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  1. hi, you refer to which exhaust? the yamaha 2017 or tha akra carbon? all fit the center stand, even the black carbon with a slight modification. about the noise, if you remove the db killer the short akrapovic titanium is really loud, also it brings some buzzing since it straight down in your ass and the output of the exhaust gaz or fumes (whatever you call it ), is under you.... when you have mounted the black carbon, especially if the bike is tuned, the noise is quiter and the fumes travel with better flow in the pipe. also the noise is quiter since the muffler is positioned further back from you and not under you. last but not least, the akra carbon looses only 2 whp with the db killer installed, akra titanium instead if you place the db killer for travelling it looses like 8 or even more.... the afr ratio is also f@cked up ... from what I understand from your likes, i thing you should keep the db killer, the titanium with it is slightly - marginally louder. not that much to justify the buy. for me exhaust is important if someone tunes his bike or for the other vehicles to hear him (safety reasons).
  2. i have read in a forum that it is a little longer... maybe a mistake. I also checked my selft and the part numbers for the shock in the basic model of 2019 (not gt) and the older model seem the same... the certain thing is that ohlins gives different spring rates on the aftermarket shocks, same model, different spring .. its logical since there are 60mm and this difference is huge in terms of damping forces for the old spring.... me for example, i have the ya 535 in my 2015, with a 100Nm spring and I have longer rear wheel by 20mm, (added 2 rivets in my chain) OHLINS YA 537 - S46HR1C1S (2018) Length: 329 mm Stroke: 65 mm Spring rate 115 N/mm Spring free length 170 mm YA 535 S46HR1C1S 2015-2017 Length 329 mm Stroke 65 mm Spring rate 95 N/mm Spring free length 170 mm
  3. You can't swap easily without a big dive in your pocket ... it's expensive. You need longer chain, new shock and the swingarm. Also new cable for abs etc... as mentioned be4, a better suspension and 2 rivets on the chain (110--》112 links) will do the job.
  4. it wont square of if you run it in pressure 33-36 or at trip 34-38.... sport tourer tyres work better for trips but take under serious consideration that technology and tyre industry work in favor of us... all these sport hypersport tyres like s21 or even pirelli rosso corsa II which is even more sportier than s21 (track oriented), are multi-compound tyres, both front and rear in three or five zones in the tyre surface... for example check at the photo below the new pirelli how its made.... and i may say that in the wet, this tyre is phenomenal
  5. 1 mt09 naked and one tracer start the project with the updated cams and will see how it goes...
  6. i hope you used a torque wrench right with proper Nm forces values right?
  7. @2and3cylinders the cylinder head was shaved 0.2mm [0.0078740157 inches] (the limit is around 0.35-0.40mm but its marginal), for safe tuning we shave up to 0.25mm max. in my new cylinder gasket we used the 2 from the 3 leaves (center and the 1 outer) so we cut down a little from the gasket also [0.2mm also]. you cant built your own gasket so thin so we modded a brand new one. so the total shaving was around 0.4mm [0.015 inches] aprox. i had written in the first edited post if you see. i was running for a year (365 days + canyon carving and 3 track days) the brembo z04 (probably the best pad in the world) but due to cost (around 240 euros) i have changed now to brembo sc. my lines are HEL PERFOMANCE UK (have not installed them yet, its gonna happen shortly). about compression ratio since we didnt mess with pistons its around 12:1 same our premium here is 100 RON. but i dont know if its trully 100 RON SUPER UNLEADED. i have tried.... oem crap of course dunlop d222 (not imported as merchandise in europe, only japan commercialy available normaly), bridgestone t30 evo, michelin pilot road 4 (worst as f@ck tyre only good for touring and rainy roads for someone stationned in englad or wales ffs), bridgestone battlax s21 (2 pairs) GREAT TYRE!!! and the last that i run now is pirelli rosso corsa II. i prefer the hypersport tyres since i drive sporty and use it also 3-4 times per year in the track. how pirellis will last is not known to me yet, they seem ok till now, but s21 are probably the best hypersport tyre in terms of duration (13.000 - 15.000 km are around 9.300 miles) but not grippy roads here in my country to "eat" tyre from those available in market now, the brand new s22 battlax from bridgestone come to the market in a few days or week (late january 2019) and japanese testers have stated that it will be better in grip (wet-dry) and mileage from the predecessor (s21). i will test them surely as the next tyre. @2and3cylinders thanks for your good words, the truth is that i have invested a lot of money and time in the project. i am not thinking of selling my bike shortly so probably some of the mods repay in terms of riding pleasure. my tuning days for fj09 are coming in an end since a little baby girl came to the world and my priorities changed drastically.... hahaha the only thing left for tracer is the brakes (calipers+rotors) and probably the next level in cams (to go around 140whp)...
  8. well he says that it shifts like mad... so he is not doing it properly.... you dont have qs 99%. you should see a cable "leaving" the rod and also having a gauge as in the first photo or this one that shows a woolich shifter-blipper (by cordona)
  9. basically the problems regarding the suspension of tracer are 2 or maybe 3 (not mentioning the short wheelbase or suspension travel) first the front springs are reallllllyyyyyy soft 7.8 , when the average should be around 8.5 or 9. they did it so the front wont lift as much. you cant sag it properly so a spring is required.... the other problem is the lack of compression damping in the left leg for the 2015-2017 models. so you run with one leg active if I may say. last but not least the hydraulics of the internal components (regarding damping) of tracer's suspension, both front or rear are inadequate if not a complete joke. its a good bike in an affordable price, so yamaha should cut the budget for a competitive price in the market. its not secret that everyone that has changed suspension, front and rear speak about a total different bike... its the sincere truth. yes you have to invest some money but if someone is thinking of keeping it for some time its the best investment that can make.
  10. best exhaust by a little margin in terms of perfomance is akro racing, second best graves. really good seems also arrow and mivv.
  11. I have bought the complete set of hel brake lines and will swap them with the brake conversion with mt10 320 and brembo m4 calipers.... Some say that there is not any significant improvement over stock lines, since there is still the abs unit .... but imho everything does help a bit for a good result.
  12. Everything that comes to engine- exhaust etc is exactly the same and fits. Also blinkers, yamaha sliders, cruise control at the basic model, grill protection and front suspension tune and every aftermarket spring or cartridge.... What does not fit is givi crash bars, rear racks for top case, side rack mounts for panniers , windshields (different mechanism), rear suspension (longer shock since there is a 60mm longer swingarm)... that comes at my mind atm...
  13. Oem factory yamaha are dual rate springs. Linear and progressive... my advice is to choose a linear spring like k-tech or ohlins etc and not hyper pro for example that makes only progressive springs. Most important to meet your weight standards for proper sag suspension tuning
  14. the abs sensor has changed in europe from 2017 model.. not new in the tracer gt