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  1. I hear it too and I think It's because of the cage being so nicely close to the exhoust and motor and I love it !
  2. Mine plate doesn't look like that. I have M7 givi plate.
  3. My gf hold my bike while I did it. Use a hammer to get out the bolt !
  4. I use trekker outback 37 with trekker 52 as a topbox riding 2-up with no problems. The trekker 52 topbox fits 2 big helmets. When riding in town I only use the topbox because of linesplitting.
  5. Yesturday I rode whit girlfriend, 48 cans of beer (33cl). 6Liters of red wine, two bottles of vodka and one sack of potato chips. My weight is 105kg and girlfriend 54kg. +gear. About 10liters of gasoline in tank. Original suspension on hardest setting. I can not recommend this heavy load. Breaking was ok. Suspension was over limit. We did 90km/h on highway and very slow over speedbumps. Our trip was about 40km from Danmark to Sweden. The total feeling was you can do it with very safe riding and only if you "really have to". Happy new year and big thanks to all of you for posting and helping ! Now I have to unload my bike !
  6. I have oxford adventure and they fit perfect ! Touring model are too short.
  7. I have the madstad 22 and I like it a lot ! Whit all different height and angle settings that is possible I think it fits us all. And it's nice looking too !
  8. I buy it from you for 300USD if it doesn't fit. I live in Sweden. / Marko