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  1. There is a fix of sorts... see if the dealer can get you the updated cable. Comes with the steel leader tube that is shaped differently than the '15. I replaced with the R1 cable just as the new design came out. Any idea if Yamaha even sells the old one anymore? They've already placed the order. Yamaha will probably ship it before the shop opens again on Tuesday for me to check if it's the new one.
  2. Mine just frayed. 11,800KM on the bike. Bikeless for a week while they wait for the part. One shift, clutch was nice and snappy. Next shift, tons of free play and clunky shifts. Adjusted the cable, and felt like squeezing a sponge. At least it didn't snap. Seems like this is WAY too common on FJ's! Mines a 2015, so maybe they've addressed it, but I somehow doubt it. At least it's the least expensive thing that can go wrong. I was worried the pressure plate went or something.
  3. If I'm wanting to use the oem turn signals with the tail lights turn signals as well , just tap the wires from tail light into correct sides of oem connection correct? Thanks in advance Yup
  4. The only problem with that theory is that the red ones are faster. You are so right. Faster to depreciate. HEYO!!!!
  5. Matte Grey FJ-09's are now worth more. It's the Collectors Edition. I guess the red ones are collectors editions as well, but like a "Aww, I couldn't find a grey one, I guess I'll get red" kinda deal.
  6. Isn't 91 octane the recommended fuel for the FJ? I don't see why this could be any issue to run what the manual says to use.
  7. What does a fart machine do to a 7 year old? He can live without it, but every time he uses it he giggles and smiles.
  8. Super offended. I started the post, which means everyone must share my opinion!!! Juuuuust kidding... agree to disagree
  9. I think this is the bike people thought might have been the FJ-07... nope. Pretty cool though. http://lanesplitter.jalopnik.com/the-yamaha-xsr700-is-the-ducati-scrambler-competitor-we-1719558774
  10. I was in to see Nels yesterday with my FJ and full Arrow Thunder exhaust. Took a while to get to me, because he's a popular guy (for obvious reasons), but once my bike was up it was a great session and Nels refused to quit until he nailed the tune. I was torn about whether or not to run baffle in or out. Baffle out is the best performance but has this loud low end drone that gives you a headache in your helmet. Baffle in runs basically like stock, but has a sound that's much easier to tolerate (not too aggressive though). He hasn't had someone tell him he could mod an Arrow baffle before, but since I made the trek from Canada and couldn't drive back and forth, I let him do whatever he wanted so we could get it right in one trip. He cut it once and saw a 10% loss in power from baffle out. He cut it again, and the only part left was just the ring that narrows the end of the exhaust. The whole rest of the baffle pipe was gone. He put it on the dyno and saw a 5% loss of power, but let out a determined "I can fix it!" Two more tweaks to the ECU later and he did a fist pump because he actually managed to beat the baffle out performance! The new modded baffle cuts out that low end painful noise but makes the exhaust sound angry. It's like it passes other vehicles with a vengeance now. It's now just resting on the the threshold of too loud and perfect. Final total was 112hp and 62tq. It was a super hot day, and he thinks that might be why it didn't hit the 115hp of most of the other exhausts he's tested. Because of the experimenting, he's now got a tune for a cut down Arrow baffle that will give you baffle out performance (in case anyone's interested). Here's the before and after baffle: http://imgur.com/og24eHh As for the tune, I wouldn't say that on/off throttle feel is completely eliminated, so don't expect that, but it's way better and easier to control with minor skill on the throttle hand. 'A' mode throttle now feels more like standard mode throttle, but with the power of A+ mode. The bike flew before and now it soars. This is the FJ to its full potential indeed. Unfortunately, due to a major accident on the I-5, my attention was on frantically trying to find back road ways to my ferry in time to make the boat. Because of that, I couldn't focus on the bike and how the changes really feel. First impression is good though, but it doesn't make it a 'different bike' like some people say. It makes it an FJ-09.5 which is good, because I love the FJ. I don't want a different bike. The only downside from the experience is that my brother came to meet me at the shop on his Daytona and we swapped bikes for a bit. Now I want the quick shifter and a suspension upgrade too! Dammit. Have to spread the costs out though... In time. In time. But it was pretty fun to hear my super sport riding brother say "uh, yeah. Your bikes got a lot more power than mine". Thanks for taking all that extra time Nels ( @2wheeldynoworks ) !! Maybe see you again if I'm back that way in the future. Here's an Instagram link to my bike on the Dyno. First run, not the final one: https://instagram.com/p/5SyZYai56_/
  11. Well, I rode some highway miles with the baffle out. Yup. That's freakin loud. I put a little anti-seize on the baffle and put it in for the ride home to compare. It's a very tight fit. Even with the anti-seize, I don't know if I'll get it back out again. Getting it out in the first place before I installed it was a bit of a chore, but since the slip on wasn't installed yet, I could whack it out from the inside. Based on how tight it fits, it may have made my decision for me if it doesn't come out again...
  12. Arrow exhaust arrived yesterday. Installing it was a tedious exercise in lining up all the pieces of the collector properly. I don't have a picture yet, but that will come soon. Looks good though. I can't decide if I'll ride with the baffle in or out. It's definitely loud without it. The high end is about the same, but the low end bassy rumble reverberates through the helmet like crazy without it. I may end up using it, but I don't want a performance drop. I'm hoping to head to 2Wheel Dynoworks this weekend to have my ECU flashed, and I'm sure they can lend some insight into the performance differences with the baffle in/out.
  13. But the real questions is whether or not the bike is as polite as the OEM Canadian bike, or if it takes on more of an American attitude.... Maybe not the bike, but I always say sorry when I pass other bikes. They just can't hear me over the sound of a roaring triple.
  14. @2wheeldynoworks quick stupid question... When you reflash the ECU on a Canadian bike, does it retain region specific settings for kilometers and celcius, or does it switch to miles and ferinheight?