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  1. mc cruise on my 15 plate and its a fantastic bit of kit worth every penny
  2. shoei xr1100 probably the best helmet ive owned
  3. it sure looks very comfy but for me its too wide
  4. ask my dealer at every service to check it and also the oil cooler and always the same answer, there fine dont worry the early ones all rattle a bit
  5. i know its a bit late but i have used start rescue the last 2 years
  6. yes i considered that but have decided im going for the full re flash now
  7. mine just shut the throttle down to zero revs once i set the mc cruise but once removed the 02 controller it worked perfect, just one of those things i guess unless the mc cruise has changed recently
  8. yes it was kevs 02 controller and the tech who installed the mc cruise was baffled as why it had an effect but once removed the mc cruise worked perfect as i should, so now thinking about a re flash but dont want to do that and have the same issues
  9. i have just had the mc cruise fitted on my 15 plate tracer but had to remove the 02 controller as they had compatability issues, the bike would just shut down when i engaged the cruise control but once we removed the 02 controller it works perfect. the thing is i do miss the smoothness now and wondered if anyone here has a mc cruise and also had the ecu flashed without any issues
  10. mine has started rattling a fair bit now so i asked dealer to have a listen when its in for the handlebar recall, be interesting to see what they say but its defo got louder over the past few weeks. think i might just insist they change it anyway.
  11. cant seem to find the size you have got only an mra deflector, i have the ermax touring screen i presume it will fit ok