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  1. If you haven't done anything to the bike recently, you probably just have mud in the tone ring or a leaf stuck to the sensor.
  2. Prevalence of bikes on the used market is more indicative of how well they sell as opposed to any problem with them. I mean there are plenty of MT-07s on the used market and that's a fantastic bike. There are just a lot of them out there in general. That said, at least based on the attendance of this forum, the average Tracer owner skews older than you might expect (I'm nearly 40 and seemingly one of the youngest posters here) and well, it ain't a Goldwing. If you're looking for a sport touring bike that perhaps leans a bit more towards comfort than sport, the Tracer isn't it.
  3. I never really understood why people said the FJ-09 suspension was bad...until I rode the Tracer 9 GT. If you crank up the settings on the FJ-09 stock suspension it will go around a corner just fine. At least as fine as I need it for as fast as I dare ride on a public road. However, when set like that, it's also punishingly hard...which I kind of thought was just a given with a motorcycle. After riding the Tracer 9 GT with it's electronic active damping, I realized that it is possible for motorcycle to be sedan smooth on a bumpy road, without also being willowy in a corner or the front end diving on a stop. I don't know if there's any manually adjustable suspension that get you the best of both worlds like that. I haven't done anything to my 2016 other than putting a Sargent seat and less ugly turn signals on it. So I'm also getting cruise control, heated grips, slipper clutch, quick shifter, etc, etc. Lots of upgrades they made from first gen to second gen bike along with the upgrades they made to the third gen. As far as worth it...I mean a bike isn't a "sensible" purchase to begin with, at least not in the US. It's purely a toy, so in a sense, all money spent on a bike is "wasted". Spending $10K on a new bike every 5 years if it makes me happy isn't a big deal. Actually, bikes have probably saved me quite a bit of a money in the long run. If I never got into riding, I'd probably be looking to buy a $60K+ sports car for my thrills. Instead I'm rather happy with my boring $24K hatchback and a $10-15K motorcycle.
  4. I don't think the marketing is specifically targeting people who just bought a Tracer 900... Listing improvements over prior gen for new models is kind of what is always done when you're selling a redesigned/refreshed vehicle. I rode one at a Yamaha demo and was very impressed by it. Even if the electronic suspension is not the most sophisticated by Euro bike standards, it was still noticeable improvement over prior years of Tracer. Fueling was much improved too. I would not have buyers remorse if you just bought 2019/2020 model, you still got a good bike. However, I have a 2016 FJ-09 and I'm ready for a new bike. The improvements I experienced for myself convinced me it's worth holding out for a 2021+ Tracer 9 GT and paying the extra $2-3K premium vs getting a leftover stock of the prior gen model (all of which are probably now sold out too with the way the bike market has been this year). I would have already bought one, but it seems extremely few were imported last year and every dealer within a 150 miles radius of me that got one in, it had already been reserved by someone else
  5. Yamaha's US site was updated with a bunch of 2022 models today (including the new MT-10 and XSR900) There's a listing for the 2022 Tracer 9 GT. Appears to be a complete carry over from 2021 (including colors), which is not surprising, however the base price increased from $14,899 to $14,999. There's also an additional $100 freight surcharge on top of the $430 destination charge. Again, not super surprising with everything that's going on. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-touring/models/tracer-9-gt Tenere 700 got a $300 price bump.
  6. Completely normal to have rattle when in neutral with the clutch lever out (clutch engaged). I've ridden every variant of CP3 bike at Yamaha demos over several years and they all have it. It's less noticeable on 2018+ models because they started putting an insulated plastic cover over top of the metal clutch cover which dampens the sound a little, whereas 2015-2017s just have a little plastic leg guard piece. I didn't think to check if 2021 Tracer 9 GT had it when I rode it. It doesn't bug me anyway.
  7. This bike does not tempt me at all. I rented an Africa Twin to do some off-road trails. The engine character felt very, let's say, tractor-like. Definitely not what I want in a sport-touring bike.
  8. FWIW I noticed the same in videos, but I did not have a problem with the brightness in real life. The screens were bright enough to be legible, just small. Ultimately, in real world use, all that I really need to see while riding is the speedometer and occasionally the trip meter and it does that job ok enough. Tach is useful when getting to know a bike, but even heavily revised, the character of the engine was familiar enough that I already had a feeling for where I was in the rev range without having to look.
  9. I'm betting it's for accessory fog lights and the dummy female connector is just to function as a cover, which some line worker forgot to connect on your bike. They don't have the fog lights listed on the US site, but they do on the UK site. They come with a wiring harness designed for one of those connectors. ---Edit--- That's exactly what it is. Dug up the fog light install instructions from Yamaha Japanese site. https://www.ysgear.co.jp/share/images/Products/Q5KYSK128X02/Q5KYSK128X02_set.pdf
  10. Lucky. I'm in eastern PA (about 45 mins from Philly) and every Yamaha dealer in a 250 mile radius got basically one in and it had already been reserved by someone else. There was a dealer in NJ that had one available, I texted them in the morning on a work day to confirm it was available. I said I was super interested and would call later when I had a free moment. When I called around 3pm, they had already sold the bike to someone else! I later found out that it was a mechanic at the dealership where I normally take my bike for inspection and tires that had bought it. They seem to be popular bikes around here. Anecdotally, I see a lot of FJ-09s and Tracers when riding around in PA and NJ. They had one at a Yamaha demo event at my regular dealer and they said it was the most requested bike - more than even the R7. You'd think that would mean dealers in this area would get a higher allocation of them, but I guess not 😕 There was still one dealer in Brooklyn, NY that still had one listed on Cycle Trader, but I hate cities and my desire for the bike doesn't quite exceed my disdain for riding into (because I want to trade my current bike) and out of NYC.
  11. Hmm little bit of misleading advertising with their 360 spinner at the top of the page because the "tail" isn't on the bike. Much like the first gen FJ-09/Tracer, the lack of cruise control reeks of being some "price point" BS because it does have electronic throttle control and it should be possible. If it had cruise, between that and the engine, I think it would easily justify premium over the Versys 650. I mean between the two I'd still get the Triumph anyway for just the engine. I was cross-shopping Versys 650 before I ended up getting an FJ-09. I wasn't really looking for more power, but that Kawi 650 engine is so completely charmless. Although I'm still hankering to get a Tracer 9 GT, I might have seriously considered this bike if it had cruise. I'm ok with less power. My guess is that I'd still end on the Yamaha anyway, but now that I was denied getting one this year because of supply chain issues, I'm kind of less enthused for the bike (sour grapes effect) and having second thoughts on whether I'm sold on the value of electronic suspension compared to its price premium.
  12. Yup I noticed the one side of the brace was shorter and figured I must have done it wrong 5 years ago, but I'm glad I filed away the instructions. I mounted it as instructed. Instruction mistake, design mistake, or the tolerances are a few mm off on my bike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Yeah for what's worth, that ding is very shallow and my guess is the swingarm hits that brace only like a 1mm before it hits the actual shock stop or the damage the swingarm would be worse. You can see the ding doesn't even get through the height of the weld bead. And just for completeness, here are the Yamaha install instructions showing that I did install the brace correctly, it's not supposed to go the other way around or anything.
  14. I think this series should make it pretty clear. Especially in the last shot, you can see how much it decreases clearance vs no mount.
  15. I'll get some pictures, I can definitely see it being hard to envision. The area of the swing arm forward of the tire is pretty high on the FJ-09. There's less clearance between that and the pannier mounting brace than between the top of the tire and the underside of the tail. And yup, I've taken some pretty hard bumps on rare occasions. Usually due to unforeseen PA pothole. I keep my rear preload on the the 4th setting down from the max, but I've never had anyone to help to check my sag. Maybe I need to go higher. I just kind of figured if the bike is rated for 400lbs and I weigh 200lbs, I should probably be somewhere near the middle.