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  1. 2015 Yamaha FJ09 850cc triple 40000KM $6500.00 Shad 36L side bags Vstream Windshield (not installed) Heated grips Flashed PCM Bar ends LED Front turn signals LED BlasterX rear tail light Rear Givi Mud flap Givi Crash bars All original body parts come with the bike.
  2. Did you make it where you had to go in time ?
  3. Thanks for setting it up Husky I had a good time.
  4. I’m in see you guys in Erin. It must be Judie’s that we are meeting at?
  5. I’m down for any of the 3 dates. We could meet on airport road, I know some great roads in the area.
  6. That’s so funny I played that game the other day. I ended up getting the multimeter and still getting stumped before I just ended checking all 2amp fuses.
  7. Tried it, it was a hard NO
  8. Both my OE chain and my aftermarket replacement chain has had the o rings break apart. No matter what I seem to do with cleaning/lubing makes them deteriorate. The replacement chain I cleaned less and lubed less but still had the same problem. I have changed the brand for o-ring safe chain lube but continue to have the problem. My only option is wait until I get a tight spot and replace the chain again. I have very little ware on my sprocket and I don't over tighten the chain, nor let it get loose. I do hit the throttle hard regularly and I do ride in the rain regularly. First replacement was about 1500km second was about 30000km
  9. Correction my new advice is just to buy new tires.
  10. Old tires that have been miss treated would be hard
  11. You are looking better than me in Ontario Canada.
  12. DOT are important to make note, but if the tires are stored in a cool dry area out of the sun two year oldish tires are not the end of the world. IMO
  13. Like I have said in the past some times it worse to pay to little than to much, in the case of tires on a motorcycle the shoe might fit.