yours. if you have some weight, front linear springs for your weight will help a lot. about first upgrades, i would go for a honeycomb radiator grill protection (evotech tuning or yamaha which has side air panels vents and its the best for the temperature - tested).... front and rear fender extenders will be cheap and good to go (check powerbronze). heated grips are a good investment whatever are your riding habits and purpose of use. in the link below its my setup, there are some upgrades if you want to check by yourself... https://fj-09.org/post/76137/thread
  8. kemmotar

    Zero Gravity Double Bubble

    had it didnt like it. better felt with the sport touring model from zero gravity. if someone wants a really shorty screen, try ERMAX sport or MRA. i have mra screen and its good.
  9. kemmotar

    Tire Pressure

    windscreen and seat yamaha tried to fix with 2018 tracer900 facelift... windscreen a bit better not good though as our members state. the seat can only get better in terms of ass feeling and the shape. the problem is body position, you cant have a sport touring placement like in a multistrada, or a bmw xr1000... you sit in a taller upright position so whatever screen you are using, you cant have a proper protection... the bigger problem for fj09 is where it was based (fz09). when you start something from a hooligan fun stunt bike like the fz09 ---> and after some time and the initial success of the naked model, you decide to launch the fj09 based at the fz09... problems occur because of the design trade offs and yamaha cost saving policy (shorter wheelbase, lighter frame, 41mm front with 137 travel in a sport touring bike is not easily encountered across the market) dont misunderstand me, i like the sport character of 2015-2017 fj09... i have invested a lot of money and time in upgrading my bike in every aspect... and I dont see the reason to upgrade to the new model .... which in reality is the same bike with minor (for me and my bike as it is) upgrades (screen and looks)... whel f@ck i dont like even the +6cm longer swingarm .... the degree of greatness in this bike is shown by the sales across the globe... yamaha found a hidden treasure with mt-09 family and all its variations... for me tracer900 - fj09 is a tall -hypermotard feeling - canyon carver- sport bike, with light to medium touring abilities... it can travel you everywhere with some compromises... as stated.... its a platform
  10. kemmotar

    Tire Pressure

    Them Engineers should be getting this right out of the box. Feedback from users on tire pressure... really? Yamaha is a company that reads and rely on the feedback... well after all this hate buzz and confusion with the wobbling effect they surely did thorough testing be4 they release the new 2018 with better aerodynamics, narrower handlebars, different hand guard design, rounder edge and the most important the 6cm longer swingarm... We did almost everything of the mentioned above with our testing and daily routine... gave feedback on the dealers... and me personally had a good cooparationwith official Yamaha technical executive director in my country...
  11. s21 is one of the best from sport tyres, cheap with good to great mileage compared other tyres from the same sport category. of course it wont last long but the grip and riding pleasure are not comparable with any sport-touring tyre. i am running now an even sportier tyre, pirelli rosso corsa II after 2 sets of s21 battlax, from january there is going to be available the fresh S22 tyre, so its a strong candidate for my next pair of tyres
  12. kemmotar

    Tire Pressure

    dont run the 36-42 combo, its not the proper pressure for this bike. its just a tyre-category guide for the 120-180 front rear combo... all brands suggest the same tyre influation... i dont care what the sticker says, i have tested from 2015 different pressures and have settled with 33-35 combo for solo riding, especially summer time. when i put a new tyre for the break in, and the first 300 km, i run 34-38... if you see the sticker to the new tracer 900 gt model, they have a new combo... taking feedback from the riders just like me and their search all these 3 years worlwide... the pressure is changed to 33-36 solo riding, 36-42 rider + pillion
  13. kemmotar

    Anyone running Nitron shocks?

    before swapping to ohlins ya535 (S46HR1C1S), I was running a nitron NTR-R3. one of the very best shocks, I had ordered it without the preload adjuster. the c-spanner that comes oem is pain in the ass to use it. the difference to the ntr2 is the fast-low compression (3-way independent) damping, which is a nice feature,a bit of an overkill imho, for the majority of the riders that own an fj-09 (tracer900). the build quality is outstanding, the local dealer is not though. i have asked a specific spring for my weight, he brought me a softer spring (575 lbs), i sent an email to nitron uk saying several stuff about my weight and needs that i have explained to the dealer and they sent me a 600 lbs without charge and they would inform the dealer not to charge any labor for the swap. anyway, the only negative i found is that nitron should produce all 3 models (ntr1-2-3) as a 46 piston diameter shock, with a 16 mm rod like other major brands (ktech, ohlins etc)... instead they produce it as 14mm rod piston shaft 40mm piston diameter...they have a 16-46 combo shock, the NTR-Race Pro Shock (46mm piston design and 16mm piston rod) but its a special order and not the official product for fz-09 / fj-09. its not bad and i think no one will notice a difference for every day usage or occasional track day. last but not least, as previous member stated, you have to fix both ends, front also, there are a lot of choices here, either by fixing the oem part or with an aftermarket cartridge (andreanni kit, K-TECH IDS20, old OHLINS FGK237 is discontinued nowadays, there is the cheaper and newer OHLINS FKS504, bitubo ech229, nitron TVT 25mm cartridges, MUPO etc). i have installed the FGK237 and the bike's handling is extraordinary!
  14. kemmotar


    thanks my friend... i had bought a used full cylinder head from ebay with a few kms on the clock. I fixed those cams also inside, so my factory set up is not messed when i decide to sell or make my fj-09 factory again... about the results now.. the bike has not lost any power withinn the full range of rpms... there is a slight increase on hp gain at the low rpms which i didnt expect but it was very welcome.. from 9000 rpms... the party starts... the bike kicks like its on 6000 if you know what i mean... you have std mode and with full grip on the right grip the front wheel lifts like its with first or second gear... at A mode which is even more aggresive you cant open full throttle without tcs .... all power wheelies and the rear tyre works overtime... in an open road the speed on clocks is around 270-280 optimal wind... the true speed is more than 250 (gps measured)... of course thats not the proper use but we tested it once twice to see if everything is ok.
  15. kemmotar


    changed the power to ft-lbs to be better understood for the us peeps