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  1. Thanks for all your replies Picking up my 2018 Niken on Thursday cant wait
  2. Are they going to protect engine cases if the bike goes over ?
  3. Interesting view of Suspension in action.
  4. Hi . I have been thinking about buying a Niken to replace my 4 year old 900 Tracer. The Tracer has been a great bike but I love the engineering of the Niken and find it all intriguing. I had a short test run on one a couple of years ago and didn't want to like it but gave me a big grin on the day. A couple of question. 1. It is a fair amount heavier than the tracer ( one of the things I love about the tracer is the relatively light weight ) how does it handle the weight ? I had an ST1300 that was a great bike but I found the weight intimidating i.e. you had to careful where you parked it with a view to getting out. I have read that the Nikens are top heavy can you give me some feedback on this please 2. How is tyre wear on these ? I probably do between 15/20000 kms per year I get about 15000 out of PR5,s on my Tracer Thanks Phil
  5. I have a Pro Oiler GPS controlled chain oiler. Had it on my FJ1200 for 60,000 KM,s transferred to Tracer and done 45,000 KM,s so far very well made quality product Pro-Oiler, GPS Satellite Controlled Chain lubrication system for motorcycles, speed dependant,automatic, 60,000 miles, one chain. Pro-Oiler is an automatic chain lubrication system for motorcycles, it...
  6. I have Garmin TPMS sensors that bluetooth into my GPS great device I am surprised at how quickly the tyres warm enough to raise the pressures a few PSI. Make sure you fit solid metal valve stems as the rubber stems will not tolerate the weight of the new caps at speed
  7. Hi Yes member of fjowners.com site great info and people been very helpful with getting my FJ right
  8. My 1986 XJ900F Owned for 28 years Great Bike wish my new Tracer had shaft drive My 1993 FJ1200 great bike owned for 9 years
  9. Hi Anyone got any pictures of these operating in the daylight ? How bright are they ? Thanks Phil
  10. Hi. Had my Tracer ( FJ-09) for a week now. First service done yesterday running real sweet. This is my second Yamaha 900 I have 30 year old XJ900 that I have owned for 28 years too Look forward to reading and learning all about my new toy Thanks Phil