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  1. I have 7,000 miles on my Dunlop RS III's... looks like I have a few more miles still to go.👍
  2. I have not experienced any wobble issues on current or previous bikes (Kaw 1000R, 2 Buell S3's, FJ-09). All my tires have been Dunlops. This includes speeds up to 130 mph on the first three and 115 on the FJ. All had OEM suspension, no steering dampeners, varying tire pressures and loads. I weigh 165 lbs w/o gear, so on the lighter side. Currently running RS III's on my FJ. To say that Dunlop is the problem and switching tires is the fix would seem an oversimplification of a more complex issue IMHO. YMMV.
  3. Picked up my red 2015 FJ-09 in August of 2015, very happy with it. My last bike was a 2000 Buell S3 that I owned for 15 years and 40k miles... sold it after getting the FJ.
  4. That was the first one I saw that day, but I saw 2 more sheriffs and one CHP on a Harley (he waved). That is why I normally don't go out that way on a weekend, but I had little choice what with time off and 80 degree weather. 😁
  5. This is Hwy 128 east going out to Lake Berryessa , part of the "Berryessa GP".
  6. That is some really cool technology, interactive even without V.R. goggles... I like!
  7. Got the afternoon off today and it wasn't raining... so off to the coast I went.
  8. ...clearly it's the beak. Mama eagle approves. I think you're right @piotrek, I recall now reading another post something about chicks being attracted to the beak.
  9. Here are a few pics from yet another trip out to Lake Berryessa, this was on July 4. Looking east at the backfires being set to combat the Napa/Yolo county fire. This is likely as close as my FJ will ever get to an eagles nest complete with eaglets. My favorite ride on one of my favorite roads. My favorite ride in it's latest configuration.
  10. I noticed a new rattle/buzz show up in the dash area while at idle. Very loud and very annoying. I checked all the recommended areas but to no avail, until I grabbed the top of my windscreen and pulled it back toward the cockpit and the buzzing stopped. Turns out that it was my Cal-Sci tinted shorty windscreen that for some reason was now making contact with the mounting plate at the bottom of the screen, and pulling on the top spread that gap and stopped it from making contact. My remedy was to put a piece of thin foam rubber between the screen and plate and the buzz is gone! Here is a view from the top looking down behind the screen.
  11. Thanks @betoney - My bike and I are fine, and very happy to have avoided the feared "me and my bike tumbling down the road" scenario. I normally don't ride that time of day for that very reason. I've had a few close calls before, but never this close! I think the person in the oncoming lane was happy too that I didn't T-bone the deer and end up as their new hood ornament. "Another beer please!"
  12. I'm feeling pretty blessed or lucky right about now... maybe I should hurry up and buy that winning lotto ticket?