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  1. Hi , right now it's not leaking but i can see cracks in the lower rubber part and it looks that it will start leaking soon...
  2. Hi , where i can find only the rubber replacement for this cap ?. According to the part list i need to buy the cap complete , and right now there are no international shipping... Thanks
  3. People , we are talking here about brakes , it's no joke at all. Please see a mechanic or a service center soon !!!.
  4. Hi , if you don't have a catalitic converter why do you need this lambda sensor ?. It's useless...
  5. Hi , my thinking was at first just to pull the lambda sesor out of the exhaust and cover the hole with a blank cup. Later to make my own plug from the old lambda's plug , to measure the resistance on the wires and to solder the right resistor instead. Thanks
  6. Hi , i have tracer 900 with full system Arrow no cat , 2015 model. Can i remove the lambda sensor and place a blank cup instead ?. Your advice please. Thanks
  7. Just tried to get on of it and it's very high so i pass it...
  8. Ok , i will try with the bushings and see how it goes. Will update soon. Thanks
  9. No it just started lately. I have the Andreanni cartridges for 3 years with no issues. Maybe it's the inner bushing ?
  10. I'm not touching the brakes and when i hit an obstacle like a pavement i can hear a knocking sound from the left shock
  11. Hi , i have noticed a knocking sound from the left shock , my internals are completely Andreanni not stock ones.. No leaking issue all is dry. I can definitely hear it over small bumps on the road. I'm going to disassemble it , what should i check ? Or in other words what could be defective ?. Thanks
  12. Hi , the easy way to test your repair is just measure the resistance on the wires , it should be a few ohms...
  13. Hi , can you share the list of parts+prices that you use in this project ?, I think that I'm going to do that too. Thanks