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  1. Covid-19 has pretty much killed my plans of potentially buying a new bike this year, but the more reviews and videos about the F900XR I watch, the more I lose interest. Hopefully Yamaha puts out the 2021 Tracer 900 GT in a color I can tolerate and I just end up with one of those. That said, I'm worried that sales will be so atrocious this year that they won't even do a 2021 model and will just sell left over 2020 stock.
  2. I feel like I've seen a decent number of FJ-09s around Philly area. I've only seen a single GT out and about though (maybe it was roadrash83 heh). I think every US color option since the 2019 redesign for both the GT and non-GT models has been pretty unappealing though - that surely hasn't been doing them any favors. The color they should have sold here is the matte blue, it's so much more classy looking.
  3. Note for posters to be careful to distinguish between the 2019+ Tracer and prior models. The FJ-09/first gen Tracer 900 comfort seat was bad. The new one seems much improved on appearance alone, but I have no personal experience with it.
  4. US pricing finally announced, starts at: $11,695 Quite a bit more than I was expecting based on converted Canadian prices, but it's possible the US base model has some add-ons baked in. Says it has a steering damper stock, which I don't know, seems like kind of overkill to me. Available options and pricing for those not announced yet. https://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/en/models/adventure/f900xr.html
  5. Triumph only lists dry weight. I figure around 40lbs for fluids would put it very close to the Tracer. They should have ditched any ADV pretense on the street version and put a 17" front wheel and low exhaust on it.
  6. FWIW the BMW F900 XR is a production practicalization of the 9 Cento concept design. I think the F900XR is ultimately better looking than the current Tracer. The 2018 redesign is better, but Yamaha still hasn't made the front fairing panels look well integrated with the rest of the bike, and their penchant for painting them high contrast colors just make them look that much worse. World Premiere: BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento At this year's Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW Motorrad...
  7. I haven't modified the under seat area at all. I do occasionally throw my gloves under the pillion seat, but the rivets that were missing were more towards front of the tail, under rider seat area, not the pillion seat. The thought that some lazy jerk looking to replace his lost rivets stole mine while the bike was parked somewhere did cross my mind, but that seems pretty absurd, and I don't think they would bother stealing ones that are harder to get to. The one thing that I'm wondering about is the cold. The first two years I paid to store my bike in a climate controlled storage at the dealer during winter. However the last time it was there, some dipwad moving the bike around broke my turn signal and tried to cover it up by hot gluing it 🙄. The dealer replaced it once I confronted them about it (with so little resistance that makes me wonder if they knew about it being broken)...but now I won't store there anymore. Last year I stored it in friend's non-climate controlled shed so it was at below freezing temperatures for extended duration. I'm wondering if the little flanges that get pressed out on the rivet would get brittle enough that they crack under the pressure...and then the rivet eventually shakes loose at some point while riding. I also discovered early this year that my side panel cracked (known common problem) after making it through the prior 3 years ok. Fixed that with some epoxy and reinforcing mesh.
  8. I was scrubbing down my 2016 FJ-09 to put it to sleep for the winter and found that I was missing no less than 4 of the plastic rivets (or whatever you call the removable round fasteners) under the tail section of the bike. It's possible I could have been missing these for a long time, I don't bother cleaning or looking at the underside of the tail that much. I was questioning the possibility of these falling out on their own, but I don't know how else they would go missing. I do all my own service except state inspection and tire changes, so a mechanic shouldn't have had any reason to have the tail apart. Does anyone know if those rivets are particularly brittle and easy to break? If it's a matter of them fitting loosely, I will presumably lose new ones as well and I'm wondering if I should put some kind of mild rubbery glue on them (like maybe silicone caulking).
  9. In real world shots, the red looks closer to orange/copper and I do not like it at all, but that's not even my main complaint. I don't like that everything is black and then front side panel is made to stand out. I don't like that panel standing out over the rest of the bike. That's why I don't even like the 2019 all that much, although silver is a lot more agreeable than that copper. IMO It should be like the pre-redesign FJ/Tracer where the side panels are just matte black and then everything else is painted. In other words, like the "Phantom Blue" color for Europe. I was hoping this would be the color they were bringing to the US for 2020. I would get one of these no question.
  10. Ugh I didn't know about the lack of adjustable front suspension. I can barely tell the difference messing with the rebound and compression settings on the FJ, but pre-load certainty has a huge effect on front end dive. Not having at least pre-load adjustable front suspension seems very behind the competition. As far as the "Chinese engine", this by itself doesn't scare me away. Chinese bikes are poor because they are built to meet a very low cost. This doesn't mean that China doesn't have the capability to do quality manufacturing. Some of Yamaha's engines are manufactured in China, though I don't know if that includes the CP3. If I'm honest with myself, I still really want a Tracer 900 GT, I'm just pissed off with the complete lack of color choice in the US and the absolutely hideous 2020 color that it's basically spite making me consider the BMW. The smart move is probably to buy a leftover 2019 and pay a few hundred to get it professionally painted.
  11. £9,500 -20% VAT would be £7916 ~= $10,040USD. So between that and Canadian price maybe we'll see $9,995 starting price in the US. The question is how much will they ask for centerstand, heated grips, cruise, and panniers. Here's the full press release for the bike with more details. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/attachment/T0301997EN/441149 If this is available in the US in spring, it's going to be a tough call for me between this and a reduced price leftover 2019 Tracer 900 GT.
  12. So while, as far as I can tell, pricing hasn't been announced for the rest of the world, it seems someone in BMW Canada perhaps made a mistake and listed the price on their press site. F900R - $10,350 F900XR - $12,800 Those would presumably be in CAD, so that makes it around $9,600 USD. Actual US price will probably be a bit higher, but that's quite a lot cheaper than I was expecting, considering the F850GS starts at $13,125 USD. Now of course, being a BMW, no dealer will ever sell the base model, but it doesn't seem probable that it will be the $16,000 I was expecting when decently optioned up. I think $14,000 when equipped similar to T9GT (centerstand, cruise, heated grips, and panniers) is not out of the realm of possibility and makes it a closer competitor to the Tracer 900 GT than I was expecting. @daboo - My personal beef with the F800GT engine was not a matter of power. Anything above 80hp is plenty for me. Rather it was the engine's complete lack character or personality. I know that's a wholly subjective judgement, but it seemed so muted and appliance-like to me. As a result the bike felt slow even if wasn't actually slow. I feel the same about pretty much all 180° or 360° parallel twins I've ridden. 270° twins I quite like however. Something about the uneven firing order just makes a bike sound and feel better. As mentioned above, I've ridden MT-07s on several occasions and quite like them. I test rode a Z650 this year (just for fun at a Kawasaki demo), which has a 180°, and while in all other respects it might as well be the same bike as the MT-07, I didn't care for it at all. I think this is why pretty much all manufacturers making big parallel twins now use 270° crank. I don't think there's really much mechanical benefit to it in a street bike, it's just to make them sound and feel better.
  13. I test rode an F800GT before getting an FJ-09 and that bike had the least charm of any bike I've ever ridden. However, at that point the BMW "F" engine had a fairly unusual 360° firing order (where the pistons both went up and down together, but fired alternately). The new engine has a 270° firing order. I have test ridden MT-07s and XSR700s on several occasions and I quite like the bike. I also rented an Africa Twin (also a 270° p-twin) and did like 150 miles on it; I wasn't a huge fan of the bike overall for various reasons, but it probably had the most charm of any Honda I've ever ridden. Engine actually sounded pretty good when you spun it up. I think I could live with a 270° p-twin, but yeah probably still no match for the CP3 on charm.
  14. The BMW was announced. Started a separate thread for that.
  15. So here's BMW's Tracer 900 competitor. Looks pretty good. One notable detail missing from the linked site is weight. 219kg = 482lb. Little disappointed on that. Tank seems a little small at 4.1 gallons, but a F850GS gets 57mpg (claimed). Assuming this gets at least 50mpg in the real world, that would give it similar range to the Tracer. As a BMW, of course everything, even a center stand, is an option. No pricing announced, but based on F850GS prices, I'm guessing that spec'd out similarly to the Tracer 900 GT, it will be pushing $16,000 USD. Dimensionally, looks like it's almost exactly the same size as the Tracer 900. I was hoping it would be a tad smaller and lighter, closer to the 9cento concept. Basically Tracer 700 sized, but with higher end parts and tech. Still very interested in this and will have a tough time deciding between it and Tracer 900 GT if the price ends up being more competitive than I expect. Would not be a question if Yamaha could put out the 900 in colors that I didn't hate 😕 2020 BMW F900XR and F900R First Look - Motorcycle.com We've seen design filings for both the 2020 BMW F900XR and...